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Chapter 477 - The Spin of the Battle Halberd

"That's not necessarily true ......"

I carried the dragon pool sword, said: "According to my understanding, various professions are able to take the wine sword flow tactical set, depending on whether you are willing to sacrifice part of the attribute xìng in exchange for full stunt equipment, and at this stage there are not that many stunt equipment, even the props to enhance the rage value have not yet been generated, who knows if there will really be wine sword flow? "

Wang Jian came over, patted my shoulder, reached out and said, "Easy brother ......"

I glared at him: "Shit, what do you want?!"

Wang Jian's face was red: "You have the halberd-bearer battle knee, give me your original dragon rider battle knee, as a little consolation to me, I have been looking at the dragon rider healing this special skill for a long time, just have been too embarrassed to ask ......"

"Peat ......"

I did not have the good grace to pull out the Dragon Rider will battle knee from the package and hand it to him.

Lin Xiaomai carried the longbow: "That said, there are still two equipment did not look at the attributes, hurry hurry, so sleepy and hungry said!"


Continue, the third piece of equipment is a fiery red sè cloak, held in the hand, a slight tremor, attributes xìng floating in the fiery waves of Qi, a data are particularly attractive -

The cloak of the halberd-bearer】(Saint Yun Weapon)

Defense: 970

Strength: +102

Physical Strength: +100

Agility: +99

Additional: Increase user's agility by 15%

Additional: Increase user's life limit by 2200 points

Special effect: Wind, increase user's movement speed by 17%

Special effect: Swift, increase user's attack power by 15%

Required level: 85


"Shit, another Holy Yun Weapon, what kind of luck is this? Li Mu's jaw was about to hit the ground again.

I held up the cloak of the halberd-bearer and said, "Cloak class equipment, any profession can be equipped, but this cloak adds 15% agility, apparently the equipment of archers, assassins, musketeers, these professions, and add 17% movement speed and 15% attack speed is also suitable for assassins, archers, come on, our leather armor department profession to ROLL point... ..."

My words, directly fixed this cloak is certainly the moon leaning shallow, Song Han, Lin Wan'er, Lin Xiaomai four people produced, soon, the four people successively ROLL points, the results of the moon leaning shallow luck is better, 87 points to capture the cloak of the halberd!

The last equipment, a pair of leather armor boots, but the Spirit Yu weapon, although not to the ground, but there is no surprise, by a thousand ha Yaochi MM to ROLL away.

The final item, an indigo sè skill book, a shake of my wrist, the skill book's attributes appeared in the air -

【War Halberd's Spin】(SS level): Gather the power of the war halberd to form a searing war halberd rotation damage to hostile targets within 20 yards around, the damage is equal to 140% of the normal attack power, requires the player to hold a blade for halberd, spear, longsword, longsword, learning requires occupation: full warrior department, learning requires level 84, requires consumption of charm value: 4 points.


My wrist is trembling a little, laughing: "I go, the melee department of mass killing skills book ah! MLGBD, this thing in the market is also priceless good treasure ah, even the sword blade cold, ask the sword did not collect what too good group killing skills ah, this war halberd whirl is SS level skills, group killing skills in the top quality ah, our luck is really good, good to burst!"

Li Mu laughed joyfully, "Come on, there are only three of us in the Heavy Armor Department, this War Halberd's Spin is definitely in the bag for us three brothers, ROLL point, the exciting moment has finally arrived!"

I nodded my head, confirming that three people ROLL points open, decisively threw out my points: 71 points, not bad, not bad at all.

Wang Jian also faithfully threw the dice, 83 points, has killed me in seconds!

Li Mu's points were even worse, 11 points, very mocking!

Wang Jian got the war halberd spin, happy almost to jump off the cliff abyss to celebrate some, skill book in the palm of the "brush" disappeared, learning is complete, and then we all stared at him, waiting to see the effect of the war halberd spin!


Wang Jian's body sank slightly, roared, and then a blaze of flame came out around his body, followed by the light of several halberds floating around him, sweeping and rotating at high speed within 20 yards around him, and disappearing with a "Hong" sound.

This also means that the strength of Zhan Long's heavy armor legion has also increased. Why worry about not being able to cross the world?


"Well, so sleepy oh ......" Lin Wan Er leaned on my arm, naive yawn, said: "Let's go back to the city to rest, put away the teleportation crystal, and then come back, how about it? "


I glanced at everyone and said, "It's 12:40, eating and sleeping together, 11 hours and 20 minutes, let's all gather online at 12 pm sharp this evening and try to push this Sword Saint Abyss map in one fell swoop, right?"

A group of people nodded: "Well, good, back to town!"


Girls apartment floor, I slightly waited a short while, Lin Wan Er, East City Moon downstairs, two originally glowing little beauty at the moment are wilted, sleepy eyes looking at me, Lin Wan Er said: "so hungry, so sleepy, go eat some good food do ......"

I nodded: "Well, let's go to the buffet, right?"

"Okay, we'll wait for you here, you go drive!"


Went to the parking lot, drove my white sè A4, picked up two MM and set off, through the city, not long arrived at a nearby famous buffet restaurant, parked the car on the curb, looked back and smiled, Lin Wan Er, East City Moon two MM so leaned on the seat asleep.

Get out of the car, wake up the two MM, the moment you enter the restaurant you can smell the nose fragrance, immediately jīng one of the spirit, the two MM also like the smell of the grass taste of the white rabbit, after paying the fee into the sweep, an hour later, I burped to three soup, while accompanying the two MM chatting about the day -

I: "This time, the mission of the Forest of Sword Saints, it is estimated that there will be 2-5 pieces of Saint Yun Weapon, the explosion rate of SSS level main line mission is too high, after this mission, our core players combat power should also be improved a lot."

Lin Wan'er nodded: "Mm-hmm, Li Mu obtained the Heavenly Dust Sword, Wang Jian obtained the War Halberd's Spin, and the two generals of the Admiral family strengthened quite a bit just in the fourth layer ......"

Dongcheng Yue smiled and asked, "Easy brother, why did you give up the fight for the Heavenly Dust Sword? With your RP, you should have a good chance to get ROLL points ah? The sky dust sword is much stronger than the cold iron sword's attack power, so that you release the sharp edge of the air spinning killing power will also be extraordinary."

I pursed my lips: "Forget it, they are all brothers, and Li Mu, Wang Jian's weapon is really not good, enhance them is to enhance our own strength, I less a sky dust sword does not matter, anyway, the main output is to rely on the main hand dragon pool sword."

"Well, okay ......"

"Go back to sleep, then get up early and have a good meal again."



Out the door to the car, A4 again parked under the girls apartment building, the two MM again fell asleep, after all, their bodies can not be compared with me, the imperial qi level cultivator, the body's endurance is far worse.

Pulling open the car door, I pushed Lin Wan'er's shoulder: "Wan'er, get up?"

Lin Wan'er opened her eyes in a daze, but closed them again: "Let me sleep ......"


I was speechless, reached out and wrapped my hand around her slender waist, the other hand held a pair of her legs, carried her out of the car, whispered in her ear and laughed: "Wan'er hurry up and wake up, someone has taken Dongcheng away, if you don't open your eyes quickly she will be snapped ......"

"Uh ......"

Lin Wan'er snapped open a pair of beautiful eyes: "Where?"

Looking back, Dongcheng Yue is lazily lying in the car, she immediately glared at me: "You guys will also cheat? And ...... why are you holding me like this ......"

I immediately put her down and said, "Hurry up and take Dongcheng back to sleep, it's too uncomfortable to sleep in the car."


Lin Wan Er regained consciousness, picked up Dongcheng Yue, step by step towards the apartment door, and then raised her hand at me with her back, smiling, "Hurry up and go back to sleep, don't be too tired!"


I watched the two of them go upstairs, and swept a glance at a few dark sentries in the distance, which went to the parking lot, hurried upstairs, covered with the quilt on the drowsy sleep over.


I woke up at 10:00 p.m., turned up, took a shower, and then went downstairs to take Lin Wan'er and Dongcheng Yue to eat a midnight snack, returned to the dormitory, online, continue to conquer the Sword Saint Abyss, can not drag in this task for too long, after all, the Dragon City territory where we still need these guild core management players to preside over the big picture, the guild players so many, just rely on matcha, Ran Min, the moon slightly cool these people are The actual management is really good at management seems to be matcha, Ran Min is a rough person, do not understand, the fox is good at logistics supply, really want to manage the adjustment, ice and snow smart matcha is a good hand.


appeared in the eight desert city, the time is late at night 11:40, open a pair of eyes looking at the city's buildings, think this most of the night is more and more jīng, repair the equipment, resupply materials, and then put all 119 garrison set parts in the package into the warehouse of Dragon City, soon, the team of 9 people have come online, all pulled into the team, a group of people in the eight desert city of the great hall meet .


Pulling out the red sè crystal, I said, "Ready?"

A group of people have nodded: "OK, go you!"


The crystal turned into a teleportation array, lasting 60 seconds, the other end has appeared in the Sword Sage Abyss underground five layer, I carry the sword step into, Lin Wan'er and others have also entered, when all 10 people appeared in the abyss five layer, the surrounding heat wave again, look at the four layer, countless monster corpses have not been refreshed, apparently no one has come in, five layer of monsters far hissing, until the teleportation array behind disappeared The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem, and you will have to wait. I don't want to be disturbed when we kill the BOSS.

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