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Chapter 98

  The real Shangqing vomited a mouthful of blood, in his hand, the original sword Haotian sword has broken.

  The sky above Mount Sumeru, tens of thousands of Buddha cultivators instantly fell. The Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect close to 70% of the Buddha cultivators were turned into flying ashes along with their abbot, Venerable Yizheng and Venerable Ming Ci. The remaining 20% of Buddhist practitioners were wrapped up in the sinful force, and were bitten by the sinful force, acting as if they were mad.

  Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect, the only remaining very few can see the sinful force of Buddhist cultivators were left on the sidelines.

  The other sects of Buddhism, and even Kunlun practitioners who had just arrived were shocked to find that several familiar brothers and sisters were missing from their surroundings.

  --Who can not believe that the Cixihang release - put just a pure sin Buddha seal.

  The Buddha seal of purifying sins is as its name implies, specifically for purifying people with deep sins. The deeper the sins of the sinner, the stronger the effect of the Pure Sin Buddha Seal. This seal has a great flaw, that is, this seal needs to draw the power of karma reincarnation to start, without profound cultivation can not manipulate. And if the person receiving the seal is innocent, the seal will not be effective.

  However, different Buddhist disciples judge "sin" differently, and people and demons, Buddhists and demons often do not believe in the innocence of the other party, let alone ask what the other party did or did not do. The Buddha seal of pure sin, which may fail at any time, will rarely be used by Buddhist practitioners in actual combat.

  Pure Sin Buddha Seal did not take effect on the Shang Qing Zhenren. The reason for the injury is that tens of thousands of Pure Sin Buddha Seal exploded in the body of other Buddha cultivators at the same time, Shang Qing Zhenren cut open the space between these Buddha cultivators and the Pure Sin Buddha Seal with the Haotian Sword, trying to save the lives of these Buddha cultivators, but unfortunately, the Pure Sin Buddha Seal has already exploded, Shang Qing Zhenren is hard to suffer the impact of tens of thousands of Buddha seals in one instant.

  YuanYing stage Buddha cultivation still can not withstand the full force of the pure sin Buddha seal of a blow, ShangQing true man hard to share the impact of tens of thousands of times, a weak knee, directly in the void half kneel down.

  Sword cultivator and this life sword is one, Shangqing true man folded the Haotian sword, that is similar to the broken arm and leg.

  Cold sweat on the forehead, the body's qi and blood overturned the sea, was severely injured meridians and nodes as if emitting a sad sound, a jump, like the next second will break open.

  The real Shangqing frowned in pain, he has not suffered such heavy injuries for at least ten thousand years. But more than the physical pain and the frustration of not being able to contain Cihang, what was more unacceptable to True Master Shangqing was the practice of Beginning Source Heavenly Father.


  The apex of the world, one is the ruling Buddha's Bodhi, the second is the head of the righteous sect of the origin of the Heavenly Sovereign.

  If it is said that the cultivation world is the sky of the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, then these two are the deserved pillars of the sky.

  To the beginning of the Heavenly Father's cultivation, the world is likely to be able to fight with him, only the Bodhi.

  Just now, in the moment of Cixihang release - put the pure sin Buddha seal, the origin of the Heavenly Father did not make a move. He just regarded the net sin Buddha seal eruption for the breeze of standing by and watching the fall of tens of thousands of Buddha cultivators, and, he didn't even step in to protect the disciples of Kunlun.

  Incredibly tilted his head high, Shangqing Zhenren could not believe that his master could be so cold-blooded.

  The so-called "Tao" should be the righteous way, the so-called righteous way should be the way to protect and save others - taught Shangqing Zhenren these is no other than his master, the first source of the real.

  Beginning of the source of the true man to help Nangong Tao's Shangqing true man to identify themselves, to identify their own Dao heart, but also help him to establish their own way. Nangong Toi respects the teacher, under the inculcation of the master, to become the true man of the Shangqing today. And Shangqing true man has always been convinced that the master Shiyuan Heavenly Father is the most suitable as a role model on the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud righteous leader.

  This time is different from the past. At this moment, the cold-eyed Heavenly Sovereign looking down only made Shang Qing Zhenren feel strange.

  With the wheel of precious light turning at his feet and behind his back, Cihang flipped his left wrist, put the vajra behind his back, stood his right hand on his palm, and proclaimed Buddha in his mouth.

  "Amitabha Buddha, the five rebellious sins have been removed."

  Five rebellious sins, both five unforgivable sins. It is the heaviest evil karma of the Buddhist sect. The people who were crossed by the Buddha's seal of purification of sins by Cixihang were all guilty of at least one of the five sins of rebellion. For the sinful force entangled in the people who have not committed the five sins, but also each is a blood debt, for the unforgivable generation.

  The Buddha's seal of purifying sins shines again, and it is Cixihang's right hand that makes the seal of giving.

  Buddha's seal transparent bright, from Cixihang finger light floating out, both illuminated Cixihang's face, also whipped up Cixihang's red hair.

  At this point no one is no longer scolding Cixihang is the devil, because no matter who it seems, Cixihang is like a perfect Buddha statue without joy or sorrow.

  What he did was not killing, not even for himself. He was just fulfilling his obligation to ferry all three worlds.

  "No...... no...... don't......"

  With their own eyes, looking at their master, uncle, senior brother, senior disciple ...... nearly all of their fellow disciples, or in front of their own eyes turned into flying ashes, or in front of their own devoured by the sinful force struggling and wailing, the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect's remaining Buddha disciples, once they saw the condensed up Buddha Seal of Pure Sin in the hands of Cihang, were immediately frightened and almost had a nervous breakdown.

  "Your Holiness, Your Holiness ......! It's wrong! We are wrong! Master is wrong! The abbot is wrong! We at the Great Light Temple are wrong, please don't-!!!"

  "Your Holiness spare your life! Your Holiness forgive me!!!"

  "The bad ones are the abbot and the elders! Your Holiness understands! I am innocent! Innocent!

  All kinds of voices swept in from all directions, buzzing and mixing together. But Cihang seemed to be unheard.

  The Buddha Seal of Pure Sin became brighter and brighter, and the Sanskrit chant carried by the Buddha Seal of Pure Sin became louder and louder. The merciless light soon broke away from Cixihang's fingertips and began to fly around him.

  Some Buddha disciples cried out, some begged for mercy, some tried to escape by wiping their feet, and others stepped forward and tried to interrupt Cixihang's casting of the Buddha Seal.

  "Master Cixihang!!! Please recall your compassionate heart!!!"

  "Amitabha Buddha, Master Cixihang, the first evil has been removed, please don't do it again!"

  "Master Cihang!"

  "Master Cihang!!!"


  Venerable Lotus led the Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru to meet Cixihang, and Boundless, Wushang, Fa Tian and Ding Fa also attacked separately.

  Bodhi Temple Venerable Miao Ru, Brahma Gate Venerable Jingkong, Venerable Miao Yin Shakra Yao Guang, Venerable Jing Shui An Void Sea, Pure Land Sect Venerable Yun Yao, Auspicious Courtyard Auspicious Heavenly Maiden, Vajra Temple Eighteen Rakshasasas, Free Sky Twenty-four Venerable ...... Even Hatran Night clenched his back teeth and brought the demons such as Underworld Ghost, King of Ghosts and Yin Yang Heavenly Monarch towards Cihang.

  Buddha's light is slim, swirling around Cixihang. Cixihang long arm slightly raised, the Buddha seal will be divided into two, two into three, three into six, six into eighteen.

  Some Kunlun disciples could not hold back any longer and drew their swords to help Lianhua and others. However, immediately there is a higher generation of Kunlun disciples pressed beside their sisters and brothers and nephews.

  "The Heavenly Father has not yet given his word, we must not act rashly. Besides, the Pure Sin Buddha Seal only kills the guilty. We are not afraid of the shadow, why do we need to wade through the muddy waters of the Buddha kingdom?"

  Seeing the senior brothers, uncles and uncles shaking their heads seriously, the discipline of Kunlun disciples had to reluctantly retreat.

  Shangqing Zhenren was more and more stung by the scene before him. He took the back of his hand to wipe off the blood line at the corner of his lips, put the Hao Tian Sword back into its sheath, and then offered the Heavenly Light Sword.

  Heavenly Light was the spiritual sword that accompanied Supreme Spiritual Master Qing for thousands of years before the Hao Tian Sword came into existence. After the Haotian Sword came out, the Supreme Spirit took the sword spirit from the Heavenly Light Sword and injected it into the Haotian Sword, recognizing the Haotian Sword as the original sword. Heavenly light spirit sword is reduced to ordinary heavenly light sword, was put away by the Shangqing true man good, from time to time to take out to wipe maintenance.

  Heavenly light and the Shangqing true man tacit understanding is extraordinary, the Shangqing true man at this time to inject cultivation into the heavenly light, intends to use the heavenly light as a second native sword to use. But the sword is one, one loss. Shangqing true man is already seriously injured body, the sky light as the original sword can not play a tenth of the original ability, and if the sky light is broken again, I am afraid that Shangqing true man will also have to end up with a body death.

  Shangqing true man does not understand what situation he is in. But no matter what, he has to protect the Kunlun disciples.

  --His master neither ordered the Kunlun disciples to go forward to help, nor ordered the Kunlun disciples to return to Kunlun. He just watched everything from the sidelines.

  This kind of spectator makes the Shangqing true life have an extreme bad feeling.

  Xie Wei twirled a fallen leaf in his hand, with the fallen leaf as a weapon, the Royal weapon and walk.

  The line can not be in mid-air, she has not yet seen where the Cihang people, and then blown back to the ground by light pollution.

  Crashed on the ground and rolled down the hill, ash-headed Xie Wei did not care to get himself clean, dog paddle two times to get up again with the fallen leaves and up.

  Heart thumping, each time it seems to pop out of the throat. The body was stitched up inch by inch by Cixi, relying on Cixi's essence to repair the body unconsciously sweat.

  The explosion of light pollution just now made Xie Wei sure - it was the Buddha power of Cixihang.

  Xie Wei did not know what happened in the sky, but she was sure as well as certain that it must not be anything good.

  Cixihang this person, it seems noble and out of the ordinary, a board, in fact, unexpectedly slender and sensitive - sense.

  Just this person is also very good at hiding.

  He habitually hides his thoughts and feelings, but also habitually fights with people. He clearly does not like to calculate, but still hides his boredom constantly to bargain with people like Hatran night.

  ...... Of course these are Xie Wei's personal feelings and hypotheses.

  She has known Cixihang for a not so long time. Even the monk incarnated by Cixi Xie Wei dare not say she really understands.

  But, Xie Wei just can feel this contradiction in Cixihang. As for why, Xie Wei herself could not say.

  --can't say? What's not to say?

  It's been a while since the mind demon has appeared to skim.

  --The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the monk you know. If you really don't notice anything and don't feel anything, I'm the one who has to suspect that your eyes are two holes.

  Xie Wei good gas yo, bias heart devil this said really damn a little bit of truth. She could not find words to refute.



  What do you mean by the gods fighting the kids suffer? The heavenly Cihang Buddha power sweeping, below Xie Wei gnawing on the soil and chewing grass.

  The mud crumbs in the mouth, once again failed to go to heaven Xie Wei stomped his feet hatefully.

  The heart demon covered his stomach and laughed half to death. Until Xie Wei shone her fist at her she only while "huffing", "huffing" gasping for breath, while wiping away the tears at the corners of the eyes said.

  --You're stupid, you can't get up there, so pull them down! Your sea of consciousness is that big for nothing?

  Right ......!

  Xie Wei really do not want to admit that they are anxious to drop the wisdom, only to tell themselves that: this is the blind spot!

  Xie Wei previously brought the elixir are taken to repair the heart stabbed by Cixi. This time she took out all kinds of pills from the body of Feng Lingkong, a brain to pour down, followed by the soul-sucking bell wrapped around his wrist fingers.

  Before opening the sea of consciousness, Xie Wei thought about it and sincerely said thank you to the heart demon.

  The heart demon was thanked by Xie Wei this thanks to the silly. It took a while before he laughed.

  The blood-sucking golden thorns into Xie Wei's flesh and blood, Xie Wei's sea of consciousness instantly spread rapidly towards the periphery, a flash will be the whole Sumerian Mountain all the Buddhist cultivators of the divine consciousness into their own sea of consciousness.

  The first thing that happened was that the people on the mountain were tens of thousands of people, and Xie Wei almost didn't throw up.

  The heart demon saw a sigh and actually floated over and held Xie Wei's hand.

  Xie Wei looked blankly at the heart demon in the sea of consciousness.

  The heart demon let out a light-hearted laugh.

  --- "This is the first time I want to do the same thing with you.

  The two overlapping hands turned into one hand, and Xie Wei's sea of consciousness once again skyrocketed tenfold. Hatsu Rangyi and others in the sky above Mount Sumeru, people coming from the Buddhist clans, and Cixi's divine consciousness were all successfully captured by Xie Wei's sea of consciousness.

  The battle was in full swing in the void. The second Pure Sin Buddha Seal was broken by the venerable ones along with Hatched Lan Night and other demons together, the rest of the might still caused a great impact though, but this time the only ones who died were the cultivators who were torn and gnawed by the sinful force.

  Pure sin Buddha seal was broken Cixihang also not angry. He was one against many and did not fall behind, a vajra mortar is able to deal with attacks from all sides, by the venerable fighters still have the strength to condense a third Pure Sin Buddha Seal between the interval.

  It's not that Cixihang doesn't know other moves, so he only uses the Pure Sin Buddha Seal but it's even more alarming - if Cixihang suddenly changes his moves and no longer uses such a restrictive move as the Pure Sin Buddha Seal, I'm afraid that within three moves, all the venerable ones who are entangled with him will be defeated.

  Just as the third Pure Sin Buddha Seal flew out from Cixihang's fingertips, darkness covered the sky, followed by blinding sunlight.

  It was a sky so blue that it seemed to be laughing at people's troubles, and beneath it reflected the sky was a smooth mirror-like water surface.

  There are Saura double trees in the center of the mirror lake, one of them has withered. Dried yellow leaves floating on the surface of the lake, sinking and floating out of the circle of ripples.

  Red Lotus Blood Buddha was stunned for a moment, followed by the Buddha into a heavenly demon, the blood demon entangled.

  Cihang slightly narrowed his eyes, no change in facial expression. But the emotions were first ecstatic, then angry - who on earth, how dare to use illusions on him, and good luck recreating that person's sea of consciousness landscape in front of his eyes? Could it be Hatran night's idea?

  ...... He was really belittled.

  "Alas ...... master, no, venerable, you, ...... can't you save me some heart?"

  The sigh of exhaustion to the extreme was sent by the cool breeze to Cixi's ears, Cixi turned slightly sideways, then saw Xie Wei panting like an ox holding the trunk of a tree, from behind the double tree of Saura.

  "Venerable ...... Venerable how did you turn into this appearance?"

  At once storing tens of thousands of divine consciousness in their own sea of consciousness, Xie Wei's brain broad almost did not burst. This time to see Cixi, Xie Wei sucked in a breath of cold air, she was really stunned by this appearance of Cixi.

  But there are hair of Cixi ...... really good-looking.

  And his body dress. Compared to his previous body wrapped in a hundred or eighty layers, even the collar is so high that you can not see the neck of the rules look, Xie Wei is still more used to this reveal the pectoral muscles and waistline of Cixi.

  ...... This will remind Xie Wei of the monk she met at the bottom of Tianlin Mountain.


  Cihang did not pay attention to Xie Wei's words. He had a wooden face, his right hand gave up making seals, and his vajra changed from his left hand to his right.

  Xie Wei's Flame of Life had already gone out. And the fire of life that has been extinguished once will not be rekindled.

  The person in front of him is not Xie Wei, but only the illusion of someone full of malice.

  If it were anyone else, even Hatched Lantern Night is afraid that he would not be able to notice the change in Cixi's complexion. But Xie Wei keenly perceived from the corner of Cixihang's taut lips to his hidden repressed displeasure.

  The pain that boiled up in the brain flower, was Cixihang to take the vajra, quietly looked forward to Cixihang because of his own death and blackened Xie Wei cursed himself a pig.

  Also oh, what was she expecting? She thought it was a TV drama Cixihang saw himself in tears and rushed up to kiss and hug and raise high, and then happyending ah?

  The reality is where there is such a good thing?

  Xie Wei inwardly scratching his head frantically.

  Cixi and people in the sky into a ball, why fight, which is right or wrong such things she did not have a brain. She rushed to pull people into the sea of knowledge to meet is also stored in the mind to protect Cixihang.

  But now it seems, unharmed Cixihang completely unlike the one who needs protection.

  On the contrary, the Shangqing true man and Hatran night they are scarred ...... wait? How come Shang Qing Zhenren and Hat Lanye are also there? What did they say?

  Xie Wei is more than one heart and three uses? Shangqing true man and Hat Lan night realized that he and his companions were Xie Wei into the sea of consciousness after the output of the scene to Xie Wei, Xie Wei a head two hundred big, to Cixihang's face more miserable white.

  Cichang see Xie Wei suddenly will not move, the face is also increasingly ugly, heart fire fierce wild.

  --The person who made this illusion wanted to use Xie Wei's illusion to shake him so much that TA thought he would not be able to do it once he saw the fragile and painful Xie Wei?

  How could he not be able to do it? The real Xie Wei can be transcended by his own hands, how can a mere illusion trap him?

  In front of his eyes was the image of Xie Wei being stabbed through the heart by himself, savoring the touch of Xie Wei's death in his hands over and over again, Cihang's emotions sank once again.

  The deep, dark, sticky something is pulling him downward again.

  Thinking about the eight words "confession is lenient, resistance is strict", Xie Wei honestly explained, trying to prove his identity: "Your Holiness, I really am Xie Wei. I am not dead. ...... is not not dead. It is dead once and resurrected."

  See Cixihang look colder, once deep and full of wisdom of the eyes only an obscure dark, Xie Wei momentary speech, began to think a little.

  Hatched Orchid Night said Cixihang would become this way because of the knife he stabbed her with. Elder Shangqing said Cixihang went crazy because he died, and actually intended to kill as a ferry, to ferry all three worlds and kill all three worlds.

  But this makes no sense!

  Cixihang is not a monk, much less a dalang, so what sense does it make for him to go crazy because of his own death?

  Well, back a million to say, Cixiang is a monk, is Dailang ...... monk also did not like her ah!

  The reason why the monk went to do "dalang", promised her a life of marriage, it is only because he fed the fox with his body, trying to save himself this can not let go of the butcher's knife demon cultivation!

  Okay, and then back 10 million steps to say, Da Lang is really loved her, the monk really have male and female love for her, Cihang is the monk himself. Cixihang does have love for her ...... then he should not be happy to come over and reunite with her after she revealed her identity?

  Without her hypnosis, she took the stock fork several times the length of the vajra pointed at her is how many meaning!


  She was really getting angry!

  No one would think that sunlight has substance. Until how to reach out, how to thirsty can not touch the warmth of the sun.

  Love or love, in his eyes as a monk is just an airy tower imagined by others. He did not despise, but also did not believe. Until he realized that he stepped out of the sky and fell down from this tower in the sky.

  One step, two steps, three steps.

  Cihang moved up, and the vajra in his hand shot towards Xie Wei's phantom with electricity.

  Xie Wei's phantom stomped with both feet, and lightly brushed past the pestle carrying the wind and thunder. Cihang had expected that the phantom that came against him would not be easily defeated by himself. He threw the vajra pestle towards Xie Wei's phantom, but it was just a false shot.

  His real target was the illusion itself.

  The pestle brushed Xie Wei's ear is small, directly broke Xie Wei's illusion of the sea of consciousness is large.

  The tens of thousands of divine senses previously incorporated into Xie Wei's sea of consciousness returned to their places at the same time. With a lift of Cixi's left hand, the vajra returned to his palm.

  But unlike what Cixihang thought, Xie Wei, who should be a phantom, instead of disappearing, had arrived in front of Cixihang's eyes.

  Ha, he did something stupid again. I'm afraid that if His Holiness hadn't reacted, he would have been slapped into the dirt in the next second.

  Or ...... himself will be stabbed through the heart again?

  The quick-acting heart pills that can repair the heart she can only make so one ah. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

  ...... forget it. The real stabbed to admit it. She died to die so many times, also considered used to it.

  The two slaps of Xie Wei pressed on the face of Cihang.

  Like flower petals on the cheek, the soft feeling is somewhat unreal.

  However, the slightly cold temperature coming from the fingertips is so distinct.

  The vajra pestle slipped from Cixi's hand. The person who disappeared after the illusion that should have been unlocked was still in front of Cixi's eyes.

  She closed her eyes, with his familiar devotion, and kissed him passionately and warmly on the lips. The long eyelashes, however, were shaking and shaking.


  Closed eyes of Xie Wei confused a batch. She has been kissing for a good half day, really a good half day ah! But the opposite side did not react at all! It's really a mimi response is not!

  Could it be that she kissed the wrong place?

  Not true. She is to the lips of the person to go.

  Besides, she tang Mei Zong demon cultivation, still can not distinguish between the lips and nose touch it? Even if she really kissed into the - human nose, the opposite should also give some reaction ah!

  Xie Wei wanted to open his eyes to see what was going on, but really embarrassed.

  This kind of public mouth behavior, her three lifetimes are the first time. The first life, it is because there is no object that makes her heart flutter. In the second life, she was a good girl who was obedient and did not fall in love early when she was in school. After being forced to go on a blind date by her parents, she didn't have any feelings for any of the blind dates.

  The third life ...... met the monk before, double cultivation for her is just double cultivation. Like kissing this does not do and does not hinder the action of double cultivation, double cultivation object does not require, she is like forgetting that there is this thing in the world like never take the initiative to offer.

  After being with the monk, Xie Wei realized that the feelings of liking a person would come out.

  She couldn't stop wanting to kiss him. Kiss his eyebrows, kiss the bridge of his nose, kiss his eyelids, kiss his cheeks, kiss the corners of his mouth.

  Kiss his lips.

  He was the only one in heaven and earth who could make her impulsively blind. She was getting farther and farther away from the eager self in her face and indifferent self in her heart.

  She was just a person who wanted to be loved in front of him.

  In the heart of the countdown to ten, told himself to count to one Cihang if there is no response to open his eyes Xie Wei in the count of the super long ten after also added an extra zero to himself.

  But the softness under her lips is like a warm stone, the end is not moving.

  Xie Wei opened one eye, just in time to meet the pupils of Cihang.

  The eyes are as clear as ever, black has faded from the bottom of the eyes, scarlet is also hidden in the deep black that can not be seen.

  The heart jumped, Xie Wei Xiuran opened his eyes, lips moved away at the same time. The Buddha pulled her in front of her and tugged her in the arms.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. She struggled to breathe, but the Buddha in front of her was so desperate to confirm her existence that he stopped only after she bit him hard.

  It was like a falling person had finally found a place to land.

  Looking at Xie Wei, who was panting in the arms and still had her own blood on her lips, Cihang gradually found the real sense of being alive because of the pain on her tongue.

  "Xie ...... Wei?"

  The outstretched hand trembled slightly, wanting to stroke Xie Wei's cheek Cixihang stopped moving again when he touched the fluff on Xie Wei's face.

  Xie Wei is not unaware that there are countless pairs of eyes around, her cheeks burned to the point of catching up with the burning red iron plate, but still rubbed forward, climbing Cixi's neck and pulling his hand to caress her face.

  "I am."

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