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Chapter 85

  In the misty blackness, Xie Wei could not see anything, and could not think about anything. Her cold hands were held by someone, and her breath could smell pine, snow, and the faint smell of sandalwood.

  What is this doing?

  The only instinct that screams out is that it is time to give your hungry self a treat.


  Xie Wei's wail is very short, just a few syllables without specific content. The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person, but a person who is not a person.

  The master Xie just needs to get enough essence to regain his sanity. However, Master Xie's sea of consciousness is disordered, the divine sense is out of control, it is very difficult to connect her sea of consciousness. And the Xie Shih-Li has no more time to wait for him to slowly penetrate her sea of consciousness and find her divine consciousness.

  The rest of the method ......

  Although he built the golden body again, but this golden body will be formed, but is a thin layer, can still destroy. If you open a mouth in the gold body, the gold body is stable in the future the mouth will not disappear.

  If Cixi at this time to their own flesh and blood to nourish Xie Wei, his body will certainly be more than a very fatal weakness.

  In order to complete the golden body, Cihang unless again stripped the entire golden body, and then rebuilt the golden body again. But the reason why the golden body is the golden body, that is because the golden body is not so easy to cultivate.

  The ice prison red hot tower in the poisonous fog demon fire for Cixihang absorption refining, incarnation death, the return of the Buddha's seal, the heart demon initiative to give up self into Cixihang shell soul, which makes Cixihang chance to get the golden body again.

  No one can guarantee that Cihang will have the chance to cultivate the golden body for the third time. And no one can guarantee that Cixihang with a fatal weakness can still live to cultivate the next golden body.

  But those who practice Buddhism, do good deeds and do not ask the cost. Cihang has decided to feed the fox with his body, and -

  No regrets.

  Cut his arm and let the scarlet snake out. Cihang handed the blood-soaked arm to Xie Wei's face.

  Ah ...... is so fragrant and sweet.

  Xie Wei was summoned by the blood, and did not need to be guided by a person to pounce on the front.

  The actual fact is that you will be able to hold back the saints by disliking the meat on top of the nose. She Wei has never been a saint who is keen on hard work, so she picked up Cixi's arm and enjoyed licking up the blood on it.

  Like a puppy with a teething stick, Xie Wei gnawed on her beloved bone, her sharp canine teeth tearing open the wound on Cihang's arm. Her gesture is both focused and reverent, but also with the cruelty of bloodthirsty flesh in animal nature.

  Another shard of fire bloomed in front of her eyes. Cihang saw the little fox with a mouthful of his finger from the perspective of the incarnation, and met the little fox's moist and gentle eyes, and felt the little fox's warm lick with a soothing meaning.

  Pity love love joy relaxation sense of accomplishment ...... messy emotions stirred together, forming a Cixihang never experienced, like a tightening of the human neck pinching the human heart of something.


  Perhaps it is the rapid loss of blood, Cixi was actually in this instant never before strange emotions hit the brain. He could not bear to forcibly draw back his hand, regardless of the magnitude of his movements is so large is not going to hurt Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei was not hurt, is the mouth of the upper flesh suddenly flew away so that the dog's canine teeth like self-awareness as hard as biting down. The wound on Cixi's arm was pulled out more deeply by the canine teeth, that is, Cixi quickly stopped the bleeding for himself and let the muscle regenerate, Cixi's arm still remains with the pain brought by Xie Wei's canine teeth.

  This made Cixi's fingertips tremble slightly a few times.

  The meat to the mouth are still able to fly. Xie Wei "whimper" a few times, and anxious, angry, helpless and pitiful.

  She lunged at Cixihang, a series of scratching and biting. Cihang had no choice but to turn over with absolute power to Xie Wei suppressed, and to hold Xie Wei's wrists with both hands, so that Xie Wei wrists above the head, can not move.

  Xie Wei struggled and let out a little wail. Luckily, after Cixi's blood and flesh was swallowed by her, it gradually filled Xie Wei's hunger. Xie Wei, who was not very clear-headed, gradually regained a bit of her normal sense of taste and smell. She almost immediately tasted the taste of blood in her mouth.

  The mellow and thick sweetness suddenly became a rusty sweet fishy. The lingering aroma in the breath also turned into a horrible bloody smell.

  Xie Wei was choked by the taste in her mouth, her eyes could not see properly, she only saw a black shadow belonging to a man was overlaying himself in front of her, with absolute power clamped on his body.

  "...... no, to ......"

  Xie Wei shivered. The memories belonging to the previous life and the previous life before that came flooding back, causing her to arch her body and let out a violent scream.

  "Don't ......!!! Don't! Don't!!!"

  "Don't touch me !!!!!"

  For the first time in her three lives, Xie Wei let out such a huge, shrill and miserable wail. She struggled with such force that Cixi could barely control him.

  The most frightening thing is that Xie Wei struggled without regard for her own safety, she was using the momentum of breaking bones muddy not afraid to resist everything that trapped her, even if the person controlling her was Cixihang, even if Cixihang did not have the slightest malice towards her.

  "Let go! Let go! Let go of me!!!"

  "I don't want to! I hate you! I'll always hate you!!!"

  "I can't, you can't, you shouldn't-!!!"

  Nightmared by past memories, Xie Wei's strength was so great that she almost tipped Cixi on the ground. If Cihang did not let go, I'm afraid Xie Wei is to tear their wrists to escape from his grip.

  In this instant of Cixihang letting go, he heard Xie Wei's painful scream.

  "I am your master ah ......!!!"

  Tears gushed out, the exhausted Xie Wei at this moment like a robot cut off the electricity "clatter" fell back to the ground. The whole person did not move, only the tears from the corners of the eyes silently flowing down.

  Xie Wei remembered.

  She really did not die.

  In her previous life, after being pushed down from the clouds, she was locked up in a place where she couldn't see the sun.

  She was not sure where that place was, where it was located, or how long she had been locked up.

  All she understood was that the disciple she picked up and raised well had put a colorless and tasteless medicine in the last potion she made, the one that would help her ascend by day and shatter the void.

  That medicine made her cultivation low for a while and failed to carry the baptism of the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Thunder. After she suffered heavy damage from the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei, her disciple arrived. She had thought that the disciple was going to take herself back to heal at this time, and was completely defenseless against him. She did not want to be pushed down from the clouds by her disciple, and suffered another serious injury.

  The nine heavenly thunderbolts destroyed many of her meridians and acupuncture points, but if she recuperates well, the meridians and acupuncture points are able to recover.

  Falling from the clouds to the ground, Xie Wei's meridians were broken and her bones were crushed. She did not fall into a puddle of mush all because her disciple has long calculated that her residual cultivation can ensure that she fell to the ground without dying.

  After that, the nightmare began.

  Imprisoned, she was given only the minimum treatment. Her body had not recovered from a long illness and was much weaker than an ordinary mortal woman. In front of her breath only a breath, I'm afraid Lin Daiyu can be set off into the inverted willow Lu Tiji.

  She can only do two things every day, one is drowsy half-asleep lying, the second is the apprentice as a house wine dolls at will.

  He feeds her food, feeds her drink, uses her taught Dan cultivation skills, hanging on to her remaining breath with elixirs, so she can't even die.

  She lived in this way for a long time without autonomy. This is a long time maybe a year, maybe ten years, maybe a hundred years, at that time Xie Wei long ago no longer calculate the time of mind.

  During those years, Xie Wei had only one thought in her head: she wanted to die.

  She wanted to die, wanted to never live beyond the death. Want to use the never-ending life to escape to a place where the disciples can not chase, want to get rid of themselves from this human ghosts, life and death of the situation.

  She no longer wants to have a sense of being "human".

  One day, the apprentice to Xie Wei feeding medicine when Xie Wei seemingly inadvertently soft body. In order to hold her and prevent her from falling off the bed, the apprentice moved his hand and knocked over the medicine bowl placed by the bed.

  Xie Wei was rightly punished by her apprentice. She had a long, long period of disordered consciousness, and her body was unable to move again. But for Xie Wei, this punishment she can completely endure.

  --The broken medicine bowl had been cleaned up. But her apprentice had not been careful enough to clean up all the fine porcelain tiles in the room without leaving anything behind.

  Every time something is dropped, this impermeable room will be a little more fine broken porcelain. The largest of these broken porcelain but half a small fingernail so big, of course, she can not use to stab the crazy disciple. But little by little, when these pieces of fine porcelain can be condensed into a small ball of stinging, Xie Wei will be small magnetic ball swallowed.

  Small porcelain ball let Xie Wei die a painful death, but also let Xie Wei finally get to die this relief.

  Xie Wei thought, she must have gone peacefully in her previous previous life. With her eyes closed, she may have even shown a happy smile.

  Unfortunately, Xie Wei happy, her crazy apprentice will not be happy.

  Xie Wei's previous life began.

  In this life, Xie Wei is everywhere a beat worker. After graduating from undergraduate school, there is no graduate school and no master's degree, nor is it like a classmate who is dead set on taking the public exam. It is very ordinary into a local company, doing the ordinary clerk.

  Company salary is not high, just enough to pay the rent to eat. In order to save money Xie Wei moved back home and live with her parents. Parents also began to urge her to go on a blind date, so that she hurried to get married, do not boil into an old girl no man to.

  Xie Wei was very anxious about her parents, but she did not want to just get along.

  After all, every day there is news of domestic violence, killing wives, killing girlfriends, killing female classmates, female colleagues and female neighbors who refuse to court. Xie Wei just want to wholesale ten or twenty wire balls to wipe their eyes, to make sure that the heart is clear, looking for a normal male to marry.

  The first blind date Xie Wei is still confident, the third blind date Xie Wei is cold hearted, the fifth blind date Xie Wei has no hope ...... blind date for more than a dozen times, and finally even divorced security guards have become the seven aunts recommended to the blind date, has been scolded vision too high Xie Wei heart attack can not tell their parents intend to take a break and then blind date.

  The parents of Xie Wei where willing to let Xie Wei "take a break"? They have heard of many girls of the right age who have been unable to find a suitable match and said they wanted to "take a break" and ended up missing out on the sought-after age, so unmarried and sterile. They have been persuaded to force Xie Wei to meet the next blind date, and assured Xie Wei that this is the last one. They will not force Xie Wei to go on another blind date if she and the blind date are successful.

  The parents' orders are really difficult to disobey, Xie Wei had no choice but to meet the blind date.

  The matchmaker has the same beautiful eyebrows as the fresh meat stars, which makes people shine. The salary is considerable and also two years younger than Xie Wei. This is a good condition for a blind date but laughs that he is "too heavy", always sent by the blind date "insecure" this card, or by the parents of the blind date feel unreliable.

  The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers. The matchmaker gave Xie Wei's parents a very good impression of the idea, mood and convenience. Everyone around said that Xie Wei was lucky to have met such a perfect match with a blind cat.

  Xie Wei also thought the same as the people around her. She also feels how lucky she is.

  But lucky or not and like it or not two say. The blind date always gives her a sense of inexplicable fear. If not for the fact that Xie Wei does not read many horror movies and horror novels, she would suspect that she has read too much horror to the point that her paranoia is particularly strong and has been similar to having hysteria.

  All people thought Xie Wei would agree to marry her blind date. Including her parents. The matchmaking partner is also particularly active in promoting the planning of their wedding.

  Seeing that the date of the wedding banquet was booked by the matchmaker and her parents without permission, Xie Wei could not stand it anymore, so she broke up with the matchmaker.

  "...... Master, you still want to reject me?"

  "Do you know how much work it took for me to come from over there to this world over here!"

  Don't, don't come over, don't come near me, don't touch me--!

  Xie Wei screamed like this, trying to escape from the man in front of her who looked familiar, but was actually a stranger.

  But how could that man let her go?

  "Do you think I can't find you if I let your soul reincarnate to other worlds?"

  "No! I will always find you! No matter where you run! No matter where you hide!"

  "Master, Master! Master!!! I have loved you since you picked me up when I was about to be destroyed, and I have always loved you! In the future, forever and ever, I will still love you!"

  "You can't get rid of me!"

  "Even if you break the void and travel through time and space to another world..."

  The man pushed her down the stairs.

  The back of Xie Wei's head landed on the ground.

  "No matter how many times I start over ...... Master, I will make you fall in love with me."

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