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Chapter 84

  "Why is it necessary for the Daoist Alliance Master to be aggressive?"

  "It's not that I'm aggressive, I'm just puzzled."

  Dao Buguo walked to a distance from Cihang, stopped and said, "Twenty years ago His Holiness would rather reveal the heavenly dao and attract the heavenly calamity to keep this woman. If it is said that your Holiness kept this woman because this woman has not yet transformed into a celestial fox, then now?"

  Heavenly fox? Twenty years ago, the Heavenly Dao was leaked and triggered the Heavenly Calamity?

  Xie Wei chewed on Dao Buguo's words with a huge headache. She felt that she had missed too many things.

  "Just now, I killed a Buddhist practitioner of the Evil Sect, who had a completely different face, but could vaguely be seen to have the same face as Your Holiness. I just thought that the Buddha was using the face of the venerable to confuse people, did not think deeply. I do not want the fox to see that the Buddha died in the hands of the old man immediately went crazy, attracting this demonic wind and black clouds, evil lightning."

  "Could it be that ...... there is some connection?"

  Road not solitary sold a shut, then the eyes turned: "ah ...... old man understand. Your Holiness these twenty years are in the ice prison red hot tower cultivation, that has your appearance of the fake must be in your - name and the heavenly fox to do a lot of injustice. I believe that you must want to ask from the sky fox the origin of the fake and the purpose of the sky fox, which is why you do not kill the sky fox, right?"

  "I believe in your character."

  Cixihang gaze without joy or sorrow. The road does not look like a good excuse for him, but in fact is to put him on the fire.

  But all the monks who call themselves "the righteous way", no one does not avoid the flaws in their reputation. Once a practitioner classified as "righteous" has a moral "stain" that can be attacked, what the practitioner says and then does will be misinterpreted as an ulterior motive.

  The "righteous path" will unite and destroy all the cultivators and sects they classify as "unrighteous" indiscriminately.

  If he pushes the boat here, or tacitly does not say anything, without waiting for later, as long as Dao Buguo now retorts to prove that he did not kill the Heavenly Fox in order to interrogate it, he immediately becomes a lying sinner. No matter what he says in the future will not be listened to.

  "Hey, do you believe the words of the Taoist Alliance Master?"

  "...... I believe in the Taoist Alliance Master, but I don't believe in that bald ass!"

  "What kind of cultivation is Venerable Cihang? If he has that kind of heart, not to mention a single heavenly fox, even ten, a hundred, a thousand heavenly foxes are no match for him! He has no need to interrogate the heavenly foxes? Why does he need to interrogate the foxes?

  "That's right!"

  "If the fox has a big conspiracy, just kill it and the conspiracy will be solved, right?"


  The righteous cultivators stirred, and more than one righteous cultivator who had lost a fellow disciple had begun to curse at Cixi.

  Xie Wei's reaction speed is not slow, in her previous life by the same dormitory girls to enrich a lot of courtroom drama she immediately understood Dao Buguo said these are stored in the mind of what. At the same time she also vaguely guessed that there is indeed a connection between the monk and Cixihang.

  Recalling what happened before and after she jumped off the cliff, Xie Wei's brain hurt. She groaned unbearably.

  ...... How could she have forgotten? The moment she smashed to the ground, she did see a person who she smashed into pieces.

  According to the situation to review, the person she smashed into a mosaic is the monk who later picked her back up. The monk's amnesia was smashed out of her. ...... wait, the monk will be smashed by her because the monk is waiting for her under the cliff is it? So the monk was sent by this Venerable Cixi?

  The monk was sent to the bottom of Tianlin Mountain because he knew she would become this ghost today?

  Then if the monk did not lose his memory, what would he do to her?

  Xie Wei was stunned for a moment when the demon in her ear let out a "cheeky" laugh and murmured: "That's not necessary to say? Of course, I'll kill you.

  --The first to strike is strong, the second to suffer. Threats should be removed as soon as possible. You see how many people have been killed by your threat because of the failure of the Venerable Tzuhang?

  --- "Aren't you also dragging this Venerable Cihang down and making him the public enemy of the world?

  This time Xie Wei did not drink to stop the mind demon.

  In the sea of consciousness, Xie Wei's divine sense punched the Heart Demon right in the face, denting it. The heart demon screamed, thinking she would be strangled again, but unexpectedly this time Xie Wei didn't even bother to pay attention to her, and directly threw her aside.

  --- "Eh eh! Don't do that! Pay attention to me!

  Xie Wei rolled her eyes in anger.

  Does this demon think she doesn't realize that she gets stronger every time she is strangled?

  -- "Oh ...... you found out? I thought you'd never notice.

  The heart demon grumbled and got up, but this time it did not stick to Xie Wei's ear to harass her - the heart demon and Xie Wei are two sides of the same coin, the more Xie Wei does not accept the existence of the heart demon, the more she tries to kill the heart demon, the more the heart demon will become stronger.

  The heart demon always loves to chatter at Xie Wei is not because the heart demon is a chatterbox. She is deliberately provoking Xie Wei. After all, the more Xie Wei loathes her, the less she will be treated as part of herself, the more she will be perceived by Xie Wei as another independent consciousness body.

  One cannot be sure that what one cannot perceive exists. The same is true of the mind demon. The only way the mind demon will be born is if the being recognizes the existence of the mind demon itself.

  The mind devil always loves to talk a lot of bullshit to the body in order to make the body realize that there is a "presence" in the sea of consciousness different from its own. The clearer and more complete the body's perception of the mind demon, the closer the mind demon will be to the real person.

  The more a monk abandons the evil in his own humanity, the more he wants to remove the human flaws from himself, the more easily those human evils and human flaws will be aggregated concretely. It is because the Taoist monk who has been cultivating hard for many years is most likely to have an extremely evil and slaughter-loving mind. The clean and pure Taoist is most likely to give birth to greedy and despicable, lewd and evil-slutty demons.

  The more the monk strangles the heart demon as something bad, the more the existence of the heart demon is established. Gradually approaching the real heart demon is naturally getting stronger and stronger. When the heart demon is completely separated from the body, the heart demon also has an entity.

  Of course, not to abhor the heart demon, but to listen to the heart demon murmur of the cultivator also can not shake off the heart demon. Because being persuaded by the mind demon itself means that the practitioner treats the mind demon as another being who can give advice and is higher than himself. Such a practitioner will often be the mind demon to take over the physical body, devouring the original personality.

  Xie Wei can't very well describe how he has understood all this. Anyway, after using the soul-sucking bell and invading the consciousness of many cultivators, she just understood it.

  "...... Venerable why bother with people who are explicitly praising and disparaging people who are clearly trying to throw dirty water on you?"

  Xie Wei sneered, endured the headache half not afraid of Dao Bu Lone said aloud: "Even if you now a knife stabbed me to death, put me a thousand cuts he Dao Bu Lone can also slander you is for show is not?"

  "He Dao Bugu is a titan of the cultivation world who can take a frontal blow from the God Sword and still be alive so soon. It is not difficult to make a fake me, right? The fake me will be able to make trouble in the future with the name of 'Heavenly Fox'.

  "Dao Buguang, you don't care about what heavenly fox or not from the beginning, you just want to use the pretext of the heavenly fox to strike the prestige of His Holiness Cixihang!"

  Xie Wei's words were sent out with a soul-sucking bell, which reached the minds of all cultivators. Even the monks whose eardrums were broken and not yet repaired could hear Xie Wei's words, not to mention the monks who had already taken medicine to repair the majority of their wounds.

  When the monks heard Xie Wei's words, there was another commotion.

  Dao Buguo also used his cultivation to transmit his voice, and his voice was like a flood of bells to wake up the crowd: "Heavenly fox demonic words confuse the crowd! Who does not know that you are proficient in illusion and can invade people's consciousness to hypnotize them with illusions, so that they will listen to you? Don't be fooled!"

  Xie Wei was so angry that she had to continue to argue while she was still clear-headed. However, the dizziness in her head was stronger than ever, but she was about to open her mouth and couldn't stand up.

  The gray monk's robe slightly rolled, sweaty Xie Wei went to the arms of Cihang.

  The crowd of monks is a commotion, but listen to Cixihang said: "Road alliance master, you killed the Buddha cultivator is poor monk twenty-one years ago in order to prevent the heavenly fox descend and send down the incarnation of Mount Sumeru. If Master Xie had not seen the poor monk's incarnation killed by you, he would not have been incarnated as a heavenly fox."

  Cihang was not condescending, his left hand held Xie Wei, who was drowsy and trembling, and his right hand with the Buddhist beads stood up with a palm.

  "The poor monk is not accusing the Daoist ally of slapping backwards. The poor monk believes that Lord Dao also did what he did today out of concern for the people of the world. It is only that, Lord Dao, karma reincarnates, and Master Xie is not yet the cause of causing the blood to flow in this Immortal Cloud Thirteen States, but the result of being forced by hatred."

  "Why does the Dao ally continue to aggressively push and let the fruit become the cause?"

  Dao Bugu pulled the corner of his mouth: "Your Holiness is admitting that you have an affair with this heavenly fox? Or are you threatening me to stop, otherwise you will let the Heavenly Fox plague more righteous cultivators?"

  "Vulture don't turn black and white!"

  "You have the nerve to say such things, you bald ass!"

  The cultivators of the Heavenly Dao Alliance led the shouting and cursing. Most of the righteous monks who were busy defending themselves against the fierce wind and black clouds and the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Thunder were wallflowers, not listening to whoever was right, but listening to whoever had the highest voice.

  Cixihang behind there is no Mount Sumeru these monks can not say, after all, everyone heard that Cixihang is angered by the great venerable Bodhi after being thrown into the ice prison red hot tower locked up.

  On the contrary, there must be a heavenly alliance behind Dao Buguo. Heaven's Way Alliance and Kunlun close contacts, and frequently united with other righteous sects, the hidden meaning of becoming the head of the righteous way.

  So know that Cixihang said not without reason, the righteous monks still in the gap to resist the nine days of Xuan Lei towards Cixihang cursing, what is difficult to hear picking up what cursing.

  Cixihang shook his head and did not want to argue. He and Dao Buguang these few words of work, and a dozen more righteous cultivators for the nine heavenly mysterious thunder swallowed the soul, the true dragon body vaguely born a little trace of scales.

  "The world is daring with me, I do not daring with the world. To have no high and no criticism is the Shaman's law."

  The world will argue with me, I will not argue with the world. Not to carry the arrogance of claiming to be right and not to argue unnecessarily with people is what one who has converted to Buddhism should do.

  Cixihang's two lines of Buddha's verse were filled with tremendous Buddhist power, and all the monks felt a blur before their eyes, and the back of their heads were hammered by a huge bell.

  Seeing Cixihang actually took Xie Wei and wanted to go, Dao Buguo feet a stomp to chase.

  Vast Buddha power is at this time suddenly bloom, such as a golden lotus flower engulfed Cixihang Xie Wei and Pomutida crowd.

  --How can we save more people under the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei? Very simple, since we can not let these people leave, we can only take Xie Wei who attracted the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei to go.

  Cixihang did not need to watch Dao Buguo acting, listen to Dao Buguo in front of people bla bla bla bla a bunch of there is no, he can carry Xie Wei and run.

  But after he ran carrying Xie Wei, what will happen to the monks of Bomutita?

  The Xie Wei of the incarnation memory had a tendency to self-destruct twenty years ago, when Xie Wei condensed the ice sword to hand to Cihang, Cihang touched the crystal clear ice sword, Cihang knew that Xie Wei wanted to self-destruct the switch was pressed again.

  ...... This Xie Shiyi is really prone to the idea of giving her life for others and dying for the great righteousness in her heart.

  Cixi thought so and could foresee that even if something happened to just one of the monks of Bomutita, Xie Wei, who was carried away by him, would crawl back to take revenge with all that he had, including his life and soul.

  So he listened to Dao Buguo hit the mouth and let Xie Wei's passionate - passionate rebuttal to Dao Buguo. He quietly sprinkled a bodhi seed from his sleeve, and then waited for that bodhi seed to roll down to the feet of the monks of Bomutita.

  Putting the monks of Bomutita into the space inside the bodhi seed, Cihang put the bodhi seed into his sleeve robe.

  He Cixihang do not need to be judged by others to judge right and wrong. To listen to others to judge the right and wrong, they are not sure whether the "Tao" is correct or not is not "Tao".

  He is a demented monk and a mad monk.

  How can one be firm in the Way if one is not demented? Without madness, how can he help the world?

  Idiocy to the bone, only then will there be a great wish of the Cihang.

  "Please spare your lives, don't catch up with me after the poor monk leads away the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Thunder."

  "Then, the poor monk bids farewell."


  Wushan old monster did not know that Xie Wei was taken away from Zhangzhou by Cihang ten days ago, so after he killed the fourteenth "Dao Buguo" and was seriously injured by the "Dao Buguo", he was in a trance for a while and could not help but think that the fox girl might have been torn apart by a dozen of "Dao Buguo". "Tao Bu Lone" tore into pieces.

  "- all to this point, why do you still refuse to agree to join hands with my Heavenly Dao Alliance?"

  The fifteenth "Dao Buguo" looked troubled.


  "'Why'? Why the hell do you need to ask that?"

  Wushan old monster grunted and blew out a tube of blood that had accumulated in his nose by pressing one side of his nose.

  "When the Heavenly Dao Alliance was founded, the original intention was to support the Heavenly Dao. And what you are doing now, not to mention supporting the heavenly way, is simply against the human way!"

  The "Dao is not alone" is even more confused, he rubbed his chin and continued: "Your words are not good enough. Is it not the way of heaven to choose the weak over the strong?"

  The old monster of Wushan did not want to talk nonsense with the monster at all, even though the spirit-defining duster in his hand had broken and the edge of Nuwa's shield had shattered, he still attacked forward.

  "This is the way of heaven!"

  "Dao Bu Liao" stepped back, and gathered his cultivation energy with both hands and punched towards the old monster of Wushan: "It seems that you and I have some deviations in our perception of the 'Heavenly Way'."

  With the full protection of Nuwa's shield, the old monster of Wushan who had already figured out the way of this "Dao Bugu" was even bleeding from his teeth. He blocked "Dao Buguo's" fists and raised the broken spirit duster towards "Dao Buguo's" chest.

  The "Dao Bu Lone" body protection force was cut open by the Wushan old monster, chest was directly through. Reflected in his eyes is the fierce and fierce, looking completely desperate old monsters of Wushan.

  "In your words this is what cognitive bias, in our words, this is 'the way is not the same'!"

  The "Tao is not alone" opened his mouth and blood gushed out from his throat. The old monster did not let down his guard, he raised his shield and blocked it, the blood spurted out by "Dao Buguo" really turned into blood arrows and hit Nuwa's shield, making an ear-piercing sound.

  He pulled out the spirit duster and stabbed it again towards the throat of "Dao Buguo", the old monster finally spat until "Dao Buguo's" form was extinguished and put down the Nuwa shield in his hand.

  The moment the old monster relaxed a little, a hand passed through his chest and held the old monster's heart in his hand.

  "What a pity. You are one of the most receptive to new things in this time and space, the most capable of developing equipment beyond the normal, the most like to explore the unknown first-class wisdom, the old man and I spent so much time and effort to try to recruit you."

  The sixteenth "Tao is not alone" crushed the heart of the old monster of Wushan. He tried to explode his golden pellet, but another hand appeared out of nowhere and crushed the golden pellet he kept in his head.

  The seventeenth "Dao Buguo" and the sixteenth "Dao Buguo" together let out the same sigh: "It's really too bad."

  Xie Wei woke up in a daze with a jolt.


  The monk's robe brushed by, with some of the scent of incense often found in temples, it was Cihang who came over.

  Xie Wei did not even look at Cihang, headache to press the head, like tens of millions of bees in the ears at the same time "buzzing" sound.

  "This is ...... where?"

  Xie Wei's eyes were blacked out, she couldn't even recognize Cixihan. She asked this not to know the answer, but purely off the cuff.


  Chizhou ...... Chizhou!

  Thinking of the nostalgic Qingqiu, Xie Wei subconsciously propped up his arms and tried to get up, but unexpectedly his feet went weak and he looked like he was going to fall down.

  The sigh of the Mo can not help in Xie Wei head sounded. This sigh Xie Wei familiar. Da Lang ...... monk is this kind of sigh.

  "Master Xie, you will be breaking through the great realm of the YuanYing stage. Outside the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei has not dissipated, I think you need to break through at least two more great realms. The most urgent task for the monk is to replenish your cultivation ...... monk?"

  The dizzy Xie Wei did not listen to Cixi's words at all.

  Her hands and feet were cold, and her stomach was burning badly. Just feeling the faint warmth emanating from Cixi's body and smelling the aroma belonging to a living creature on Cixi's body, the familiar feeling of hunger will not top her.

  She was so hungry.

  She was too hungry.

  Drained and empty, her brain is almost no reason left.

  Looked at grabbing his collar "huffing", "huffing" big gasp of Xie Wei, Cihang since know what Xie Wei is guilty of this disease.

  Once again a long sigh, the expected Cihang just a finger to open the collar of his monk's robe.

  He remembered how the incarnation was made.