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Chapter 86

  In her last life, Xie Wei was a vegetable for fifteen years. In these fifteen years she was conscious and trapped in unresponsive flesh, watching as the people around her made all the decisions for her without permission.

  "How could Wei Wei fall down the stairs! She always does things carefully!"

  Xie Wei's mother in her previous life cried and fell in front of the hospital bed, and no matter how much Xie Wei's father pulled her, she couldn't get up from the ground.

  "Keep your voice down! This is a hospital! There are so many eyes watching and so many ears listening!"

  "We are in a single room! What are you afraid of? You heartless bastard! Your daughter is in such a state and you still care about saving face..."

  Xie Wei's mother whimpered and cried, always elegant and dignified in front of people, boasting of losing people not losing the battle, the dynamic aunt now crying that is a wretched mess.

  "Auntie! Uncle!"

  Her disciple, the pervert who pushed her down the stairs hurriedly "came", he picked up Xie Wei's mother, put Xie Wei's mother on the sofa next to her, followed by taking out a handkerchief with the aroma of Gu Long to Xie Wei's mother to wipe her tears.

  "Little Xu ......"

  Xie Wei's father looked at his daughter's boyfriend, the face is grateful, but also apologetic: "Sorry ah ...... near the wedding, Wei Wei actually out of this kind of thing ......"

  "Uncle no need to apologize, this is also force majeure."

  The man said gently and elegantly, his eyes were red, and he portrayed a deep-hearted man who was holding back his grief.

  The man's gentle voice soothed her for as long as Xie Wei's mother cried. When Xie Wei's mother was finally soothed by him no longer a tear, only a slight sobbing, she regrettably glanced at the hospital bed Xie Wei: "...... Xiao Xu ah, look, Wei Wei have become such, marriage you are unable to get married. We can not drag you down, or this marriage, on ......"

  "Auntie, don't say such things!"

  The person is furious, under the eyes are flooded with abnormal red. The soul out of body state Xie Wei is really afraid that his mother disobeyed that person, will be that person hands to kill.

  Fortunately, that person does not seem to want to kill. He sincerely took the hands of Xie Wei's parents, holding the hands of the two elders sincerely said: "I am sincere to Wei Wei! I've never seen a girl as good as Weiwei! I have decided that she is the only one for me, and we want to be together for a lifetime ......!"

  "Uncle and aunt, please don't break me and Weiwei up ...... I believe Weiwei thinks the same way!"

  The hell will think so!!!

  Xie Wei really wanted to drill back into her shell to pull the needles out of her body and rip the oxygen mask off her face.

  She doesn't want to live anymore, she is afraid that if she lives for one more second, even her parents will suffer along with her.

  "Besides, didn't the doctor say? It is possible for a vegetable to regain consciousness! As long as we don't give up on Wei Wei, she will come back sooner or later ......"

  The man turned to Xie Wei lying on the hospital bed, and it was as if he saw Xie Wei floating on his own torso.

  "Am I right? Wei Wei."

  Xie Wei was so creeped out that goose bumps rose from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

  The parents of Xie Wei were unaware of the fear in Xie Wei's heart, and the two old men thanked the man with a thousand thanks and trust. Soon, that person took over from the second oldest who started to have some minor health problems when he got older to take care of Xie Wei in the hospital.

  The number of times the second old man came to be less and less, that person wrapped up Xie Wei's side of things after also more and more bold.

  With the endorsement of Xie Wei's parents, the doctors and nurses in the hospital have heard of the man's infatuation and deep love. Many doctors and nurses are willing to turn a blind eye to the man who looks like a good girl and is also infatuated with the sea. The man then took advantage of the goodwill and trust of others, and began to openly violate the hospital's management rules, staying overnight in Xie Wei's ward, and playing with Xie Wei's body as he had done in his previous life.

  Xie Wei watched all the filth happen in front of her eyes, but could not stop it.

  Two years later, Xie Wei was pregnant.

  The man knelt in front of her parents and painfully stated his love for her, and said that he had not changed his mind and that he wanted to marry Xie Wei. He would take responsibility to take over Xie Wei from the two elders and give her a lifetime of happiness.

  The company's mother also wanted to scold the man a few words, see the man so sincerely to their own also have Wei Wei's father vow, and then feel that he is not nasty - young people, the blood is fresh, inevitably can not help it.

  The person is willing to marry her daughter in a vegetative state as a wife, that is really her daughter three lifetimes of good fortune.

  If the ghostly state of Xie Wei could make a sound, she must be to howl: "I do not want!

  I don't want to! I did not volunteer! I don't like that man! I don't like that man! I was made to do this by him!

  I lost my consciousness, so I was unplugged and left to die as a human being! Why do parents give away their daughters so easily? Is the loss of consciousness that I am no longer a human being?

  Xie Wei's silent cry was in vain.

  She was on the front page of the local news as a "vegetable bride", and the man ...... her perverted disciple was held up to the altar as a representative of deep love and sincerity.

  As a person can not participate in their own life, can only watch the man according to his favorite way to dispose of her. Xie Wei even had to watch her parents, who had given birth to her, sighing and lamenting in praise of the perverted apprentice who had turned her into a vegetable.

  She was forced to get pregnant, forced to give birth to a child, forced to bear the man's "love".

  Xie Wei was desperate.

  She felt like a prisoner. A prisoner trapped in the prison of her body, never to be reborn.

  The man who imprisoned her could not touch her in her soul state, but could see her, and took advantage of the fact that she could only float above her physical body, and showed her with malice how he possessed her and defiled her.

  Xie Wei was forced to watch her life for more than fifty years. She couldn't stop feeling sick when she was surrounded by her "children" - she didn't want to give birth to these children who inherited the man's filthy bloodline, whose mere existence would constantly remind her of what she had been done by him.

  Unable to move, unable to kill herself, hanging on to life by the man's drugs and medical machines. It wasn't until her great-granddaughter found herself in the dream world that Xie Wei relied on a dream to ask her great-granddaughter to remove the tubes from her body.

  The three-year-old great-granddaughter was very understanding, and her round, black, grape-like eyes reflected the real Xie Wei - a soul on the verge of madness from pain.

  The great-granddaughter struggled to describe to adults what she saw, but the adults never took her words to heart. Finally, the sweet three-year-old girl secretly unplugged the wires of the medical device that kept Xavier alive, and Xavier, who had been imprisoned for more than fifty years, was able to escape her cage before she went insane.

  She was not able to think about how her great-granddaughter would be treated by the man who released her. She once again crossed time and space, reincarnated and erased the terrible memories that would make her want to go crazy when she was reincarnated.

  Cixi sighed softly and took his thumb to wipe away the tear marks on Xie Wei's face. He found that ever since he had seen Xie Wei with his own eyes, he had become very prone to sighing.

  Especially when he saw the tears in Xie Shih's eyes.

  In the memory of his incarnation, Xie Shiyi was never a crybaby. On the contrary, she loved to laugh, and her smile never seemed to be carefree, and sometimes one could not even help but wonder if she was heartless.

  He still remembered that rainy night, Xie Shiyi got wet and walked back to the inn without an umbrella. She looked so down, so tired, and so sad. But when he asked her if she was crying, she was stunned, followed by a smile, a radiant and beautiful smile, but with a closed heart of rejection.

  He thought, "Master Xie must not like to cry.

  However, when he did meet the Xie Shih, the Xie Shih was always crying.

  She would cry a mess and howl like a wild animal over the death of his incarnation. She would also cry at his appearance simply because she thought of him as his incarnation, and she cried for joy that his incarnation did not die.

  Now, she cried in front of him until she fainted. The whole thin body shrank into a tiny ball, like a scared little animal trying to hide itself.

  Undried tear traces disappeared under the fingertips of Cihang, but again because of the body heat on Cihang's fingers and soak up some tears.

  Watching Xie Wei's tears spill out and snake down the corners of her eyes past his thumb, Cihang sighed again.

  ...... he will want to hold her, it must be because he sympathizes with this giver, pity her fate.

  Xie Wei felt warmth in the deep darkness.

  The warmth was like a living thing, appearing on its own every time she was uncomfortable and unbearable, giving her the warmth of peace. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and they've been in the market for a long time.

  She recognizes this warmth.

  "...... Da, Lang ......"

  The first thing you need to do is to get up and get out of bed with a sticky voice and call this soft warmth in front of you.

  The closed eyes of Dailang as usual, which makes Xie Wei smiling from his full pectoral muscles to lift the small head, first nibble a mouthful of Dailang's chin, then kiss Dailang's closed eyelids.

  "Good morning, dalang."

  Cixihang sleepy to the extreme, this month and a half he daily nourished Xie Wei with his own flesh and blood, and used the Buddha power little by little to dissipate the pile of Xie Wei's consciousness in the sea of killing, fury and bloodthirsty violence.

  Is also Cixiang deep cultivation, ordinary people want to be like Cixiang so dedicated, even if not directly sucked into Xie Wei dry corpse gnawed into ribs, I'm afraid also have to be Xie Wei's murderous, fierce and bloodthirsty violence contaminated the sea of consciousness.

  It is this way, forgiving Cixi has the cultivation of the transmigration period is inevitably tired. With Xie Wei's cultivation realm three - level jump to the merging stage, Cixiang physical and mental and cultivation of the degree of depletion also reached the peak.

  Xie Wei in the arms of a movement Cixi Hang felt, but he was too tired, and feel directly on Xie Wei is really embarrassing, which pretended to fall asleep with eyes closed and fake sleep. But do not want to embrace the Xie Wei will rub up and bite his chin.

  Xie Wei's bite did not hurt, just a slight itch. However, shocked, Cixi almost subconsciously to open his eyes. The hands in the sleeves of the robe clenched into fists, Cihang finally held back, did not open his eyes.

  Xie Wei was oblivious to his patience, directly kissed his eyelids.

  This time, Cihang opened his eyes. When he met Xie Wei's eyes, the smile on Xie Wei's face suddenly froze.

  "I'm sorry, I recognized the wrong person."

  Xie Wei, whose face had lost all its blood, came to her senses completely.

  Cihang and Dailang looked exactly the same, but the eyes that looked at her were worlds apart.

  As soon as she met Cixi's eyes, she remembered the fact that Dailang had died because of the slight dislike of patience hidden in Cixi's eyes. This time she was sleepy again, and would not see Cixihang as Dailang.

  "...... Your Holiness is not to blame."

  A bone-jarring climb up, Xie Wei's feet are weak to fall back into the straw - Cihang and she was in the middle of a small temple.

  Small temple is brick and tile structure, but because of years of uninhabited, and through the baptism of war, has fallen into disrepair.

  Outside the temple the sky light, warm sunlight from the broken temple leaky roof, broken scattered on top of the straw. This is not as dark and lightless as Xie Wei thought before.

  Xie Wei before is physically and mentally to the limit, this is the visual impairment.

  Where can you find quilts and bedding in a broken temple? The straw is already the best warmth Cixihang can find.

  Although Cixihang is the Venerable of Mount Sumeru, the status in the Buddha kingdom is extraordinary, and in the cultivation world is respected and admired. But he often accompanied by the green lamp, for external objects and do not care. Whether his body is draped with Mount Sumeru's most precious monk's pear, or under the body is an ordinary straw does not prevent him from practicing.

  "Thank you, Master, for being careful."

  "Many thanks to your Holiness. ...... Sorry, I've caused trouble for Your Holiness again."

  The Xie Wei who was held up hurriedly looked at the rippling Cixihang then hurriedly stood up, stepping backwards away from Cixihang's hand that held her up, avoiding even Cixihang's coat completely.

  She sincerely lowered her head, thanked towards Cixi, and apologized to Cixi.

  Xie Wei's gaze did not once again fall on Cixihang's body. Not to mention meeting Cixihang's eyes.

  The already stern and dignified face added to the seriousness, Cixihang was bitten as if the place was not the chin but the heart. He frowned slightly, confused, feeling his heart that looked like it had been scratched by a kitten, while at the same time it was hard to contain his dislike for Xie Wei's face-turning kung fu.

  Why is there such a difference between how Master Xie treats his incarnation and how he treats him?

  ...... Indeed, his incarnation is not him. But his incarnation is also a part of him, ah.

  "Master Xie--"

  Cihang opened his mouth, and did not know what he was trying to say, but heard a humming laugh uncomfortably cross - in.

  "This can be really ...... how to say it? Gold nest silver nest is better than their own straw nest?"

  The silhouette descended from the sky, holding a handsome man with a golden iron fan in a beckoning dress, descended in the small broken temple.

  Xie Wei only felt she saw a green-haired peacock with an open screen.

  "Master Hatake."

  Cihang exchanged pleasantries with the visitor, unconsciously his eyes narrowed slightly, evoking a smear of impatience.

  "Your Holiness is a good sport, to hide in such an elegant and silent place to enjoy alone."

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual site.

  Xie Wei does not have a good feeling about this man who is like a peacock with an open screen. This person said a few words hard to hear, what do you mean the venerable Cihang "alone to enjoy"? Is she not a human being? Where is Venerable Cihang "alone"? Staying in this kind of broken temple and where is the enjoyment? This is not insinuating that she is not a person is a toy, but also for the pleasure of Venerable Cihang is what?

  Good guys, this said a bite two of ...... tsk, a mouth to know the old Yin Yang people.

  Cixihang did not write the emotions on his face like Xie Wei, he declared the Buddha in his mouth. Standing palm said: "Hattie Shih-Lord but did not see the door outside the Pomuti Buddha disciples? If this is the case, Master Hattie should ask the medical practitioner to look at the eyes. If these eyes of yours are not cured, you still have to think of something early so as not to affect your normal life in the future."

  Oh, nice dislike.

  Xie Wei gave Cihang a thumbs up in his heart.

  Hatched Lan night lightly laughed, also do not bother with Cihang. On the contrary, his beloved men outside the broken temple almost did not tense up and spit their hearts out of their mouths.

  --The emperor actually has such a good time to talk? If someone else had dared to speak to the emperor like this, I'm afraid that pulling out the tongue and skin is light! This venerable Cihang is really powerful, worthy of even the emperor to impress the man. ...... is also, ordinary vultures by the devil will ask for the golden body, scared to death, do not mention themselves personally to send the golden body to the devil.

  "Are all the people of Bomutita outside?"

  The focus of Xie Wei's concern was not Hatsu Rangyi. She lifted her skirt, ran to the door in three steps, and pushed at the crooked door.

  The sunlight blazed in through the door, Xie Wei adapted for two seconds and saw the view in front of her.

  The dilapidated village has been flooded with barren grass, under the ravages of the nine days of Xuan Lei, many houses have become mottled charcoal, barren grass is also burned out of large pieces of bald. The monks of Bomutita were all gray-headed, and everyone carried scorched black wounds from the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Lightning.

  Seeing Xie Wei pushing out the door, several monks were embarrassed to cover their arms and hands full of scorch marks behind them, and several monks were emitting the smell of barbecue.

  Xie Wei's eyes were red.

  Not because all the people of Bomutita were badly injured, but because none of the people she vowed to protect back with all she had were really missing. Everyone was well and alive, despite their ashes.

  "Your Holiness is still cruel-"

  Hatched Lan night sighs, after Xie Wei stepped out of the small temple: "How dare to let these cultivation will only be Foundation, Jindan Buddhist cultivators to endure the baptism of the nine days of Xuan Lei. Do not think about them if there is an eventuality, that is the soul of the soul scattered, flying ashes do not exist ah."

  Xie Wei heard the words and turned around, her gaze finally fell on Cixihang for a moment: "Your Holiness let all the people of Bomutita suffer that Nine Heavenly Mysterious Thunder?"


  Cixihang knew that Hatsu Rangyi was stirring up trouble, but he did not want to explain to Xie Wei that he was doing it for the good of the people of Bomutita.

  The cultivation world was a place of cannibalism. The monks look immortal, but in reality, anyone who is inferior to them is stepping down. The actual people are stepping on the flesh and blood of these people to climb up the ladder.

  Buddha's mother passed away, and the number of high monks in Bomutita was one in ten. If these still living Bhumuti disciples do not want their blood and death to become the stepping stone of others, then they can only become strong themselves.

  Even if the process of becoming strong will suffer inhuman treatment, will feel the extreme pain.

  Only, Cihang also does have their own selfishness.

  He had to nourish Master Xie with his flesh and blood, and he could not bear down the Nine Heavenly Mystic Thunder in one go. The remaining monks of Bomutita are not of high cultivation level, but they are strong and have the foundation of body refining. Let these monks go between life and death can not only exercise their spirit, refine their flesh-body, but also allow them to disperse the power of the nine heavenly thunderbolts.

  If they survive the baptism of the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Thunder, they can at least slow down Master Xie's footsteps in the future.

  Like this time, Master Xie could not even run away because of the monks of Bomutita. If the monks of Bomutita could escape on their own, Master Xie would not have to fight head-on with Dao Buguo once again.

  A monk does not speak in vain, Cihang has many concerns, and some of his thoughts are not really pure and good. He does not want to deceive Xie Shiyi, so he does not justify himself.

  Xie Wei's complicated gaze swept past Cixihang's face.

  She bent down and arched her hand towards Cixihang: "It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish, Your Holiness can save so many people for a while, but cannot save so many people for a lifetime. Baptism by the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei is the most fierce and strongest way to refine skin and bones, the group was able to withstand the tempering of the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei, I think it must be because your Holiness from the regulation, blocking most of the Xuan Lei, leaving only the Xuan Lei that the group can withstand for the group to refine skin and bones."

  "Zhiwei is here to thank Your Holiness."

  Zhiwei's words cut to the chase. The disciples of Bomutita are the most resistant to Cixihang's work, but also by the heavenly thunder blast the most miserable few people also after listening to Xie Wei's analysis of the heart no more goose bumps, sincere thanks to Cixihang.

  Hatched Lan night, the only fear of chaos in the world behind the fan skimmed the mouth.

  This kind of unfolding he can find too uninteresting. What he wants to see is clearly the dog's blood: "You listen to my explanation!" The first thing that I want to see is the "I'm not listening to you!" Ah.

  ...... just. These are just afterthoughts, he came here for business.

  "Your Holiness, you begged me to investigate the matter has been a brow, do you want to listen here, or inside?"


  Cihang glanced at Hataran Night and ignored the demon's verbal takeover.

  "Let it be here. These are the things that Master Xie and all of you in Bomutita should also know."

  Cihang said and found a place to sit down by himself. Hataran Night did not want to sit on the barren grass or the stone steps, his shadow-like subordinates suddenly split - split into three, quietly and silently from nowhere to carry extremely luxurious, decorated with jeweled spiritual pearls and even great demon fur seats.

  The brain flashed a: "good guys I direct good guys ......" think their identity than the Cixihang low Xie Wei did not close to the Cixihang and Cixihang this "friend" side to get together, only With the Pomutida crowd together to sit on the grass.

  Sitting on top of the stone steps, Cixihang gave a slight lurch again.

  Fortunately, the attention of the crowd at this time are focused on the body of Hataran night, no one saw this little uncomfortable Cixihang body.


  Hatched Orchid Night coughed lightly before delivering an important speech, "The first thing, your Holiness and this - girl."

  Xie Wei screwed her head over and pretended not to see Hatched Orchid Night's unsuspecting eyes.

  "All the righteous cultivators who were chasing after you are dead. Except for one, yes, the Dao Buguo."

  "Now the news that 'Venerable Cihang was compelled by the Heavenly Fox, killed several thousand cultivators of the righteous dao for the Heavenly Fox, and seriously injured Dao Buguo' is spreading all over the place. Absolute Love Sect, Chong Xiao Court, Qing Yang Academy ...... dozens of sects suffered heavy losses, a few sects and even succeeded by no one, Kunlun and Flying Flower Immortal House and other righteous sects are all furious."

  "These righteous sects have formed an alliance with the Heavenly Dao Alliance, vowing to crush the Heavenly Fox as well as Venerable Cihang who has fallen - into the evil monk. Mount Sumeru seems to have no movement, the actual well -"

  Hatched Lan night twirled his eyes and sold a story.

  Cihang is not anxious to know the follow-up, he and Hatran night years of sinful relationship, Hatran night a tail he knew what he was trying to do. He chose to wait quietly for Hatran night to satisfy his evil desire to stir up hearts and minds, and then tell the truth.

  The monks of Bomutita were scratching their ears, while Cixi could bear it. Xie Wei, whose face was whiter than paper, could not feel the warmth of the sun, and her fingers trembled slightly in her sleeves, which made her clench her fingers into fists.

  The only way to defeat fear is to face it head on, isn't it?

  If the sky is falling again, she will struggle with all her might as long as her life does not end.

  "This gentleman, you said that all the righteous cultivators who were chasing me and your Holiness died, what is this about?"

  Hatched Orchid Night looked at Xie Wei with interest and then looked at Cixihang. He was dissatisfied with Cixi's calmness and was determined not to let Cixi have a good time, so he threw down a bomb: "Let's talk about this side later, let's talk about Mount Sumeru and the Buddha Kingdom first."

  "According to the Buddha disciples who fell to my demon domain to report, Mount Sumeru great venerable Bodhi will soon pass away, Mount Sumeru ordered people to strictly lock the news, but no matter what, the wind has leaked."

  See Cixihang fiercely stand up, Hat Lan night lip hook: "Great Light Hall and Myriad Law Sect collusion, the two colluded with dozens of Buddhist sects, intends to wait for the Bodhi once passed away to formally crusade Sumeru Mountain. Replacing Mount Sumeru in the Buddhist kingdom."

  "Your Holiness, how do you intend to do that? You have always been regarded as the successor - successor of Su Bodhi, and now everything is in chaos because of you, and Mount Sumeru is about to become a Shura purgatory. Are you going to rush to make a complete break with Mount Sumeru before the Great Light Hall and the Myriad Dharma Sect make their move, thus preserving Mount Sumeru's reputation, or are you prepared to go to war with all the sects of the Buddha Kingdom and defend Mount Sumeru to the last moment?"


  Cixi did not say a word, the depths of the ink eyes grew a little spark-like red.

  Hatched Lan night likes to see Cixihang like this. The usual Cixihang is too hypocritical, like a sword in its sheath, a sharp sword falling into the dust. Obviously the sharpest killing weapon, but prefer to disguise themselves as the most human and harmless burning stick, what is the point?

  "Next you can answer the girl your question."

  Letting the fire of Cihang burn on its own, Hatran night smilingly said to Xie Wei: "Rumor has it that in order to protect you and let you escape, Venerable Cihang brutally killed all the righteous cultivators, which I have just said."

  "Then who was the person who actually killed those righteous cultivators? This girl, you should have a clue."

  Xie Wei's throat rolled for a moment and she spat out three syllables.

  "The Dao is not alone."

  "That's right. That's him."

  The devil's father had a smile on his lips, but in his heart he was thinking: in front of Dao Buguo, he was really presumptuous to call himself a devil's father. The head of the world's righteousness, Dao Buguo, has killed far more so-called righteousness cultivators than he, the devil, has killed.

  "He personally slaughtered all the cultivators present that day in order to frame you and your Holiness."

  "And he also personally testified that the old monster of Mount Wushan, the head of the Ten Masters of Mount Wushan, also died under you and your Holiness."

  At first hearing the - name of the old monster of Wushan, Xie Wei slowly widened his eyes.

  "Senior he, senior Wushan he ......!?"

  How is it possible? How!

  She had fought with Dao Buguo, and she could be sure as well as certain that Dao Buguo's strength was definitely below that of the Wushan old monster! How could Dao Buguo kill the Wushan old monster!

  Impossible! Absolutely impossible! This must be a mistake -

  "...... Gongzi, forgive me for being so bold, dare I ask your identity?"

  Xie Wei's voice went cold. Her reaction greatly pleased Hatched Orchid Night.

  "Me? I am Hatran Night. The Lord of the Devil's Domain, Hatran Night."

  "The Lord of the Devil's Domain!"

  "It's the Demon Lord!!!"

  The crowd of Bomutita monks were stunned. Out of the perennial disagreement between the cultivation world and the Devil's Domain, some monks instinctively stood up and assumed a posture of full vigilance.

  "Oh, it is exactly me."

  Hataran Night was holding his fan in a good-natured manner, with an appearance of not caring much.