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Chapter 77

  The sound of the wind whistling in the ears. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  Someone came with a sword, a flash of blue sword light, Xie Wei was surrounded by the person with the sword into the arms, from the tip of the stone peaks can be skimmed.

  Xie Wei blinked, she raised her head and saw Qi Shuo Feng's face.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. His face faded - removed the youthful, the middle of the brow more often frowned and produced the "Chuan" character, eyebrows become cold and stern a lot, the look also has a depressed temperament. But a nervous jaw line taut this point has not changed.

  The original sword of Qi Shuo Feng is at Xie Wei's feet. Xie Wei's divine sense can't sense Qi Shuo Feng's hostility towards himself. The hand that pressed on Qi Shuo Feng's chest and had extended long nails withdrew, Xie Wei's vertical pupils spread back into normal round pupils, and her eyes returned from gold to black.

  "Dare to ask this immortal friend, what do you mean by this?"

  Xie Wei did not forget that Qi Shuofeng chased himself all night, and he gave Qi Shuofeng a hole in his chest.

  "...... nothing meaningful."

  Qi Shuo Feng's voice was dry and with a hidden.

  Xie Wei did not have a particular good feeling towards Qi Shuofeng, nor did she have a particular dislike. The company is not willing to tell the truth, and Xie Wei is too lazy to force him to ask. She "oh" a hand reached out in the air twirled a piece of winged crane fallen crane feathers back.

  "This immortal friend, you can let go."


  The first thing you need to do is to ask Xie Wei what she is going to do, Xie Wei has already slipped out of Qi Shuo Feng's arms like a soft breeze, toeing a bit to ride the crane feathers and go.

  The first thing you need to do is to look at the back of Xie Wei's eyes, and when Xie Wei turned around, Qi Shuo Feng met her eyes.

  The first time I saw him, I remembered that twenty years ago, in the night of the fire, he had also met Xie Wei's eyes and looked into Xie Wei's eyes.

  Twenty years ago, the young man named Qi Shuofeng only saw the eager desire to live in Xie Wei's eyes, not thinking that what he saw was only what Xie Wei wanted him to see.

  Now, twenty years later, the eyes that only glanced at Qi Shuofeng were only guarded and bland, but now Qi Shuofeng can see what Xie Wei did not say.

  --The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

  This made Qi Shuo Feng smile for a long time, he called out to Xie Wei who wanted to leave.


  At the moment when Qi Shuo Feng put his hand in his arms, Xie Wei almost unfolded the sea of knowledge. It turned out that what Qi Shuofeng took out from his arms was actually a medium-grade quality magic weapon.

  That was exactly the dagger that Xie Wei used to open a hole in Qi Shuo Feng's chest.

  "Give it back."

  Qi Shuofeng, who was being guarded by Xie Wei, returned the dagger to him. Xie Wei was suspicious of fraud and did not take the dagger. She used the crane feather as a weapon as soon as Qi Shuofeng threw the dagger, and flew into the clouds with the weapon. The dagger cut an arc in the air and disappeared without leaving a trace among the high and distant mountain rocks and spiritual peaks in a flash.

  In a flash there was only Qi Shuofeng left around, accompanied by only Xiao Xiao mountain wind.

  The white robe on his body was blown by the mountain wind fluttering, the whole person is dyed with the vicissitudes of mourning, Qi Shuo Feng reality a stunned, then closed his eyes a smile.

  "...... also."

  I don't know where it started, there is no end to it.

  He hid something in that hidden corner of his heart, just like the dagger. Perhaps the best outcome would be if no one picked it up.

  He did not feel sad, and was even a little relieved.

  "-Senpai is really an amorous seed, others stabbed you and you let her steal your heart away."

  "The women of the Mei Sect are really a scourge."

  A laugh full of sarcasm overpowered the wind and reached Qi Shuofeng's ears. A line of blood flowed down from the corner of Qi Shuo Feng's mouth.

  Qi Shuo Feng coughed and looked down, only to see a sword with purple qi piercing through his chest.

  "Senior Brother Lu, that loser who can't afford to be frustrated, is just fine, I didn't expect that you, Senior Brother Qi, would actually be planted on the same woman as Senior Brother Lu. The most ridiculous thing is that you and that woman have only met once."

  Qu Huan appeared behind Qi Shuofeng at some point.

  The corners of his lips raised a demonic smile, and that embroidered and luxurious golden silk robe was once again stained with blood, as if it had been printed with bright red flowers.

  "Alas, my Hanging Nursery lineage is also fated to suffer. Always reduced to wiping the butts of you amorous seeds. Do you know, Senior Brother Qi? There was once a Kunlun as amorous as you, the same by the Mei Zong bane hooked away the soul, all day long five fascination three do not do the right thing genius. Guess who it is?"

  "Master ...... brother ...... you ......"

  With a strong grip on Qu Huan's native sword, Qi Shuofeng vomited more blood.

  "Wrong answer! Not me."

  Qu Huan smiled happily, he pressed against Qi Shuofeng's back, slowly forward another half step, Qi Shuofeng's heart along with the golden pellet formed in the heart gave a strangled mass of thin shreds.

  "For the sake of the master and brother, I will reveal the mystery for you. This genius is the one you've seen before - the most decent looking gentleman but the true man of Shangqing. Hahahaha, did not expect it, right? I also did not expect, the master teacher uncle master ancestor ...... everyone did not expect!"

  "The hallowed sword genius Nangong Toi went to Kunlun but did not think about purification, all day long thinking about a lowly woman. When the hanging nursery lineage of the master uncle can headache. Fortunately, that bitch and a group of stupid women together to practice a flawed eighteen streams of garbage techniques, and created a clan against good customs."

  "A little threat to the survival of the sect of the group of stupid women, the head of the stupid women immediately agreed to sacrifice that bitch it. That bitch is so much smarter than those stupid women, she probably already found out why she had to die."

  Qu Huan drew his sword, and the hole in Qi Shuofeng's chest bled out with a "poof". Qu Huan lifted up the unconscious Qi Shuo Feng and made a sideways listening motion to Qi Shuo Feng's mouth.

  "Hmm? What? Curious why I'm saying so much to you?"

  Qu Huan laughed out loud, holding the sword in one hand and Chi Shuo Feng in the other he couldn't spread his hands, he could only shake the blood-stained Benevolent Sword from his hand.

  "Think about it, a person knows many secrets, but also have to keep their mouths shut not to reveal to others, this is not to suffocate a person. I am also a human being, I also have the urge to reveal the secret ah! So - I'll tell you the secrets I know! Because you must not tell others to know!"

  "After all, you're going to die soon."

  He was not sure how much of the scene where he let Xie Wei go was seen by Q Huan, but he was sure that Q Huan must have let himself go on purpose.

  "Mm-hmm, good senior brother must have already thought of it. Yes, that's right. I was watching you set that woman free."

  The smiling Qu Huan patted Qi Shuofeng's face to make sure he was still conscious and could still hear his words.

  "Senior brother, you are already an unusable waste for suspecting the Kunlun policy. Waste has to be eliminated. But I, for one, don't like to waste. So just trouble you ...... well, I should say to trouble your corpse to be used by me one last time."

  "Senior Brother Qi, be happy. You will be treated as if you have given your heart to the Heavenly Fox, and your beloved one will be asked by the whole world to be responsible for your death. She will soon very - very soon go to the side where you are also. How's that? Your death is worth something, isn't it?"

  "By the way!"

  Putting away his native sword, Qu Huan rolled up Qi Shuofeng in a golden silk brocade robe and replaced it with a mournful face.

  "With this death of yours, the two Lu Qi families will finally be able to turn against each other."

  Qu Huan's initial script was to instigate Qi Shuofeng to kill the woman Lu Haijun loved for the sake of Lu Haijun's good, and then let Lu Haijun know about it. The reason is that Qu Huan was really curious whether Lu Haijun would disregard the friendship between the two families for the sake of a daughter and tear his face off with Qi Shuofeng.

  Who would have thought that the woman's life was so hard that she became the "Heavenly Fox" in the mouth of Venerable Cihang. Qu Huan was thinking, "Oh my God, no?" On the other hand, he was excited to give Lu and Qi a new script.

  The Qi family has given too much to the Lu family, if even the most gifted child ever has been folded in, I think even a clay man should have three points of fire. To this child or the Lu family's children killed ......

  Qu Huan bent his eyes with a smile.

  "I heard that the true man of Shangqing has the suspicion of letting the heavenly foxes run away!"

  This is the majority of cultivation sects, cultivation - the family heard rumors.

  "Kunlun said to the public that Senior Chi died from the Heavenly Fox hollowing out his heart, but it's not true! Lu Haijun has long been jealous of Senior Brother Qi's talent and had an old relationship with the Heavenly Fox. This time it happened to be Qi's adulterous affair with the Heavenly Fox, in order to help the Heavenly Fox escape they killed their own fellow disciple!"

  This is the Qi family got the news.

  "The Heavenly Fox is not only a scourge of human life, but even that seemingly only in the heart of the Sword Dao of the Supreme Spirit can compel! Venerable Cihang may have the virtue of good life to be unwilling to kill the Heavenly Fox, but who can guarantee that Venerable Cihang is not compelled by the Heavenly Fox!"

  This is the saying that has spread to the Buddhist kingdom and to the demonic realm.

  And millions of cultivators say as follows.

  "Whether these rumors are true or false, one thing is absolute!"

  "- The Heavenly Fox, must not be kept!!!"