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Chapter 79

  Covered with cracked Buddha seal from which shattered, had been burned to ashes by the Samadhi fire, and by the incarnation of Cihang to cultivate the Buddha forcefully reunited unbearable to once again destroy, lotus scattered flowers.

  The incarnation of the Buddha's seal was the last of its power, and his memories, emotions and even thoughts were shoved into the mind of Cixi.

  Although the incarnation is just a doll born from the lotus root, a living dummy. But in the end, the incarnation is also a part of Cixihang. He is basically the same as Cixihang as a "human being".

  The mute monk is the one who was not yet a monk as a royal son in his early childhood and adolescence.

  The monk who is blackened by suffering and does not know how to grasp what he desires is the monk who, after becoming a Buddhist monk, can read the sutras and speak Buddhist verses on his lips, but does not know the heart and has no faith.

  The one who has set his beliefs and will do anything for them is the one who is closest to "Cixihang", and the one who is closest to his demons.

  If another person invades the sea of consciousness, Cixiang can counteract the other party in a flash. However, at this moment, it is not someone else who has invaded his mind and overwritten his memories, but himself. The transmission of what he saw and heard to the body is the biggest obligation of the incarnation, even if Cixihang has a thousand cultivation skills and ten thousand abilities, it is difficult to contain the incarnation to fulfill its obligations. What's more, Cixihang's body is also sealed with a heart demon.

  The heart demon is the "impurities" that Cixihang gave up. As long as this "impurity" is not completely gone, Cixihang will not be able to attain the Great Dao and break the void.

  At this moment Cixihang can not prevent the incarnation of the consciousness to return to his body, it will be the incarnation of the consciousness isolated outside the sea of consciousness, ready to wait for the incarnation of the consciousness to dissipate itself, completely disappear.

  --The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The actual "Cixihang" you see? This incarnation of yours is more like me than like you.

  -- "Shut up, sinner.

  --How can you call me "sinful"? Don't forget that the demon is the other side of the two sides of the monk's body. I am you, and you are me. You are cursing yourself by cursing me.

  The heart demon laughed, and the sound was very harsh to Cihang.

  I don't know how long it's been since I was last angry, but Cixihang slapped out a palm toward the heart demon, who was laughing and shaking his robe. The palm of the Buddha's power will touch the robe will dissipate like light smoke, Cixiang frowned, about to attack, but saw the heart of the devil disappeared in place.

  The heart demon disappeared. He said badly, his feet under the octagonal gold plate blooming rotation, carrying him to fly deep into the sea of consciousness.

  Cihang's sea of consciousness was once the shape of Mount Sumeru, in the red state first beheaded demon elders, after the battle against the alliance of the righteous monks, Cihang's sea of consciousness was transformed into the shape of the plain battlefield in the red state.

  Deserted battlefield inch of grass. All the wild flowers and green grass on the plains were turned into residual ash in the air, oozing blood like the remnants of the sun hanging in the sky, never fall. In addition to the smell of blood and fire in the air, there is only the smell of death. Broken sands, east and west on the ground in human form can not be distinguished from human cultivation demon cultivation, demons and demon generals.

  This is how the sea of knowledge of Cixi for thousands of years.

  Cihang has been used to such a devastated battlefield, standing in the middle of such a battlefield, he can even feel the peace and silence.

  So looking at such a battlefield suddenly a small lake, the lake has a palm-sized woman's body in the spirit of lightly rotating dance, Cihang only feel unhappy.

  The heart demon is in front, that looks kind-hearted demon monk with one hand standing palm, walked to a soon-to-be-broken shadow. He seemed to lament as if one knee next to the shadow and helped it up.

  The shadow was no other than the remaining fragment of consciousness of the incarnation of Cihang.

  "Oh, I didn't even know I had this ability to actually know how to love a person ...... not, a demon cultivator?"

  The shadow could not speak, just blinked. The heart demon then also seems to have gone through more than seven thousand days and nights with the shadow thinking about one person.

  "...... is it? She's warm."

  "Hmm? Ah, that's really ...... you're right, she's a bad woman."

  The heart demon said and smiled, the soft light in his eyes flickered slightly, quite a few human feelings were born.

  Cixihang scare heart devil and treacherous plan, he lit up behind the backlight, also ignore the incarnation of the fragment of consciousness is still in, directly transported a palm blast towards the heart devil.

  The heart demon does not seem to be surprised that Cixihang would choose this way. He hooked his lips before Tzuhang's Buddha power annihilated him, revealing a sarcastic expression that seemed to smile, followed by merging with the fragment of consciousness of Tzuhang's incarnation into one.

  The Buddha's power passed directly through the faint shadow and did not cause any harm to the shadow. The demon in the shadow smiled demonically, and then did not flee, but actually rushed to Cixihang.

  The attack was ineffective and Cixihang did not panic, he formed a seal with one hand, and the other hand turned into a ping and vajra. In the heart of the devil with the incarnation of the fragment of consciousness towards him when the eyes opened in anger, the mouth of a violent drink.

  The heart demon was not shaken back by the lion's righteous roar, Cixiang's body glowed with golden light, and the fork of the pinghe vajra in his hand opened and turned into a wrathful vajra.

  Only twenty years of work, Cixihang has been the ice prison red hot tower in the demon fire poisonous fog catalyzed again out of the golden body.

  This golden body is not as good as his original golden body, only a thin layer of not yet fully formed. But the absence of this layer of the golden body is completely different for Cihang, at this time his combat power back to the peak.

  The golden color penetrated heaven and earth, and the wrathful vajra mortar and pestle split the heart demon in half along with the outer fragment of incarnate consciousness. The hand holding the wrathful vajra pestle was released and the pestle disappeared in place. Cixi also regained his compassionate frown and declared Buddha with one hand standing on his palm.

  "Amitabha Buddha--"

  "Haha, hahahaha, hehehehe ......!!!"

  Cixi's voice has not yet fallen, pieces of broken, broken every piece of still turned into ash flying heart demon has loudly and wildly laugh.

  Cixi was startled and hastily covered his mouth and nose, however it was too late. The fragments of his incarnation's consciousness mixed with the mind demon had already sprinkled all over him, and the memories and feelings that had been blocked out by Cixihang were once again flooding into his brain and heart like crazy.


  The woman called him with a sweet voice. Her warm arms reached out from behind Cihang and easily wrapped around his head, his neck.

  "Da Lang ah.

  The voice with some nasal sound was delicate and tickled in the ear canal.

  The arms that embraced Cihang were soft and boneless. First, the slender and slender little finger hooked his collar, and then the whole hand explored into his monk's robe like peeling off a big sheet of candy paper. His pectoral muscles were on fire with the touch of her cold fingertips.

  Soft lips pressed against his earlobe, exhaling like an orchid, calling him, "Da Lang--

  The body was hot, like being baked on a fireplace. Cixihang closed his eyes and concentrated his mind, chanting the Heart Sutra silently, but between breaths he seemed to be able to smell her body.

  It was a light fragrance with a sweet smell, at first smell is not seductive. But only inhale a mouthful, the thirst in the viscera is difficult to restrain. That scratching heart and lung taste burned Cixihang can not support, even the mouth chanting the heart sutra are broken.

  She is kissing his cheeks, she is kissing the corners of his lips, she is kissing the bridge of his nose, she is kissing his eyebrows, she is kissing his eyelids. She would even mischievously go so far as to kiss the top of his head, smiling and rubbing her fingertips over his bald head.

  Her moist eyes just looked at him, it was like they were filled with many little stars, so bright, so deep. She would always take his hand when he was sweating all over and let him hold her fingers.

  She is like the only warmth in this world, she is all the light he can see.

  But he understood that he wasn't everything to her.

  Even though she kissed him as if she was obsessed with him, she would only look further away in the end.

  She was the cruelest person to treat him.

  She showed him the strength of the weak, the non-humility of the lowly. She knew it would be easiest to retreat and no one would blame her for running away, but she was still resolute enough to forge ahead and not forgetting her good intentions.

  He was shaken by her, attracted by her. He thought that he respected her.

  But she disappeared abruptly after he got used to her temperature, leaving him alone to face this earthly world without her.

  A line of rolling heat snaked down from the corner of Cixi's eyes. Shocked, Cixi touched the tear stains on his face and was stunned.


  Xie Wei was stunned in place.

  Her brain was never able to process what her eyes were seeing.

  She opened and closed her lips but could not make a sound for several days.

  The world around her seemed to completely fade in this instant, and nothing could be seen Xie Wei at this time only had the monk in her eyes, as well as Dao Buguo who was stepping on the monk's head.

  "Da ......"

  "DaLang ......?"

  When Xie Wei finally made a sound, the sound, color, and emotions came back to her body all together.

  "DaLang ----!!!"

  A miserable scream pierced through the air, Xie Wei mournfully screamed out like a beast.

  The human head that rolled to the ground was bloodless, and only the calmness of a heartfelt satisfaction remained in the brow of the broken face.

  Xie Wei, who had lost the ability to speak, opened her mouth. She did not know what she was screaming, she could not even hear herself howling. All she knew was that she instinctively watched the water drops in the mirror lake, turning them into ice needles that rained down on Dao Buguo.

  The sudden appearance of Xie Wei only made the end of Dao Buguo's eyebrows raised a point. The two fists of Dao Buguang waved, only two waves of air were raised to blow out the rain of needles condensed by Xie Wei without missing a beat.

  Xie Wei did not care about this, she only wanted to snatch back Dailang's head

  However, the Tao is not the only one who lifted his foot, actually to the monk's skull with force a step.

  The sound of skull shattering was definitely not loud, but it was that little sound that managed to cut off Xie Wei's sanity.

  The reminder of the Supreme Spirit is still ringing in our ears, how Xie Wei does not know that he is waiting for himself after the exposure of a madness is the siege of all the sects of the righteous path?

  But Xie Wei no longer care about these.

  Da Lang, Master ...... monk he died.

  That kind of gentle and harmless people, that kind of compassionate and innocent people.

  Like a collection of pure goodness like a person. How could he die?

  He should not die.

  If the destruction of the Mei sect is to block the way of others, to get in the way of others, then what about the monk? Why did the monk have to die? Did the monk have to die just because he did what he should have done as a monk - be compassionate?

  There is no such reasoning under heaven!

  Even if there was, she would not agree!!!

  There was a white fox whistling under the clear sky of ten thousand miles.

  Thunder should be fox whistle split down, splitting the earth more than ten meters of cracks. The righteous crowd of monks screaming, stunned to look up only to see white clouds from all directions gathered and turned white to black at the same time, actually like a living thing curled and rolled down to press.

  Violet entanglement, round pupils turned into vertical pupils, black eyes showed the color of red gold, red gold also hidden a little blood red. Xie Wei returned to his original form as a white fox, where there were only three tails, another three tails were born.

  The fox demon cultivators scattered throughout the 13 states of the immortal clouds rose up and raised their heads at the same time, and all the fox demon cultivators felt the same pressure. That is the king's might that has not appeared for tens of thousands of years, and is also the announcement that the fox demon cultivators will soon have a new future.

  An old man-like fox demon cultivator tears more than, crutches he let go of the crutches, the body then reverted to the red fox model.

  The old man's children and grandchildren were all frightened by the old man's mutation, and the fox demon cultivator, who had turned into a handsome man, walked out the door and whistled to the sky.

  Wearing a collar was locked in the room of the beautiful woman stopped the action of knocking the legs of people. She was so dazed and lost in thought soon attracted the displeasure of the fat-headed cultivator.

  The monk "Hey!" The monk "Hey!", see the woman still ignored, so he raised his foot towards the woman kicked. Who thought the woman's fingers into claws, grabbed his kicked foot not only, but also pinched his ankle is a twist.


  The monk screamed in tears, his ankle bones shattered, he could not help cursing out: "You beast! Who do you think is raising you! Do you think you can still live after what you did to me? I will kill you! I'll make you into meat! Take your meat and cook it for the dogs to eat! You don't know what you're doing, you're a badly bred animal!

  The beautiful woman smiled faintly, and her nails on her hand grew ten centimeters long.

  The fat-headed monk was a little frightened, but still outside the strong and angry: "You think you can escape by doing this! There is no place outside where you weak fox demons can get a foothold! You will soon be skinned and sewn to your clothes - on ......"

  The fat-headed monk didn't manage to finish his sentence, his head had been removed by the stunningly beautiful woman.

  The woman walked over to the window and pushed it open, craning her neck out toward it.

  "Ow", "oooh" the cries of the fox demon cultivators conveyed the same message.

  --The hibernation of the fox demon cultivators should end. In the future, both the demons and demon generals and sectarians can no longer see the fox race as a beautiful fur, a small pet with its fangs and claws removed.

  Black clouds cover the sun, more than thunder. Mirror Lake changed the usual smooth as a mirror, the lake set off tens of meters high waves. Giant waves, black clouds and thunder at the same time a large fox head, rushing Dao Buguo open a bloody mouth to roar.

  Numerous practitioners of the righteous path before they can open their mouths to scream in shock by the roar was shaken out, smashed to the ground vomiting blood more than, except for the Pomutida disciples around as if by what invisible things to protect, no one was that roar shaken out.

  Feeling the color change of heaven and earth and the ground shaking, some of the disciples of Bomutita regained consciousness and woke up from the ground with a face full of blood.

  A figure floated in the air under a cluster of black clouds. Behind her six tails fluffy and soft and fluttering, looking up is very cute.

  However, the figure with brutal killing intent, the body has condensed into a substantial black mist lingering around her.

  Kunlun main peak above the pillar of heaven, the upper clear true man shoulders a movement, and then issued a long sigh.

  "...... Heavenly Fox, or descend into the world."