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Chapter 96

  "Cixi could not have lived."


  Lianhua sucked in a cold breath, and the monks of Mount Sumeru also lost their last hope because of this sentence of Cihang.

  "Ha, ha ha ha ...... ha ha ha ha!!!"

  Yizheng was overjoyed and looked more pleased with himself: "Are you admitting that you are not Venerable Cihang? Fake! Or, should the old line call you 'Venerable Galan'?"

  Cihang did not pay attention to Yizheng. Xie Wei had been falling for a while. Every second he was late to her side, could be the reason why he lost Xie Wei.

  "Jalan, poor monk will forgive you, why do you need to rush to escape?"

  The words float down, another "Cihang" suddenly bullying close. This "Cihang" speed is too fast, has exceeded the scope of vision of most of the monks present. So the monks only saw this moment of snow white into light, stopped the bright red.

  Cut off the Cixihang and another "Cixihang" short encounter, he clearly saw the other "Cixihang" face that strange and cunning smile. And--

  The other "Cihang" body's dirty and filthy sinful power fluctuations.

  "So, you are a quick weapon that they fed with human lives."

  "Cihang" heard, slightly tilted his head: "Garan, what are you talking about? You have not committed enough faults? Now you are anxious to get rid of sin, the mouth delusion is an additional crime, such demonic words confuse the public -"

  "There is a time when sinful power will be reincarnated."

  Cihang's lips opened and closed, his voice was like the sound of an ancient temple bell, the most clear and awe-inspiring.

  His right hand stood on his palm, and the vajra in his left hand appeared in his palm, both heads of the fork were opened at the same time, and a third fork in the form of a blade emerged from the fork. The middle handle of the pestle has a blood color creeping up, where the blood color passed, all the auspicious shapes on the pestle are distorted into humanoid skeletal pattern, just like countless skeletons embracing the fork in front.

  "Today, at this time."

  The air blossomed into a watery red arc, the crowd only saw Cixihang in the hands of the most appalling pestle waved out of thin air, followed by the seemingly solemn appearance of another "Cixihang" issued a miserable and terrifying scream.

  --The other "Cixihang" was actually grabbed by some invisible force to grab the limbs and head, and plucked off the hands and feet in the air alive.

  "That, what is that ......"

  There is Sumeru Mountain's little sama shaking incessantly. She tugged on the sleeve of the nun monk beside her, stammering almost to cry in pain.

  The monk thought that the disciple was scared by Venerable Cihang's ...... no, is the false Venerable Cihang so brutal treatment of the real Venerable Cihang, mouth repeatedly recited "Amitabha Buddha!", "Amitabha Buddha! The "Amitabha Buddha!", "Amitabha Buddha!" Trying to cover the disciple's eyes.

  The little sama grabbed the master's sweaty hands and pointed to the "Cixihang" in the air, which was gradually dyed bright red with blood.

  "Master, can't you see! That person, that person is wrapped in a heavy, disgusting, dirty and terrible things!

  The nun monk was astonished: "What are you talking about, you child!

  However, there was not only one Buddhist disciple on Mount Sumeru who saw the same thing as the young sama.

  "Is that ...... injustice? Resentment?"

  A Foundation Stage Buddhist cultivator on Mount Sumeru couldn't see very clearly, but the YuanYing Stage Buddhist cultivator beside him almost didn't vomit: "...... No, didn't Master CiHang say that?"

  "That is the power of sin!"

  Karma reincarnation, each person is entwined with the thread of karma that he or she cannot see.

  This end of the thread of karma is tied to the person, and that end is tied to the karma and sins.

  Some people create sins but do not see the results, not because the person is not subject to karma, but because the accumulation of sins is too heavy, along the line of karma more and more slowly, so it is slow to find the door.

  Cixihang this slash, that is directly cut the line of cause and effect, opened the door of karma, so that the force of sin can directly reach the person who created the sin, and directly on the person who created the sin.

  Another "Cihang" has the cultivation level of the subconscious stage, theoretically should not be so easily fallen to such a slaughter of the situation. But his cultivation was originally rapid, neither the essence of heaven and earth, nor the existence of personal will. More than 90% of his cultivation came from other cultivators.

  There are more than a thousand cultivators who have been absorbed by this "Cihang" for hundreds or thousands of years ...... These cultivators have even been swallowed by this "Cihang" to become his material for refining himself. material. It can be said that every point of this "Cihang's" cultivation carries endless sinful power, and therefore the higher his cultivation, the stronger the sinful power that devours him.

  "What, what sinful power! Nonsense! Nonsense!!!"

  I can't believe that my secret weapon has just come out and become a broken mannequin before I can play a few roles, Yizheng's neck is bulging with veins and the veins on the back of his hand are jumping.

  "Demon law! It is demonic magic! The evil monk pretending to be the Venerable Cihang used demonic magic! He is going to kill the real Venerable Cihang with demon magic! All of you still don't help Venerable Cihang!!!?"

  The Buddhist monks of the Great Light Hall heard the abbot's command and mechanically moved their hands. But there were not completely no Buddhist practitioners in the Great Light Hall who could see the ugly and horrible sinful power.

  The Myriad Dharma Sect had even fewer Buddhists who could see the sinful force, so more Buddhists attacked Cihang.

  A moment ago, Ming Ci was still counting the gains and losses, thinking about the despicable and shameless Great Light Hall, even hid a "Cixihang", really hit himself a surprise. At this moment to see the Great Light Hall "Cixiang" is actually easy to have the phase of the celestial demon Cixiang a move on the crippled, the heart of a bad feeling.

  Looking at Cixihang was surrounded by Buddhist practitioners, the wall grass Ming Ci in the heart of crazy calculations - he stood out at this time to say he was blinded by the ...... seems a little early. What if the Great Light Temple still wins? If the Great Light Hall loses, he can then cry that he was hoodwinked by Yizheng. In the case of the Sumeru Mountain has always acted in a way that will only blame the leader of the Yizheng, he punished himself for a few hundred years in seclusion is.

  Ming Ci's heart is playing a small game, only to hear the "poof" sound, just like a white lotus out of the "Cihang" was completely ripped into pieces by the sinful force.

  The sky is full of blood and rain, both the Buddha cultivators of the Great Light Hall and the Buddha cultivators of the Myriad Dharma Sect feel creepy.

  Mingci's heart felt fear and already had the idea of retreating. At that moment, the other Buddhist sects that had received news from Yizheng and Mingci had also arrived - the sects allied with the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect, needless to say, all came up and pounced on Cihang.

  Other Buddhist sects that did not necessarily believe in the words of the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect before were shocked and believed the news from the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect because they had witnessed "Cixihang" being killed by the Heavenly Demon in a cruel manner.

  Thousands of Buddhist practitioners soon became tens of thousands of Buddhist practitioners. Cixihang was surrounded by three layers of Buddhist cultivators from various sects, although not overwhelmed by the feeling, but a faint boredom, vague impatience.

  He just wants to go to Xie Wei.

  Why does this and that have to block his way?

  ...... just. Those who are innocent do not say, these with sins on his body will be hand over it.

  The air blood lotus burst, one after another.

  The place where the skeleton vajra pestle passed is a sea of bright red flowers.

  "Kill ...... kill! Venerable Cihang of Mount Sumeru is killing people !!!!!"

  Someone shouted so.

  After this shout, I don't know who led the way, seeing that the crowd of Buddhist practitioners who were about to be killed by Cihang had actually turned their spears and rushed towards the Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru.


  "Help!!! No!!!"


  The Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru who were above the Jindan stage reacted, but the Foundation and Qi Refining stage Buddhist disciples were about to have their heads harvested.

  "Underworld ghost, the king of ghosts, Yin Yang Tianjun with me! Shadow King and You Ji take refuge with those who cannot fight!"

  At the moment of crisis, Hataran Night stepped forward with his cronies. The devil domain spell formation descended from the sky and enveloped Mount Sumeru.

  "Sumeru Mountain, Sumeru Mountain really joined forces with the Devil's Domain!!!"

  "Oh my god has Mount Sumeru become a group of devil's nest!?"

  Hatran night "tsk", frowned: "- that's why I do not want to come out."

  In the sky above Mount Sumeru, a thin red swept past all the Buddha disciples who had not returned to Mount Sumeru in time.

  Cihang kicked away a disciple of the Myriad Dharma Sect, then swung the vajra mortar and pestle two hundred and ten degrees rotating, splitting off the sinful hands of four Great Light Hall disciples.

  Heart fire is burning. Every second that he could not go to Xie Wei's side was torturous for Cihang.

  Fortunately, he can still sense the fire of Xie Wei's life.

  ...... Although faint, that fire is still there.

  Wait, wait a little longer, right away, right away he can go to her side--

  That little flame went out.

  Just like a candle flame can not resist the cold wind, light, just like that went out.

  Cihang's body stiffened and was instantly caught in the breach. Thousands of Buddha's seal at this time at the same time hit Cixihang, the world is again a bright light.

  In the sea of light, Cixihang through his own eyelids, can only see one color.

  Red, the surrounding mountains and fields are covered with red.

  Red like the morning sun.

  Red like the sunset twilight.

  Red like the wedding day Xie Wei on the wedding robe.

  Red like the red dress Xie Wei fell - when the body.

  Kill, kill, kill.

  Kill it.

  Kill is also a ferry.

  He killed Xie Wei, is the hand to transcend the Xie Wei.

  If that's the case, why doesn't he cross all three worlds?

  Kill all the three worlds...

  When Kunlun received the news of Cixihang's demonization, when the Heavenly Sovereign of the Origin personally opened the teleportation formation, Shangqing Zhenren thought that he would have to face Cixihang today.

  He was secretly relieved that he didn't want to kill Xie Wei - he didn't have much friendship with Cixihang, but he was at least an old acquaintance.

  Cixihang is a wise monk known for his wisdom, he will never resort to force if he can solve the problem with communication. Even if Cixihang has become a demon, as long as Cixihang's rationality is still there, Shangqing Zhenren will have 70% certainty to convince Cixihang to be willing to solve problems with Kunlun with dialogue. Even if Cihang's reason does not exist, Shangqing Zhenren feels that with Cihang's toughness of mind, he has at least a 50% certainty that he can awaken Cihang's reason.

  Shangqing True Man never thought he would see that the supposedly most compassionate Hui monk was taking people's lives just as he arrived over Mount Sumeru.


  Once he gritted his back teeth, Shangqing True Man soared out first without waiting for the Origin Heavenly Sovereign to say anything. The Haotian sword in his hand sliced through space, allowing him to instantly send, one second was hundreds of meters away, the next second it blocked the vajra pestle in the hands of Cihang, was able to let nearly cut off the head of Yi Zheng by Cihang snotty tears rolling his eyes fainted.

  "Your Holiness! Are you crazy!?"

  Shang Qing Zhenren angrily scolded.

  "Did not."

  Cihang eyebrows compassionate, eyes compassionate, which makes the Shangqing true man almost want to put down the long sword in his hand. However, the next instant, from the air to fall - Yizheng directly burst into a handful of blood, see the state of panic to escape the Ming Ci also directly split into two halves.

  "Everyone wants the poor monk to kill the sky fox. The heavenly fox also wants the poor monk to kill her."

  "Now that she has been tormented by the poor monk, why should the poor monk torment the three worlds as well?"

  "After all, it is the great wish of the poor monk to cross all the three worlds."

  The most compassionate Buddha's words were extremely calm, but the Shangqing true man was creeped out.

  "The real person is not in a hurry. After the poor monk first to cross the people with sins, burn all the sins in the world."

  "After that to tide the real person,"

  Cihang smiled, a smile full of pure divinity.

  "Tuan Tianzun."

  God loves the world is a lie.

  The true God does not have the humanity of "love".

  A god who has stripped away his humanity will only give people death fairly and justly, and occasionally observe the world on a whim.

  Cixi has spent tens of thousands of years in the quest to be free of all passions and desires. Now he has done it.

  He effectively transcends mortal affairs.

  He is no longer bound by the rules of the mortal world.

  "To cross all three worlds."