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Chapter 87

  The Lord of the Devil's Domain, the Devil's Exalted Hatched Orchid Night.

  If previously Xie Wei still have a trace of fluke, think this open screen peacock like noble son brought not necessarily the most correct first-hand information, then learned Hat Lan night identity of this instant, Xie Wei heart that little fluke was shattered.

  Hatran night as a party hegemon, information from a variety of sources. If even the information he got has too much deviation from the truth, then it can only be that all the forces on the thirteen states of the immortal clouds got the information all wrong.

  The old monster of Wushan is dead, the survival rate of the old monster of Wushan is basically equal to zero.

  Xie Wei a show of hands, by the hand of the old monster of Wushan to be reborn soul bell appeared in her hands.

  "This is the magic weapon I entrusted to Wushan seniors to transform, named 'soul-holding bell' ...... that day the soul-holding bell suddenly appeared in my hands, must be sent by Wushan seniors. That's why the seniors were targeted by Dao Buguo, and then--"

  Xie Wei pursed her lips to say no more.

  Her face was too bad, and her body, which had been forcibly healed to the point of mobility by Cixihang's infusion of Buddhist qi with Buddhist power, was as thin as paper. She can not control the fine shaking, is fear and anger.

  Wushan old monster died so that she had a serious sense of guilt. She knew that if she had not taken the ivory celluloid clothes and potion recipe to ask the Wushan old monster to transform the magic weapon, the Wushan old monster would not have made the soul-holding bell. If the old monster had not made the soul-holding bell, the old monster would not have had to come to Zhangzhou to deliver the soul-holding bell to her. If the old monster had not sent the soul-sucking bell to her, the old monster would not have been targeted by Dao Buguo.

  The old monster of Wushan is not targeted by Dao Buguo, with his cultivation, who can let him die?

  ...... perhaps twenty years ago on Tianlin Mountain, she died directly under Dao Buguo is the best. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a step forward, I don't know if it's unintentional or intentional, but it just happens to cover Xie Wei's line of sight, so that Xie Wei can no longer see eye to eye with Hatan Night.

  "Master Xie, the one who killed was Dao Buguo, not you. There is no point in your self-blame. And, Master Shi gave you the soul-holding bell because he wanted you to live, right? If you blame yourself for his death, thinking that if you didn't exist, you wouldn't have killed Master Shi, then you are putting the cart before the horse. This is a waste of Master Shi's good intentions."

  Xie Wei's eyes were red, but she did not shed tears. She nodded her head: "Your Holiness is right. Zhiwei thanks you very much."


  Cihang was aware of Xie Wei. He is clear that at this time Xie Wei's heart and mouth are not the same, but is just talking about the scene.

  Behind Cihang Hat Lan night unfolded the fan and covered the thin lips that were curled up from interest.

  Alas, it is said that when the three days of farewell when the eyes are scraped, now the venerable Cixihang not only let him scrap, obviously let his eyeballs out of the frame ah.

  He Cixihang venerable has never had the time to comfort people? In the past, he practiced see through not say through, no one asked him, that is, the person again in front of him to show how much pain he will not say a word. But if someone asks, he is also full of Buddha verse, telling people that everything is false, the only release is relief.

  Not to understand people's worries with the Buddha, will be concerned about whose mood ideas, this is not the previous Cihang will do things.

  How is this a change of heart?

  Or is it that-

  "There is no need for all of you in Bomutita to be so guarded, Chizhou has long been under the dominion of my demon domain. Without my permission, no devil man or devil general will dare to touch you. If I have the intention to take your lives well ......"

  "You will not be able to enter this red state alive."

  He would not lower himself in front of the monks of Bomutita and call himself "I am here".

  The people of Bomutita were shocked, and then they thought that the devil father was right.

  All the generations of devils are able to conquer and fight well. Purely on the personal battle power, Hatran night is not as good as the past demon dweller, even less than some of his demon generals. But the reason why the person who sat on the seat of the devil is Hatran night and not other devils and devils, it is because Hatran night in the wisdom of the advantage completely make up for his lack of physical body.

  From the perspective of the big picture, Hat Lan night can be far more difficult than the past demon dons.

  The bullying is not accomplished by lure, lure can not be reasoned, reasoned can not be moved by emotion ...... Hatran night means endless, and then the difficult demon demon will also be his weaknesses, difficult to resist his pardon.

  Hatran night said, not big words.

  "Many thanks, devil daddy ......"

  Pomutida is also the cultivation of Buddhist sect, is to know that at this time Hatran night is a friend and not an enemy, to Hatran night to say thanks also still exist alike.

  One of the disciples' eyes hovered back and forth between Hatran night and Cixihang, needless to say, this disciple is naturally difficult to solve the knot in his heart, suspecting that the rumors of Cixihang falling - into the devil, betraying the Buddhist sect is true.

  Hatched Lan night waved his hand. He would not be so kind as to dispel the rumors for Cixihang. To him, it would be interesting if Cixihang had really fallen into the devil.

  There really is that time, he will have to point at Cixihang's nose and laugh loudly at him: you are willing to give your body to the world, but the world believes that you must have ulterior motives. Such a world is still worth your great wish? To pour out your soul?

  "What is your plan for Mount Sumeru? Once a teacher, always a father, and Bodhi has never treated you like his own son. He is about to pass away, from reason to reason you should see Bodhi again, right?"

  "Amitabha Buddha. Life and death have a destiny, people are born to die, life and death is just a cycle. The great reverend knew his destiny, but did not instruct the poor monk, I think now everything has been in the great reverend's expectation."

  Cihang's lips were light, and his expression was also light.

  It is his non-angry and authoritative temperament at this time even hidden a trace of ordinary people can not be detected in the few.

  "According to Master Hatake's view, how should the poor monk draw a line with Mount Sumeru? Should the poor monk ally with you in public? Or should the poor monk announce in public that he will join your banner?"

  "No need, no need. This is a trivial matter, why do you need to put on a show yourself?"

  Hatarani shrugged his shoulders, nothing more or less. Cihang's reaction was within his expectation. Although he is afraid of the world is not chaotic, can not wait to see the forces outside the magic domain dog bite dog a mouthful of hair. But he is also clear that his three-inch tongue alone can not convince Cixihang this piece of stubborn stone.

  "I ordered people to spread the news is. This specific well ......"

  "Just say that your Holiness is ready to return to the world for this Zhiwei girl, and I, the devil, would like to be your matchmaker and hold a ceremony for the two of you to unite in the devil domain. In the future, you and your husband will be sheltered by my devil domain, for my devil domain people, how?"

  "I object."

  Cixi was about to open his lips, but he didn't want Xie Wei to pre-empt him and open his mouth to refuse.

  The brow unconsciously wrinkled, Cihang eyes sunken, a pair of black eyes can not see the bottom.


  Hatched Lan night looked at Xie Wei with interest.

  Cixi has that ability and status to bargain with the devil. But she? A demon cultivator, but a few times sheltered by Cixihang, see him treat Cixihang equally, as if she and Cixihang general also have equal bargaining qualifications with him?

  She is the rumored "heavenly fox" and so what? Now she is a target erected by the righteous. Once she leaves the place under the domination of the Devil's Domain, she will immediately be hunted down and killed.

  It is true that the fox clan has moved, and almost all the remaining fox clans have followed the Heavenly Fox. But the fox clan is only a hundred or so foxes, the hundred or so foxes without his permission can not even enter the territory of the Chi State, they can not achieve anything big?

  The Devil's Domain can shelter the Heavenly Fox, but there is no reason to accommodate the Heavenly Fox. If this demon cultivator still has three points of self-awareness, she should understand that she is just an addendum to the Cixihang. Whether she likes it or not, whether she wants it or not, whether she is happy or not is the least of anyone's concerns.

  "Your Holiness,"

  There is a deep greenish-black under the eyes, and the whitened lips are slightly dry and cracked. Xie Wei had a haggard look on her like a broken flower. Yet her eyes were amazingly bright.

  "You cannot give up the high ground of public opinion. You must not admit that you have betrayed your faith and turned your back on your fellow disciples."

  To be honest, Xie Wei quite admired those able men and women who crossed their eyes and left good and evil to be judged by future generations. Doing the right thing really should never be a surface article.

  But the mouth of gold, the accumulation of destroyed bones. Xie Wei has experienced the network era, saw countless examples of public opinion to change the fate of people. In her previous life, she watched martial arts drama protagonist was wronged by bad guys, to protect fellow disciples had to play bad guys, hurt friends and relatives, of course, can be off-screen chewing popcorn review protagonist is not stupid.

  But Cixi is a person, is a living human being.

  She can not stand by and watch Cixihang become a tragic character with empty ideals of justice but lost in public opinion.

  "Because you are willing to suffer the stigma is meaningless."

  Xie Wei thought that if she understood correctly, the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect were prepared to attack Mount Sumeru on the pretext that Venerable Cihang, as the disciple and successor of the Great Venerable Su Bodhi, had sheltered the Heavenly Fox to kill thousands of righteous cultivators. Mount Sumeru should be responsible for the death of the righteous monks. To put it bluntly, this is a kind of guilt by association.

  Hataran Night, a demon daddy, came out to support Cixihang, showing that Cixihang's background is not Mount Sumeru, but the demon domain. That way things become Cixihang betrayed Mount Sumeru, betrayed the Buddha kingdom, Mount Sumeru in the position to become innocent.

  So Mount Sumeru and Cixihang cleared up, the Great Light Palace and the Myriad Dharma Sect seem to be unable to take Mount Sumeru up and down, so that Mount Sumeru also followed Cixihang even sat.

  But this idea is just wishful thinking.

  "Xiang Zhuang dance sword intention in Pei Gong. Great Light Hall and the Myriad Law Sect want to make a move on Mount Sumeru, the essence does not lie in the venerable how. The Duke of Hatake also said? The Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect are trying to replace Mount Sumeru's position and influence in the Buddhist Kingdom."

  Xiang Zhuang?

  Pei Gong?

  In his memory, there was no cultivator named "Xiang Zhuang" or "Pei Gong" in the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States.

  However, he understood the meaning of the "sword dance".

  "This means that whatever can make the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Master famous, then any reason will do."

  "Your Holiness and Mount Sumeru enlightenment may be able to protect Mount Sumeru for a while, but can not protect Mount Sumeru a lifetime. Furthermore, can you guarantee that the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect do not have a second available excuse?"

  "If Your Holiness were to admit to the crime of killing thousands of righteous cultivators for harboring the Heavenly Fox ...... If I were from the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect, I would probably say this:"

  "'Even Venerable Cixi, the beloved disciple of the Great Venerable Bodhi and considered to be the successor - successor of Bodhi, could fall - down to the devil, so you can imagine that the interior of Mount Sumeru has long been infiltrated by the forces of the devil domain. Mount Sumeru is no longer the old Mount Sumeru, such a Buddhist scum we Buddha disciples naturally can not turn a blind eye. Today I am the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect to remove the scum for the Buddha kingdom, Sumeru Mountain can not stay '...... so this, your Holiness and what to do?"

  A few words to listen to the Pomutida monks is cold sweat, all over the body cold.

  Xie Wei turned around and said towards the Bomutita monks, "Isn't Bomutita the best example?"

  "Even if no one searched the dry bodies from Bomutita, even if no one caught on the spot the Bomutita monks who sucked the monks and mortals into dry bodies, even if no one could prove that the monks of Bomutita practiced an evil technique that required the sacrifice of other people's names to practice, didn't Bomutita become an evil sect and was crushed by the righteous monks?"

  Being aroused by the sourness and indignation in Xie Wei's words, the Bomutita monks bowed their heads and stood with their right hands on their palms.

  "What is the problem with wanting to add to the crime? Your Holiness wants to protect Mount Sumeru, that's all the more reason not to do what is painful to the relatives and quick to the enemies."

  Xie Wei kneeled down on one knee and arched his hand towards Cihang.

  "Zhiwei, please think twice, Your Holiness."