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Chapter 90

  "...... Zhiwei why do you want the emperor to go to such lengths? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

  The fragrance of the tea mixed with the fragrance of medicine drifted in the air moistly. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product.

  "Oh, I do have something to discuss with Miss Zhiwei. But don't worry, I've already dispelled this idea today."


  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

  The red bean crisp, green bean crisp, and yellow bean crisp look like snacks made from spiritual fruits and plants, each with a sweet aroma. When Hatched Lan night saw that Xie Wei did not move, he took a wooden fork and forked up a small piece of snack and brought it to Xie Wei's lips.


  The face of Xie Wei, who honestly bowed her head and opened her mouth, was so pale that she smoothed the hair falling from her cheeks behind her ears, while chewing the snack Hatsu Ranye gave her speechlessly.

  The soft sweetness and refreshing fruit aroma spread in the mouth, and even the tired and heavy and painful body seemed to heal some. The main ingredient of this snack is the Snow Mountain Sacred Fruit. The snow mountain holy fruit--"

  "Ten years to grow a bud, a hundred years to bloom a flower, a thousand years to bear a fruit. The fruit can be taken to strengthen the body, mostly used to assist the body cultivator above the YuanYing stage to temper the physical body. The nectar can be taken to nourish the tendons and nerves, but long-term use will become addictive."

  Xie Wei said he picked up a piece of snacks and put it into his mouth.

  The Lord of the Devil's Domain has a good face and a ruthless heart, turning his face over like a book. The first thing you can do is to take a look at the actual product.

  Even if the snack that Hat Ran night fed her was poisonous, she had to swallow the poisoned snack with blood. The actual food is really non-toxic and beneficial. ...... addictive for others may be the biggest problem, but for Xie Wei who can transform the power of medicine into cultivation, this is not a problem.

   So Xie Wei raised her cup to drink tea again.

  A plate of snacks plus two cups of tea down, Xie Wei's eyelids sunken. She tried to clear her head, but the more she tried, the less clear her mind became.

  Xie Wei glared towards Hat Lan Ye, she was sure that Hat Lan Ye had put something in the snacks and tea for her.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. He tasted the tea and watched Xie Wei, who was dizzy and bleary-eyed, lean back, and then hugged Xie Wei, who was sound asleep to the point of letting out a little snore, when she was about to fall off the chair.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  The carved beams of the bedchamber in the tent swaying, the incense burner on the dragon's nine head lightly exhale warm fragrant purple smoke.

  Hatched Orchid Night put Xie Wei on the bed and pulled on the brocade quilt for Xie Wei.

  The bedding was soft and clustered around Xie Wei like cotton. The warmth allowed Xie Wei's bloodless face to gradually find a bit of blood.

  Only then did Hatched Lantern Night, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, get up in satisfaction and lowered the bed curtain for Xie Wei.

  As soon as Hataran Night came out of the mustard seed space, he was confronted by Cixi. He gave an "oops" and asked hypocritically, "Why is Your Holiness here? If there was something important, why didn't you let Shadow King and the others know about it?" His eyes fell on a group of men behind Cihang who had been knocked to the ground.

  The Shadow King, who had failed to protect his master, felt guilty and panicked, and was even more chagrined and disgusted at Cixihang, plus scornful. Fortunately, he is a shadow, no five senses and no expression, which does not look as wretched as the other few demons.

  Cixihang does not pretend to be, open the mouth and go straight to the point: "Xie ...... Zhiwei Shiyi where? What have you done to her? Where is she?"

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. This deserted village is remote and desolate, and it is very cold after nightfall. The straws are so cold that she can't rest properly, right? I am just giving her my bedchamber to rest."

  Cixi's hand on his side tightened and then loosened - he had no reason to let Hatched Lanye give him the spatial artifact that contained his accompanying departure palace. He shouldn't interfere with Master Xie's dealings with Hatched Orchid Night. How could he know that Master Xie did not voluntarily and voluntarily stay in Hatsu Rangyi's Leaving Palace?

  "...... Then please let the poor monk meet Abbot Xie to confirm that all is well with her."

  The corners of Hatched Orchid Night's lips were slightly hooked and he smiled gently.

  "But why should I let your Holiness have what he wants?"

  Hatched Orchid Night's answer was not expected by Cihang.

  "Is your Holiness the old father of Miss Zhiwei? Or is it Zhiwei girl's half-brother's own brother? Neither? Then is His Holiness Zhiwei's master? Or is he a friend of Miss Zhiwei?"

  "His Holiness can't be Miss Zhiwei's son-in-law, right? Neither? Then aren't you just strangers who know each other a little?"

  "Why should I grant you a stranger to check on Miss Zhiwei's condition?"

  What kind of person can you be to Master Xie?

  Hatangyi's sophistry made Cixi's heart irritated. The hand he had gathered in his sleeve was unconsciously clenched until his bones were white.

  "...... Hatched Shih-Lord why do you need to play a mouthful of lawsuits?"

  Hatched Lan night "huh" a smile, over to pat Cixihang's shoulder.

  "Your Holiness has the virtue of good life, is also a love of the road to see injustice. I understand that you are not worried about Miss Zhiwei. But your Holiness, I am at least a demon emperor, I will not do such things as stealing a weak woman. Your Holiness has been acquainted with me for many years, still have no confidence in my human ...... no, demonic character?"


  Without saying a word, Cihang's facial muscles were tensed to death. Then Hatran night let go of his shoulders and spread his hands: "Your Holiness, the times have changed. Not to mention my demon domain, is this demon cultivation hometown of the red state is by no means difficult to see forcible seizure."

  "Whether demon or devil, males know that they cannot keep a female if they are only physically connected to her but not connected to her heart."

  The body is connected but not the heart -

  Cihang's mouth was bitter.

  Master Hatake did not look at Cihang, he just waved away Shadow King and other demons.

  Shadow King and other demons received instructions from the emperor and hurriedly withdrew to the outside of the room. Although the house was repaired by the demons and demon generals, it looked like it could be inhabited, but the walls, which had just been raised with earth magic, were in the end permeable to the wind and could not cover the faint sound of voices floating out.

  Shadow King a few then surrounded the house, the hands of the trick, in the house around the layout of the formation to eliminate the sound.

  In the house, Hatan night changed the attitude of joking with Cixi, look solemn.

  "- as today's fox out of the world, the fox tribe has been moving a lot lately. Several old foxes with deep cultivation have also reappeared, wanting to embrace the Heavenly Fox as the lord of the fox clan."

  "Your Holiness also knows that since you killed the last great elder of the Devil's Domain, the Devil's Domain has fallen into chaos, and demon cultivators have suffered along with it. In addition to a few demon cultivators attached to the demon generals to get shelter, more demon cultivators along with their attachment to the demon people demon generals were eradicated together, a clan hardly a last descendant."

  "Fox race such as non-martial fighting school, not good at burning and killing demon cultivators is even worse. They were hunted, sold cheaply, stripped of their skin and bones, knocked out of their bones and sucked out their marrow. The Fox Clan has hated the Demon Demon for a long time, and can be said to be mortal enemies with the Demon Demon for generations."

  "As the Emperor of the Devil's Domain, I, Hataran Night, naturally have to put the interests of my Devil's Domain people first. Although the weak are strong, and the devilish demon generals who are killed because they are not strong enough are nothing to be pitied, but if the fox race continues to kill devilish demon generals with impunity, I, the emperor, will have to send someone to step in and eat the weak meat of the fox race."


  Cihang understood what the words Hatran night said meant.

  Look at the red state that has not recovered so far, look at the barren lands outside, these are the scars and sores left by the demon people demon race on the homeland of demon cultivation. Also are the evidence of the powerful and prosperous demons demon race.

  The reason why the demon domain can now also let itself to the sky fox as the center of the quiet rise of the fox tribe, it is because Hatran night does not want to exterminate the remaining fox tribe. The seemingly frivolous and reckless devil as the devil did reflect on the faults committed by the devil, but such reflection is not enough to make him completely biased towards the fox race.

  The reason is simple, he is the emperor of the devil, not the demon emperor of the demon.

  "Zhiwei girl is well-informed, can hear the song of the string and know the meaning of the song, carry the weight of right and wrong. She can continue to improve her cultivation, and the basic technique she has been practicing for years is a dual cultivation method that can be improved in both directions. If I embrace her as my demon queen, not only can I bring the fox tribe under the shelter of my demon domain, but I can also show my demon domain's willingness to reunite with the demon tribe to the red state and to all demon cultivators."

  "A few things in one go,"

  Can also incidentally angry Cixihang, how wonderful.

  "I don't think there will be too many objections."

  If there is a demon demon general dare to oppose, he got rid of that demon demon general is.

  Of course, there is no need to say such words.

  "Miss Zhiwei is the best bridge to help rebuild the relationship between the demon domain and the demon cultivators of the demon race. It is not even too much to say that I have asked for her help."

  "So you see, Your Holiness, how could I possibly do something that would make Miss Zhiwei disgusted?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. I'm just taking advantage of Miss Zhiwei's weakness to sell her a good deal to increase her favorability."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Shadow King and other demons hurriedly retreated and hid into the darkness.

  This means that Hatched Lan night has nothing more to say to Cixihang.

  Cixihang whirled around and went out, Hat Lan night looked at his determined back and shook his head and laughed.

  Cixihang is a smart man, he knows how to do is the most beneficial.

  At this moment, he should have long weighed the pros and cons of each several. Yet he left without saying a word.

  "Who is this fooling?"

  With a grunt and a laugh, Hataran Night no longer cared what happened to Cihang. He had other things to do.


  Xie Wei slept for four days in Hatched Land Night's away palace, and when she finally woke up from her sleep, Hatched Land Night introduced her to the fox clan crowd.

  "Your clan members have been waiting for you for a long time. But you did not wake up, so I had to ask them to wait outside."

  Hatran night intimate tone, the fox clan people immediately heard the end. Honestly have changed color. The young foxes are overjoyed - with the devil as the backbone, the fox tribe why worry about not reviving? The older foxes are worried - the deep-rooted demons what does this mean? Are they going to use the foxes again? Or are they planning how to more effectively and deliciously share the weak meat of the fox race?

  The old foxes, who were more than a thousand years old, were all as deaf and blind, not hearing or seeing anything, but foolishly thrilled to see Xie Wei, the heavenly fox, with tears flowing for a long time.

  Xie Wei has lived three lives, this is the first time to be so many folks flooded, surrounded by the stars. She is not quite adapted to this kind of people around a row of people to blow their own rainbow fart situation, a time to nod also not, shake their heads also not.

  The fox hometown is too enthusiastic, and in and out of the night with Hatran and Qing Yu as company. When Xie Wei slightly appeased the enthusiasm of the old folks, free up some time to spend alone, this and a few days have passed.

  Xie Wei is a little tired. Occasionally ...... if at first every day can think of where Cixihang, what is doing can be called occasionally, Xie Wei will occasionally think of Cixihang.

  After being kissed at the corner of the eye by Cixi, Xie Wei did see Cixi again is a little awkward. But this embarrassment soon also chilled down and became no more ups and downs.

  A wink of an eye is a small half month, Cichang did not once take the initiative to see Xie Wei, Xie Wei also did not take the initiative to go forward, to meditate and cultivate in the Cichang to talk.

  Qing Yu saw in the eyes of the anxious in the heart, but the feelings of such things can not be allowed to others to speak. The gully between Xie Wei and Cixihang is not all feelings, and Qingyu can only shut up and watch.

  Ao Guanglie came to the door, directly by Qing Yu with a "roll!" The word - served. Ao Guanglie wanted to see Qing Yu again, but he was directly "invited" out of the red state by the demon general under Hat Lan night.

  This day Xie Wei wanted to say goodbye to Cixihang. From afar, she saw Cixihang meditating outside, so she stopped at the half-high grass.

  The wind was blowing, and the gentle airflow made the waves of grass undulate softly. The sunlight in the Cichang let Xie Wei can not see his frown, Xie Wei then squinted his eyes.

  A long time ago, maybe not so long ago, there was a monk who meditated in the same position under Tianlin Mountain. The daylight is a good look at his eyebrows and handsome eyes, and his expression is simple and gentle without angles.

  Xie Wei was obsessed for a while. There is a feeling that you just need to transform into a fox to get into that person's arms and be held by that person with smiling eyes in front of his honey-colored chest and gently stroked.

  A blade of grass was unknowingly hooked by the wind to Xie Wei's hair. Xie Wei back to God, remove the grass leaves on the hair, curious and funny glare at the grass leaves, finally did not talk to Cixi.

  ...... go away, there is what goodbye?

  The pretensions.

  The sound of footsteps rustling away, Xie Wei does not know that behind himself Cixihang is looking at her back.

  Silent and repressed, complex and difficult to say.

  That is what it is like to have your emotions ripped apart, crushed and burned countless times.

  Cichang did not see Xie Wei for several days again. To meditate he is deliberately not to see not to hear not to think not to ask and Xie Wei related to everything. Hatan night, Qing Yu and other people naturally will not babaer to Cixihang report Xie Wei's whereabouts.

  One day, three days, seven days, ten days.

  Half a month.

  Cixihang told himself: do not move.

  The body does not move, the mind does not move, the soul does not move.

  Not moving like a mountain to be liberated.

  One month.

  "This is really strange, why is the young master not back yet?"

  A fox demon cultivator with three or four partners huddled at the entrance of the village, muttering in a low voice: "It can't be that the young master met with something untoward, right ......?"

  "Don't talk nonsense!"

  Another fox demon cultivator on the spot fried: "Crow's mouth hurry up and shut up! The young master is very powerful, and is the heavenly fox descending, how can she meet any untoward?"

  "But the young master only went to Wushan Mountain to pay respect to the deceased old monster of Wushan Mountain, she should have returned long ago ......"

  "Amitabha Buddha. I heard that some people in the Wushan Ten Jie are not convinced that the female disciple of the old monster of Wushan inherits the mantle of the master and is the head of Wushan. He recruited the Heavenly Daoist Alliance to back him up, and asked that female disciple to hand over the title of the head of Wushan not only that, but also asked that female disciple to open the treasury of the old monster of Wushan and hand over the treasures therein to the next head of Wushan."

  A wave of Muktiveda monks proclaimed Buddha under his breath and said straight out, "Sins are created."

  Another nun monk spoke out to pacify several fox demon cultivators: "Wushan has a kindness to Master Zhiwei, and the Golden Fairy has an old relationship with Master Zhiwei. I'm afraid that Master Zhiwei is worried about the Golden Fairy and is secretly helping her to set things right, which is why she has delayed her return."

  The two people of Bomutita's analysis into the reasoning, the young fox demon cultivator that hanging ears again erected.

  "Alas ...... the young master is not afraid of being discovered by the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance. She's always taking risks with her body, but she's really a rotten person."

  After a fake stern sigh, the young fox demon cultivator laughed cheerfully again, "But I just like this about the young master! The Mei Clan sisters who moved to Chizhou the other day said they were also saved by Young Master! I really want to ask young master how many people he has saved, and how many more he wants to save!"

  The crowd laughed at the words. The wonderful fox female cultivator even curled her lips and said, "The emperor is also attracted by places like the young master, right? Unfortunately, the young master is not moved ...... really do not know what the young master is thinking."

  "Hey ~ that's what you don't understand!"

  An elderly fox demon cultivator waved his tail, one hand behind his back: "You chase me, I chase you, chase and hide, which can deepen the relationship-"

  The latter words Cihang did not listen further.

  Do not move, do not move.

  But what if it moves?

  If the heart is faster than the body moved it?

  The heart is full of mettle. Is it that he is no longer worthy of being a Shaman before the Buddha?


  Wushan Mountain - Clear Wind Cliff -

  Jin Ling stood at the edge of the cliff somewhat dumbfounded, a small crown mound stood in front of her. In front of the mound were flowers and wine left by Xie Wei a few moments ago, and there was also a roast chicken and roast goose that Jin Ling had brought.

  So what if you are a powerful person who reigns over 13 states? Dead is not even a bone scraps can not be left?

  These roast chicken roast goose to the cultivator is just not the impurity waste, she that master is every time nibble with great pleasure.

  Such a study is the sky, and arch-rival Shang Qing Zhenren duel to the death greater than the sky will die in the hands of people other than Shang Qing Zhenren ...... this really let Jin Ling did not expect.

  But the most let Jin Ling unexpected, is that the person died so suddenly.

  To be honest, she regretted it.

  ...... had known that person would die, she still cared about what moral integrity, the framework of ethics and morality? The person said early that she liked him and was driven out of the door.

  The person died, she still have to be the identity of the latter to take care of the funeral for him.

  It is funny that the person who killed him thought that as long as the person did not leave a body he would be able to blame someone else for killing the person.

  Dao Buguo can really take Wushan, Wushan Ten Jie, and her as the first big fool of the sky.

  "Don't think about that person anymore. It's all dead."

  Someone came up from behind Golden Spirit, his tone impatient as hell.

  Golden Spirit paid no attention to the person who came.

  Although this son was the last of the master's disciples, he did not have much contact with her - this place, Wushan, was free to put it nicely, but scattered to put it unkindly. The brothers and sisters under the same discipline are often busy with their own affairs, and it is rare to get together in a hundred years.

  Her youngest brother was initiated only a hundred years ago, not to mention the number of times to talk with her, is the opportunity to play face-to-face are rare.

  If it were not for the fact that uncle jumped out and wanted to rob the things left behind by the master, the master's lineage of brothers and sisters all came together, she could not even remember that she had such a junior brother.

  Jin Ling did not say anything, the young master stared at the expressionless side of Jin Ling's face, hanging hands clasped behind his head.

  He pouted for a while before saying, "...... This old thing is not good enough for you. How about you consider considering me?"

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