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Chapter 94

  A drop of blood pearl fell into the sea of consciousness, and the sea of consciousness was immediately polluted by this drop of blood pearl.

  The once supreme and pure Buddha is surrounded by hostility, resentment and resentment, and that horrible to the extreme breath still seeps into the Buddha's Buddha Qi, just like a blood-soaked white lotus.

  "Cihang ......!!!"

  Half carry half hold the unresponsive master great venerable suddhodom, lotus venerable face white.

  "Your Holiness ......!!!"

  "Master Cihang!!!"

  There are Buddha disciples in Mount Sumeru wailing to the sky, more Buddha disciples immediately sat down to chant scriptures and recite Buddha, trying to purify the blood hostility around Cixihang.

  However, the water is not enough.

  Buddha disciples released by the Buddha light shining on Cixihang body, only to stimulate the blood hostility wrapped around the body of Cixihang more and more violent. The blood hostility is engulfed by the Cichang is actually active and the blood hostility combined, the back of the neck scar crazy seepage of blood, blood lines all the way around the body, finally spread throughout the body, climbing up the face, to the pupils.

  Open your eyes again, Cixihang has a long red hair. The bottom of his eyes are dark, his pupils are bright red like blood, is the phase of the heavenly devil.

  Countless Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru cried out.

  Watching the idol they had worshipped for many years fall into the devil, the Buddhist disciples with weaker faith immediately knelt down on both knees and their faith collapsed.

  "Master! Master why!"

  "Why did the master fall to the devil ah ......! Master, master-! Could it be that you really have an affection for the Heavenly Fox ......!?"

  Mingci sneered, saying, "Cihang is already hopeless."

  The monks of the Myriad Dharma Sect beside him were also dumbfounded. Someone shook his head repeatedly and muttered loudly, "Crazy ......! This is crazy ......! Who would dare to believe that a Buddhist practitioner has actually fallen into a demon in public today! The devil is also the venerable of Mount Sumeru!"

  "Venerable? Fie! Even he is worthy of it!"

  Mingci's disciple spat and incited with a lion's roar, "From the moment Cihang harbored the Heavenly Fox, Cihang has already betrayed the Way! Cihang is a betrayer of the Buddha kingdom! The Myriad Dharma Sect has the mission to eliminate the devil and protect the Dharma! I can't let an evil monk who has fallen from the devil to discredit the Buddha kingdom and the Buddhist sect! The crowd said, "But!?"

  In the shock of the Myriad Dharma sect monks because of the lion's roar snapped back to consciousness, the crowd saw as the venerable Cihang transformed into a celestial demon, and then thought of their own abbot has worked for thousands of years but not been able to get a "venerable" title, suddenly the malice against Mount Sumeru rushed out. Just feel that all of Mount Sumeru are hypocritical and noble liars. They eat their own meat not to other clans to drink soup, exclusive possession of the Buddha's best place of cultivation not to mention, but also exclusive possession of the Buddha's most resounding name and the best reputation, so that the Buddha outside the mortals only know Mount Sumeru, not heard of the Myriad Dharma Sect.

  In the past, envy, jealousy and discipline pressed. This moment these envy and jealousy all in a reasonable excuse to find a suitable outlet, all of a sudden the atmosphere over Mount Sumeru then changed, a terrible frenzy was born.

  "...... is right!"

  "That's it!"

  "Cihang has betrayed the Buddha kingdom!"

  "Cihang is a traitor to the Way!"

  "A betrayer like Cihang should be destroyed! He is the shame of Mount Sumeru! A shame for the Buddha Kingdom! A shame for the entire cultivation world!"

  "Destroy Cihang!!!"

  "Destroy the betrayer!!!"

  More and more monks raised the same voice.

  "Not only is there a problem with Cixihang! Mount Sumeru has problems too! Think about it! If Mount Sumeru didn't have problems, how could it raise such a degenerate demon like Cihang!!!"

  "Yes, yes, yes!"

  "We have obeyed Mount Sumeru's orders for tens of thousands of years! Respect for Mount Sumeru for tens of thousands of years! Now it seems ...... is no longer necessary!"

  "I demand a thorough investigation of Mount Sumeru!

  "Investigate Mount Sumeru thoroughly! Must investigate Mount Sumeru thoroughly!

  "Destroy Cixihang!!!" "Destroy Mount Sumeru!" The shouts of anger spread from the Myriad Dharma Sect to the Great Light Hall, and then to more other Buddhist sects that were called by the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect. The denunciation of Cixihang and Sumeru Mountain continued to spread like ripples on the water.

  In the middle of the celestial carriage holding the incense fan Hataran Night rolled his eyes.

  That's why he despises the Buddhist vultures and hates those who claim to be the "righteous way".

  The superiority of the inferior, do not want to be eliminated because of their own inferiority, so the fight against the enemy to overthrow the opponent, from the other hand to steal the land, resources and treasures is only normal. Every race and every species is in this survival of the fittest in the development and continuation, and is still seeking development for their own species.

  Sects are just another form of population.

  Today, if the Great Light Temple and the Myriad Dharma Sect come to challenge Mount Sumeru head-on, challenge Cixihang, win the fight to drive the Buddhist disciples out of Mount Sumeru, and occupy the treasure of Mount Sumeru itself. Defeated obediently go back and grind a hundred years, two hundred years to challenge again, he would not feel how, and even want to nod and say: "This group of vultures still have a backbone."

  On the contrary, the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect, under the pretext that Cixihang had fallen from the devil, took advantage of the opportunity to exclude dissidents and eradicate the object of their eyes in the name of justice. It can be described as ugly to the extreme and stupid.


  Outside the celestial car, the shadow monarch was just about to ask Hataran Night what his next move was going to be, whether he was going to support Venerable Cihang when he saw Cihang's eyes open, his leaden gray monk robe shattered, only clad in a blood-colored robe a foot stepped on the blood hostile Qi.

  The blood hostility exploded, the monks who denounced Cixihang and Sumeru Mountain did not expect the blood hostility can sense the power of the same source around them, and was caught off guard by the hostility, murder and even maliciousness released by their own chest patted the ribs.

  The honey-colored pectoral muscles of the 1,080 transparent Buddha beads are dyed black, the ancient well swept over thousands of vomiting blood, coughing coughs of Buddhist practitioners, Cixihang no joy no sorrow.

  Seeing Cixihang wanted to leave, by the malice and hostility released by their own Yizheng immediately pointed at Cixihang and shouted: "Good wow Cixihang! You are a daring madman who has finally revealed your true colors! For so many years you have not only deceived the world and stolen the name! You have not only deceived the world for so many years, but also secretly colluded with the devil's domain, and did not know how many dirty things! Today you have injured so many Buddhists, you think you can still leave!

  As if he hadn't heard, Cixiang rushed in the direction where Xie Wei had fallen with a flash of his body.

  However, the Myriad Dharma Sect and the Great Light Hall hundreds of monks at the same time, countless Buddhist seals in the Sumeru Mountain over the silver, white and yellow exploded.

  Golden light silver light white light yellow light ...... excessive light pollution so that the morning sun also for the fade!

  Buddha's light is the natural nemesis of the Shadow King, the sky car within the Hatran night still closed his eyes and frowned to fan to cover his face, the sky car outside the Shadow King was affected by the fish, the whole body instantly by the light evaporated most of it. Fortunately, he was quick on his feet, "whoosh" a leap into the sky car can be isolated from external influences, that was evaporated half of the body just swallow a two, three high-grade secret medicine, meditation and rest for half a day will be able to make up for it.

  "Is this group of dead thieves and bald people all want to cultivate themselves into the sun?"

  Hataran Night did not care about Shadow King's arrogance. Shadow King was the best scout under his allotment, but unfortunately had the flaw of being weaker. But so what if there was a flaw? He, the demon lord, did not have everything in place? The important thing is to use the good steel on the edge of the sword, appropriate to apply.

  "A mere firefly ...... also wants to compete with the sun and the moon!"

  The Shadow King was without most of his body at once, and it would be strange that his mood would be good. He rarely more than one sentence on the mouth. Hatched Lan night heard a "yo-ho": "Sun and moon? You have a high opinion of Cihang today."

  Shadow King that still remains half of the body a stiff: "...... emperor today did not also say that 'hypocrisy', 'hypocrisy'? "

  Hatched Lan night hooked his lips.

  As an enemy, Cihang is undoubtedly an annoying opponent. He has the courage and strategy, no matter you come to the false real he will accept it all. Hatched Lan night is really disgusted by the seemingly unbroken Cixihang.

  But at the same time, Hatran night also inevitably appreciate such an opponent of Cixi. And at the same time disgusted by the ridiculous and hypocritical noble hypocrisy that such an opponent had to be subjected to.

  "How can a person who has never been obsessed with saving a particular living being be truly good?"

  Those who have not had their hearts torn out will not understand what it is to be pained to the core. In order to treat people equally with even kindness, one must first treat one person with even kindness.

  The reason why Hatranyi decided that Cihang was hypocritical in the past was because he could see that Cihang was good for the sake of goodness and for the sake of ferrying.

  But -

  Hypocrisy is also good. Tzuhang's hypocrisy is ultimately much more advanced than the hypocrisy of other vultures.

  The light pollution outside the sky car subsided a lot, Hat Lan night convergence fan, lifted the curtain of the car.

  Outside Cixihang in a siege unharmed, his two hands knotted Shi Yu seal, just a flip of the wrist around the monks were 360 degrees around the sweep, by the blood-colored Buddha light lifted out.

  Cixihang did not want to kill, he simply turned the negative emotions of those who threw him into entities to return to them. He now has more important things to do -

  Xie Wei. He still had to go find Xie Wei.

  "Stop him!!! Don't let this Heavenly Demon get away!!!"

  "Go and tell the Daoist Master of the Heavenly Dao Alliance! Cihang has revealed his true face!!!"

  "Go to Kunlun and ask for support!!! Go find the South Sea Fairy of the Flying Flower Immortal Mansion!

  Countless magic weapons lit up with a fine light, some people went away with their weapons, some people chanted to report the news. There are more people rushing towards Cixi, trying to slow down Cixi.

  Yizheng climbed up in a mess.

  Both are venerable, but the difference between him and Cixihang is not just a little bit or two. He originally did not want to use the "that thing" given to him by Dao Buguo, because "that thing" was supposed to have other important functions.

  But at this moment, he no longer cared about this much - Cihang is too uncaring! He does not put Ming Ci that stupid thing is not enough, ignoring his Yizheng how much! So what if Cixi is strong! Ants devouring elephants! Two fists cannot defeat four hands! Even if the teacher is tough, he will be killed by a fist!

  "Cixihang! You must not resist! Every time you hurt one more person, your sins will increase! Quickly put down the butcher's knife and become Buddha!

  Yizheng mouth curses, one hand in the sleeve quietly choke.

  "That thing" has awakened! Now is the time to destroy Cixihang and nail Mount Sumeru to the pillar of shame!

  Cixihang was very sober, so every word of Yizheng's rhetoric made him feel ridiculous.

  --After fully merging with the heart demon, he is now truly at the realm of clarity like water.

  The so-called mind devil is just a human nature that he doesn't want to admit. It is the seven emotions that he treats as a burden, a burden and impurity.

  He thought he could become the Buddha he wanted to be by not acknowledging the backlit part of his humanity and eliminating that part. But he failed to see through the most obvious fact: if he cannot even accept the most genuine part of himself, how can he say that he can transcend the small realm of transcending himself and reach the big realm of the other side?

  ...... is, on the contrary, his incarnation, which has lost its memory, is more perceptive. It only took him twenty years to accept his true self.

  The real him is calculating and despicable.

  And with a sinful, twisted and humble love.

  Yes, he sought death on purpose.

  He went to Bomutita to show Xie Wei: I died for you.

  He wanted Xavier to feel guilty, sad, depressed, self-condemned, mournful, uncomfortable -


  So that she can never forget him.

  Even if he is only an incarnation, even if he is only a projection, fragment and remnant of someone, even if he only lived for a mere 20 years or so.

  He will be deep-rooted in her heart and flourish. Even if she has another lover, even if she is finally attracted to his true self, even if he no longer exists -

  He will still remain as the best one, forever branded in her heart.

  This is his small revenge.

  Retaliation for her abandonment of the whole twenty years, revenge for her always put grudges in the forefront, putting love aside.

  It is also revenge for him as the original.

  Because his incarnation knew that if he had this memory, he would have accepted his true self - that is, he would have fallen in love with Xie Wei.

  Even if the original he is also "he", as the incarnation of that he is still cynical about the original - he understands that the incarnation of himself does not have a chance to stay by that person's side. His weakness was his biggest fault, and he had no more time to make up for it.


  Yizheng's face was full of righteousness, and the corners of his mouth could not stop smiling coldly: "Please look at who this is behind you!!!"

  The crowd followed Yizheng's line of sight and immediately choked with horror without exception.

  --The right hand standing palm, left hand twirling beads of the most pure Buddha is not Cixihang and who can it be?

  "Cihang, Cihang venerable!

  "How come there are two Venerable Tzuhang?

  "What the hell is this-"

  Yizheng's hands again, "that thing" then kindly eyebrows, eyes downcast, back hanging light feet on the Buddha's seal: "Amitabha Buddha, poor monk is Cixihang. That one over there - the devil, not a poor monk, just a disguised as a poor monk for many years are evil devils and foreigners."

  The other "Cihang" words have not fallen, Yi Zheng has been impatient to add: "This is the biggest secret of the venerable Cihang ......! Mount Sumeru's biggest secret ......!!!"

  "The one who died in battle at the hands of the demons that year was not Venerable Garan! It was the Venerable Cihang! The real Cixihang venerable has long been replaced by his own twin brother!"

  The crowd's pupils quaked with shock and horror. Even the lotus flower are wide-eyed, can hardly believe their eyes and ears, gaze constantly wandering between the two Cixihang.

  "The great venerable Shubhuti knew the truth, but feigned ignorance!!! So that the Venerable Cihang, who had fallen into a false death, woke up with nowhere to return to! Had to live in anonymity in the city!"

  "Fortunately, the disciples of the Great Light Hall found the real Venerable Cihang! And we are willing to help Venerable Cihang return to Mount Sumeru!

  Yizheng roared, not willing to be lonely Ming Ci also intervened, fearing that the Great Light Hall stole the limelight: "Who is right and who is wrong today everyone will know! Which one is the real Cihang venerable, I think everyone already have a number in their hearts!

  One side is white, clear air around the body, like a clear lotus out of the world.

  One side is covered in blood, blood hostile aura comes to the face, has become a heavenly devil evil Buddha.

  As Mingci said, it seems to be clear which is right and which is evil.

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