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Chapter 88



  Hataran Night, who was holding a fan to cover her lips, kind of liked this fox demon cultivator in front of her.

  With this kneeling, she was putting herself in a position below Cihang. She said this in addition to persuade Cixihang, but also in front of this group of remnants of Pomutida to set aside the relationship with Cixihang.

  According to his men's report, this month and a half Cixihang and the rumored "heavenly fox" in the same room, the two are not far from each other.

  Cixihang is saving people, but who can believe that Cixihang really has no personal relationship with the fox, he saved the fox only out of compassion of the Buddha?

  The monks of Bomutita do not say, how the actual view of Cixihang can be imagined.

  At this moment, although only he Hatran night and his beloved, the remnants of Pomutita, Cixihang and this Zhiwei girl, but thousands of miles away there are bound to be countless pairs of eyes peering at everything in this rundown village.

  This Zhiwei girl did not directly set aside the relationship with Cixihang, and did not clarify what they did with Cixihang did not do anything, but her performance is really not like a deeper level of intercourse with Cixihang. He said that he Hatan night is a close friend of Cihang are more convincing than to say that Cihang and the sky fox love each other.

  But well ......

  As far as he is concerned, this little fox is so relentless in defending the reputation of Cihang, and so relentless in trying to avoid hand-to-hand combat between Cihang and his fellow disciples. She is so considerate for Cixihang, her relationship with Cixihang is definitely not as simple as she shows.

  Cixihang opened his lips, but Hatan night half a second before him, convergence fan up to help the ground Xie Wei.

  "Zhiwei girl, get up quickly."

  Xie Wei did not have time to answer, before her eyes is a blur, it seems that she was Hatan night to help up, but in fact she was a transparent force directly grabbed up put straight on the ground.

  The person who got Xie Wei up was as if nothing had happened and patted the non-existent dust on the hem of Xie Wei's skirt, complaining about Cixihang in the process: "Your Holiness is still frozen for what? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  "For Miss Zhiwei to repair the tendons and veins and points, and connect the bones and muscles, you know the most about Miss Zhiwei's injuries, don't you? Her injuries are too heavy, and now she can walk and move, but she is just forcing herself."

  Hatched Lan night's tone is extremely understand Xie Wei.

  It feels like he was there when Cihang was treating for Xie Wei, or picking at the non-existent bedside to watch Cihang's every move with Xie Wei.

  In the past, Cihang could not say that he liked Hatran night, nor could he say that he hated Hatran night. He and Hat Lan night is the relationship of mutual use, as long as the other party still has use value, they will maintain a decent relationship. Their own likes and dislikes with each other in this kind of dealings does not matter, and does not have any meaning.

  This time, the other time. The current Hatarani has no reason to dislike Cixi.

  He felt that the gentle voice of Hatarani was contrived, he felt that Hatarani's magnetic voice was harsh, he felt that the gentle smile on Hatarani's face was hypocritical, and he also felt that the aroma on Hatarani was strong and smoky.

  It is really where all are annoying.

  "Many thanks, magic ...... emperor."

  Xie Wei is not so much flattered as heart-broken. Why the attitude of Hatran night change is not something she should speculate, she is now in someone else's territory, nothing don't provoke people unpleasant.

  See Xie Wei softly towards Hat Lan night to say thanks, words low brow obedience. Cihang brow slowly extruded three wrinkles to.

  "Zhiwei girl where need to be so polite."

  Hatched Lan night speak with Xie Wei, heart hold laughing hold to die.

  In the past, only Cixihang angry with his seven orifices still can not be angry part, this time can let Cixihang deflated, he is really too happy.

  "Speaking of which, Miss Zhiwei, I have a gift for you."

  The Hatanian night who called himself "under" made the drum in Xie Wei's heart beating even louder. The most important thing is that you can't be a thief if you don't have anything to offer.

  She tried to make the corners of her lips curved into a smile: "What does the emperor want to give me?"

  Hatched Orchid Night raised his hand, and several demon generals quickly appeared from different nooks and crannies suddenly, followed by Qing Yu being thrown into Xie Wei's eyes.

  "Qing Yu!?"

  "Senior Uncle!"

  Qing Yu was wind-dusty, so it was evident that he didn't know how many trials and tribulations he had encountered along the way.

  Hatched Orchid Night feigned displeasure and scolded towards the devil generals, "Who gives gifts by throwing them?"

  The demon generals immediately knelt down on one knee and clasped their hands together, "Emperor, forgive me!"

  "Miss Zhiwei is a guest on my seat-"

  With his face towards the devil generals, he was actually observing the reaction of Cixi behind him. Hatched Orchid Night was very satisfied that he had made Cixi's eyelids jump.

  "If there is to be a next time, cut off your hand before coming to see me."

  "Yes! Emperor!"

  Xie Wei had no interest in Hatched Orchid Night's little theater, she hugged Qing Yu and examined him properly, making sure he didn't have any serious superficial injuries before she took her hand to wipe the black ash on Qing Yu's face.

  "Why are you here? You should not be with Ao Gongzi in ......"

  "Don't mention that bastard!"

  Speaking of Ao Guanglie Qing Yu was furious.

  If Ao Guanglie hadn't knocked her out and made her miss the chance to stop Dailang, could things have come to this point?

  --she heard that the venerable Cihang killed thousands of cultivators to save the heavenly foxes and realized: something happened to uncle.

  She had not seen the rumored Venerable Cihang, but while lurking among the dragons as a maidservant Qing Yu had heard the princesses of the dragon lineage talk about the beautiful men of the day.

  "I heard that the true man of Shangqing grows such a long beard because it is unbearable, he looks like that, even the female disciples under the seat are not less to him secretly send a glance, throwing arms!

  "Wushan old monster Shi line before disfigurement also do not know what kind of heroic ...... alas, a pity. How I was born decades late?"

  "I still think Mount Sumeru's Cihang venerable is the most handsome ...... ee, really think about it will blush!"

  "Your face is not because people are handsome, but because they are greedy for their bodies..."

  "Fuck you!"

  The dragon girls laughed and joked, and some of them took out the portrait of Venerable Cihang and shared it with the sisters, admiring it carefully.

  Among the survivors of the Mei Sect, except for Xie Wei, only Qing Yu had seen the monk without disguise before he was disfigured. Qing Yu was shocked when she saw the portrait, but then thought how could a monk only have the cultivation level of the qi refining stage. Finally, the monk and the venerable Cihang only look alike.

  She knew that Uncle Wei did not also say that there are three people who look like each other in the world?

  That day Qing Yu was caught unawares by Ao Guanglie knocked unconscious, and then by the abdomen of the dragon gas sucked away cultivation, a sleep is a small three days. When she woke up dazed in the early morning of the fourth day, it took her a long time to remember what happened three days ago.

  Qing Yu and Ao Guanglie a big fight, almost did not lift the roof. She threatened Ao Guanglie to stop her again he would reverse the absorption of the dragon energy in his belly, and finally took the letter left by the monk to Xie Wei and slammed the door, rushing to Zhangzhou.

  With the dragon gas in the belly walking is really inconvenient, Qing Yu to Zhangzhou when the Pomutida has been a ruin. The surrounding mountains were filled with the dead bodies of cultivators.

  Seeing this scene, fearing that Qingyu would be stimulated, Ao Guanglie tried to persuade Qingyu to go back, but Qingyu slapped away the hand that tried to hold her shoulder.

  "Get out! You get lost! If anything happens to my master uncle ...... anything happens to me I will be cut off from you! So what if your dragon clan has a difficult child? I don't want this beach of dragon energy!

  Qing Yu did get stabbed - stimulated, but is the stab of remorse - stimulated.

  She was angry and hated Ao Guanglie full of their own children, half did not consider her mood, did not think that she also has her brother and sister, only feel that they are really blind, will be for Ao Guanglie such goods fallen, but also for him risked a lot, suffered a lot of crime.

  Not wanting to pay attention to Ao Guanglie, Qingyu left the dragon prince and went to look for Xie Wei's whereabouts. She has a hunch - and the Cixi Venerable has no intercourse with the senior uncle so together with the Cixi Venerable, it must be because the big Lang is the Cixi Venerable.

  Qing Yu this journey twists and turns need not be said. She searched for information along the way, and ten days ago she finally arrived in the red state.

  The first foot of Qingyu entered the territory of Chizhou, and the second foot was caught by the demons on patrol and thrown into a sack.

  This kind of sack-shaped magic weapon can receive living people and living things, and Qingyu did not suffer any abuse in it. But the sack was dark and empty, Qing Yu could not sense the change of time, and did not know where he would be sent and what his future would be, so he was naturally apprehensive and very tormented.

  Now that she saw Xie Wei, Qingyu relaxed a little. She saw Cixihang at one glance and wanted to go forward and say, "Sorry, the letter you want to give to the master uncle is only now being delivered." But after seeing Cixihang's face, she was puzzled.

  Qing Yu doubts is not how Cixihang heal their own face those wounds - the great golden immortals always have their own method, right? Cixihang as the Buddha's venerable, not to mention just healing the broken face, that is, he was transformed Qing Yu also do not feel strange.

  Qing Yu doubted the distance between Xie Wei and Cixihang.

  Her senior uncle is never said he likes monks, like Dalang. But the eyes of such things most can not be hidden from people.

  Like a person's eyes are like threads, tangled and bent continuous. The actual fact is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on your own. Although Dailang often lowers his head and closes his eyes, occasionally walking behind Shifu, his eyes always chase Shifu's back as if inadvertently.

  Qing Yu can feel that there is really something connected between the two of them.

  But now, that connection is broken.

  The two of them were so confused that they knew Qing Yu must have a stomach full of questions to ask.

  "This woman used the Mei Zong technique to get rid of the guards when she fought with the guarding demon. I thought she should have some connection with Miss Zhiwei, so I asked my men to send her here. Now, it seems that this decision was not wrong."

  Hatched Lan night smilingly said, briefly explained he could take out Qing Yu this "gift" the context of the circumstances.

  Xie Wei gently breathed in and turned to Hat Lan night with a bow.

  "Thank you, Emperor, for your generous gift, I am grateful. Qing Yu is my nephew, I have been worried about her safety."

  "I wonder what gift the emperor wishes me to return?"

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