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Chapter 76

  Nangong To's Haotian sword penetrated Ziyue's body, and Ziyue, who looked like a crazy leopard, coughed out a mouthful of blood, folded her knees and fell forward.

  The Ziyue who fell in Nangong To's arms was relieved. She was smiling, gazing at Nangong To with her clear eyes, her eyes were filled with a thousand words.

  Nangong Toi shook his hand, he knew that if he treated Ziyue now, Ziyue might still have a chance to live. But as if seeing through his naivety, Ziyue pressed his hands with her bloodied fingers, stopping him from casting the spell.

  Ziyue opened her mouth to say something but couldn't say even a single word. She coughed and spat blood that stained her and Nangong Toi's robes. Her nasal cavity also gradually flowed blood. Where Nangong Toi's eyes could see, only the crimson was so clear.

  Ziyue died. Her face was calm and peaceful, without a trace of injustice, without a trace of pain.

  Nangong Toi took Ziyue's corpse to the Void Sea.

  The status of Ziyue in the Nangong family is subordinate, she can not be buried in the tomb of the Nangong family, her parents also long ago when she became a dispute between the two young masters abandoned her daughter. Nangong Toi did not want to give Ziyue to her parents who never intended to protect her, and could not take Ziyue's corpse back to Kunlun. He thought that if there was a way to let Ziyue return to the world in peace and quiet, it was to take Ziyue to the Sea of Emptiness.

  When Nangong Toi, who was holding Ziyue's corpse, walked into the Sea of Emptiness, he saw Ziyue's memories.

  The Mei Clan's gong method has flaws, which Ziyue as well as her sisters are well aware of. But in order to gain the power to protect themselves from being bullied, Ziyue and her sisters could not stop practicing this flawed gong method.

  Ziyue's mistake was that she did not think that after introducing her sisters to Nangong Toi, one sister had a secret love for Nangong Toi and was jealous of Ziyue's affection for Nangong Toi, and then deliberately helped her in the name of helping her after she showed something wrong, which aggravated her frenzy.

  Nangong Toi wanted to kill the woman who made Ziyue crazy with her sword on the spot, but the last wisp of Ziyue's mind stopped her.

  The Mei Clan has already lost Ziyue as a pillar, if even the woman who killed her also fell, the Mei Clan, a weak and emerging clan, will not be able to survive.

  Ziyue considers the Mei Sect as her own child, she cannot let Nangong Toi, let Nangong Toi to kill the child she has grown up with so much care.

  Nangong Toi could not go against Ziyue's wishes and had to resentfully promise Ziyue to spare the female cultivator who killed her and not to destroy the Mei Zong.

  Ziyue's physical body was dead, and her divine thoughts could not be maintained for long. After she disappeared, Nangong Toi refused all external contacts, the female cultivator who killed Ziyue asked to see him several times he refused to meet with it. This woman still wants to pester, Nangong To throw a sword out to break this woman's arm - he promised Azizi not to kill this woman, but did not promise not to hurt her. She should thank him for not killing her.

  The female cultivator who can be the sect leader of the Mei Sect is not a fool. She already understands that her assassination of Ziyue has been exposed, Nangong Toi is for Ziyue to spare her life. The woman fled back to the Mei Sect and never mentioned the past since then.

  Nangong Toi closed door to cultivate the sword, after that gradually become the heart of only the sword and the sword intention of the true man of the Shangqing.

  As for the Mei Zong ...... Nangong Toi hated the Mei Zong. He hated the Mei Zong took away his Azi, he hated one of the founders of the Mei Zong killed his beloved people. But the Mei Zong is also the only trace of existence left by Azizi, Nangong Toi can not be ruthless to destroy the heart and soul of Ziyue, to erase the traces of the existence of Ziyue.

  Therefore, in the Shangqing true man chose to abandon the name "Nangong Toi" at the same time, he also chose to abandon the complex feelings of the Mei Zong.

  Shangqing true man treats Mei Zong is able to ignore, ignore, can not ignore also as other people's business, has nothing to do with itself.

  The reason why the old matter is revisited, Shangqing true man has only one purpose.

  "Zhiwei, if you do not want to become like Azi, remember that once you feel hungry to immediately relieve this hunger. The more times you are hungry, the more hungry you are, the faster you will lose your sanity."

  "You may still miss killing someone when you have reason, if you don't have reason ...... the person who kills you will most likely be me."

  Cixi Venerable is hoping that the Heavenly Fox will not descend this to reveal the Heavenly Dao. Shang Qing Zhenren agreed with the idea of Venerable Cihang, that it is always better to be prepared than to mend the fold after death.

  However, Venerable Cihang's choice and the choice of the Supreme Spirit is not Kunlun, not the Heavenly Dao Alliance, not the Dragon Clan, and not even the choice of the three thousand righteous sects.

  -- massacre Mei Zong disciples, burned out the Mei Zong mountain gate in addition to Kunlun and the Heavenly Way Alliance, Emotionless Sect, Green Feather Temple, Ten Absolute View, Piaomiao Immortal Sect, Chongxiao Pavilion, Pear Blossom Garden, Qingyang Academy, Green Meditation and Ghostly House, Bright Moon Palace ...... even the Flying Flower Immortal House also have a part to play.

  There are many alliances with Kunlun, and the Flying Flower Immortal House, which is very close to Kunlun, is only involved because it agrees with Kunlun's philosophy. The other sects were willing to send their men simply to show submission and goodwill to Kunlun and the Heavenly Dao Alliance. They did not even ask why Kunlun and the Heavenly Dao Alliance decided to destroy the Mei Sect.

  For the Heavenly Fox, on the surface, the attitude of the Shang Qing Zhenren is the attitude of Kunlun. But privately Kunlun is supporting the Heavenly Dao Alliance. The reason why the upper echelons of Kunlun allow the Shangqing true man to express support for the idea of the venerable Cihang is but to sing with the Heavenly Dao Alliance a - red face a singing white face.

  Naturally, Kunlun and the Heavenly Daoist Alliance is the head of these sects also agree with the decision of Kunlun and the Heavenly Daoist Alliance: to prevent before it is too late, to kill Xie Wei who may become a Heavenly Fox before it becomes a Heavenly Fox.

  It can be said that Xie Wei is already on the opposite side of the entire Immortal Cloud 13 states cultivation world just by being alive.

  Shangqing true man has learned the cause and effect of Kunlun so choose. He could not say that Kunlun's will was wrong.

  But as a human being, as someone who shared the same thoughts as Venerable Cihang, Shangqing Zhenren did not want to kill Xie Wei who had not yet become a Heavenly Fox. After all, Xie Wei's person has never committed the crime of brutalizing the innocent.

  Caught between his personal will and the collective will, there is one and only one thing that Shangqing Zhenren can do for Xie Wei and for the Mei Zong.

  "Zhiwei, you have to maintain your sanity. This is a necessary condition for you to survive. But as long as you still maintain your rationality, I will not make a move against you."

  "On the contrary, once I judge that you have gone crazy, I will be the first to take your head and send you on your way in the most painless way."

  The real Shangqing face is covered with frost, there is no half-joke on his face.

  Xie Wei was astonished, she understood that the reason why Shang Qing Zhenren said this to her was not to threaten her, but hoped that she could live longer to remind her so.

  This is also for Ziyue senior, for Ziyue senior left behind the Mei Zong? Xie Wei is not sure. But this does not prevent Xie Wei from thanking Shang Qing Zhenren for this kindness.

  "...... Zhiwei understands. Thank you for mentioning it senior."

  Holding his fist and arching his hand, Xie Wei bowed his head. Shang Qing Zhenren "hmm", a trace of intolerance in his eyes while also turned away, hiding the emotions rolling in his eyes.

  "I will not come back here, you also leave from Qixue Residence. ...... the next time I see you again, I hope you still have your sanity."

  "Yes, thanks a lot senior."

  Since Shangqing Zhenren had given an ultimatum, Xie Wei did not delay.

  --The old monster of Wushan asked her to wait here, but Shangqing Zhenren must have his reasons for asking her to leave. The fact is that the old man and the old man are old acquaintances, I think the old man will be responsible for informing the old man.

  The reason why the crane residence is called crane residence is because there are cranes inhabiting here. These cranes were raised to be oily and smooth, not afraid of people strolling in the mountain top, in the bamboo forest, in the shallow stream.

  Xie Wei went out of the crane residence and was ready to pick up a piece of crane feathers as a weapon to defend. She was just bending down at a cliff corner at the top of the mountain when a group of cultivators came up the mountain with their swords and startled the cranes.

  Xie Wei hurriedly body a cat, stick to the snow-covered mountain rocks. She was not discovered by the line of cultivators, thanks to her white, surrounded by the frightened flying cranes.

  "Master Shangqing, how come you are here?"

  A voice came out faintly, Xie Wei hurriedly pricked up her ears to listen. This voice with two parts shrill, three parts cunning, and four parts unkindness made her feel like she had heard it somewhere before.

  "The dead madman is recuperating in this Qixue Residence, what's strange about me coming here?"

  "Ha ...... Master uncle is afraid that he is not old and confused. Wushan old monster has long returned to Wushan Mountain, but also reopened the furnace refining up the magic weapon. Three days ago he went to the Wei Shui to look for spiritual materials for this new magic weapon. How can uncle come here to see the old monster of Wushan?"

  The mean voice said, with a change of tone, aggressively: "Uncle Shifu is here to see others, right?"

  "Is that so? I don't know about that. If you're so well-informed, why didn't you tell me about it? I've made this trip for nothing."

  The voice of Shang Qing Zhenren was calm and unruffled, sounding like he was going to play dumb to the end.

  The owner of the mean voice was a junior, and his status was far inferior to that of Shang Qing Zhenren. Since Shang Qing Zhenren had already said so, he could not continue to press the question, so he could only say with a smile on his face, "Senior is right to rebuke." Then he said in a sarcastic tone, "Qu Huan also did not expect that Senior Master Shangqing would not even know the whereabouts of his friend, the old monster of Wushan. In the future, Qu Huan is bound to pay more attention to it, and also to avoid being so focused on the path of the sword that senior uncle, who has two ears to hear nothing outside the window, is again unaware of anything."

  The true man of Shangqing did not entangle with the junior, he soon left from the Qiuhe residence. The owner of that mean voice then commanded to his left and right, "Search." After that, he walked out with Shang Qing Zhenren.

  Xie Wei lightly inhaled and wordlessly let go of the hand that was holding the stone. Her entire body suddenly fell into the clouds surrounding the West Spiritual Peak.

  Staying in the same place, Xie Wei will be found traces of ten percent. But she can't cast a spell at this time. Once she used her cultivation, the cultivators of Kunlun would immediately notice her presence, and then it would be difficult for her to fly.

  The feeling of falling down was not pleasant, which once again awakened Xie Wei's PTSD from her previous life.

  Unlike last time when she actively jumped down from Tian Lin Mountain, this time Xie Wei, who could see the sky from her back, remembered what she saw when she fell from the clouds in her previous life.

  It was a human figure.

  That's right, there was a silhouette standing in front of her when she was given by White in her previous previous life.

  The figure said something to her very excitedly, and she shook her head to answer the figure something.

  The silhouette fell into silence after getting her answer, he was probably crying, Xie Wei can't remember. She only remembered that the next instant, the figure pushed towards her and she fell from the clouds.

  ...... ah ...... wait, in her previous life when the back of her head landed on the ground did she also remember this scene from her previous life?

  But why in this life she remembered her previous life with the previous previous life when she died on the ground why did she forget that she had remembered this section of the previous previous life?

  After all, after she landed on the back of her head in her previous life, after she fell from the clouds in her previous life, did she really die?

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