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Chapter 91

  "You ......"

  Jin Ling was rarely a little annoyed.

  It is okay to say that she secretly adores her master who is lewd - slutty - cheap, but not to call her master in front of her. Even if the young master brother is the master's closed door disciple, and the master has a special friendship and relationship can not.

  "How can you talk like that? If the master were here -"

  "He would have agreed with what I said today."

  The untamed eyebrows were the same as the old monster of Wushan Mountain, and the youth with some juvenile spirit put down his hands behind his head and jumped three times to the front of Jin Ling.

  "As we all know,Wushan old monster is monstrous and ugly, and his character is strangely bad."

  "Golden fairy is so bright and beautiful, and young and promising, with a promising future. Don't you think you are more suitable to stand beside me than to stand beside the old monster of Wushan?"

  A hand lifted a strand of Jin Ling's long hair, the youth did not look at Jin Ling instantly, kissed Jin Ling's long hair.

  By the young master brother close, Jin Ling wrist a flip, covered behind the hands on a layer of skin can make people swollen flesh rotten poison. When the young master brother kissed his own hair, Jin Ling did not blink towards the young master brother that handsome face slapped over.

  After being slapped, her little brother will rot from cheek to chin, and when he rots his tongue, she will stop the bleeding and detoxify him.

  This is just a small punishment.

  "The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. You see, Senior Golden Spirit is really annoyed by you, right?"

  At the moment when Jin Ling's slap was about to land on her brother's face, the Qingfeng Cliff was stripped out of the world with a bang, and the scenery outside the cliff became a mirror lake.

  The mirror lake is so smooth that it shines with the cloudless blue sky. Under the blue sky, the mirror lake center, a pair of halo double tree withered a, its withered yellow leaves scattered on the water surface, sinking and floating, floating.

  Xie Wei wind-like from the blue sky through out. Her toes slipped through the water, and soon went up the clear wind cliff.

  Jin Ling was surprised for a moment, then realized that she was Xie Wei will be her divine sense into the sea of consciousness belonging to Xie Wei.

  The golden spirit is out of the orifice stage of the realm of the great circle, cultivation is by no means considered low. The moment she was captured by Xie Wei's consciousness, not to mention resistance, it is difficult to even detect. You can imagine if Xie Wei has that intention, lower than the Golden Spirit realm cultivator is not aware of their own divine sense and flesh - body separation.

  And with the terrifying ability to instantly capture other people's divine consciousness and put them into their own sea of consciousness, Xie Wei's ability is not just that.

  --The most important thing is that you have to be able to use your own knowledge.

  This both means that Xie Wei can do to make people see illusions without realizing it.

  So ...... what she is seeing now is really an illusion or not?

  "Wushan seniors, you certainly have not pursued girls before, right? Disparaging the object of your beloved's liking is one of the worst means of pursuing people."

  Xie Wei crossed her waist with one hand and pointed at Wushan old monster ...... no, it was Shi line said.

  The company is uncomfortable flattened his mouth, stubbornly wrinkled eyebrows not to change his mouth: "Where did I say wrong? Not worthy is not worthy! ...... Jin Ling she does not dislike my old ugly freak skin and what? Those things that love to chew people's tongues see her and I together can let her go!

  "What did you and the bald one do wrong? Those things just look at the bald guy as bald and--"

  Without thinking, Shi and his team suddenly shut up, staring at their eyes as if they had swallowed their own tongues.

  From Chizhou to Wushan all the way, "Cixi venerable and heavenly fox to have sex" related rumors Xie Wei did not hear a thousand also heard 900. This time Shi and his line open mouth, she is not angry.

  Anger is also the need for strength. She did not want to waste her energy on this meaningless anger.

  Half a day ago Xie Wei arrived at Wushan.

  The Witch Mountain was filled with disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance. The good thing is that Dao Buguo is not in, the Heavenly Dao Alliance is the only one with a cultivation level like Dao Buguo; no one noticed that they had left their bodies for a short time and saw everything as an illusion, not to mention that Xie Wei was walking past them in the real world.

  The old monster's funeral was organized by his disciples, and the Golden Spirit was the only one in charge of the cave and the treasury for the old monster. Xie Wei had been assisted by the Golden Spirit and had been to the Golden Spirit's cave before, so the journey was smooth and smooth to the Golden Spirit's cave.

  However, Jin Ling's cave has already had a visitor in front of it.

  The elder brother of the old monster of Wushan Mountain has a place among the ten greats of Wushan Mountain because of his old seniority, high generation and early fame.

  In the cultivation world, the strongest is the most important, and the oldest brother of the Wushan monster is barely the strongest in terms of strength, but always relies on "tradition", "seniority", "seniority" and other things to knock the junior, so that to win without fighting.

  Of course, how can this kind of person be supported?

  The old man is also aware that several other Wushan Ten Jie and even the majority of Wushan disciples are not convinced that he occupies a position of Wushan Ten Jie. In the past, no one rushed him but on top of the face of the old monster of Wushan.

  Wushan old monster's death news came, the old man immediately understood that the time has come for him to take the throne - virtue does not match the position, if he can not sit at the top of the position to suppress the voices below against him, can only wait to be slapped to death by the waves on the beach.

  In this way, the old man immediately to make up for his own strength and popularity on the lack of begging to the Heavenly Alliance.

  After the battle of Bomutita, the old monster of Wushan fell, Dao Bugu not only lived a good life, and after seven days of seclusion became more powerful. Between this and the other, the Heavenly Dao Alliance just like to replace the Wushan in the cultivation world's position.

  I say "just like", it is because the Heaven's Way Alliance can take the hand of the experts or too few. Wushan Mountain less Wushan old monster but there are still famous characters.

  Jin Ling is one of them.

  On the surface, the Heaven's Path Alliance intervened in Wushan's "family affairs" to "arbitrate" something. But who will let themselves despise, they do not recognize, but also than their own credibility of the junior to do arbitration?

  The Wushan old monster brother did that is let all the cultivation sects see the Wushan infighting "family scandal", but also the trend with this "family scandal" to the Heavenly Dao Alliance raised the curry position.

  Xie Wei arrived when Jin Ling was tired of facing his uncle who brought people to the door, the same rhetoric has long annoyed her - the death of the master obviously has many strange places, and these strange all point to the only witness Dao Buguo.

  She is immersed in poison and medicine because she has an excellent sense of smell and a mutated wind spirit root. This allows her to perceive the subtle changes in flavor in the air, so as to adjust the amount of poison and medicine and the recipe.

  Jin Ling has been secretly infatuated with her master for a long time and is familiar with his scent. Others will not find, but she knows very well that the seven days after Dao Buguo broke through the great realm of the sub-divine stage out of seclusion, there is a trace of the master's aura faintly.

  This is almost only one possibility: Dao Buguo used her master's flesh and blood as a spiritual material to enhance his cultivation.

  Jin Ling's mind was all on investigating her master's death, and her uncle was not only aggressive and pestering, but also directly led all the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance to the Witch Mountain, leaving its doors wide open for them.

  Xie Wei sensed the killing intent on Jin Ling.

  But before Xie Wei made his move, one person took the lead to relieve Jin Ling.

  That is Shi and his line, the "senior".

  Xie Wei did not know that this "brother" of Jin Ling is the small number of the old monster of Wushan, but also worried that he was singing a double act with those who surrounded Jin Ling outside, ready to Jin Ling to play a beautiful man.

  So Xie Wei turned to track the "senior brother", to "senior brother" fell alone, Xie Wei did not hesitate to grab the human consciousness into their own sea of consciousness.

  After the big realm three - level jump, Xie Wei found the Buddha mother Durga left a Buddha seal in his own sea of consciousness. That Buddha seal was in the form of his heart pass to Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei was empowered by his mind, which gave him the ability to instantly capture people's divine consciousness and stuff the illusions he created into people's minds without being detected.

  Since he can output his mind, he can also read it. Xie Wei read the divine consciousness of "senior brother" and found that -

  The original Wushan old monster Shi line this goods have long prepared for themselves and disciple Jin Ling in love with the small number!

  The reason is as Shi said himself, he and the golden spirit is not a good match.

  Appearance mismatch or small, this generation mismatch is Shi line and Jin Ling how can not help.

  Everyone knows that Shi has only two things on his mind, one is research, the second is to defeat the Shang Qing Zhenren. Not to mention Jin Ling, Shi and his disciples are raised brown. Jin Ling is also raised by the free-range, a year and Shi and his line can not see a few times.

  When Jin Ling opened her own cave, she often traveled down the mountain, looking for exotic spiritual plants, collecting all kinds of spiritual materials. Only occasionally received from the master spirit stones and materials, Jin Ling will remember that she is still the disciple of the old monster of Wushan.

  After Jin Ling cultivated the first generation, her reputation rose. Because she has a regular source of spiritual plants and materials, she no longer goes down the mountain, but stays in her cave and fries pills and boils the poison that can make people have diarrhea just by smelling it.

  The golden spirit will get close to the old monster of Wushan purely because both belong to the science geek that trigram. The two people are interested in the same, which is to talk to each other very happy.

  After a thousand years of getting along with each other, Golden Spirit took the lead in enlightenment. Shi and his line of hindsight also found out what they all had in mind for their disciple.

  Self-reproach, guilt, wretchedness and self-loathing are certainly there. More than once, Shi told himself not to be delusional. What's more, he jumped into the big pot that year and stewed himself directly into such a bubble.

  He has no face to shamelessly stand next to the flower-like apprentice, let people chew that apprentice for status and power, for wealth and treasure is really "sacrifice" a lot, even climb him such a monster bed are willing?

  Just right, the love is open, that is delusional thoughts. Even if the old monster in Wushan is a legend in his population, falling in love will still fantasize about holding hands with the woman you like, in front of the moon.

  "Brother" Shi Yusheng was born.

  Shi line more than once spit on their own open small number of behavior, each time the jade pinch people are pinched half still side vowing that they will never again do such a bad thing that does not match their identity. But heard that Jin Ling was pursued, he could not help but pick up the jade tire hate pinch pinch pinch pinch ......

  "Shi Yusheng" pinch well, Shi line has the heart of a thief and not the courage of a thief. Afraid of their own surprise Jin Ling, this delay, but almost let the poor Confucian cultivator of the Qingyang Academy have the opportunity to take advantage of.

  The Confucian cultivator actually proposed to Jin Ling.

  The golden spirit did not give a direct answer to the Confucian cultivator, turned back to Shi line of cave, asked the master is how the idea.

  "If you let me marry, I will marry."

  Jin Ling was testing and gambling.

  If the master did not let her marry, she thought she should have a chance. If the master opened his mouth and let her marry ......

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. It is also a conclusion to this ridiculous unrequited love.

  "This is your business, why do you ask me? Don't take up my time for such a trivial matter."

  Shi and his line of mouth said impatiently, but the broken drum in his heart was almost not knocked out a hole.

  Wushan all heard that Jin Ling was courted, followed by Shi and his line announced that he had accepted another young disciple, named Shi Yusheng. Many monks took Shi and his line as a tacit acknowledgement that Jin Ling's apprentice was getting married off, and even sent Jin Ling a gift in advance.

  Jin Ling cried and laughed, and finally had the gift returned to the original way. She refused the Confucian cultivator's marriage proposal, saying that she had no intention of joining with anyone at the moment and only wanted to focus on refining medicine. The Confucian scholar returned unhappy.

  Shi Yusheng" is considered to be quite good-looking - he did not become the old monster of Wushan before the appearance has been praised, "Shi Yusheng" appearance is close to Shi Yusheng's past appearance.

  The reason why only "close" and not exactly the same is not what Shi line wants to avoid, but he is very dog to feel that they do not look good enough, lost to the place of the true man on the Qing are trimmed off.

  The "Shi Yusheng" to Jin Ling a dislike when Shi and his heart thumped. He did not want to let Jin Ling carry the guilt of the master and disciple sinful love, naturally not intend to let Jin Ling know that "Shi Yusheng" is himself.

  Seeing Jin Ling indifferent to "Shi Yusheng", Shi first disappointed, then happy.

  He was happy that Jin Ling really did not care about the beauty of people, just interested in the interesting soul.

  After being happy, Shi was ashamed again.

  Jinling treated him with sincerity and sincerity, but he thought of cheating Jinling.

  In this way, Shi Yusheng was hidden away. The "youngest apprentice" this setting completely into the cold.

  Until he was defeated by a large group of "Dao Buguo" attack, died under the "Dao Buguo".

  Even the golden pellet to "Dao Buguo" crushed Shi line is too much loss, "Shi Yusheng" this small number and cultivation is not high. It took a long time for Shi Yisheng to finally be able to move, and when he rushed back to Wushan, his brother who did not do good had also led the wolf into the house.

  The first time I saw all of this, Xie Wei felt she had read a two-way crush on a sweet novel and was sweetened to the point of spitting sugar.

  The privacy of the read away Shi and a line in a side angry dry eyes - thirty years of the river east thirty years of the river west, the wind and water turn. His flesh is completely destroyed, "Shi Yusheng" this foundation stage can not beat Xie Wei this transmigration stage.

  "Compared to the beauty of the appearance, I think senior you should first change your habit of saying things that are not good."

  Xie Wei accounted for himself stronger than the human trumpet, shaking his head like a rattle, the tone of voice is completely hate iron can not steel parents.

  Jin Ling suddenly laughed.

  Laughing and laughing tears and down, running forward two steps, jumped into the arms of Shi line, hugged Shi line's neck.

  --Shevy also used his mind to read her memories and stuffed Shi's memories to her.

  Shi line at first was a bit overwhelmed, he was embarrassed to look at Xie Wei, and look at the never cried so wantonly Jin Ling, finally arms outstretched, tightly back to hug the woman in his arms.

  "I'm not dead and you're still unhappy? Crying like I'm dead ......"

  Not yet fully adapted to their new identity, not used to change from "Wushan old monster" back to "Shi line" Shi line a little exasperated.

  If possible, he really does not want to let Jin Ling and he carry the weight of this love together.

  Jin Ling hammered him.

  "You dare to die once more to see! This time I'm not going to poison you to death in the eighteen levels of hell!"

  Shi and a line of stunned, and then relaunched a smile.

  "Hey you girl, how can you be so sure that I will go to hell ah? I am such a good man can go to the eighteen levels of hell?"

  Jin Ling raised her head, to argue again, only to be pinched by Shi line chin, look into the bottom of his eyes laughing.

  "With you, where will there be hell?"


  Meat numb!

  Xie Wei a shake full of goose bumps, hurriedly withdrew from the two old-timers put flash area.

  Jin Ling and Shi line for a while to get tired of. Only now found that Xie Wei is not there, Shi line's face is also very poor.

  "Where is Zhiwei girl?"

  "The fox girl left long ago."

  "Then we are in ......?"

  "In my sea of consciousness."

  Said Shi line closed his eyes and fell down, smiling and ascended to heaven.

  On the "Shi Yusheng" this point of cultivation, he can not support Xie Wei's knowledge of the sea framework? As soon as Xie Wei left, he threw the illusion into "Shi Yusheng's" sea of consciousness. "Shi Yusheng" face is pale because he can not support.

  On the clear wind cliff, the surrounding eyes only saw Jin Ling slapped over the "Shi Yusheng" little brother.


  One second he was beating people, Jin Ling the next second to help his little brother, the mouth of the words also turned a corner.


  "Senior brother you wake up! Did I hit too hard ......!"

  The horrific legend of the Golden Fairy was once again upgraded and refreshed.

  The difference is that this time the Golden Fairy personally took care of little senior brother for several days. And in the process of taking care of the young master brother and the young master brother rubbed out the sparks of love.

  Three months later, the golden fairy and the young master brother lightning together, fell through the glasses of countless people on the thirteen states of the immortal clouds.

  The author has something to say: Wushan old monster: did not expect it!