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Chapter 83

  "...... is not Dalang?"

  Xie Wei's confusion-filled face gradually turned tragically white. She frowned,slightly tilted her head, as if it was difficult to understand Cihang's words.

  She was still hiccuping, and her body was shaking in small increments. The residual tears in her eyes flowed out of the corners of her eyes because of this small trembling and snaked across the bridge of her nose.


  With great difficulty, she lifted up her body, which was a puddle of broken flotsam inside, and Xie Wei raised her hands with trembling. The company's first step was to take a half-step backward, and Xie Wei's hands, which were trying to climb up the face of the company, fell short.

  Xie Wei's gaze dimmed. Her hands fell off to the sides of her body.

  The person in front of you is really not a dalang ...... not a monk.

  The monk broke his face. His face scars deep into the skull, Xie Wei every time you brush those traces, fingers like wandering through the sharp tip of the knife, each time will cut out some blood from the heart.

  The monk who has the same face as the monk in front of him has a stern face and treats her with no pretense. The tone of voice and the monk is completely different, the treasure phase is solemn, the surrounding body is also permeated with vajra Rakshasa of the power.

  If she knows the monk is a deep forest wood, extraordinarily quiet and peaceful. The monk in front of her is the thunder and lightning above the clouds, the still waters beneath the iceberg.

  Her survival instinct alarmed her, the voice told her: stay away from this man in front of you, even with the same face, this monk is not the same as a monk, he will not be merciful to you. You can't find the dead Dailang in him.

  Yes, Oro is dead. ...... She watched him being killed, and she failed to prevent Dairang's death.

  ...... Buddha's mother had told her that someone else was waiting for her, but she never said that the person waiting for her was Oro. It was her wishful thinking that led her to misidentify the person.

  "Ha, hiccup ......"

  Xie Wei laughed and burped.

  She laughed at her own stupidity, she laughed at the fact that there were no miracles in the world, she did not know what kind of expression she could put on in addition to laughing.

  Behind Xie Wei, the sky covered with black clouds and tearing the earth thunder like a living creature crazy surge, choose people to eat.

  That is Xie Wei rushed to the peak, eager to break through the cultivation attracted to the natural disaster.


  Cixi's face is solemn, frowning.

  According to the divine sense induction, Xie Wei's cultivation level is only the peak of the YuanYing. And peak YuanYing was not supposed to, nor could it, attract such a vast thunderstorm.


  "Help! Help!!!"

  "No!!! I don't want to die yet!"

  "Brother save me!!!"

  "Senior sister--!!!"

  Numerous practitioners of the righteous path cried and struggled as they were swept away by the fierce wind and engulfed by the black clouds. The black clouds that came over the city had a platinum-colored dragon formed by lightning leaping and coiling, and the dragon soon had a head and five claws. Whistling and sticking its head out of the clouds.

  Ow ow ow - !!!

  The roar shook the sky and earth, countless cultivators even people with magic weapons were swept into the black cloud without a sound. There are many cultivators just rolled to the lightning dragon near the black ash, dregs are not left.

  Can be condensed into living things, can devour the soul, the dragon is clearly nine days of Xuan Lei!

  Twenty years ago, Cixihang leaked the heavenly dao triggered the catastrophe, the catastrophe in the thunder turned into seven green auger. The seven green jiao looks mighty, compared to the nine heavenly real dragon, but is an earthworm see anaconda.

  If you let the nine heavenly thunder continue to condense into a real dragon, is to mobilize all the dragons on the immortal cloud thirteen states, and let the dragons show their true bodies only afraid that they can not carry the real dragon a strike.

  Can attract the nine heavenly mysterious thunder also let the mysterious thunder so transformed, this is not only because the heavenly fox descends, the heavenly dao regard the heavenly fox as a heavenly object, but also because Xie Wei this heavenly fox is about to break through several realms at the same time, the heavenly dao felt the threat of collapse.

  Cihang's sword brow is not spread.

  If it is an ordinary thunderstorm, he can completely forcefully dispel it with Buddha light Buddha power. He is now reshaped golden body, if today under the nine heavenly mysterious thunder only him, he can also use the golden body to forcibly resist the nine heavenly mysterious thunder, and will slowly absorb the nine heavenly mysterious thunder to collect for their own use.

  The problem is that in addition to him, there are thousands of cultivators here. He wants to save the most lives, then kill Xie Wei is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest shortcut - to this day, Xie Wei himself can not stop himself from jumping up the realm.

  Killing thoughts together, Cixi's body aura is a change.

  --The heaven has the virtue of good life, in order to save several people, dozens, hundreds, thousands of people, sacrificing a life is also a compulsion.

  Persuasion is also ferry, kill is also ferry. He finally want to tide over the world's life. Heavenly fox but first step.

  The wind blew all over the body for blood-stained Xie Wei's clothes fluttering. She met the line of sight of Cichang, a gentle smile.

  What Cixihang thought Xie Wei understood, after all, everything he thought of was something that Xie Wei also thought of.

  "Master, I'm sorry."

  "I can't stop that thing. ...... My nodes and meridians are all in shambles and I can't control myself. My sea of consciousness is also expanding without permission ...... I don't think it will be long before I'm completely irrational."

  Xie Wei listened to Shang Qing Zhenren said the matter of Mei Zong senior Ziyue, she knows very well that she can still keep consciousness now is only by "Da Lang may not be dead" this prick - stimulation, a phenomenon similar to the return of light.

  In fact, she has been unable to kill the demon, which until now has been murmuring in her ears to drive her crazy and kill her.

  Xie Wei did not know how long she could resist the demon. Anyway, even if she can continue to resist the mind demon, when her fermented dough-like expanding sea of consciousness breaks away from her control and explodes, she will still go crazy.

  Sky thunder, black clouds, gale ...... all these messy things are not Xie Wei want them to appear they appear. And to be honest, Xie Wei does not need these things to be loud and strong for her.

  She wants revenge, necessarily with their own hands, their own strength to defeat the enemy. She doesn't care about these indiscriminate things that may hurt the monks of Bomutita, whether they are sky thunder or black clouds.


  Snowflake frost in Xie Wei's hand condensed into a crystal-clear and bone-chilling long sword, Xie Wei in Cixihang and the righteous monks full of wariness in the eyes of a twist of the wrist, the sword hilt towards Cixihang handed over.

  "Kill me."


  "Ferry me."

  She had made a vow not to let another person die in Bomutita.

  She would keep her vow. Even if it would cost her life.

  After glancing at the Bomutita crowd, who were in full formation and supporting each other, Xie Wei's eyes begged, "Master said he came from the Buddha's Sumeru Mountain, right? Can I believe that Mount Sumeru has its own judgment on whether Bomutita is an evil sect?"

  Cihang took the ice sword handed to him by Xie Wei, the palm of his hand was cold as he answered in a deep voice: "Yes."

  Xie Wei obviously put down her heart. The corners of her lips raised again with a faint smile.

  Her smile made Cixihang feel both familiar and unfamiliar.

  A sigh of relief came from Cixihang's heart: where did this person get the confidence that he could trust his promise just by getting a syllable from his mouth?

  He only answered "yes", but did not say "what".

  "Master, cross me."

  Handing her neck to the blade of the ice sword, Xie Wei closed her eyes.

  "I only ask to die as a human being."

  To die with dignity. Where is the dignity in turning into a monster and then being killed?

  Xie Wei has tried, fought and struggled.

  This time she did not give up on herself and plan to die, nor was she forced to accept such an outcome because she had no choice.

  She chose to accept a meaningful death on her own.

  There is only one step between Cihang and Xie Wei.

  One blow, only one blow Cixi Hang can make Xie Wei ashes, save the surrounding thousands of cultivators, to ensure that the immortal clouds 13 states from the heavenly foxes.

  Cixihang on his mission clear and clear, however, his hand holding the ice sword has never moved.

  It was too cold, the endless deep cold engulfed Cixihang. His hand was so heavy, as if it was sealed into a thousand years of cold ice.

  But Cihang himself knew that with the golden body protection he could not possibly feel the cold. Even if he was allowed to melt an iceberg made of mortal ice with his body heat, he would still be able to walk as usual.

  "What are you still hesitating about, Your Holiness?"

  A voice came from the void, Cihang rested on Xie Wei's face with a gaze that did not turn around.

  "The poor monk thought that the Daoist ally had suffered a deep wound. Do not want the Taoist ally has recovered ...... not, is becoming stronger than just now."

  Hands behind his back from the sky, Dao Buguo smiled slightly at his words, his sleeves and robes flung, a few was the wind swept into the black clouds of the righteous cultivators were sent back to his fellow disciples. Many of the Zheng Dao practitioners were grateful and shouted: "Lord Dao! It's Lord Dao who has returned! Lord Dao is not dead! Dao Ally has come back to save us!"

  "Dao Buguo!!!"

  Xie Wei's eyes snapped open, and when she saw Dao Buguo she was like a shark that had smelled something fishy, naturally revealing her killing intent.

  Dao Buguo did not pay attention to Xie Wei, he only looked at Cihang.

  "Why does your Holiness hesitate? Could it be that ...... your Holiness is unable to give up?"

  "Can't give up?"

  The righteous cultivators have changed their faces, one after another, exchanging words, not caring whether the true dragon condensed into the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei is still weaving and flying between the clouds.

  "What does this mean, Lord Dao?"

  "Does it mean-"


  "Venerable Cihang is a monk!"

  "Nonsense! Wouldn't a monk be enchanted by beauty?"

  The righteous monks, you say one thing and I say another, a few people busy gossiping for a moment carelessly, and then caught in the black cloud, ashes to ashes.

  Seeing his companions from life to death in the blink of an eye, the crowd of cultivators hastily shut up and calmly resist the fierce wind and black clouds. Just about everyone can't help but look in the direction of Dao Buguo and Cihang, Xie Wei.

  "Your Holiness if not to give up, can not be to pity this heavenly fox to? The heavenly beings are still suffering because of this heavenly fox, your Holiness does not pity them, but pity the heavenly fox. Dare I ask, in your eyes, is the world's living beings no better than a mere celestial fox?"

  Dao Buguo looked all righteous, but Cixiang who looked at him saw a bad cunning in his eyes.

  That is not the eyes of a person who thinks of himself as a righteous person.


  Wushan old monster vomited fresh blood out.

  Spending twenty-four magic weapons, he finally dry that "Dao not alone" fly ashes do not stay - God knows that dog-shit fake how there are incarnations, he a fight three, beat the gray head and face but also a miserable victory, really old people are not useful.

  "Yuck! Go back to have to make up for it!"

  Covering the heart that still hurts, Wushan old monster limped up.

  But Wushan old monster this has not taken a few steps, the familiar oppressive feeling from behind sneak attack.

  "Fuck you - mother - the dog thing! Hide your head to engage in sneak attack bitch not bitch na!"

  Wushan old monster cursed out, while offering a dust whisk while conjuring up a large shield.

  "Isn't this the Spirit Fixing Dust and Nuwa Shield? To make you use these two immortal weapons to deal with me, it really makes me look good."

  The Spirit Fixing Dust had the ability to fix a person's life and death by writing, and the Nuwa Shield was said to be a large shield forged from the Heaven Mending Stone left over after Nuwa had mended the heavens. The power of these two treasures far exceeded that of ordinary magic weapons, and they were therefore classified as immortal weapons, and could be considered to be of great fame.

  Even if these two treasures have not appeared in front of people for hundreds of years, someone said the origin of these two treasures is not a strange thing.

  What made the old monster's forehead sweat was the voice that accurately said these two treasures.

  That voice is really familiar to him.

  After all, he had just fierce battle with that voice for more than ten days.

  "The Way is not alone ......"

  That's right, Dao Buguo, who should have been killed by the old monster of Wushan, the old monster, appeared in the void in a good and neat manner.

  His body, not to mention the absence of the slightest damage, and even full of cultivation, all unlike just experienced a great battle, was killed two split - body.

  "It's actually you ......"

  "Why can't it be the old man?"

  Dao Buguo laughed, his words and actions were slightly frivolous, and different from the Dao Buguo killed by the old monster of Wushan.

  "You really are a monster."

  The old witch mountain monster bared his teeth and smiled, revealing the roots of his white teeth.

  "No, it's 'you all' are really monsters!"

  Behind Dao Buguo was a line of a dozen of the same "Dao Buguo". All of them looked different, but all of them had the same powerful cultivation and emitted the same annoying aura.

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