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Chapter 93

  Xie Wei really did not expect to enter the map of Sumeru Mountain, immediately caught by the ultimate BOSS on this map "please" in the past.

  The eyebrows and beard into a handful, a wrinkled face like dehydrated dried radish old man let out a "live live live" laugh, with a benevolent to the eyebrows patted Xie Wei's shoulder.

  "As you come, so be it. Shiyi, relax."

  "You, you are ...... you are ......?"

  Xie Wei still a little can not believe that the little old man in front of this patch robe is the Great Venerable Bodhi. In her imagination Bodhi is not angry-eyed vajra, night fork Luohan, that is also the treasure phase solemn self-backlighting. Who would like to in front of the Bodhi not only no pressure, and even amiable more than the park dog walking grandpa.

  The Bodhi also does not blame Xie Wei fuss, the old man a leisurely face held a purple sand cup in his hand, slowly sipping hot tea.

  This is the realm of the sea of consciousness, this sea of consciousness is both Xie Wei's sea of consciousness, but also the sea of consciousness of Bodhi. Two sea of consciousness overlap each other, so you can still see the mirror lake reflecting the boundless blue sky, the center is still born Saura double tree. Also can see a futon a small short machine, a window frame outside the mythical bird and the golden wing bird wings hovering in the peak of the mountain scenery.

  Xie Wei is the night to the Sumeru Mountain, Sumeru Mountain mountain scenery she has not yet had time to appreciate. At this time, the window frame in the middle of the Sudra's sea of consciousness was born in the air, and she was then unconsciously attracted by the beauty of Mount Sumeru to stop in front of the window.

  "Live live live ...... this light is really nostalgic na."

  The bodhi smiled to see the teeth without eyes, although this, the bodhi's eyes have long been his long eyebrows to cover, he grinned widely in the mouth is also missing teeth half teeth.

  Once a cultivator builds his foundation, he will gradually get out of the celestial five decay. The more profound the cultivation of the cultivator, the more can have a longer life span. Not to mention the top stream of the cultivation world, such as Bodhi, is a junior such as Qing Yu are able to semi-permanent eternal youth.

  There can only be one reason why Bodhi's appearance is so old, and that is his willingness to make himself look so senile.

  "The old line many years ago also saw the same light."

  "Well ...... probably when the boy was in his teens and twenties."

  Shubhuti said, the crystal clear water of the mirror lake repair condensed into a young monk.

  Monk eyebrows and soft, look slightly mute, smile but with a kind of heartwarming pure goodness and simplicity, low eyebrows and eyes and every move is generous and affectionate.

  The first time I saw the monk who met with me at the bottom of Tianlin Mountain, I realized that this is the past Cixihang Xie Wei bit her lips hard and held back the mist in her eyes.

  Yes, the scenery in her sea of consciousness came from the monk. At least it was once a monk. After all, in the twenty years she left the monk, the monk's sea of consciousness in this landscape has not changed now she has no way to know.

  Xie Wei also did not mean to "steal" the monk's sea of consciousness landscape - since the monk died, this landscape appeared in Xie Wei's sea of consciousness. Any Xie Wei eliminate it several times it will reappear on its own, Xie Wei will no longer be stubborn to do useless work.

  If there is any difference between this landscape and the monk's realm of consciousness, it is probably that in the monk's sea of consciousness, the bodhi tree is born in the center of the mirror lake. In Xie Wei's realm of consciousness, the center of the mirror lake is born of the Hala double tree.

  One of the Saara Double Trees has still completely withered.

  "...... What does the Great Exalted One mean by this?"

  Xie Wei stared with reddened eyes, her tone unconsciously stern.

  "Are you trying to persuade me to put it down? Or are you going to say that I am wrong ......"

  Greed and anger, seeking, love and hate, hurt and parting. Xie Wei also knew that he was fucking taking a slam dunk. Such identity such as Bodhi such cultivation, willing to advise her to put down that is to give her face. If it is "Fahai you do not know love" in the Fahai, she is most likely directly by the physical transcendence.


  Shubhuti long pour a mouthful of hot tea, and only then laughed: "Shiyi, what is right? What is wrong?"

  "Killing is wrong, so what if it's killing to protect people and save their lives? It is right to repay kindness, what if one kills and kills many people in order to repay kindness?"

  "Cause and effect have their own cycle, love and hate are also the laws of heaven. The Buddha does not say what is right or wrong, he only tells people to distinguish between good and evil."

  The old monk smiled: "Master has already distinguished good and evil in his heart, why should I advise him?"

  Xie Wei froze for a moment, Su Bodhi and her imagination is really too different. She was prepared to be lectured at length.

  "But you Buddhism, should not advise people to put down the butcher's knife to become Buddha or something ...... on the former dust no longer mention, forget the love, hate, greed, anger and obsession that set ......"

  "Live and let live, if you put down the butcher's knife can become a Buddha, that fell under the butcher's knife of living beings and what? The living is certainly valuable, but also can not regard the dead as grass. Otherwise, people who are bent on Buddha do not become Gods and Buddhas, killers can stop to glorify the Way, is not encouraging everyone to kill, and then to stop to become Buddha?"

  "Retribution is the way of heaven, compassion is the way of Buddha, not sanctioning evil but asking people to be good is the way of wrong. The old cassock obeys the heavenly way and walks in the Buddha's way, and will never do anything that is not the way."

  The white beard and white eyebrows twitched slightly because of laughing, and Su Bodhi said, "My Buddha is compassionate, and wants to cross people and cross the world only to relieve the world's pain and sorrow."

  "One point less is to make false, one point more will become obsession. The obsession will turn into greed and anger. Love gives rise to hate, love gives rise to pain, love gives rise to obsession, love gives rise to worry, love gives rise to terror ...... Shaman will persuade the world to put down love, cut off worries, and enter my empty door is all because of this."

  "However, in the old cassock's opinion, love also gives birth to pity, love also gives birth to cherish, love can give birth to generosity, love can accommodate a thousand,"

  "Love is all the beauty in the world."

  Only those who love the world will cherish the world, only those who love the living have sensibility and empathy.

  To love is the instinct of living beings. It is the source of all goodness in living beings.

  "If Sakyamuni does not love the world, why does he remove demons and help people?"

  "If Jizo did not love the world, why did he make the great vow 'Hell will not become Buddha until it is empty'?"

  Love is the human nature of God, and love is the divine nature of man.

  Stripping humanity from God, God ceases to be a good God.

  Strip the divine nature from man, and man will fall into evil.

  But since when has "love" become a derogatory word?

  It has become something that is embarrassing, embarrassing and humble when resorted to. It has become an excuse that only people with ulterior motives will use. It has become an illusory fantasy.

  Above the mirror lake, Xie Wei saw the stars of the universe, the sea and the sea.

  She glimpsed in a moment thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years, tens of millions of years, hundreds of millions of years of reincarnation changes.

  Shubhuti's voice was always there, guiding her divine soul through space time and not getting lost in it.


  When Xie Wei finally came back to her senses, she realized that not only had she been controlled by Bodhi's divine consciousness in a flash, she had also unknowingly been read all of her memories and thoughts by Bodhi.

  "Live and let live, so it is, so it is. Shiyi such deep love old disciple ah ...... he can really both happy and lucky."

  One second Xie Wei, who had been so angry at the invasion of privacy the next second, turned red.

  She frowned, and want to refute the Bodhi, and do not know where to start refuting the Bodhi, of course, on her this suspicious than others more than three, four times the nature, even if it is clear that the Bodhi want to get her killed at all without looking at what she is thinking, but also still on the Bodhi remain vigilant, worried that they said the wrong thing to provoke the Bodhi like crushing an ant to get her dead.

  As a result, in the end, Xie Wei can only stammer to squeeze out a few messy words: "You this, you really - you really incomprehensible ......! What kind of monk would say such a thing ...... monks the four great emptiness six pure roots, the venerable Cihang was liked by someone like me where there is no lucky happiness to speak of ......!"

  "Besides, it's not like I like Venerable Cihang!!!"

  Xie Wei had a momentary moment of weakness.

  But thinking that Cixihang is Cixihang and the monk is a monk, she hardened up again: "The late generation bids farewell!"

  Forced her own sea of consciousness out of the sea of consciousness of the sudra, detached from the sea of consciousness Xie Wei shook her head vigorously.

  She told herself: don't think too much, don't think deeper into the words of Su Bodhi.

  Don't delude yourself into thinking that the monk might still exist somewhere in the bottom of Cixi's heart.

  Do not hold any hope.

  In the sea of consciousness, Bodhi "ugh" a few times, softly muttered: "Well ...... again wrong time?"

  There is no way, he has experienced too much time, he can see the cycle of cause and effect, the past and future is also too huge.

  It would be impossible to distinguish the relationship between those two juniors at this point in time, there was really nothing that could be done about it.

  But since he has personally determined that this little fox caster really does not have malicious intent, the rest is no longer important.

  --Karma has its own cycle, and he will continue to watch over it.

  Standing on the land of Sumeru Mountain, bathed in the silvery moonlight. Xie Wei closed his eyes and took a deep breath, finally calming himself down.

  The bodhisattva will also be his heart pass, and the bodhisattva's his heart pass is not ordinary powerful. Xie Wei in front of him can not be hidden, naturally Xie Wei plans to "hostage" Bodhi's plan Bodhi also know.

  Then why did not Bodhi make any reaction?

  No ...... perhaps not react is the reaction of the Bodhi? This is to say that ...... Bodhi is acquiescent to her plan?

  Xie Wei unconsciously made a swallowing motion.

  Since the plan was exposed before it was implemented, it means that the plan itself has great loopholes. But now, she really can't think of a better way to solve the problem.

  It has to work, it has to work. Whether it is a duck on the shelf or courageous, Xie Wei must give it a try.

  This is her last chance.

  Two hours later -

  "Hey, is Venerable Cihang still not here?"

  Xie Wei, who was holding onto the Great Venerable Su Bodhi, glared at the Venerables in front of her with displeasure. She was all in bright red, as if she was a new bride about to get married. She even had a golden pendant of pomegranates and pomegranate flowers, symbolizing a hundred children and a thousand grandchildren, pinned on her temples.

  "If Venerable Cihang doesn't come to marry the slave, the slave will really have to do it..."

  Xie Wei extremely languidly with long nails on the old bark-like face of the Bodhi cut a bloody scar.

  "You sinful animal dare to hurt my master?

  Venerable Dingfa's fists were bruised, and his face had become the appearance of a rakshasa. It wasn't that he hadn't sneaked up on Xie Wei. Only as soon as he moved he was recognized by Xie Wei, and Shubhuti was instantly lifted up by Xie Wei and used as a shield.

  "If you move again, what I hurt may not be your master's flesh and skin!"

  Xie Wei also did not show weakness.

  The flesh of the Bodhi has been like a statue, half to the outside world, no response, sitting double - legs is faintly through the petrified quality, apparently the light is exhausted.

  If this punch falls on the Bodhi, Xie Wei may not escape the aftermath, but the Bodhi's legs are bound to shatter. So forgiveness is knotted, the fixed law can only stand still, with the sight of Xie Wei death by a thousand cuts.

  The morning sun dawned, lotus saw from afar a person foot on the octagonal gold plate and came. He wanted to go up to meet him, but saw that the person went straight to the main hall, and did not even see him.

  Lianhua smiled bitterly.

  It was no wonder that the demon dweller Hataran Night had commented to Cixihang's back: "Who is this fooling?"

  Cixihang was really deceiving himself and others.

  "Venerable Lianhua? Dare I ask if it is Venerable Lotus in front of me? What happened at Mount Sumeru last night? Why were the lights on all night? Is that ...... Venerable Cihang just now? Is the Great Venerable Bodhi personally recalled the beloved disciple?"

  The tucked in understanding pretend to be confused.

  Lianhua's heart spit on the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect messengers who were coming towards him in a closed circle, his face was smooth and waveless, and his mouth proclaimed Buddha.

  "Amitabha Buddha, all of you have come just in time. The Heavenly Fox has taken the Great Venerable Bodhi hostage and wants to force the marriage of the Venerable Cihang of our sect. All of us at Mount Sumeru are at our wits' end, so please come and give us a hand."

  Heavenly fox forced to marry Venerable Cihang?

  The messenger of the Great Light Hall and the messenger of the Myriad Dharma Sect looked at each other. A moment later both sides made a decision - no matter what the reason was, as long as they could enter Mount Sumeru, then they could act cheaply any way after that.

  "The Heavenly Fox is the enemy of the righteous in the world! We and Sumeru Mountain are both Buddha's former Shaman, so we are naturally responsible for it!"


  Cihang sometimes wondered if he had said the wrong thing.

  Is that day, at that time, he did not say he was not "dalang", that person would not be so extreme.

  --The actual fact is that you should have thought of it, he knew it. She had a tendency to self-destruct from a long time ago. She would have given her life for anyone she cared about at will.

  She didn't want to live at all.

  For her, who had lost too much, death was a complete, perfect relief, an irresistible sweet temptation-allure.

  "Master Xie--"

  In the midst of the morning sun, Cihang gasped faintly.

  The Red State was far from the Buddha Kingdom, but Cixihang had crossed eleven of the thirteen states of the Immortal Cloud in two hours and rushed back to Mount Sumeru.

  "Your Holiness, you are finally here ......! Slave wait for you wait for all want to cry ......"

  Xie Wei, who had taken Su Bodhi hostage, was standing in the void above the main hall of Mount Sumeru. Her eyes red makeup has been a little flowery, hair is also a little messy, however this does not damage her body delicate.

  "This time you will marry the slave, right ......?"

  Xie Wei said raised the hands without any reaction of the Sudra.

  What is Master Xie saying here? And the master, why the master did not have a half reaction?

  Could it be that the news of Master's imminent passing is not an exaggeration?

  But even so, with Master's cultivation, how could he be subjected to it?

  "--Shifu Xie, what exactly are you doing?"

  "Doing what ...... I can still do!"

  Xie Wei spoke with accusations and tearful eyes. Its sentiment did not know how many sideways glances it drew.

  The Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect emissaries had already arrived, and the abbot, Venerable Yizheng, and Venerable Ming Ci also led thousands of disciples to enter the boundary of Mount Sumeru with great fanfare.

  "Your Holiness not only saved me from the fire and water, but also fought against the world's cultivators for me, why do you still say you don't like me and can't marry me!

  Eyes deep in demented resentment, face distorted by frenzy, Xie Wei step by step forward, approaching the direction of Cihang.

  Already understand that Xie Wei is a play in front of people, realize Xie Wei purpose of Cixiang subconsciously back half a step.

  This half-step in the eyes of the Buddha's disciples that is clear that the relationship between the two, in the eyes of the tear-rolling Xie Wei also seems to have become a heavenly ravine.

  "Your Holiness if not love me why would you save me!

  "Where do I need your superfluous and cheap virtue of good life!"

  The woman's scream pierced through the morning breeze, swaying in the verdant Sumeru Mountain, startled a line of wonderful sound birds.

  Outside of Mount Sumeru, there have been countless righteous sects, righteous cultivators and even demons, demons and demons have received the news: the sky foxes in order to force the marriage to the venerable Cixihang, held the great venerable Bodhi as hostage. The Bodhi did not react, it can be seen that the real light is exhausted, the circle of death is imminent.

  "Your Holiness why not let me die before I like you!"

  "Do you know that you have repeatedly rejected me from a thousand miles, that is to cut out my heart and rub it! Death is nothing compared to such pain!"

  Xie Wei's words sobbed blood, and the red makeup in the corners of her eyes melted with her tears, like tears of blood.

  This is not an easy scene for her.

  It's not that she can't grasp the core of the character at the moment, she can't play the desperate sadness.

  It is because every time she says a "line", those "lines" will resonate with her heart one more point. It makes her feel more pathetic.

  --She shouldn't admit that she had a heart for the monk and a love for Dailang.

  Why, since ancient times, like the monk of the goblin, where there is no good end?

  The two of them were impatient and felt that the foxes were spoiling their fun, so they wanted to interrupt the bubbly romance. Unfortunately, there are many Buddhist disciples at the bottom, and some of them are not deeply involved in the world, but they are impressed by Xie Wei's infatuation and show some intolerance on their faces.

  "Your Holiness ...... if you really don't like me, then kill me. Anyway, I have been disgusted by this world ...... is no indiscriminate killing of innocent people also had to carry the black pot created for me by others."

  Yizheng and Dao Buguo are allies, as soon as he heard Xie Wei's strings he rode up on his white lion and angrily scolded, "Demon stop talking nonsense! Do you think people will still believe your demonic words?"

  Despisingly, she gave a "humph!" towards Yizheng. Xie Wei gave a sarcastic bark, the corners of her lips: "Now the slave is talking to the Venerable Cihang! What are you, old man, and how dare you interrupt!

  "Listen to me, Venerable Cihang! I'll give you one more chance! One last chance!"

  "Either you become a monk now! You can marry me in front of all these old people! Or you will lose your beloved master! Let there be one less Great Exalted One on the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States!"

  Said Xie Wei hand nails quickly become longer, as a hollowing out of the heart of the momentum towards the Bodhi chest to explore.

  Yizheng momentary speech. He lived to such a large, this is the first time to be scolded to his face "old man", "what is it". At once, his face turned red, and soon turned purple.

  The first time I saw him, he was happy to see Yizheng being abused - unfortunately, Mingci, who was trying to suppress the twitching at the corners of his mouth, didn't realize that he looked like an old man who had a sudden convulsion in public. elderly patient.

  Furious, Yizheng did not care what Xie Wei said or did, he turned to Cihang and said: "Venerable Cihang! Today - you must be here to clear the air with us! What exactly is your relationship with the Heavenly Fox? Why did you save the Heavenly Fox twice? And what about the Zheng Dao practitioners who died in Zhangzhou? Did you save the Heavenly Fox instead of saving the righteous monks, because you think the lives of the righteous monks are not as valuable as the Heavenly Fox's!

  Cihang had a headache.

  It is not a headache that is troubled by suspicion and disbelief. Rather, the whole head is like being split in half from the back of the head ring scar headache.

  Here it comes again.

  There it is again.

  Once again, her bad habits appeared before his eyes.

  How many times had this happened?

  How many times had she tried to throw her life away in front of him?

  How badly did she want to die?

  Why did she always want to die so badly?

  Did she want to leave him behind so badly?

  Even at the risk of dying.

  Feng family, Mei clan, Yao Xi village, Tang state, Zhang state, Sumeru mountain ......

  Is she going to leave him behind again?

  "Master Xie, you-"

  Cixi could not hear Yizheng's rambling litany, nor could he hear Mingci's gloomy tone in his pretended ricochet.

  He could not even hear the content of Xie Wei's angry roar.

  He only saw the ping and vajra pestle stock fork open and turn into wrathful vajra pestle before his eyes.

  The wrathful vajra pestle passed through his body and nailed Xie Wei's heart.

  Xie Wei tried to say something, but as a result, blood gushed out from her mouth, and a few splashes of blood splashed on Cixi's face, making his eyes blink.

  "Xie ......"

  Xie Wei's tears flowed out, but she curled her lips and smiled.

  Blood rushed out of her body, she fell backward off her feet, and the familiar pomegranate walker at her temples slid down from her white hair, reflecting the brilliant light of the morning sun swirled and disappeared into the rolling hills.

  "Xie Shi ......"

  Xie Wei's body fell downward - downward, the dress rose with the wind, like a bright red flower blooming in the air.

  The wrathful mortar and pestle was bloodied, and there was still blood dripping down the apex.

  Cihang desperately reached out to grab Xie Wei, but Xie Wei's fingertips just grazed his palm and lost him.

  She didn't even try to pull his outstretched hand.

  "Xie Wei ----!!!"

  The result you see.

  She always abandons you so easily, so effortlessly.

  Last time this bad woman hypnotized you with illusions so that you couldn't notice her leaving and so that you couldn't catch up with her.

  This time this bad woman used illusions to hypnotize you again, so that you do not realize that she had made up her mind to die at your hands before leaving, to clear your name.

  This time, you will not be able to catch up with her again.

  This time, she never gave you the opportunity to catch up with her.

  But she doesn't have the slightest idea what you can do for her.


  "Hearing is not believing, seeing is believing. Today all kinds of you have seen with your own eyes, the Heavenly Fox is only wishful thinking to the Venerable Cixi, the Venerable Cixi did not help the Heavenly Fox to kill anyone, and has not the slightest personal feelings for the Heavenly Fox."

  ...... is presiding over the big picture, is it Lianhua?

  That can be really to blame for him.

  "Now that Venerable Cihang has personally killed the Heavenly Fox in front of people, it is clear that the various rumors are not true and not worth listening to. ...... Venerable Yizheng and Venerable Ming Ci, do you two have anything else to say?"


  This hesitant voice was the wallflower Ming Ci. This person was most inferior and often treated people with two faces.

  "Humph! How do we know that Venerable Cihang killed the Heavenly Fox not to seal the deal! Besides, you Mount Sumeru are not innocent! I can know-"

  The voice that spoke angrily was Yizheng. This person was most concerned about the so-called "orthodoxy", his heart was not right, and he had ambition but no ability to put it into practice.

  "The biggest secret of your Mount Sumeru!"

  "The biggest secret of the venerable Cihang!"

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