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Chapter 9

  After nearly half a month, Xie Wei was finally able to move. She jumped up and down and ran back and forth in the wooden house, not enough to run around the wooden house and slipped another circle. When running a sweaty she rushed back to the wooden house, jumped to the wooden table lifting their flexible little paws and paws left and right, a face of satisfaction.

  From her in the sea of consciousness by the monk to see through the real body, but also by the monk reverse read part of the memory and stored in the sea of consciousness emotions, Xie Wei will no longer hide their identity.

  The monk did not react much after he knew she was a Mei Sect practitioner, but was startled when he was accosted by the fox prototype Xie Wei with human words after leaving the sea of consciousness.

  Thinking that the monk's reaction is quite interesting, Xie Wei naughty heart, nothing to take the fox appearance to talk human, want to see the monk a startled.

  But the monk's adaptability is even more bullish. Xie Wei's prank before and after also succeeded once, wait until the second time, the monk only slightly froze, the third time the monk has been able to wave to answer Xie Wei's words.

  The fun of watching the monk panic is gone, and Xie Wei is not bothered to talk to the monk. Instead, the monk will come from time to time to ask Xie Wei how the physical condition.

  Being nourished by the inexhaustible essence, how else could Xie Wei's body be? She simply has never been better. The process of reconnecting the meridians and acupuncture points was just a bit painful. After all, her eight meridians were broken like shredded flotsam. The process of repairing Xie Wei's meridians was the same as taking a needle and sewing a strand of shredded floss back together.

  "Here is hot water, please rub your body."

  Watching Xie Wei get better, the monk was in a good mood.

  He has always been well prepared, today when Xie Wei removed the bandages out of the crazy run he went to boil water, this time Xie Wei came back he also happened to pick two buckets of hot water into the door.

  The hot water gurgled and was injected into the large wooden bucket, containing a wisp of fragrant smell of hot air immediately wafted out.

  This deep mountain forest, there is no place to sell the bath beans. The cultivators are used to pinch a descaling trick, clear body trick to solve the problem of bathing. Xie Wei's nose fluttered twice, jumped off the table to see the bucket, then saw the monk put a clean towel to her hanging on the side of the bucket.

  "The poor monk added some fragrant oil to the water to moisten the hair and prevent lice. Remember to come out before the water cools. After coming out, wrap the towel to avoid catching wind and cold. If you wipe the hair by yourself, make sure to go to the back of the wind and wipe it again. If you don't want to wipe the hair, wait for the monk to come back, and don't throw the water everywhere. The water in the bucket will be ready if your body is well, you don't need to handle it. Poor monk ......"

  Yes mom, okay mom. Mom you go slowly, mom bye.

  The sound of "hmm hmm hmm hmm" came out of his mouth, Xie Wei took his paw and pushed the rambling monk out of the door, muttering in passing, "I'm not a three-year-old child."

  The monk was stunned, and then nodded and smiled: "The monk is right. ...... Then the poor monk will go and fetch the red vine for you."


  Xie Wei saw a red vine on the side of the hill when she went out for a mad dash. This red vine climbing on an old tree, no hoes saws and other tools is impossible to get it down from the tree. Xie Wei originally intended to come back to rest for a while and then find the monk took the hoe to pick the red vine, but did not want the monk heard her say later to pick the red vine things, directly took the job.

  The red vine is not a valuable herb nor is it a rare spiritual plant. It is also into the wine soaked into the medicinal wine can be used to cure not serious bruises and injuries. Xie Wei wants the red vine is not used to cure bruises - according to her memory of her previous life, the red vine has a slight paralyzing effect. Xie Wei wants the red vine, is intended to grind the red vine and add some ingredients to make paralysis.

  When she fell off the cliff, she didn't have any pills or magic treasures with her, the only medium-grade human-quality magic weapon dagger stuck in the sword cultivator's chest didn't come back, and even the talisman to save her life was used up while avoiding the sword cultivator's pursuit.

  She is now seriously unarmed. It can only see what to take what defense, better than nothing.

  Looked at the smoking hot bath, Xie Wei's eyes turned, transformed into human form.

  Fox bath, that iron is a bucket of hair. This barrel is not her alone in use, the monk after taking a barrel bath bubble all over her fox fur she will have a bad conscience.

  --Monk will this time to dig the red vine is actually afraid that she was heard the sound of the bath embarrassed. The monk is so thoughtful, she can not be heartless, right?

  So thinking, Xie Wei used the toe to test the water temperature, then step into the tub, soaking himself in.

  The monk's handy, wooden Buddha has been shaped, on the wooden shelf in the west corner of the hut, eyebrows benevolently facing east. Two handmade bamboo incense hanging with hemp thread, hanging in the air to dry. I think as long as the weather is clear, in another two or three days the bamboo incense will be completely dry and ready to be used to worship the Buddha.

  Clove, cinnamon, sumac, bamboo leaves ...... Xie Wei sniffed the aroma on the surface of the water, while rubbing her body to distinguish which materials were used in the fragrant oil that the monk added to the water, she analyzed energetically, this bubble soaked until the water in the bath tub was completely cool.

  Sneezing, Xie Wei came back to her senses. She got out of the bucket, picked up the towel that the monk hung on the side of the bucket and wiped the water stains on her body, and rubbed her hair twice.

  "...... Good for you, you bald ass! How dare you lie! I asked you if you had seen anyone else, and you said you lived alone in this valley. But there is clearly someone in your house!"

  "I didn't expect, I didn't expect, the world has come to this point. It's really the end of the world, the bald asses don't even blink when they lie."

  The two voices outside the house are noisy, Xie Wei's heart is aghast, the finger nails gripping the towel instantly become longer.

  --The chasers are really coming.

  The day the Mei Clan was overthrown, Xie Wei took one look at the other side and knew they had no intention of leaving anyone alive. She jumped down from the high cliff when she knew that even if she survived nine deaths, she could not escape the other side's pursuit.

  These days she wondered every day if the pursuers would arrive today, but to her surprise, the whole ten days she and the monk lived in peace and quiet. The day before yesterday, Xie Wei was still thinking: the sword cultivator who was after her was sure she would not survive, so he did not bother to waste manpower to search for her a small shrimp jumping off the cliff. Or is it that too many sisters in the sect have escaped and the people trying to overthrow the Mei Zong are splitting their forces to chase them, and no one has spent their hands on one or two Mei Zong women who are still alive or dead.

  Xie Wei even fluke thought: will the pursuers have searched this valley, did not find the original form of their own fall back, just go away?

  Now it seems that Xie Wei was just too happy too soon.

  "There is indeed no one in the poor monk's house."

  There was one fox instead.

  Outside the house, the monk hung his eyes and stood palm. However, he was knocked to the ground by two monks with one palm, vomiting blood.

  These two monks were searching around the valley when they ran into the monk and asked him if he had seen the female cultivator of the Mei sect. The monk replied that he had not seen the two did not leave, but used a lightness talisman and invisibility talisman to follow the monk, until he followed the wooden house before.

  The monk had no past memories and did not know what magic powers he could use. Every aspect of life is no different from that of a mortal.

  He could enter the sea of consciousness, could connect Xie Wei's sea of consciousness in the sea of consciousness, and share his anger to Xie Wei, that was because Xie Wei entered his sea of consciousness several times, and he imitated Xie Wei, and gradually got some know-how to open the sea of consciousness and use his divine sense.

  "You bald ass actually dare to talk tough? Do you think the divine sense of my brothers and I is fake!

  The bearded one of the monks spat at the monk and pulled out a pair of twin swords from his Qiankun bag.

  The other one with a greasy head and a thief's eyebrows sneered eerily and said, "We can't blame this bald ass for this. Brother think, baldy is also a man, but all men, which can resist the temptation of the demon girl of the Mei Zong. The temptation? The demon girl of the Mei Zong is a natural slut. Waves. Lust. The woman was born to be a slut, a slut who couldn't live without a man for a while and wanted to die on a man."

  These words made Xie Wei in the room very angry.

  Yuck! If the sisters are not for cultivation, who the hell cares about you guys who can't even pee so they can't even figure out what they look like! Really think sisters rare you! Disgusting!

  "This bald ass capital should be good, the Mei Zong demon girl see him afraid of green eyes, right?"

  This ...... is true. She looked at the monk this piece of donkey meat, eyes green are with the light bulb.

  Xie Wei mocked himself, gently leaped up and picked a bunch of bamboo incense with his hands. Bamboo is flexible, infused with qi energy can become a great concealed weapon. Even if you can't poke a few bloody holes in the body like a dagger, you should have no problem poking one or two eyeballs at the right opportunity.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The flower. The flesh can buy at least two seconds of time.

  Two seconds, enough for her to ruin the eyes of these two only Foundation stage and still talk a lot of fools.

  The incense will be twisted in the fingertips of a gentle sniff, Xie Wei is about to push the door and out. But she saw a bald figure blocking the door.

  "Two masters ......"

  The monk's chin was stained with blood, and his eyes were a little blurry. But he leaned in front of the door of the wooden house, still hands together, no intention to get out of the way.

  "Yo Yo, so affectionate, huh? Master, you have only one pair of pants left on your body, are you in a hurry to meet your female Bodhisattva, and it's too long to even take off your clothes?"

  The oily-headed monk ignored his big brother's bruises on his forehead and covered his mouth with a burst of laughter, "Or do you want to say 'you have to step over my corpse first if you want to pass'? Pfft--"

  "Little brother, what are you talking nonsense with this bald ass!"

  The bearded man was already short of breath, and when he saw the monk actually dared to block the way, he swung his double knives in his hand and tried to cut off the monk's arms.

  Behind the door Xie Wei froze looking at the monk's shadow on the door that is more than a circle larger than himself, a few seconds later let out a soft sigh.

  This is really a silly monk.

  Although she knew before this monk is a silly. But she never thought this monk could be so silly.


  Pushing open the door of the wooden house, Xie Wei pulled the monk into the door with her left hand, and the bamboo lixiang in her right hand almost rushed to the eyes of the two cultivators in front of her.

  Xie Wei also does not know at this moment he actually ate the wrong medicine, how the ghosts looked at the monk, and because of this glance, let the hand of bamboo incense deflected a little, one rubbed the bearded temple past, the other only in the greasy cheeks left a mark.

  Why, I actually have the face to say monk stupid. They are not smart enough to go anywhere.

  But see the monk's eyes that a glimpse of begging like a look, surprisingly kind-hearted, do not want to get people killed.

  The only rule of the cultivation world is that the weak are strong. How many women cultivators are eating the loss of a woman's soft heart, which died without a burial place. Xie Wei did not know how many Mei Zong sisters cried and cursed their stupidity during the past two hundred years, and regretted it afterwards. She has always taken what she saw into her heart as a lesson, trying to keep herself "smart".

  That's all.

  The first opportunity has been lost, no longer dwelling on it can not go back to the previous second. If you don't want to die, use your own little brain again!

  The heart urged himself, Xie Wei opened his white and slender limbs.

  Thanks to her well-maintained skin, this pair of brother cultivators really can't take their eyes off the ground, forgetting for a moment to raise their weapons to Xie Wei, the demon girl of the Mei Sect, to cut off the grass.

  Unfortunately, the beauty of the skin is beautiful, can control the mind and soul of the time is still limited. One second, two seconds, three seconds -

  The greasy-headed monk was still engrossed in admiring Xie Wei's shell when his bearded brother had already raised his butcher's knife towards Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei lightly bit her lips and had no choice but to directly release her divine sense and forcibly invade the pair of brothers' sea of consciousness.

  With the experience of invading the monk's sea of consciousness and the experience of being invaded by the monk's sea of consciousness, coupled with the nourishment of the monk's essence, Xie Wei's divine sense strength has unknowingly increased by several levels. This pair of brother cultivators in cultivation is inferior to her, the sea of consciousness in front of her divine sense is even more vulnerable.

  Xie Wei did not take much effort to smoothly enter the sea of consciousness of the two, seeking to capture the two divine consciousness.

  In the sea of consciousness, the bearded man is holding a large number of spiritual stones drooling, the end also a fierce into the pile of spiritual stones, began to joyfully swim in the spiritual stones. The oily head is holding five or six slender and delicate women, one side bragging about how awesome and powerful they are, the other side in the warbling tone of praise constantly eat these women tofu, causing the women to laugh.

  The fox Xie Wei, who had returned to her original form, rolled her eyes as she walked around the two people who were oblivious to the fact that their sea of consciousness had been invaded, and skimmed her lips again.

  In fact, she should not dislike this buddy two so vulgar, deep down the desire in addition to money is a woman. The world's men are by and large the same as these two, it is she and bald mother contact too much, forgetting that bald mother kind is the alien.

  Raise the claw first into the body of the bearded man, and then after that into the body of the greasy-headed powdered face. Xie Wei followed the two men's divine consciousness back in time, not long after seeing the memories of these two brothers.

  "Is this bounty man crazy?"

  The bearded man was dismayed when he saw on the reward list that the entire clan of the Mei Sect was being offered a reward.

  "You should look at the reason for the bounty before you say that!"

  The monk on the side grunted twice, his voice filled with disdain: "The demon girl of the Mei clan abducted the dragon prince, and made him into a human pig in order to suck the dragon's energy, and put him in the clan for a hundred girls to desecrate day and night! What a horrible and hateful thing! Today they even dare to kill the dragon prince, what about the future to ordinary cultivators and mortals? If we don't get rid of the demon girls of the Mei Sect, how can we live in peace in the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States?"

  Abducting the Dragon Prince? Make the Dragon Prince into a... Human swine? What is this?

  Xie Wei could not breathe, she already had a feeling what she was about to see.

  "So the Heaven's Path Alliance was commissioned by the Dragon Clan to order the killing of the Mei Clan! As long as the demon girl of the Mei Clan is caught, regardless of whether the demon girl's cultivation level is alive or dead, she can be exchanged for a large reward!"

  The cultivator who spoke was gorgeous. The oily-headed pink face followed his line of sight and saw that the reward was indeed written that the demon girl of the Mei Sect could be exchanged for the reward regardless of her cultivation level. The following Qi refining stage of the Mei Zong female cultivator can be exchanged for ten to one hundred lower spiritual stones, above the Foundation stage Mei Zong female cultivator can be exchanged for one hundred to one thousand medium spiritual stones, fusion stage and above Mei Zong female cultivator can be used for a variety of rare spiritual medicine, spiritual plants and magic weapons immortal weapons.

  Xie Wei both temples on a sudden pain, almost because of the divine sense disorder was two cultivators of the sea of consciousness forced to discharge the sea of consciousness connection.

  ...... so, so this is the reason why she squatted in this valley for half a month without meeting the pursuers.

  The person who destroyed the Mei Zong did not need to send any pursuers. That person has already given the Mei Zong a good and trumped up charge, in the future, no matter where the Mei Zong female cultivators escape to, will be attacked by the world.

  It is also true that that night, the Jindan stage sword cultivator who chased her was clearly holding a native sword. At that time, she also secretly thought that the young sword cultivator was too ignorant, and dared to take the life sword out to show off even if he was doing the murder. He is afraid that his enemies can not find him, or afraid that no one knows about his indiscriminate killing of innocent people?

  Now it seems that people are emboldened. They already knew that the Mei Zong would be wanted by the Heavenly Daoist Alliance, which represents the world's righteousness, and they also knew that the Mei Zong would not be able to produce anyone capable of taking revenge on them under the siege from all sides.

  Right now she and the monk met the two Foundation Stage cultivators are afraid that only in this valley to take a chance on one of the group of people. The latter is waiting for her at least a dozen, dozens of lower Qi refining, up to Jindan cultivators.

  This valley, can not stay any longer.

  But even to run ...... Xie Wei remembered the monk Fang just looked at her that glance.

  No, she is not concerned about the monk this is not open to kill. In fact if she killed the bearded man and the greasy head powdered face, not Xiao a few moments will certainly have other cultivators found the two brothers were killed. Her killing action is tantamount to confirming that there are indeed female cultivators of the Mei Sect in this valley. It would be more difficult for her to escape from the valley after alerting the snake.

  But if she didn't kill these two, they wouldn't keep her secret. She let the bearded man and the greasy-headed woman go, so she let the bearded man and the greasy-headed woman go to inform the news, attracting more pursuers.

  Is she going to grab the bearded man and the greasy-headed pink face as hostages and run with them? No, that won't work either. The pair of brothers and other cultivators are divided into their respective search area, about the time and place to meet again. The two brothers did not report to the meeting place after the hour, she still had to be exposed.

  Alas, when you use your brain, you hate your brain for being small. Xie Wei looked at the two brothers who were still recalling the bounty list over and over again according to her wishes, her eyebrows knitted.

  If only these two hadn't followed the monk back from the beginning.

  A change in the sea of knowledge, Xie Wei issued a "Huh?" A sound. She saw the bearded and greasy-headed divine consciousness return to the moment when the two of them whispered about whether to follow the monk with the lightness and invisibility talisman.

  Xie Wei calculated, loosening the tangled frown is a smile.

  Yes, why did she not think of this trick?