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Chapter 92

  The beautiful woman with the fragrance of breath, riding the wind and come.

  The Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru fell to the ground, and the martial monks who came behind them were not inferior to the beautiful woman with a flick of her hand, and were actually sent flying backwards.

  "Bold demon! How dare you trespass on my Sumeru Mountain!"

  The leader of the martial monk cultivation is close to the jindan stage, his hands on the ground with a stick, the lower plate crazy force, which will stabilize the body, not like the other brothers in general by the beauty like a flower flicking willow slapped away.

  The beautiful woman smiled delicately and came out of the darkness, her slender appearance was illuminated by the candle flame in the Buddha Hall.

  White hair to the ground, red - lips slightly hooked. When the line has a weak willow posture, between the hands and feet charming attitude. The person who came is not Xie Wei and who is it?

  "This master is so scary ...... slave are scared to tremble it ......"

  Xie Wei pretend to hold their shoulders, Chu Chu pitiful slightly trembling. The monk took the opportunity to swing his hand stick, towards Xie Wei shouted: "Nah life to!"

  "Aiyaya ...... monks how can you put the fight to kill things hanging on the mouth? This is no good virtue, slave see you must be a false monk."

  Said Xie Wei well by the hands of the monk stick through the head, the whole person is not half damage.

  The martial monk was shocked, his left cheek had already received Xie Wei's palm solidly, the cheek bone was broken, not to mention that the person was spinning and smashed over the corridor pillar and smashed the wall, finally embedded in the wall, vomiting blood more than.

  The power of a slap is as horrible as this, the surrounding monks are not only the back of the cold.

  Screaming. There are Buddhist disciples hiding in the shadows from afar to see Xie Wei like no one else, all the way leisurely forward, immediately hands clenched, began to inform the news.

  The abbot of the Great Light Hall is meditating in his room, his disciple received a message from Mount Sumeru and rushed to the door of the master's room, bowed towards the room and whispered: "Master! There is a message from Mount Sumeru! Urgent news!"

  On the other side, the abbot of the Myriad Dharma Sect, Venerable Ming Ci, had also received the message, and the old monk lifted one eyelid: "Really?"

  "Absolutely true! I personally sent this eyeliner to Mount Sumeru more than two hundred and eighty years ago, the abbot does not need to doubt."

  Venerable Ming Ci smiled and nodded at his senior brother who was the elder of the Myriad Dharma Sect: "That's good. But I still can't figure out why that fox suddenly broke into Mount Sumeru at night?"

  "According to the report from the spy, that evil beast was walking towards the top of the mountain while asking the Buddha disciples of Mount Sumeru to hand over the Great Venerable Bodhi. It is likely to have heard about the imminent death of Bodhi ......"

  Once the Great Venerable Bodhi passes away, his cultivation will pass away and disappear from his physical body, and as Bodhi's cultivation disperses, Bodhi's physical body will also condense into relics.

  The relic itself is to improve the cultivation of the most sacred treasure, in the Buddha cultivation can be said to be infinite benefits. But the relics are extremely difficult to refine, want to refine the relics must respect the relics set by the owner before his death for the relics.

  In other words, if Bodhi died his relics someone took to refine, that person will have to act in accordance with Bodhi's mind. This is a kind of inheritance, but also in a sense equivalent to a kind of benefit from people, work for people.

  Buddha practice usually the same purpose, is to be able to enlightenment into Buddha. Buddha cultivation refining relics will be relatively easy. The soul of the owner of the relics before the complete dissipation of the consciousness, may also be because the person who is interested in taking over their relics and teach their own techniques or Buddhist seals to each other.

  On the contrary, if the relics fall into the hands of people who are not disciples of the Buddha, not only is it difficult to refine, but it is more likely that the relics will be attacked because of the resistance of the Lord.

  However, the devil domain and the great demons have been at odds with the Buddha kingdom for many years, and the devils and demons love to humiliate the Buddha's disciples. If a demon will snatch away the relics of the monks and forcibly refine them, they will be regarded as heroes by the same clan.

  The relics are so precious as the Buddha's greatest treasure, not to mention that Bodhi is a great venerable. The news of Shubhuti's imminent death could not be concealed.

  Mingci was always one step away from the throne. As the head of a family, he should have been on an equal footing with the monk Yizheng of the Great Light Hall, the Brahma Sect's Master Jiehui, and many other venerable persons. He has never been recognized as a venerable, and has always been inferior in status.

  Although Yizheng and other people do not mention this, but Ming Ci saw clearly, Yizheng is not the venerable despise him and they live together in the attitude of peers. Therefore, always nagging.

  Mingci wants the relics of Bodhi, not only because getting the relics of Bodhi, he will be able to break through the bottleneck of the subconscious stage, but also because getting the relics of Bodhi will be able to become the successor of Bodhi in name only.

  If he becomes Bodhi's heir, Mount Sumeru will be under his allotment. When the Myriad Law Sect and Mount Sumeru can be combined into one, or not, he can also swallow most of the power of Mount Sumeru with the Myriad Law Sect.

  The great light hall in the Yi Zheng is not like Ming Ci has been dreaming of drifting. The actual Yizheng, who was only thirty years old, had ordered twenty elite disciples to leave for Mount Sumeru first.

  He only ordered so many disciples to leave first not because the Great Light Hall has no one to send. The actual Great Light Hall from one hundred and thirty years ago the number of disciples has fully surpassed the Sumeru Mountain, to now the Great Light Hall of Buddha disciples have been twice the number of Sumeru Mountain.

  However, the problem is that the sky fox broke into Mount Sumeru tonight, and Mount Sumeru has not asked for help. Yizheng if rashly send people to, only afraid that afterwards will be asked how in other sects to learn of Mount Sumeru's turmoil before it has preempted the Mount Sumeru.

  But want Yizheng completely press the troops, this is really difficult Yizheng.

  The same venerable, Yizheng not only cultivation, reputation and even fame are below the Cihang, even inferior to the lotus flower.

  The Great Hall of Light is as powerful as the day is long. The orthodoxy and prestige of Yizheng is never as good as Mount Sumeru - Mount Sumeru has existed before the emergence of cultivation sects on the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, and has begun to turn to Buddha, learn from Buddha, and practice Buddha.

  After the method of cultivation was gradually discovered and each completed its theory, different sects broke out and broke the original state power in one fell swoop.

  Countless countries at this time, the country broke down under the human life as low as grass. Mount Sumeru was originally a mountain to avoid the world, there are nunneries on the mountain, many temples under the mountain. The elders of these nunneries and temples together, decided to enter the world, save people and help the world, if they meet people with Buddha's destiny, then they can ferry people.

  Many people fled from the war, to fill their stomachs, to live in peace, after being rescued by the Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru, they voluntarily returned to Mount Sumeru with the Buddhist disciples, shaved their heads and entered the empty door.

  The Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru were not deeply involved in the world, and the nuns were even more soft-hearted, and no one ever doubted any of the words of the people they rescued. So there were many monks killed and others tied up, humiliated and eaten as vegetables.

  When Mount Sumeru up and down noticed that the nuns kept disappearing, and eventually ten did not exist, the people who followed the Buddha's disciples back to Mount Sumeru had tens of thousands of people. And many people who fled from the disaster because they heard that the Buddha disciples were giving compassion, are still coming to Mount Sumeru in a steady stream.

  The people who kidnapped the nuns, insulted the nuns, and killed the nuns were some of the fleeing people who were rescued by the Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru. Knowing that their companions had died at the hands of these people, the Buddhist disciples of Mount Sumeru were unable to find these scum for blood sacrifice because of the "no killing" rule. So many of them came forward and refused to allow outsiders to enter Mount Sumeru. They did not want Mount Sumeru to be defiled by evil people.

  The people who followed the Buddha disciples back saw that the Buddha disciples wanted to "not keep their word" by not helping each and every one of them, and also tried to kill the Buddha disciples of Mount Sumeru, and stormed into Mount Sumeru to take over this peach blossom source which was not attacked by the war.

  A big war is about to start, a dozen monks on Mount Sumeru on the gifted no longer hide their own identity is also a practitioner, in Mount Sumeru set up a great vajra voodoo formation. These dozen monks are the original great venerable people, Su Bodhi is also one of them. And is one of the only one who has lived to this day.

  Great vajra voodoo formation has twofold effect, one is to refuse all people with evil thoughts to enter, even if that evil thought is only a flash. The second is that it can probation people with evil thoughts, so that they will turn to goodness and Buddha.

  Under the effect of the Great Vajra Voodoo Formation, the ten unforgivable people who besieged Mount Sumeru destroyed themselves and died. The rest of the people because the soul is not pure enough to enter Mount Sumeru, and unwilling to go out again by the war, they hope that sooner or later on the Mount Sumeru monks can feel their own sincerity and begin to practice Buddhism.

  In this way, with Mount Sumeru as the center, the Buddha country gradually formed. And the world's view of Buddhist cultivation and Buddhist practice sects is almost only divided into two, that is, Mount Sumeru and beyond Mount Sumeru.

  The Great Light Hall is not willing to forever carry the ancient handed down "not pure enough", "after the evil" reputation, Yizheng is not willing to forever only subordinate to others. If there is a chance for the Great Light Hall to surpass Mount Sumeru, it must be Cixihang is confused by the heavenly fox, the Great Venerable Bodhi will soon pass away, Mount Sumeru internal and external problems now.

  The duck that was in the mouth flew away. He named twenty disciples, let these disciples go to Mount Sumeru first in order to better control the situation of Mount Sumeru in all aspects.

  "Why do you still want to block the road? Is bullying the slave weak woman will not be angry?"

  Xie Wei walked all the way, Sumeru Mountain monk's blood also flowed all the way.

  When Xie Wei walked to the front of the main hall of Mount Sumeru, Lianhua, Wujie, Fa Tian and other dignitaries had already gathered at the entrance of the main hall.

  "Master, there is no end to the sea of suffering, turning back is the shore."

  Venerable Lian Hua, who had just been invited out of the Golden Glazed Pagoda, was not wearing his representative white monk's robe. Instead, Xie Wei was dressed in snow and had snow hair, which was unusually conspicuous in the dark night.

  "What a big battle ah, the slave is so afraid ......"

  Red - lips smoldering, Xie Wei a smile, the style of a million.

  Some of the venerable people closed their eyes, some hung their heads, some angrily scolded Xie Wei, are not moved by Xie Wei's colorful appearance. However, in the next instant, the venerable masters have heard the shrieks of the Buddhist disciples coming from the hall behind them, a door away.


  All of them turned around at the same time, and the door of the main hall of Mount Sumeru opened with a bang. Only then did all of them see that the beautiful and demonic Xie Wei had already hugged the old man's neck from behind the Great Venerable Bodhi, her long and beautiful hands wandering with magic on the face of Bodhi who seemed to be unaware of what was happening outside with his palms closed in meditation.

  --Caught in the trap!

  The heavenly fox outside is not a heavenly fox at all! All the light is the illusion of the Heavenly Fox! While all the Buddha disciples up and down Mount Sumeru were busy trying to stop the Heavenly Fox, their actions also pointed the way for the Heavenly Fox to move forward.

  All the venerable ones gathered in front of the main hall of Mount Sumeru, that was a clear message to Heavenly Fox: the Great Venerable One is here yo!

  The moonlight on Mount Sumeru was so beautiful that it was easy to give the illusion that it was unreal.

  Xie Wei let out a soft hum-like laugh, that laugh was low and slightly mute, both seductive and sarcastic, making people feel harsh.

  "If you want my slave to say, what's the point of having that relic? It would be better to swallow it alive to nourish the Great Exalted One."

  Among the venerable persons present, the most intense temper was that of Venerable Dingfa, who glared at Xie Wei, who was holding Bodhi hostage: "Unbridled sinful beast! You compelled Venerable Cihang to kill for you in the first place, and now you plan to play what tricks!

  Xie Wei blinked, a face of innocence: "This is really wrong ...... slave when I compelled the venerable Cixihang, but also let the venerable Cixihang for slave killed people? The slave's trip is for Venerable Cihang."


  Fa Tian stopped his senior brother Ding Fa and said, "What does the Shih Yuan mean by that?"

  Xie Wei nuzzled: "Just the literal meaning of ah. You see, the venerable Cihang is not always running after the slave ...... he is not like you, as soon as you see the slave will indiscriminately kill the slave, he ah, not only repeatedly spare the slave, always defend the slave, but also to the slave special good ...... "

  Put up a love little girl's face, completely fallen in love brain Xie Wei red face whispered: "Besides Cixi Venerable looks so good ...... who will not like him?"

  "Slave is also a human being! Of course the slave will also like the venerable Cixihang! It is Cixi Venerable that elm head ...... he actually said he helped me not because he also liked me!"

  Murderous aura overflowed, Xie Wei's delicate face was distorted by hostility. She tightened the neck of the Bodhi and said in a hateful voice: "Hurry up and get the Venerable Cihang here! Make him promise to marry me! Then I'll let this old bald ass go! Otherwise--"

  Golden vertical pupils slightly narrowed, Xie Wei bad smile more than: "slave let him taste the pain of losing a loved one! Don't worry, this pain is definitely painful enough ...... After all, I have never tasted the flesh and blood of a monk! I think it must be very delicious!"


  This woman in front of you, this demon cultivator, this heavenly fox sinful beast must be crazy.

  Only the most insane madman can use other people's affection, master and disciple's affection as blackmail material for the sake of some lackluster private love between men and women.

  All the venerable think about this, more than Xie Wei produced a disgusted heart. Only Lianhua, who had learned the cause and effect from Cixihang, showed a compassionate look at Xie Wei.

  She is using the most stupid but also the most effective way to try to protect Cixihang ah.

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