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Chapter 73

  Wushan old monster is right, in fact, Xie Wei also feel that he went to Bomutita is a drop in the bucket.

  "But if I do not go, I will not be able to eat and sleep every day in the future because of guilt."

  Who as a child did not want to become a hero to save people in the fire? Just with the passage of time, many people found their own weakness, their own powerlessness, but also saw too many guns hit the head of the bird.

  Xie Wei of course knows that there is no diamond do not take the porcelain work of the truth. Not strong enough to go strong head, it is the same as sending death.

  However, because they are not strong enough, recklessly domineering people are strong, people should look at others bleeding and tears and turn a blind eye to it? People can give up what they believe is right and wrong, and watch the evil continue to play out in front of their own eyes?

  Watching is the same as acquiescence, and acquiescence is the biggest accomplice.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual situation. Just as a person, Xie Wei can not convince himself that the Mei Zong was destroyed can not be helped, and can not think that Pomutita deserved to be eliminated.

  Xie Wei does not want to become a sentient monster that does not distinguish between good and evil. She doesn't want to live like a walking corpse in a self-paralyzing years of peace and quiet. So she could not turn a blind eye to Bomutita being besieged.

  "Even the monks will have to die that day, but I want to live without shame."

  Xie Wei smiled, and did not intend to explain more.

  Wushan old monster see her mind has been decided, stomp a sigh, also lazy to persuade Xie Wei.

  --This little girl is to hold a jade consciousness to go to Bomutita, he is not related to her, where to persuade back? Might as well make her whole.

  Moreover, in fact, he also want to see this girl who is not afraid of death can not do anything. Although on her point of the poor little cultivation, think is not change anything.

  But what if? What if she can really do something shocking to the sky? At that time ......


  He still don't think so much. To know the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment ah.

  "...... girl, what you said just now is true, you have even I do not know the Dan recipe."

  "How dare the junior deceive the senior?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. This shadow shell is only half, apparently Xie Wei has left the other half untouched.

  The old monster of Wushan took the shadow shell, first took a careless glance, followed by eyes wide open, two eyeballs directly protruded.

  "This recipe ...... this recipe is what! Little girl, where on earth did you get this dan recipe from!?"

  Xie Wei did not dare to say that these recipes are their own previous life spent thousands of years to research the stuff, only vaguely said that they are a chance coincidence to have a strange encounter.

  "Strange encounter" is not uncommon, some are really not enough for outsiders to know, and some are involved in a wide range of knowledge is not good for people. But more often than not, in order to avoid the source of their own treasure is known to be taken away by people and take a euphemism for refusing to inform others of the source.

  Wushan old monster staggered, mouth said: "Little girl still afraid that I rob you of the Dan formula?" In his heart, he did not blame Xie Wei for being so cautious.

  Just this little girl that little cultivation, if she is not cautious only let him worry that she will not be out of this door to be done away with.

  "Humph, you have a bit of fun with this recipe. Is there anything else? Depending on how much of the Dan formula you come up with, I will also use a few points of full power appropriately when I transform this bell for you."

  Shangqing Zhenren looked at the old monster of Wushan rubbing his hands towards Xie Wei with a sigh and inserted himself between the two: "Asking a lion for a youngster, dead madman, do you want this cheek? Also 'appropriate to use a few full force' ...... you have received people's recipes, since they should be treated as a fair trade object, do your best to do your part."

  "Nangong old dog, you are so wide! Spiritual materials do not want money!"

  Seeing the old monster of Wushan and the true man of Shangqing choking up again, Xie Wei, who was hung up on the side, smiled.

  In fact, she did not care about the formula.

  She did not fully recover her memory from her previous life, and some of the ingredients in the prescriptions she made in her previous life she could not remember what they were and where they were obtained. The few ingredients she knew were either part of some kind of heavenly-ranked magical beast, or the most important treasure of some dan cultivation sects. It was simply unrealistic for Xie Wei to gather these materials on her own. Give the recipe to a big brother like Wushan Old Monster Xie Wei can still hope to see these pills come out in a century or two.

  After a long time of quarreling between Wushan Old Monster and Shangqing True Man, mainly because Wushan Old Monster had been yelling for a while, the two bigwigs finally remembered that there was still a Xie Wei standing next to them. Shang Qing Zhenren coughed and twirled his beard, pretending that nothing happened, while Wushan Old Monster grumbled: "I, Shi Xing, hereby swear! Never do anything to degrade the reputation of my Wushan Mountain! Girl how much is your Dan recipe worth, I will return you how much value! I'll do what I say!"

  The old monster bit his thumb and wrote a paper deed in the air with his own blood. This kind of contract is called blood contract, once set up can not be broken. People who violate the blood contract, even the cultivator of the God transformation stage will burst blood vessels, reversal of the gong body, and in serious cases, may even die.

  Xie Wei was taken aback. In Wushan old monster: "girl you still do not hurry up! In the sound of urging, she quickly also bit her fingertips and wrote the blood contract.

  --The blood contract is something branded on the soul, and because of its special mandatory nature, it usually needs to be done in secret to prevent it from being used by someone with an ulterior motive. Xie Wei and Wushan old monster in the sea of consciousness to establish the blood contract is just right, the Shangqing true man also for the two people as a blood contract fair and reasonable witness.

  The blood contract is written, both sides exchange the blood contract, followed by the blood contract will be integrated into their respective souls. When Xie Wei and Wushan old monster completed the blood contract, Wushan old monster without saying a word first out of Xie Wei's sea of consciousness.

  "Your little bell I'm going to get it for you now. You don't run blindly these days know?"

  Wushan old monster said from the waist to take off a unattractive gourd, riding to the Wushan mountain head fly over. The speed of the speed can be called lightning.

  Xie Wei, the owner of the sea of knowledge is really no face, she even blocked a witch mountain old monster could not do.

  Shangqing True Man sighed again and took two steps forward.

  "It's not that you're not good at cultivation, it's just that dead madman is that tone."

  This heavenly reassurance from Shangqing True Man made Xie Wei stunned. As if he did not see Xie Wei's astonishment, Shangqing True Man put his hands behind his back and looked around at Xie Wei's sea of consciousness and said leisurely, "...... dead madman is deliberately not answering your other questions."

  "What does senior mean?"

  "Mei Zong patriarch will definitely die."

  Clear cold and decisive voice let Xie Wei's blood freeze instantly, at this moment, Xie Wei almost want to ask Shang Qing Zhenren so sure of Hope-Huan's life and death, is it because the Mei Sect overthrow that day Shang Qing Zhenren also in the Mei Sect.

  "The dead madman used a part of Ji Hep-Huan's body to refine a magic weapon, the magic weapon must be able to sense Ji Hep-Huan's location. If Jihe-Huan is still alive, the dead madman will tell you her whereabouts early on. If he doesn't say, he doesn't want you to be upset when you learn that your companion is dead."

  Shang Qing Zhenren thought for a moment and added two more words: "Condolences."

  Xie Wei's lips twitched slightly.

  She had thought that Hope-Huan might have died, but when she really heard the news of Hope-Huan's death, she was far less calm than she had imagined.

  What emerged in front of her eyes was every move, every smile, her ears seemed to have the voice of Huan Huan shouting her name, her arms seemed to have the force of Huan Huan holding her arm.

  Xie Wei's eyes were so astringent, so astringent that she almost wanted to weep. On the contrary, because of the Shangqing true man, she could not cry, and could only stare red-eyed at the Kunlun strong man who could exterminate her to slag in an instant when his mind was together.

  "...... Is senior telling me to save my life mocking me, or is he fooling me?"


  Shang Qing Zhenren turned around and met Xie Wei's eyes that did not conceal her own anger.

  "Hope-Huan she will die, the Mei Sect will be destroyed, isn't it all because of your Kunlun?"

  Shang Qing Zhenren frowned: "What does this mean?"

  Without saying a word, Xie Wei displayed her memories in front of True Master Shangqing.

  True Master Shangqing then saw Qi Shuofeng who was chasing after Xie Wei, as well as Qu Huan behind Qi Shuofeng who kept inciting Qi Shuofeng to kill Xie Wei.


  "Senior Brother Qu, you're back."

  "Shuo Feng? You've come to greet me on purpose?"

  The mountain breeze was so strong that it blew the bloodied corners of the golden silk brocade robe. Qi Shuofeng looked at Qu Huan with a miserable face, but Qu Huan continued walking towards his cave with a smile on his face.

  "Senior Brother Qu, which clan did you go to destroy today?"

  "Well ...... which one exactly? Free and Easy Heaven, Free and Easy Sect, Wu Chang Sect, Shuang He Clan, Heaven and Earth Sect ......"

  Qu Huan counted on his fingers and quickly laughed as if giving up, "I can't think of any!"

  Qi Shuofeng's shoulders twitched and he could no longer look straight at his senior brother's smile. With a dumb voice, he asked painfully, "--Brother, do you really think we're doing the right thing?"

  Qu Huan replied without thinking, "Or else what?"

  Yes, what else?

  One person's life, hundreds of lives, thousands of lives, tens of thousands of lives ...... all these lives, compared to the lives of all living beings in the world?

  Chi Shuo Feng heart bitter, can not help but laugh at himself.

  He had already learned everything from Brother Qu, and chose to stand on the side of Brother Qu and the great righteousness that Brother Qu was carrying.

  Why would he still be swayed by the death of dozens or hundreds of people nowadays?

  Qu Huan did not care about Qi Shuofeng's thoughts as he brushed Qi Shuofeng's shoulder and walked past, humming a little ditty under his breath. The ditty was a hometown ditty sung by a female practitioner of the Shuanghe clan to her child who was still in her infancy. Qu Huan liked the ditty, and as a token of gratitude to the female cultivator, Qu Huan used only one sword to end her life, and only one sword on her child's body.

  He even ordered that the mother and child be buried together.

  How compassionate he was.

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  As a result ...... lumbar disc ran out again.

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