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Chapter 78

  Jin Ling clasped her hands to her chest, the frown between her eyebrows and her foot shaking on tiptoe on the ground were telling of her impatience.

  The other party is a refined woman Kunlun disciples also feel very uncomfortable.

  "Still haven't finished checking?"

  As soon as Jin Ling spoke out, the leading Kunlun disciple was a shock.

  The Wushan Old Monster's direct disciple, Jin Ling, is a doctor and poisoner who uses poison to kill people and poison to heal them. By her grudge, that is really eight lifetimes of bad luck.

  Once there was an eyeless male cultivator molested - in her, was her on the spot with poison into a bubble of pus and blood, died without a burial place. There is also a clan young patriarch do not know how high the sky in a public place to humiliate the appearance of the old monster of Wushan, by the Golden Spirit finger drug, began to itch around the body plus three hours to pull a stomach. The man learned more than twenty years later that his "strange disease" was drugged by the Golden Spirit, but his appearance was ruined by his own gouging and scratching, and his three-hour diarrhea not only made him a laughingstock, but also prevented him from cultivating successfully, and he was soon replaced from the position of young patriarch.

  The master's orders can not be disobeyed, ordered to search the traces of the foxes of Kunlun disciples of this heart is unlucky, actually good death was divided to check the witch mountain this magic cave. This time by the golden spirit impatient glare, the Kunlun disciples are more drums in the heart, afraid of annoying the golden spirit this aunt also suffered from "strange disease".

  "This ...... fairy please forgive me, we are also under the orders of the master, have no choice but to offend the fairy residence."

  "You have the effort to talk, why not tell me directly whether you have investigated or not."

  Jin Ling's rhythmic leg shaking sound seemed to get faster.

  "Not yet--"

  "Okay, okay! Golden Fairy we've checked it out!"

  A Kunlun disciple, seeing that his junior brother still wanted to talk more, hurriedly stepped forward and stepped on his junior brother's foot. His brother's face was blue with pain, but he had to hold back his voice.

  "Wushan and Kunlun have been good friends for generations, how can a representative of the righteous path like the Golden Fairy hide the demon fox that killed my Kunlun disciples? We believe in the fairy, so I'll leave!"

  Kunlun disciple said dragged a difficult face of his brother out of the cave of the Golden Spirit, other Kunlun disciples see this also hurriedly fish out.

  Golden Spirit's cave has a big pot, the pot also does not know what things are boiling, gurgling purple stink. Just by the stench of steam Kunlun disciples are feeling their internal organs to rot, and then think of Jin Ling that reputation of the ability to ...... a group of people can only hold their breath, until out of the cave of Jin Ling like a big breath of life again.

  The golden spirit saw off the Kunlun disciples fawning and smiling away, she slowly closed the door of her residence, followed by the tripod in front of which the extremely foul-smelling liquid was simmering.

  The hand choked a few knots, the golden spirit snapped his fingers and the big pot opened. Xie Wei jumped out of it, she was already dizzy from the stench and her sense of smell was temporarily dysfunctional.

  "Thank you, senior, for saving me!"

  Xie Wei arched her hand and did not complain about the smelly stench in the Golden Spirit Cave.

  After she left the Qixue Residence, she went straight to the Witch Mountain. Wushan Mountain was still in an odd posture next to Kunlun's Spiritual Peak, but the old monster of Wushan Mountain was nowhere to be seen.

  Here Xie Wei did not find the old monster of Wushan, over there Kunlun has made a commotion. For some reason countless Kunlun disciples came out, searching for Xie Wei, even the Wushan who came to be a guest could not avoid being searched.

  The number of Kunlun disciples is too large, and it is a wave-shaped carpet search. Xie Wei has not tried to use the sea of consciousness to trap hundreds of people at once, and then unified to modify the memories of hundreds of people, so just carefully lurking, trying to avoid the ears of all Kunlun disciples.

  However, the number of disciples sent by Kunlun grew, and Xie Wei was almost discovered. Fortunately, Jin Ling, the woman who sent Xie Wei to Kunlun to meet the old monster of Wushan, heard the old monster of Wushan tell the story of Xie Wei's visit to him to transform his magic weapon before he left Wushan. When she saw Xie Wei hiding and saw the Kunlun disciples searching around, she brought Xie Wei back to her cave and hid her in the big tripod.

  "There is no need to thank me. It's also my master's fault, he's always happy to see what he sees, once he's addicted to something he can't help himself and doesn't care about his surroundings. He took your commission and left you alone in Kunlun, not to let you live in the crane residence to avoid the eyes and ears to recuperate, he most likely, just did not think anything."

  The golden spirit said hating iron and shaking his head. The tone is complaining, but people who listen can taste a few intimacy.

  The old monster of Wushan has an odd temper and a foul mouth. Xie Wei subconsciously felt that Wushan old monster such a person is unlikely to have a woman fall in love with him. But seeing Jin Ling talking about her master Wushan Old Monster in such a tone, Xie Wei's sixth sense antennae subconsciously stood up - she could feel that there was a friendship between Jin Ling and Wushan Old Monster beyond that of master and disciple.

  It is in this world, the disciple is usually brought up by the master, saying that one day is a teacher is a father for life is not a metaphor. Therefore, teacher-disciple love is against the moral taboo - taboo, once exposed it will be accused by a thousand people.

  It is rude to speculate on other people's private affairs, let alone take the content of unauthorized speculation to the entrance. Xie Wei thanked Jin Ling once again, but did not mention anything else.

  "You are really polite."

  Jin Ling's impression of Xie Wei was very good. This was not only because Xie Wei spoke and acted with discretion and poise, but also because the formula Xie Wei gave to the old monster of Wushan had shocked Jin Ling quite a lot.

  Wushan old monster is at least a genius, Xie Wei gave him the recipe even more complex he read it twice to memorize it. So he went to find the spirit material for Xie Wei to transform the magic weapon before throwing the recipe Xie Wei gave him to Jin Ling, asking Jin Ling to study the recipe when he had time, and by the way, share the recipe to the other eight people in the Wushan Ten Jie know.

  "Not to mention this, do you have another recipe? I am willing to buy. ...... ah, by the way, the previous recipe you gave to the master was passed on to our Wushan Ten Jie without permission by the master, I'm afraid these recipes will be circulated more widely in the future. How about I make it up to you in advance."

  Jin Ling thought of what to say, while saying also got up to go through the next medicine cabinet pill box.

  "Compensation is not necessary, I still have the prescriptions. Just not so great ......"

  "No, compensation is to be given."

  Jin Ling turned back and smiled wryly towards Xie Wei: "Save yourself the trouble of finding out later that the whole Wushan people know about your formula and come back to us for compensation."

  Xie Wei choked, Jin Ling as if it was too much trouble, directly turned a hundred treasure bag out, she temporarily can not use all the pills and poisons pocketed a full, into Xie Wei's hands.

  "These may not be enough, you can ask my master for the rest. Remember to add an extra clause to the blood contract between you and your master: once the two of you complete the deal on the blood contract, you cannot pursue your master or pursue me, Wushan, for disclosing your formula."

  Jin Ling was straightforward and quick, Xie Wei liked her honesty, gripped the hundred treasure pouch in her hand and promised, "It's a deal!"

  Jin Ling also liked Xie Wei's uncompromising decisiveness, she smiled in a rare moment and pulled out another bottle of pills from her body.

  "This one is concentrated bellows milk. ...... Kunlun came to Wushan for cooperation, hoping to make the Bell Stone Milk into an elixir for easy preservation and carrying. This bottle is considered to be burned to ashes by me."

  Xie Wei also smiled: "I have a recipe here, the effect is not so great, the spirit materials used are also trivial and complicated, but can fix the medicinal properties and reconcile the conflicting medicinal properties. Fairy is willing to use your 'burned to ashes' bell stone milk in exchange?"


  Jin Ling and Xie Wei made an appointment that she would send a message to Wushan Old Monster to rendezvous with Xie Wei in Zhangzhou after building the magic weapon for Xie Wei. Xie Wei was then sent safely out of Wushan Mountain by Golden Spirit and traveled all the way to Zhangzhou.

  It didn't take long for Xie Wei to learn what Kunlun had sent thousands of disciples to dig up the ground to find her.

  Qi Shuofeng died a tragic death. The cause of death announced by Kunlun was that he was tragically killed by a heavenly fox, which ate his heart in order to improve his cultivation.

  Xie Wei was helpless, but more than that, she was annoyed. The rumor mill was abuzz with rumors, both monks and mortals were telling others in graphic detail how she cunningly sneaked up on Qi Shuo Feng, how she brutally cut open Qi Shuo Feng's chest, how she bloodily ripped open Qi Shuo Feng's heart and savored it in slices.

  Xie Wei not only became the enemy of Kunlun, but also flew up the reward list of the Heavenly Dao Alliance. The righteous sects were moved by the wind and followed suit in order to flatter Kunlun. In addition to increasing the reward for Xie Wei on the Heavenly Dao League's bounty list, they also issued sect tasks within the sect to motivate their disciples to capture or kill the demon fox.

  Although the evil cultivators and demons do not care how Kunlun and the Heavenly Way Alliance, but money and wealth move people's hearts, the Heavenly Way Alliance reward list of millions of top quality spiritual stones and a variety of exotic treasures make many evil cultivators and demons are moved, even the demons are also disguised as ordinary cultivators, groups left the demonic domain, to the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud to search for Xie Wei's whereabouts.

  Xie Wei one can not jump out to refute the rumors, two can not reveal their identity. Her trip to Zhangzhou was really difficult.

  When she arrived at Zhangzhou, another ten days had passed.

  This day the sun shone brightly in the sky, mirror lake bright reflections. The Sanskrit sound that has been around Bomutita for a long time has dissipated, the Buddha mother Durga was knocked to the ground, bleeding from seven orifices.

  Dao Buguo received one hand behind him and slowly flew down from the void. Durga's blood splattered on top of his metaphysical robe and was soon invisible.

  "Demon nun, you debauch - insulting Buddha, using the name of cultivating Buddha to tempt people to fall - down, sucking people's essence to preserve youth, can you admit your sin?"

  "...... sin? What is the sin of the poor nun?"

  Durga smiled coldly and got up from the ground with shaking knees. Now she looks just a beautiful girl of five or six years old, while she looked at least eight or nine years old before she last fell into a state of slumber.

  In the distance, Xiangwan fell to the ground, face to the ground, not knowing whether she was alive or dead. Around him were many other disciples of Bomutita. All the disciples were maintaining the Pomutida's sect protection formation until one incense stick, but the appearance of Dao Buguo tilted the stalemate in an instant.

  The disciples in the formation were blown away by the force of the broken formation, adding new wounds to the old ones. Many of the disciples were shattered on the spot organs and died silently. The disciples who are still alive are still only a breath, even if no one to fill the knife, and then a moment and a half will die in the same place.

  Sleeping Duerjia sensed that the disciples of the sect have perished, woke up in a rage against Dao Buguang. But how can she be a match for Dao Buguo, whose cultivation has fallen to the pre-tunnel stage? She was able to last an incense under Dao Buguo all because she had a lot of strange tricks, always hitting Dao Buguo a surprise.

  However, the difference in realm is really too big, Duerjia was soon crushed by Dao Buguo with strength, directly by Dao Buguo a palm injury.

  Before the arrival of Dao Buguo, none of the cultivators surrounding Bomutita could break Bomutita's sect protection formation. At this time, seeing Dao Buguo easily defeated Durga, the sects' cultivators were all embarrassed.

  Someone shouted: "What are you all still standing there! Why don't you quickly put the demon monks and nuns of Bomutitha to death on the spot? All the monks snapped back to their senses, and all of them grabbed their weapons and magic weapons in their hands and attacked the half-dead disciples of Bomutitha on the ground.

  "How dare you!!!"

  Durga rose up in anger, like a mother beast seeing her cubs being attacked. Her eyes opened wide and the golden lotus in her eyes burst into rage, actually wanting to explode her golden pellet and burn herself to death.

  The terrifying pressure formed a solid wave of air, with Durga as the center, overturning all the cultivators who were attacking towards Bomutita's disciples. "Ah!!!" The sound of "WOW!!!" In the midst of the screams, only one person stood still and even went up against the waves, walking towards Durga with a leisurely expression.

  This person is naturally Dao Buguo.

  "A good demon nun. Not willing to confess to the crime, but also hurt my righteous cultivators. I will personally take action today to get rid of this demon nun and return peace and quiet to the 13 states of Xiangyun."

  Before Dao Buguo's words fell, he had already arrived in front of Duerjia. He grabbed Durga's neck and lifted Durga up alive. Duerjia speed is not as fast as him, strength is not as strong as him, cultivation is not as good as him, was immediately pinched hard to breathe, the small body struggling in the air twisted.

  Duerjia's hands were choking Dao Buguo's hands around her throat, and she ignited her golden elixir, trying to release her mind once last, to suppress Dao Buguo's consciousness directly.

  But Dao Buguo was prepared for this. He only glared at Durga, Durga's consciousness environment shattered in pieces, the divine consciousness was directly bounced away before it could connect to Dao Buguo's consciousness.

  "You, not ...... Dao Buguo ......!"

  Durga tiny double - legs in the air kicking and stirring.

  Dao Buguo slightly narrowed his eyes, sneered: "Demon nun before death still do not forget the demonic words confuse people? If I am not Dao Buguo, who can I be? And where is the real Dao Buguo? Would he have let an impostor take his place?"

  Durga was strangled to the point that he could not speak, and he gradually became dizzy and slowly lost his strength.

  "Stop it ......!"

  A man struggled hard on the ground. He was gray-headed, his body was covered in blood, and a broken face was full of stains and abrasions, which made it even more hideous.

  Dao Buguo subconsciously followed the person's voice line that made him feel familiar towards that person. When he saw the man's face, he also gave a long "oh--".

  The monk who had been supporting the Bomutita sect protection formation together with Xiangwan and the monks of Bomutita until the last moment did not give up, spitting blood, gouging his hands on the ground and holding up half of his body.

  "Although the face is broken, but this face, this voice, this Buddha power - the master is the venerable Cihang, right?"

  The monk's face was expressionless, he only said, "I don't know what you're talking about. My surname is Shi, and everyone calls me Da Lang."

  Dao Buguo smiled and showed a sneer. Why would Venerable Cihang, who should be in the Ice Prison Red Flame Tower, appear here, why would his cultivation level be so low as to be only a little stronger than that of an ant, all this did not matter to him. It was enough for him to sit on the fact that Venerable Cihang had appeared in Bomutita, an evil sect, and had also defended the demon Nidurga.

  "Why does His Holiness have to deceive himself and others? Or does Your Holiness himself know that what you are meddling in now is not something that a Buddhist monk should meddle in? But Your Holiness, what is the use of cutting your own face? If you test the Buddha's power, you will know who you really are."


  The monk's silence looked like acquiescence in the eyes of Dao Buguo. Only the monk himself knew that he was not lying when he said he was Shi's dalang.

  In the past twenty years, the monk has more or less realized that he is not really "himself". He perceived through various signs that he should be the incarnation of someone, but he was not able to know who that someone was.

  The monk felt unfamiliar with the "Venerable Cihang" in the mouth of Dao Buguo. But in the dark, the monk felt that what Dao Buguo said was true. He is the highly respected monk, the incarnation of Cihang.

  But in the end, Cihang is Cihang, he is him.

  The Shi family dalang is not destined to be the venerable Cixihang, because he has not cut off the seven emotions and six desires, he is the evil monk with all three poisons of greed and anger.

  "Then use me ...... to exchange the poor monk for the mother of Buddha, is it good?"

  The monk asked indifferently, his right hand standing palm: "Amitabha Buddha. Poor monk in the hands of the master, the master will be able to prove that Venerable Cixi is false to the false compassion of the snake. From now on, the reputation of the Buddha's kingdom has fallen into a thousand pieces, and the reputation of Venerable Cihang has fallen to the ground. Then the master and Kunlun will be able to divide the world and make the righteous path follow their lead."

  Dao Bugu raised one eyebrow as he swept around from the corner of his eye.

  By the Buddha mother Durga deterrence, the surrounding monks have been blown far away, fallen east and west moaning - moaning. The only person who could hear the conversation between the monk and Dao Buguo at this time was the dying Durga in Dao Buguo's hand.

  So Dao Buguo answered: "Master why do you say that? Is this demon nun so important to you?"


  The monk folded his hands and shook his head gently.

  "It's true that the Buddha's mother is kind to me, but the poor monk doesn't care if she lives or dies."

  Dao Buguang could feel the Durga in his hand tremble slightly and stiffen.

  "The poor monk only knows that there is one person in this world who does not want Buddha's mother to die. If Buddha's mother dies, she will not be able to repay Buddha's mother's great kindness."

  The monk looked at Dao Buguo, but his eyes did not fall on Dao Buguo's body. His gaze passed through the void, through the sunlight, and looked at someone who did not exist here.

  "The poor monk wants to fulfill that person's wish for her."

  If she wanted to repay the favor, he wanted her to be able to repay the favor.

  For that, he could die.

  "So that's how it is. Master is really ......"

  Dao Buguo laughed. He held Durga in one hand without putting it down, and waved the other hand across the air.

  "The love is deep and righteous."

  The monk's head separated from his neck.

  With compassion, pity and peace, the expression on the monk's face was forever fixed in this moment when he lowered his eyes and closed them.

  "But master, you got one thing wrong."

  As soon as Dao Buguang let go of the half-dead Durga fell to the ground, he tugged Durga's hair, walked up to the monk's head and kicked the compassionate looking head.

  "You don't have the qualifications to negotiate with me."