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Chapter 97

  The breathless Xie Wei was half buried in the fallen leaves, her blood soaked the surrounding soil, making the brown soil take on a strange purple color. The purple is still winding down the topographic arc.

  The morning fog has not yet dispersed, the moist air is cold and cold, but also filled with a vague fishy smell. Someone broke through the dense fog and came towards Xie Wei. His steps are not fast, obviously not in a hurry, the face is not worried, and even more so with a smile, as if to meet the lovers not seen for many years.


  The bright red phoenix plume swept through the fallen leaves, the youth knelt down in front of Xie Wei. He carefully probed his finger towards Xie Wei, and after confirming that Xie Wei was not breathing moved his finger to Xie Wei's neck.

  Xie Wei, of course, also had no pulse. Her heart was ruptured and her whole body was fractured, it was difficult for the gods to save her.

  "Master ......"

  The youth shed tears, he took Xie Wei's hand and kissed it emotionally.

  "You finally, finally come back to me again ......"

  "You don't know how long I've waited for this day,...... how much I've done for this day ......"

  She Wei's hand bones are broken, pulled by the youth with a broken branch in a strange shape swaying in the air. The youth is oblivious, still muttering to himself.

  "I blame the master you want to leave me ......"

  He was not sure what he was, and he did not know where he came from. It's just that when he realized he was an "individual", he had been there for a long time.

  No one interacted with him, they said he was a demon, a devil. No demons and demons and him, because the demons instinctively afraid of him, the demons instinctively disgust him.

  He was alone for a long time, so long that he forgot he was still an individual. Then, someone picked him up and became his master.

  "Is that so? You don't know who your parents are. ...... Then you should be called Sijin Sijin."

  Si kin Si kin,miss loved ones.

  His kin is his master.

  Only Master was his only relative.

  Master spent a few years teaching him to speak, a dozen years teaching him to learn words, a few decades teaching him to make pills and refine medicines, and hundreds of years teaching him to absorb the essence of heaven and earth and improve his cultivation.

  For hundreds of years, his master was by his side day and night, sleeping with him, eating with him, and bathing with him.

  He began to have unrequited thoughts about his master.

  "Master, do you think it's okay if I change my name to 'Siqing'?"

  Almost a thousand years later, he couldn't stand the torment of longing, so he petulantly took his master's hand and wrote the word "Siqing" on his master's hand.

  Treating his nearly 1,000 years of unchanged master a stunned, followed by getting up to take back the hand, faintly said: "...... this is my master neglected. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. You will pack your luggage, to be ready to go outside to open their own cave."

  He was stunned, did not expect that he only slightly reveal his own thoughts, the master will drive himself away.

  He thought back to all the good things his master had done for him in the past, he didn't believe that his master had no intention for him, but only thought that his master refused to live with him because of the morality of human decency, so he forced his master down on the couch.

  "I don't believe it! I don't believe that you don't like me at all! You love me so much! You even gave me the name 'Sijin'! Isn't that why I keep thinking of you?"

  The master slapped his face crookedly.

  The woman who was usually as gentle as water kicked away from him who was caged in her and spat out two words that made his blood freeze into ice.

  "Get out."

  He didn't understand, he didn't understand how his master could be that decisive. He ran out in a mess, rushed out of his master's cave and wandered outside for months.

  After several months, he could not hold back his itch to return to his master's cave. As soon as he saw his master, he knelt down in front of him and said in tears, "Master, master! It's Sijin's fault! It is the fault of Sijin ...... Sijin will never disobey the master again, whatever the master says, is whatever. I only beg you to keep me by your side and not to drive me away..."

  His master did not speak. The woman who looked like the cold moon in the mountains and the red flowers in the snowy mountains just moved her eyes away and said, "Get up."

  He cried with joy, and seeing that his master no longer mentioned the matter of letting him go out and open a cave on his own, he thought that the matter was over.

  It was less than a year after that when he learned that his master was about to step through the void and soar in the daylight.

  "When this last furnace of secret medicine comes out of the pot, I will find a place to take these secret medicines."

  Dhyana stage peak, then take the secret medicine will be what?

  Naturally, it is to reach the Great Perfection realm of the Mahayana stage and begin to have the ability to step through the void.

  "Master's meaning is ......?"

  "This cave will be at your disposal in the future. I won't come back."

  The sluggish man then recalled, bit by bit, all the things he did not want to face in the past year.

  His master no longer called himself "master" in front of him. She no longer wants him to serve - dressing, no longer wants him to serve - washing, not to mention eating and sleeping with him.

  She even stopped calling him by his - name "Sijin".

  This is she does not want him.

  She decided long ago that she did not want him.

  --Why should she say she doesn't want him, just because she doesn't want him?

  He honestly, obediently and obediently helped his master to make the last potion to help her ascend.

  However, he had added some ingredients to this potion.

  There was nothing he could do.

  He can't beat the master. With her temperament, as long as she still has a breath, she will fight back and run away.

  So how could he be blamed for making her look like she couldn't resist?

  Shifu, Shifu-

  Depend on me.

  Depend on me like you did before.

  Depend on me even more.

  You can't live without me.

  If you can't wait for me, you have to die.

  Completely and utterly live for me alone.

  The master was injured by the nine heavenly thunderbolts and pushed down from the clouds by his own hands. He got what he wanted, he got the master who had no resistance and could only give him what he wanted.

  He likes to lie beside his master and stare deeply at him, sometimes not knowing whether he is asleep or unconscious. Because this time he will feel that he is protecting his master, care for his master, rather than like a little thief, do anything for fear of waking up harsh master.

  He occasionally wondered if it wasn't good for him to treat his master this way, but the master who could only rely on him alone and could only rely on his hands for anything was just too cute, ah.

  As long as he has tasted the wholehearted treatment by the master ...... even if the master is wholeheartedly hating him, he is happy to shed tears. What's more, if the master hates him again, he can't leave him, and can only hand over everything he has to him.

  This happy and peaceful day came to an end after three hundred years.


  He had only gone out to buy a batch of necessary living supplies when his master had killed himself.

  The death of his master was tragic. She had her throat slit by the shattered porcelain tiles that were pinched into the shape of a prickly ball, and blood flowed a good deal.

  ...... is not ashamed to be his master, she really deserves to be his master.

  Even though she was already half dead, even though he had done his best to isolate everything that she could use to kill herself, she still managed to die.

  She even let her soul pass through the Sea of Emptiness in order to get rid of him-

  What a respectable and intimidating tenacity that was?

  He loved it.

  He really did love the Master.

  No one could fill him with more interest than the Master.

  -- O Master ...... do you really think that a mere Sea of Emptiness can stop me from thinking about you? I am aware of it oh. You aspire to a world that is completely different from this Immortal Cloud 13 states. You have been trying to explore a world where there are no cultivators, no cultivation, and no cultivation world.

  --Are you in that world now? Wait for me, I'll be right over.

  -- It's useless which world you escape to.

  After going to the other world where his master reincarnated, he learned a lot of new knowledge and new vocabulary there.

  So he understood: suppose the universe is a container. The shape of this container is unimaginable, and the inner structure is even more strange. In this strange structure there are "worlds" that are similar or completely different.

  Both the "Earth" and the "Thirteen Immortal Cloud States" exist in the universe. Both of them have similar origins, but in the process of biological evolution, one side developed "technology", the other side developed "cultivation", and of course, there are worlds that developed "magic". ".

  The important thing is not what the name of the power that human beings have mastered, but the important thing is that in this branch, human beings have mastered the power, and in this way began the expansion of the race.

  The virtual sea that covers the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, that is the "cell wall" and "protective film" that separates time and space. Originally, only the soul, which was free from the shackles of the physical body, could cross it.

  However, in order to catch up with the master and get the master, he forcibly tore a small opening in the Sea of Emptiness. This might have caused the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States to be targeted by other worlds that were more advanced on the derivation.

  But what does this have to do with him?

  All he wanted was just the master.

  This life's master was just a childish and awkward little girl. A mere twenty years old, in his opinion is a young child.

  He knows too well how to hold the master and the couple who gave birth to the master's flesh - body.

  Who makes mortal people are so shallow, a little lure can manipulate their hearts?

  ...... abominable is that the little girl reincarnated from his master has a strong intuition.

  Isn't this so that he had to take action against his master in advance?

  -- Master, not only is this world so technologically advanced, but mortals have also become so intriguing. You see, I don't even need your consent to get everyone in the world to side with me and help me hang on to this life that you don't even want for yourself. And, there are so many people praising me.

  -- You still want to run away? Then I will still chase. If you can escape a second time, I can catch you a third time.

  --This time, I will be better prepared.

  The time inside and outside the imaginary sea is not synchronized. Or rather, there is a time difference between the observation of a phenomenon and its occurrence.

  It is as if the starlight seen on Earth is actually emitted by starlets tens of millions of years ago.

  Before returning to the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States, he had a glimpse of the future related to his master, which is part of the "Heavenly Dao".

  "Why would Master fall in love with that kind of thing!

  "How could Master, who had never fallen in love with anyone, fall in love with a monk?

  He was mad about what he saw - his master, the master who should belong to him only, the master who could only rely on him, was looking at a bald monk with a tender look he had never seen before.

  That look of affection, a thousand words in just one glance, was a look of sincerity that he had never received for even just a moment in thousands of years.

  He thought he had once had all of the master, he realized: he had never actually had the master ......

  So even though he knew that the "heavenly path" and the "law of karma" would bring down punishment on him, he went ahead and killed the monk.

  --The monk was not supposed to exist.

  --He would not allow Venerable Cixi to meet with his master.

  --This time he will replace the monk with the monk in love with his master.

  He failed.

  It is true that he killed Venerable Cihang, his physical body was also turned into ashes by the heavenly punishment, and his soul was even more traumatized.

  He had to, he lurked, his soul drifted and remained asleep.

  Until the master's side has a new man.

  Who is Lu Haijun? Such a scum does not exist in the "Heavenly Way" that he saw!

  How can such a scum also be in the eyes of the master?

  The master should not be loved by anyone! Except for the "Heavenly Way" imposed on her Cihang venerable!

  Why even such a scum ...... Why even such a scum-

  If even this kind of scum can, why can't he!

  ...... want to kill that scum? No, if he strikes easily again, that damned thing of Tendo will come at him again ......

  ...... new flesh-body ...... He needs new flesh-body ...... can be near the water at the beginning of the flesh-body... ...

  Feng Changming, Ji Heping-Huan ...... Oh, isn't there a very suitable flesh-body for him to take over the body here

  "Master, Siqing really didn't think it would be so difficult to take over a child. But it can't be helped, after all, Siqing killed the wrong person."

  Slender pale fingers stroked Xie Wei's bloodless cheeks, the youth, Feng Lingkong took out a pill from his sleeve and stuffed it into Xie Wei's mouth.

  "Si Qing also did not expect me to kill the wrong 'Cihang', thus achieving the real 'Cihang'."

  "To make up for this mistake -"

  He tried again to manipulate more living cultivator puppets to assassinate Cihang.

  He was so strong that he could not succeed. And the "Heavenly Dao" intervened and punished him more and more frequently and heavily.

  "...... I understood when Cihang sent out his incarnation ...... 'Ah, this must be the Cihang I saw'. ' The 'real Cixihang'."

  Once again, he sent out a living puppet, not only killed the incarnation of Cihang, but also used the Samadhi fire to burn the incarnation to powder.

  He was struck by the "heavenly dao" and fell into a deep sleep again, not knowing that the incarnation of Cihang had come back from the dead and had just bumped into Xie Wei who had jumped off the cliff at the bottom of Tianlin Mountain.

  "But you see, Master, the one who laughs at the end is still me. You have fallen into my hands again."

  Hanging on to Xie Wei's breath, Feng Lingkong, or should I call him "Siqing" youth picked up Xie Wei who was physically broken.

  "You are mine again."


  The sharp instrument penetrated Siqing's chest, and he coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood, and the "Xie Wei" in his hand rolled to the ground.

  He made a difficult swallowing motion, and then glanced at the white hair and red dress figure standing behind him out of the corner of his eye.

  "Master ...... ......"

  The figure was no other than Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei was holding a vajra peg. Siqing's blood flowed down the vajra peg towards Xie Wei's hand.

  Si Qing laughed merrily, actually ignoring the fact that the wound would bleed faster and more without the vajra pegs blocking it, took a few steps forward on her own, turned around, and looked at Xie Wei with blazing eyes.

  "Worthy of being a master! Even I can set up! The party is your illusion? When did it start? Was it when I mumbled? Or was it the moment I touched you? Is it possible that it was when I entered the forest? I have long felt that this fog is unusual ......"

  Xie Wei is not bothered to break it up with Siqing. More and this stalker pervert to say a word she was fed with flies as hard.

  --After eating two lifetimes of losses, she was finally enlightened: the best way to stay away from perverts is not to run away from them, but to drive them away. Fear and escape cannot solve any problem.

  In her first two lives she only thought about running away, and that was because she had no one to stay with.

  But nowadays -

  Even if she knows that liking a bald monk is the same as fucking no good, she still can't contain her desire to see more of him.

  ...... Of course she also knows that the monk is a monk, Cihang is Cihang.

  Cixihang is not her monk.

  But so what?

  Still does not allow her to see things?

  She does not love herself, but Da Lang has loved her. She did not cherish her life, but the monk cherished her life for her.

  She was able to live until now, that is really hard by the monk from the edge of suicide to drag back again and again.

  So she found: maybe Xie Wei this person still has some value? Xie Wei died or someone will be sad?

  She did not want to die.

  She wants to live!

  No more exhaustion, no more pain, no more how much sadness and disappointment, she will try to live until the last second!

  ...... This was the only thing she could use to repay the monk's heart.

  She wanted to do this thing well.

  Xie Wei's eyes were too bright, that resolute light burned Si Qing's heart - he and the master across two worlds, thousands of years of entanglement, how did he not understand that the reason there was light in the master's eyes, it was because she had found the person who lit her up?

  He was resigned, he was indignant, he twisted his facial muscles and smiled at Xie Wei, "...... But Master, can you really kill me?"

  Opening her arms, Si Qing met Xie Wei: "This is Feng Lingkong's body! Master must think carefully whether you really want to kill the innocent Feng Lingkong! Kill the only flesh and blood left behind by your closest and most beloved best friend!"

  With a shake of the vajra peg in her hand, Xie Wei rushed forward and gave Si Qing her answer.

  The vajra peg pierced through Feng Lingkong's body for the second time.

  "Ahem ......!!! How, like this ......"

  Si Qing could not believe that Xie Wei was not bluffing. He tried to counterattack, but unfortunately it was already too late.

  The vajra peg opened holes in Feng Lingkong's body for the third time.


  "Didn't you see that movie when you were on Earth? Inception."

  "Guess whether it's you or little Ling'er I'm hurting now?"

  Si Qing was stunned, followed by a laugh.

  He got it, he finally got it.

  Not only was the Master who had broken his breath and broken all the bones in his body an illusion. Even the process of finding him and trying to "pick up" him was an illusion.

  He has been in the sea of consciousness of the master.

  Everything he saw, heard, and felt was an illusion.

  Even the content he muttered was hypnotized by the master, making him forget to pour out the truth of everything on his own.

  He was wounded by the "Heavenly Dao", his soul was full of holes, and Feng Lingkong was just a 20-something-year-old boy with a low level of cultivation.

  He was imprisoned by his master with the sea of consciousness. He can no longer break away from his master's sea of consciousness and the illusion he created for him.

  And in this sea of consciousness, everything that was an illusion to Feng Lingkong's body was real to him, Siqing.

  He will be annihilated by the master, not even a fragment of his residual soul will be left behind.

  This is the end of his path.

  "...... Master, I have one last question ......"

  Perhaps the words of a man who is about to die are good, Si Qing has calmed down a lot. He had realized that he had returned to his true appearance.

  This is good. At least the last one, he did not need to use Feng Lingkong's face to say goodbye to his master.

  He flopped softly onto Xie Wei's shoulder and tried to hold the phantom that hurt him.

  "Why, I can't ......? Why is it that even a scum like Lu Haijun can, but I can't ......?"

  Xie Wei's phantom disappeared from Siqing's arms, Siqing fell to the ground and could only see Xie Wei's trailing red dress.

  Looking down at Siqing, who was desperately trying to get closer to himself, Xie Wei also felt a little pity for this man. But she didn't think of forgiving Siqing for the sins he had committed just because he was pitiful.

  "Yes, why? Well ......"

  Xie Wei seriously thought for a moment, for the sake of the master and disciple a, she is still willing to answer Si Qing this last question.

  "Probably because you didn't think of following in my footsteps to step into the void and soar with me in the daylight. You just made me -"

  "Cruelly made into a toy at your mercy."


  Siqing lost his words.

  He wanted to say something else, but was completely ended by Xie Wei with a vajra peg.

  After doing all this, Xie Wei in the sea of consciousness leaned up and exhaled, breathing deeply for several rounds, before leaving the sea of consciousness.

  Outside the sea of consciousness, Xie Wei threw the dead and heavy Feng Lingkong in her arms into a pile of fallen leaves.

  The vajra peg only broke Feng Lingkong's skin and flesh. Now that Si Qing's soul has been dispersed, Feng Lingkong, who was taken over by Si Qing, will sleep for a few hours and his consciousness should wake up from the sea of consciousness.

  Siqing asked Xie Wei when she started to see the illusion, the correct answer is after Xie Wei fell from the sky.

  Xie Wei was really stabbed through the heart by Cihang - Cihang was personally hypnotized by her, and asking Cihang to stab herself was a part of Xie Wei's plan.

  Siqing was not lucky to get her hands on Xie Wei twice to make her a living doll.

  Siqing was careful enough. He will wait until Xie Wei's life fire is extinguished before coming to pick up the body, then hang on to Xie Wei's breath, then let Xie Wei maintain in a state of immortality.

  Xie Wei wants to live and does not want to live as Siqing's little toy. She has to get rid of Siqing before she does it to her next time.

  The side of Cichang needs to draw a line and clear the relationship with her. So that Cixi can keep his position as the venerable Buddha, and then keep the right to speak as a righteous person.

  Then what to set up the bureau is very clear.

  This bureau not only Cixi Hang does not know, Si Qing does not know, Hat Lan night and Qing Yu also do not know - Xie Wei has to be a fool to think that Hat Lan night really have two good feelings for her.

  The devil is so good in the head that he has to weigh everything he does against what it's worth and how much it's worth.

  Hatran night will be on her eyes, it is because she is "heavenly fox", by the fox tribe respected as "young master" of the part.

  She is in the eyes of Hat Lan night is equal to four words: "strange goods can be".

  But I'm sorry, she Xie Wei has no intention of assisting the devil, nor does she want to involve the fox tribe in the power struggle in the devil domain. She is even more unwilling to let the fox tribe into the hands of the devil's domain knife, take to stir up the waters of the cultivation world.

  So although very sorry for the fox hometown, but Xie Wei has decided that if they have a life to survive or even kill back successfully, she will die to disappear.

  Qing Yu's side ...... Qing Yu is powerless in front of Hat Lan night, in order to deceive Hat Lan night this big devil, Xie Wei can only even Qing Yu this own people are cheated.

  The gorgeous shape of the soul-sucking bell changed into a simple gold bracelet to wear, Xie Wei tore a skirt, wiped off the blood stains on the vajra peg, and baby wrapped tightly, which received the vajra peg in his arms.

  ...... said it is also ridiculous. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. If it wasn't for the fact that the Buddha's seal in this thing carried fluctuations that she was incomparably familiar with, she would almost have thought that this was the object that Hat Lan night sent to her in the name of Cihang.

  I really don't know what Cixihang was thinking.

  ...... If he was the monk she knew, she could still figure out what Cixihang was doing. But...

  Why, let's not think about it. What can be the number of vajra pegs? What is the need for her to think that the monk is still alive and living in the Cixihang? Cixihang may be the monk, the monk just hindered by the identity of Cixihang is not good to identify with her?

  Even if the monk is really a monk, he hides this, does not identify with her does not represent his choice?

  That's all. None of this matters.

  She was able to continue living just by those memories with the monk.

  Now that all the things to do are done, it's time for her to slip away.

  The morning sun illuminated the forest, the breeze blew away the damp fog. The broken sun fell on Xie Wei's cheeks, hair and red dress. She squinted her eyes at the sky.

  "Good-bye, Ts'ai-hwan-"


  Before Xie Wei's self-talking farewell was over, a terrifying brilliant light exploded from the sky.

  Xie Wei was blinded in front of her eyes, and the impacted her whole body fell directly into the pile of fallen leaves.

  "Is this ......?"

  When the light in front of her eyes dissipated, Xie Wei climbed up from the pile of fallen leaves. A strange sense of unease crawled up her body.

  This light pollution explosion party she had seen twice before. But the distance between the air and the forest is at least a few thousand meters, the first two light pollution explosion impact range and impact strength in the forest is very limited.

  But the one just now ......

  How can there be so horrible brilliant light ah?

  Just, equal, but extreme cold, without a trace of emotional fluctuations.

  Just like, just like for the equal killing of all the light of judgment released - released -

  Shoulders trembling, Xie Wei held the trunk of the tree and looked overhead.

  "...... can't be ......?"

  She sensed Cixi's aura in the aftermath of the brilliant light. The vajra peg in her arms also trembled slightly from sensing the master's cultivation, like worry, like unease, like awe and fear.

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