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Chapter 81

  Not to mention that Xie Wei did not know that Dao Buguo could also use a gun, thousands of cultivators present, none of them had heard of the "Dangling God Gun" - name. Even the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance were all dumbfounded.

  "Have you heard of the God Swishing Gun?"

  Someone asked the disciple Ma Ding, who was not alone, and Ma Ding hastily collected the shocked look on his face and shouted angrily towards the disciples of the Heavenly Way Alliance: "The master is one of the strongest in the world, what is strange that a strong man has a backhand! You do not want to make a fuss!"

  At these words, the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance all bowed their heads and said yes. Next to them, there were many low-cultivation Zheng Dao practitioners who leaped with excitement and said, "Lord Dao is worthy of being Lord Dao! There is courage and strategy!"

  "Not to reveal their own cards, but also today's achievements, the Dao Alliance Master is really admirable!"

  "Eh ~ this is not true! Who said that the God Dangling Spear is Lord Dao's bottom card? Maybe there are deeper cards hidden by the Lord of the Dao, and the God Swishing Spear is just a consumable used to destroy the Heavenly Fox!"

  "That's not bad! Lord Dao is so far-sighted, he won't reveal his full strength just for a mere Heavenly Fox..."

  The righteous cultivators were talking happily with each other. The crowd seems to have forgotten the surprise and fear when they saw Xie Wei's mirror lake water.

  Ma Ding face calm, but in his heart pinched a sweat.

  He is not worried about the master, he believes that the master of this gun thrown out of the sky fox will certainly die. It is ......

  Even the closest to the master he did not know the existence of the gun, exactly how many secrets of the master body is he did not know? No, I should say this: what exactly do you know about the master? He was an outsider to his master, even a magic weapon like the God-dangling spear has to be kept secret?

  The two eyes of Dao Buguang shot out, the hand of the god-swelling gun through the body flowing light. Although Xie Wei has been driving the ice spikes to try to interrupt his accumulation of power, but Dao Buguo surrounded by protective Qi waves as if an invulnerable transparent eggshell for Dao Buguo carried all the attacks. The uninjured Dao Buguo split the sea like Moses from the ice thorns upstream, Xie Wei face distorted, and scared and afraid.

  "Die under this gun, you are not degrading the name of the sky fox."

  "Suffer the death--!

  The god-defying spear shot out towards Xie Wei's head, and Xie Wei's hands changed like a butterfly. She retreated rapidly while recalling the ice spikes, making the water of Mirror Lake condense into an ice wall between herself and the God Swinger.

  The first of these was the "snapping, snapping, snapping, snapping, snapping, snapping, snapping...!

  In a row of nine sounds in an instant, the God-swelling spear pierced through nine ice walls at once. The nine ice walls from five adults holding hands so wide to only one person so thick, visible Xie Wei will also drive the power to the extreme, no more excess force.

  "...... seems, is the Tao alliance master chess is a bad move ah."

  Xie Wei mouth is not forgiving, she hid behind three layers of thin ice wall coldly mocked, a villainous rampant face.

  The frosty Dao Buguo was bathed in the disbelieving eyes of the surrounding cultivators, and was inevitably met with suspicion and criticism.

  "No way? The God Dangling Spear of Lord Dao actually--"

  Before the words of a Zheng Dao practitioner could be heard, a shocking change occurred.

  As if Dao Bugu had long seen through Xie Wei's carelessness in blocking the God Swishing Spear, his figure suddenly disappeared and flashed after him.

  A cultivator with good eyesight cried out in amazement, already understanding that this series of starts and stops are all Dao Buguo's plans.

  --The most important thing is that the person with the hardest fist is still the same. Although the God-swelling gun is powerful, but it is only a false shot.

  The Dao Buguo is deliberately taking out a high level heavenly magic treasure like the God Swishing Gun to attract the attention of the Heavenly Fox, in exchange for the God Swishing Gun and the Heavenly Fox's full defense. Dao Buguo is sure that the fox will be careless after successfully blocking the attack of the God Swinger, so he took this opportunity to bully to the front of the fox!

  The water and ice is the sky fox's greatest ability, the ice spike rain of power is also really not bad. Unfortunately, the sky fox has no close physical combat skills. Once bullied by Dao Buguo close to the front, she is sure to die!

  Although it is said to kill the chicken, but the Tao Buguo does not because Xie Wei's cultivation is lower than his to look down on Xie Wei this heavenly fox. The preparation is perfect, not leaving any chance that an accident may happen. This is the proper character of a strategist. He deliberately made it sound like his ultimate card was to get close to Xie Wei for a moment.

  This moment, Dao Buguo slightly narrowed his eyes. Xie Wei's face, distorted by fear and anger, was close at hand, and he was already savoring the taste of victory inside.

  "Stupid fork--"

  The first thing that I can do is to get to know the person who is in charge of the company.

  The woman's eyes were clear, even though her eyes were indeed burning with the fire of hatred, but the fire only made her more and more calm and strong, not tearing her sanity and destroying her ability to control herself.

  With a resolute expression, with a slender hands that look like they're going to shatter into crumbs in a boxing pose, Xie Wei in the Dao Buguo rushed over this moment instead of retreating, a fist swung out.

  This punch is astonishing, to close distance under the Dao Bu Lone simply can not evade. Xie Wei's fist hit him solidly on the cheek, crushing the bones in his face.

  Dao Buguo was punched from the sky to the ground by Xie Wei's blow, like a meteor falling to the ground. Xie Wei did not stop after the blow hit, she turned into a streak of shadow and went towards Dao Buguo, each punch had the power to open up mountains and break the ground.

  Ordinary cultivators in the first layer, Dao Buguo in the fifth layer, but Xie Wei, she has been in the top layer.

  Condensing water into ice was never Xie Wei's greatest skill, before taking that dark red pill Xie Wei did not even think about condensing water into ice, the ice spikes as a Gatling machine-off-gun to make.

  Xie Wei first suffered the sting of the monk's death - excitement, and then took the strange medicine to expand the orifice. Xie Wei did have a short period of time to lose their sanity, like a madman.

  Drain the water of the mirror lake, condensing water into ice are not her actions in a rational state.

  Using all the stamina of three lifetimes, Xie Wei finally overcame herself and controlled herself. She continued to play the role of a heavenly fox who had gone mad because of the death of her lover, while familiarizing herself with the power of condensing water into ice.

  The road is not alone in misunderstanding the ice spikes gatling is Xie Wei's biggest reliance on Xie Wei is sleepy someone pass pillow. She has been careful to maintain the distance between and Dao Buguo, deepening Dao Buguo's misunderstanding of her.

  It is meaningless to analyze Xie Wei with her spiritual roots and Xie Wei's identity as a disciple of the Mei Sect. Because Xie Wei is open.

  That dark red highly poisonous elixir could prick - stimulate the cultivator's orifices, thus causing them to expand. But that was not the only effect of that elixir.

  When the toxin in that elixir was mixed with the Nine Ghosts Soul Restoring Pill and also the Tai Wei Nine Revolutions Liquid, that elixir became a super stimulant that explosively boosted the cultivator's flesh - body to its extreme state.

  With such things of course there is a price, but nopainnogain, no pay, where to gain? Xie Wei does not care about killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred. She just want Dao Buguo the unloved orphan to the monk to pay for his life.

  Dao Buguo left face bones crushed, cheek collapsed a piece down. He roared in anger, but this roar was Xie Wei from the bottom to the top of the jaw of Dao Buguang a punch ended in his mouth.

  This punch shocked the nerve bone and muscle to the brain of Dao Buguo, Dao Buguo's eyes not only blinked, but also bit off his tongue because of Xie Wei's punch.

  Xie Wei does not care how Dao Buguo. She punched and punched and punched, each punch locked the hateful face of Dao Buguo, straight to Dao Buguo's nose also punched the collapse.

  In her previous life, she went to learn aerobic boxing in order to lose weight, and her set of punches came out quite decent.

  In the end, Dao Buguo is not an ordinary monk, in such a state he still has the ability to fight back. The monks only saw his feet, swinging his fist towards Xie Wei's abdomen.

  But Xie Wei's reaction speed was too fast. She grabbed Dao Buguo's wrist with lightning speed, followed by a knee lift, first gave Dao Buguo a hard blow to the center of his arm, the most vulnerable center point, and then a punch right into Dao Buguo's cheek.

  The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

  Xie Wei once again caught up, her fists fell like a storm at Dao Buguo.

  This punch, is for the sisters to fight. This punch, is for the Hope-Huan fight. This punch, is for the Mei Zong. This punch-

  Is for the monk punched.

  A punch to Dao Buguo seven orifices bleeding, face tilted to the side and spit out the broken tongue, Xie Wei clenched his fists, even if he felt the finger bones have been born countless cracks, but also half do not retreat.

  Dao Buguang has never suffered such a defeat and suffered such humiliation? He is angry and hate, by Xie Wei beaten bleeding under the eyes more red.

  Seeing Xie Wei pouncing over with a deathless stance, Dao Buguo also transported his full cultivation.

  "...... want to burn the jade and stone? I'll make you whole!"

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  The lightning light once again rushed on the God Dangling Gun, but Xie Wei could not shake off the heavy mountain-like body of Dao Buguo.

  "Crackle!" A sound, swinging God gun rushed at Xie Wei who was clamped by Dao Buguo and Dao Buguo whose face was covered with blood.

  The lightning light illuminated Xie Wei's face, and in this moment, the righteous cultivators only saw the God-swelling gun turn into a line of gold piercing through Dao Buguo.

  --The first thing that happened was that the person who was beaten up by Xie Wei did not know his mother.

  The moment Xie Wei, who was stuck by his neck, got out of the way, she replaced herself with a large ice crystal. The road is not alone for about one or two seconds did not notice that he clamped not Xie Wei. By the time he noticed, the ice crystal had also pierced through Dao Buguo's body, fixing Dao Buguo to the ray of the God-swinging gun.

  The Dao Buguo's cultivation filled with the Dao Buguo's Swishing God Gun rushed at Dao Buguo, piercing him through it in one fell swoop, and the force of the running thunder completely strangled Dao Buguo, who had turned into two sections.

  "How can ......!!!"

  The righteous cultivators are all as bereft of their parents. Xie Wei also "wow" spit out a large mouthful of blood.

  "All of you do not fear."

  A voice sounded out of thin air, but it was Dao Buguo.

  "Although the Heavenly Fox used a forbidden technique to kill the old man's body, but the Heavenly Fox is also the end of the strongest. All of you do not need to care about the old man, just take off the head of this sinful beast, for the sake of the world, for the world, for the sake of all living beings in my Immortal Cloud 13 states to eliminate harm."


  Xie Wei smiled bitterly, there was still room on his mouth to curse: "Voldemort saw you Dao Buguo have to call the insider ......" body is not obedient to the soft.

  The effect of the medicine has been exhausted, Xie Wei five labor seven injuries, not only the whole body bones are broken, internal organs and orifices are a thousand needles piercing pain. At this moment, is a rag doll are more than her warp some.

  The righteous monks were scared shitless a moment ago because Xie Wei had defeated Dao Buguo, and now when they saw that Xie Wei was really dying as if she had been stripped of her bones, they flocked to her, and everyone wanted to be the hero who took off the head of the Heavenly Fox.

  Xie Wei's eyes were blurred, everything was with six or seven layers of double shadows. She gently exhaled, every breath in the mouth and nasal cavity is the smell of blood.

  She was a little tired. The body also hurts.

  The first time in her life, Xie Wei felt such profound loneliness.

  The person who will be unconditionally good to her, there is no one in this world anymore.

  The two parents, the Hopeful and the monk. All these people had left her.

  She walks alone in this world, and all she seems to have with her is regret, in addition to hatred.

  But how long can she take revenge? Today she is taking out the bottom of the box of medicine to just destroy the flesh of Dao Buguo.

  But Dao Buguo is not alone, behind Dao Buguo there is the Heavenly Dao Alliance, and the Heavenly Dao Alliance stand on the side of Kunlun, and with Kunlun and the Heavenly Dao Alliance stand together the world's righteous.

  She can beat Dao Buguo, can she destroy the entire Heaven's Way Alliance? She may be able to escape from under the True Lord of Shangqing, but she can be an enemy of Kunlun, of all the righteous sects?

  She will only be chased and killed if she lives again, so she has the need to live?

  Hope-Huan is dead, the monk is also dead.

  If a person has a soul after death, where does the soul go?

  If she wants to reunite with Huan and see the monk again, can she only die to reach the place where both Huan and the monk are?

  Xie Wei suddenly did not understand why she had to live such a tired life.

  Xie Wei has never aspired to any dramatic epic life. In her previous life, she only had the desire to explore the unknown in her head. In her previous life, her biggest worry was just where to work as a worker. In this life, she is still a small fox, she just wants to live peacefully with her parents at home in Qingqiu.

  What is the need for her to have to live with so much hardship and cursing?

  She was so tired that she didn't want to struggle anymore.

  "Bomutita disciples, form up--!!!"

  In a trance, Xie Wei heard a voice, Xie Wei was stunned, and only when she looked back did she realize that the Bomutita disciples had formed a circular formation with her as the center, trying to protect her.


  Xie Wei choked for a moment as she looked around, trying to find Durga's trail.

  However, she couldn't stand up, and the bones in her hands had been shattered, so she could only bear the pain and let out a futile question.

  "...... Where is Buddha Mother? What are you doing! The one you should be escorting should be the Buddha Mother ......!"

  "Master, the Buddha Mother wants you to live."

  The Bhumuti monk who spoke got a little choked up.

  "You are our benefactor of Bomutita, and we also want you to live."

  A wind blew by and brought a lotus flower petal from somewhere. This lotus petal landed on Shevi's lap, and Shevi saw the vision of Durga.

  Good things will happen if you stay alive.

  Durga winked towards Xie Wei.

  "Poor nun ...... no, I saw it.

  "At last, I finally cultivated the eye of heaven. So little fox, no need to sorrow for my departure. My great wish has been fulfilled, I have seen all the past and the present, the future of the universe.

  Durga spread his small hand, cupped Xie Wei's cheek, and rested his forehead against hers.

  "Although I must not reveal the heavenly path, lest it deviate. But little fox, there is only this thing you must believe: this world is still worth living.

  "Qing Yu, Dan Gui, Lian Xin, Fusang, Su Tie, Qing Tao, Bird Plum, Bi Luo, Jin Zhi, Dan Gui ...... You see, there are still so many people in the world who are remembering you.

  "And he ...... is also waiting for you.

  Durga smiled and looked in a certain direction, Xie Wei followed Durga's gaze and turned his head, but Durga had already disappeared from his original place.


  The three thousand sins are cut, the world's life.

  Only a solo journey, a journey without regret.

  Since making the great wish, Cihang's faith has never changed. Even at this moment when he is holding the wrathful vajra, Cixihang has not forgotten his great wish.

  Since it is impossible to stop the heavenly fox from descending into the world, there is only one thing Cixihang has to do.

  Stop the heavenly fox.

  Ice Hell Red Flame Tower was split in half by the wrathful vajra pestle. Ancient demons howled and rushed out of the Ice Tower, but in the next second, they were destroyed in the Buddha's light.

  On Mount Sumeru, two lines of Myriad Sound Birds were startled, and the Golden Fin Birds hissed uneasily. Many of the Buddha disciples asked their fellow disciples around them in fear and anxiety, "What's wrong?" , "What's happening?"

  In the Golden Glazed Pagoda, Venerable Lian Hua picked up the Buddha disciples who had fallen to the ground due to the earth movement, and he sighed lightly, already thinking where the source of the earth movement was.

  The center of the main hall of Mount Sumeru within the hall, into the quiet meditation of the Bodhi does not say no words do not open his eyes, for Cixihang unauthorized destruction of the ice prison red hot tower out of the tower, he did not hear, ignored.