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Chapter 75

  Shang Qing Zhenren is contradictory.

  After reading Xie Wei's memory, he immediately ordered his disciples to investigate the whereabouts of Qu Huan and Qi Shuo Feng, twenty years ago Mei Zong one - night extermination, and then the infamous bounty by the Heaven's Way Alliance is personally investigated by him.

  The investigation soon yielded results: whether the Mei Zong really kidnapped and hurt the Dragon Prince is open to question. After all, the key physical evidence has not existed, and the human evidence is overwhelming only from the Dragon Clan. The Heaven's Path Alliance should have stood in a neutral position and listened to the Mei Clan's story before judging whether to put the Mei Clan's disciples on bounty as villains, but the Heaven's Path Alliance directly put the Mei Clan's entire clan on the bounty list without a second thought.

  And before that, the Mei Clan was already under siege. In order to allow the Mei Sect disciples to escape through the secret passage, the sect leader Ji He - Huan sacrificed illusions to attract almost all the siege war power by himself, and finally died under the siege of hundreds of cultivators exploding their own golden pills.

  However, Ji He - Huan such a tragic body attack did not kill too many cultivators - according to Feng Changming, the head of the Feng family at the time, Ji He - Huan was in seclusion to impact the next realm. When the Mei Clan was in turmoil, Ji He - Huan was forced to come out of seclusion, she naturally failed to reach the next realm, and her cultivation level fell by more than two small realms.

  After Ji Hep-Huan exploded her golden pellet, the disciples of the Mei Sect were caught because their cultivation was too poor, even if they had escaped into the secret passages, and were killed like dogs.

  In the end, only the Heavenly Way Alliance still left a few Mei Zong disciples, saying that they had to be honest, but in fact, it is intended to use these Mei Zong disciples to do to the Mei Zong conviction of witnesses.

  The destruction of the Mei Zong is at least the result of the three major powers agreed. One of the parties needless to say, it is the Heavenly Dao Alliance, followed by the Dragon Clan, and then Kunlun.

  Such a result is difficult for the Shangqing true man to accept. The Heaven's Way Alliance is just, but Dao Bugu has always been an ambitious one. He will take advantage of the same party to attack this kind of thing to strengthen the Heavenly Dao Alliance Shang Qing Zhenren is not surprised.

  The problem is Kunlun.

  The actual Kunlun played a role in the destruction of the Mei Zong? Is Qi Shuofeng just compelled by Qu Huan? If so, what was the need for Qu Huan to target the Mei Sect? If Qu Huan was only following orders, whose orders was he following?

  Following the line of Qu Huan and Qi Shuofeng, it would not be difficult for Shang Qing Zhenren to find out the Hanging Garden line behind Qu Huan.

  The more he investigated, the more frightened he became, and just as he was forming a terrible hypothesis in his head -

  "Elder Shangqing, you're here."

  Xie Wei arched her hand towards Shang Qing Zhenren, her clear eyes reminded Shang Qing Zhenren of an old friend.

  The old man once also had such clear eyes. He was like a small worm, tempted by that clarity, knowing that there was no bright future ahead, but still indulged in that clarity, willingly wanting to be with her.

  But that person did not give him such an opportunity.

  Seeing that Shang Qing Zhenren had a difficult look on his face and his eyes were sunken, Xie Wei intuitively understood something: "Did senior find out something?"

  Shang Qing Zhenren did not answer, or rather, he was not able to answer.

  When Xie Wei saw the change in Shangqing's expression, she immediately understood: "...... So that's how it is, senior has found out something that cannot be disclosed and cannot be admitted."

  "Then can I deduce the other way around: senior is sure that Kunlun is involved in the plan to destroy my Mei Sect. Those two Kunlun disciples did not come after me out of personal grudges and personal thoughts."

  Like, too like.

  So keen, so keen-sensitive, it was as if Shangqing Zhenren had seen that familiar old person in Xie Wei's body again. That person is also like this, intelligent and perceptive. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  "Zhiwei, right?"

  Shang Qing Zhenren had not shown a bitter expression for thousands of years, looking at Xie Wei, but he was repeatedly reminded of how powerless he once was.

  "What you want to know, I can't tell you. What I can say to you is only a little bit of the past of one of my deceased friends."

  Who wants to hear about your bullshit deceased friend's past?

  Xie Wei's heart was slightly annoyed. The confirmation from Shangqing Zhenren that the destruction of the Mei Sect was the will of Kunlun and not the will of one or more of its disciples sent chills down her spine.

  But Xie Wei still looked respectful on her face as she bowed her head and said to Shangqing Zhenren, "I would like to hear more about it."

  How did Shang Qing Zhenren not know that Xie Wei did not want to hear him talk about irrelevant things? But if there was anything he could do to help Xie Wei, given his position and his choice, it would probably be to tell her about Azi.

  "- My deceased's name is Ziyue, I usually call her Azi."

  At that time there was no "Shang Qing Zhen Ren" in the world, there was only one Nangong Toi.

  Nangong Toi was born into the Nangong family, one of the four great cultivation families, and grew up with a life surrounded by beautiful clothes and servants.

  Ziyue was a servant girl in the Nangong House. Because of her beauty and her water-wood double spiritual roots, Ziyue was adopted as the personal servant girl of Nangong To's brother, and once she reached maturity, she would be used as a censer by Nangong To's brother.

  Nangong To was still young and didn't know anything about male and female love, but only knew that the used tripod would be bullied and the ruined tripod would be sold at a low price by the government. Ziyue, who was a little older than Nangong Toi, was Nangong Toi's best playmate. When he learned that Ziyue had to go to serve his elder brother and make a furnace for him, he could no longer play with him in the future, Nangong Toi broke through to the fifth level of the Qi refining stage in a fit of rage, and his cultivation level was suddenly higher than his elder brother.

  Possessing a higher cultivation than his brother, Nangong Toi showed that he had more potential than his brother, more investment value Nangong Toi smoothly to Ziyue to come over. Ziyue does not have to do the furnace is good, but Nangong Toi's brother therefore hated to give their own embarrassment to the half-brother. He threatened that once his cultivation level exceeded that of his brother, he would take Ziyue back again and would immediately use Ziyue as a furnace censer.

  In order not to be chased by the older brother in the past, Nangong Toi hard cultivation, finally in the year of twenty years old to build the foundation.

  Soon Nangong To was accepted as a disciple by Shiyuan, but Ziyue, who was a servant girl, was not qualified to go to Kunlun with Nangong To.

  Nangong Toi knew very well that once he left home there would be no one to protect Ziyue, he did not want to go to Kunlun, and even planned to refuse to be accepted as a disciple by Shiyuan and take Ziyue with him to escape far away. To a place where there are only two people, and Ziyue to be an ordinary couple, quietly live on.

  But Ziyue came to say goodbye to Nangong To - she said she had met several female cultivators and had formed sisters with them. She planned to prepare to go with her sisters to Yanzhou, where they would establish a new clan.

  "That sect is the later Mei Sect."

  Shang Qing Zhenren's tone carried some melancholy meaning. Xie Wei heard a gentle yet despondent nostalgia from inside.

  "The Nangong family did not agree to Ziyue leaving, I took the liberty to set Ziyue free. At that time, Ziyue was very happy. Seeing her happy, I was also happy."

  "Every day, every month, every year that I cultivated on the Heavenly Pillar, the only thing I looked forward to was the occasional message from Ziyue. The first time she brought me a message with a snowflake that flake was filled with her excitement. She rambled on and on about how she had actually learned the spell, and how she had become like an immortal, and how she wanted to learn the spell of being able to fly to the sky, so that one day in the future, she might be able to fly up to Kunlun to see me ......"

  Yes, everything is so beautiful, everything seems to be full of hope.

  Nangong Toi towards the snowflakes murmured: "No need for you to come to Kunlun to see me, as long as you say a 'I want to see you', I will immediately fly to see you -"

  This snowflake Nangong Toi never sent. The fine ice crystals were melted by the body heat of his hands and turned into water, like a tear falling from his fingertips.

  Ziyue went crazy.

  Practicing the Mei Zong technique, she turned into a monster that would suck people into dry bodies.

  She could not control her own actions, and whenever she saw a man full of essence, she would pounce on him and suck him into a dry corpse.

  Ziyue's good sister prostrated herself at Nangong Toe's feet, tearfully begging Nangong Toe to end Ziyue's madness in order to preserve the Mei Clan's - reputation, so that the Mei Clan could survive.

  In this way, Nangong Toi saw Ziyue one last time.

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