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Chapter 80

  Xie Wei on the way to Zhangzhou thought she had to go through a vicious battle when she arrived at Bomutita. The reason is that she can rush this way when she can rush, can not rush when she is pounding the material obtained from the Golden Spirit.

  As an experimental demon, the Wushan disciples have a hamster stockpiling habits. The ten wushan family members are the thickest.

  Wushan old monster often go with the flow, that is, to think of a play is a play. He is most impatient to remember when he used up how many spiritual materials and plants, and who which spiritual materials and plants to him, how many of these spiritual materials and plants, where to put. So these trivial daily tasks fell on the head of the disciple's golden spirit.

  The golden spirit helps the old monster of Wushan to look after more than 80% of the family money, this 80% of the family money Wushan old monster also let the golden spirit take at will.

  Golden Spirit not only perfected the blood contract between the master and Xie Wei, he also made a blood contract with Xie Wei, taking material as well as spirit stones in exchange with Xie Wei, buying away more dan recipes from Xie Wei.

  Heavenly immortal grass, red cloud coral worm, poisonous hundred miles, magic blood heavenly vine, blue blood golden turtle, hundred foot centipede, demon beast gall, snow devil heart, immaculate pearl ...... dozens of poisonous spiritual materials supplemented by the soul from the Golden Spirit to get the soul of the body, Xie Wei concocted a taste enough to make the Golden Dan stage below the cultivator swallowed within five seconds directly burst and die of the elixir.

  Of course, if this elixir is only a taste to kill the poison, then simply do not use so many rare materials. Xie Wei refined this dark red elixir may not be the world's most poisonous poison, nor is it the only elixir that can cut the meridian and cleanse the marrow. But this is undoubtedly the only existing pill in this world that can expand the orifices.

  The normal cultivator will not think to expand the orifices, because the orifices will originally expand on their own with the growth of cultivation. The normal circumstances of the random expansion of the acupuncture point is easy to cause the acupuncture point cultivation out of control, out of control of the cultivation of the cultivator lightly destroyed, the heavy body burst and died.

  Xie Wei do is to make this thing out, but she herself does not dare to swallow this thing at will. Is the development of this thing before the previous life she did not dare to take their own experiments, after the successful refining of the elixir did not even take the name into the most secret cave, the ban is also set up the most dense a frame in the library.

  Xie Wei prayed that she would not have the opportunity to use this elixir - if she had used this elixir, it would have meant that she intended to die by fish. Half a day ago Xie Wei was optimistic that she should not be so unlucky as to step into the territory of Zhangzhou and run into a fish dead net may not win the object. I don't want to be back and forth but a few hours, Xie Wei has forgotten all her thoughts half a day ago, only one thought left in her head: today she is going to die and drag Dao Buguo to hell.

  She swallowed the concentrated Zhong Shi milk, the Nine Ghosts Soul Restoring Pill, the Nine Transitions of Tai Wei liquid and the dark red poisonous pills into her belly, Xie Wei's red eyes screamed to the sky.

  The blood flowed backwards in her body like ice slurry, but her internal organs were burned by the overwhelming heat. The brain pulp boiled to the extreme, and the torso was so painful that it seemed like it would soon split open from it.

  By the rampant drug power from the body of a thousand cuts Xie Wei's only thoughts are absolutely no wave of calm.

  Mirror Lake is empty, all the lake water uprooted and converged above the heads of all the cultivators of the righteous path. Although the Yishui and Zhaqu River are still constantly injecting fresh living water into the Mirror Lake, however, the empty space left by the dried Mirror Lake is too vast and deep, and it is not known how long it will take for the Yishui and Zhaqu River to refill the Mirror Lake.

  The clarity of the lake swayed and wavered, wavering between the refraction of platinum-colored lightning, but also reflected the scene of the people on the ground. This scene is like a mirror world descending from the air, many of the righteous cultivators look dumbfounded, actually forgot for a moment to Xie Wei hands.

  To manipulate such a large amount of water is not an easy task, even if born with water attribute heavenly spirit root of the dragon race also need to practice from childhood to slowly control a river a lake a sea of water. No one has ever seen a fox demon cultivator who can manipulate the entire lake, not to mention that this lake is not an ordinary lake!

  After the water of the mirror lake was Xie Wei empty cultivators found that the mirror lake is much deeper than it seems. The entire valley can be described as bottomless, only its abyss can be thousands or even tens of thousands of meters high.

  Such a huge amount of water just smashed down from the air is enough to make the cultivator bones broken into a puddle of mud! Not to mention that these huge amounts of water actually into gradually condensed into ice!

  Dao Buguo's insight far beyond the average cultivator. See the mirror lake water are used for Xie Wei he also did not waver.

  The fox demon cultivator is not strong, the number of survivors after the tragic siege is not more than a hundred. This less than a hundred fox demon cultivators scattered throughout the 13 states of the immortal clouds, most of them are low-key life, never reveal their identity. A few are reduced to playthings, kept in places where they cannot see the sun.

  The fox clan is withering, so naturally they are not taken seriously. Many cultivators in the clan to learn basic general knowledge is often taught that most of the fox demon cultivators have fire spiritual roots, fox fire demon flame water splash inextinguishable, strong fox demon cultivators released - put the fox fire met earth cover can also even burn a clean earth.

  This common sense itself is correct, but this common sense is not complete.

  Qingqiu snow fox and general foxes are the opposite, snow foxes are mostly mutant water spirit root, with the power to manipulate snow and ice. Ice and snow can reflect light, the snow fox family thus realized the illusion, and thus in the fox family a unique.

  Twenty years ago, Dao Buguo specially prepared an inquisition for the remnants of the Mei Clan on Tianlin Mountain, but he didn't want the inquisition to be completed, but let almost all of the remnants of the Mei Clan escape. At that time, Dao Buguo ordered people to investigate Xie Wei, the prophecy of the venerable Cixihang as a possibility of turning into the remnants of the Heavenly Fox Mei Clan. During these twenty years, Dao Buguo did not once intend to let go of Xie Wei, who had disappeared into obscurity.

  Don't say Xie Wei from the snow fox clan such a small matter, is Xie Wei in the Mei Zong and what people have come and gone, come and gone for how long Dao Buguo know everything.

  Because of Xie Wei's lurking, Dao Buguo more than once wanted to take Lu Haijun as bait, but also for this reason hinted at Lu Haijun's master Xuan Qing Zhenren.

  I don't know if Xuan Qing Zhenren really didn't hear the hints of Dao Buguo, or Lu Haijun in the heart of Xuan Qing Zhenren really have some weight, for Dao Buguo hints Xuan Qing Zhenren never any response.

  The Dao Buguo self-respecting identity, it is impossible to tear the face with Xuanqing true man, and the Heavenly Way Alliance does not have that power to force Kunlun to hand over disciples. Lu Haijun is a change of nature, stay in Kunlun retreat, this closed is twenty years of work. Even though Ma Ding has the intention to share the worries of the master to capture Lu Haijun, but also never found the opportunity to do so.

  Can not find things can not be destroyed, can not find people certainly can not be eradicated. Dao Buguo is not a person who does not know how to adapt, eradicating the sky fox is not his ultimate goal. During the past twenty years, Dao Buguo has not been obsessed with Xie Wei. The reason why Dao Buguo will personally come to Zhangzhou is not because he knows that Buddha Mother Durga has friendship with Xie Wei, and wants to lure Xie Wei out by destroying Bomutita.

  The reason why Dao Buguo will personally take action against Bomutita is purely because Durga's life is too hard and Bomutita is too durable.

  The day Bomutita is not destroyed, Dao Buguo will not be able to move Mirror Lake in name only.

  In order to take the mirror lake, Dao Buguo twenty years ago has been operating behind the scenes. He fabricated a good mouth for the righteous sects, and also let the allies hit Bomutita hard, but these self-proclaimed righteous monks are of no use, slow to take a mere candle in the wind Bomutita.

  He did not want to expose himself, and did not want to wait any longer, so he went out himself.

  Fortunately, he always have extra harvest this trip, one is that like the Cixihang but too weak monk, the second is Xie Wei this heavenly fox.

  If you can kill the heavenly fox, Dao Buguo has removed the same big obstacle for the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, his - fame will certainly be more prosperous, and his prestige will be as high as ever.

  When the public opinion is manipulated later, Dao Buguo will be able to prove that Venerable Cihang's fears are just meaningless worries. The venerable Cixihang seems to be compassionate, but in fact it is just hypocrisy. He protects the heavenly fox purely for selfish reasons, is not to put the lives of ordinary cultivators and ordinary mortals in the eyes.

  In this way, Dao Buguo then sword pointing at Venerable Cihang is the great righteousness.

  When Cixihang body death, the last obstacle will disappear.

  Yes, Dao Buguo does not think he killed the weak monk is really killed Cixihang - to kill a great cultivator is different from crushing ants. Killing a great power will have the feeling of killing a great power, and Dao Buguo is to crush the monk's head as if it was just stepping on an ant, so he is sure that he killed not Cixihang himself.

  It is good that it is not Cixihang himself, so it is more convenient for Dao Buguo to prove that Cixihang's private virtue is flawed.

  The most interesting thing is that the heavenly fox seems to really have a private with the ant just now. Look at her now condensed water into ice, howling and wailing with ice spikes sweeping around the look. Isn't that a woman who has lost her lover going crazy?

  The throat slightly vibrated, Dao Buguo sneered. The ice spikes that covered the sky seemed endless, as Xie Wei reached out in the direction of the continuous burst of shots at him.

  Dao Buguo dodged and retreated, each time the ice spikes were about to touch his body will be dodged.

  Where the ice spikes were shot into a hornet's nest of broken sieves, no shelter is directly by the dense ice spikes down to cut holes of varying depths. Numerous cultivators are only running slower to be attacked by the ice spikes straight road not orphaned by the waves, and there are inhalation of broken ice prism cultivators running and running on their knees to the ground, stunned to find their lungs have been inhaled by the ice prism from the inside pierced.

  The ice fog rose in all directions, and the only people who were still not affected were the Bomutita people. There were not many Bomutita disciples left alive, each one was seriously injured. But none of them left their fellow disciples and fled alone, even the nuns with missing arms and legs crawled back to Buddha Mother Durga's side and built a wall with their flesh to surround Durga in the center.

  "Buddha Mother ......! Buddha Mother!"

  The eyelashes of Durga trembled slightly at the sound of auspicious wishes. Breathlessly she strained to lift a thread of eyelids, and it took her a while to comprehend the situation she was in.

  "...... is it? It's her, it's that little fox coming to our rescue ......"

  There was a tiny flicker of shimmering light in Durga's eyes. She looks complicated, can't say whether it is emotion or excitement, or a great confusion to be solved by the enlightenment.

  But Xiangwan suddenly remembered one thing: "Buddha's mother said that good karma is ......!

  Durga did not explain to Xiang wish, she slowly opened and closed her eyes, to Xiang wish and the still living Pomutita disciples to make a final statement.

  "Disciples, we are the monks of Bomutita. We believe in the Four Heavens of Joy and wish to receive the sorrows and sufferings of the world with our bodies, purify this world with joy, and welcome our fellow monks to ascend to the Four Heavens of Joy. We are not wrong in our thoughts and are not guilty."

  "The world is unpredictable, and we are suffering from this calamity today. However, this is also a heavenly trial, all disciples have no superior heart, I, Bomutita, will not be destroyed."

  Durga said looked to the air floating Xie Wei, a touch of softness flowed on the face.

  "...... good karma is not a one-sided giving, do not let good thoughts die for doing good."

  Dao Bu Lone was locked by ice spikes, once he tried to close the distance between him and Xie Wei, Xie Wei immediately raised two hands to manipulate two strands of ice spikes to pinch Dao Bu Lone. However, the ice spikes were always one step behind Dao Buguo's stance, even if Xie Wei manipulated two strands of ice spikes with two hands, they could only tear the corners of Dao Buguo's Xuan-colored robe after all.

  An incense burner passed, Xie Wei could not help Dao Buguo, but Dao Buguo also could not advance an inch.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem.

  Xie Wei can manipulate huge amounts of water, and can condense water into ice at will. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. After all, the more spirit roots there are, the less talent there is in a particular attribute.

  For water and ice, Xie Wei has an overwhelming ability to manipulate, which is not only Xie Wei's strength, but also indicates Xie Wei's weakness: Xie Wei has no strengths beyond manipulating water and ice.

  Seeing Xie Wei desperately pushing ice spikes in the air, but never able to hurt himself, and thus furiously incompetent, Dao Buguo was sure he had figured out what Xie Wei could do.

  --As a remnant of the Mei Sect, this heavenly fox already has some skills. The "battlefield" of the female cultivators of the Smiley Sect is only in bed? The difference between the female cultivators of the Mei sect and the cultivators who really fight for their lives and eat the strongest flesh is in the end an abyss.

  "As a dying message to you, I have something to tell you."

  Between the rise and fall of the rabbit, Dao Buguo suddenly spoke. His voice was calm and majestic, like an ancient bell resounding all around.

  Originally fleeing in panic, the righteous monks at this time all follow the voice of Dao Buguo to look back. A white ice fog, Dao Bugu leaped out, in his hand there is a rod wrapped in the power of wind and thunder red gold long - gun.

  "I do not do not use weapons, just worthy of the old man pulled out this swinging God gun opponent few in the world. If you die under this spear, you are not degrading the name of Heavenly Fox."

  The God-swelling gun aimed at Xie Wei's head and shot out.

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