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Chapter 72

  The true man did not want to go to see the old monster, but the matter is about the face of Kunlun, he had to personally apologize and send condolences to the old monster injured for him.

  After fainting, the old monster was sent to the crane residence on the West Spirit Peak. The West Spirit Peak is far away from the main peak of Kunlun, Tianzhu, and the crane house is a quiet place with no other guests around, so it is the perfect place to put the noisy old monster.

  The true man ordered some condolence gifts for several disciples to bring, and then three steps a sigh to the West Spirit Peak.

  The West Spiritual Peak is snow-capped, but it is warmer than other spiritual peaks because of the abundant sunlight.

  When he reached the place where there was still some distance from Qixueju, Shangqing Zhenren, who had not yet entered the range of Qixueju, suddenly sensed something. The Haotian sword buzzed out of its sheath, emitting a cold, dark light. Shangqing Zhenren's footsteps, ordered his disciples to stop at the same place and wait, and he himself unfolded the sword formation at the word.

  The Xie Wei in the crane residence has just expanded the sea of consciousness, before you can do anything was attacked. She did not have time to react, not to mention defense, even did not see what the incoming light was to see Wushan old monster leaped up, the left hand sacrificed the Spiritual Rhinoceros Cauldron, the right hand sacrificed the Green Deer Cauldron, the two cauldron together launched.

  The Haotian Sword sword formation is unstoppable, and the Spiritual Rhinoceros Cauldron has cracks in the earlier "demonstration" between the old monster and the Shangqing True Man. This time, although the Ling Rhinoceros Cauldron blocked part of the power of the Haotian Sword Formation, but also by the Haotian Sword itself a sword pierced through the cracks, if not for the foresight of the Wushan old monster also sacrificed the Green Deer Cauldron, just this second of kung fu Haotian Sword Formation's mighty light will be able to kill Xie Wei to ashes.

  "Tally! Nangong old dog you pretentious! Open a farting sword formation!"

  Wushan old monster scolded angrily. He is not heartbroken a rhinoceros tripod, this kind of top grade earth grade magic weapon material is not difficult to find, he is able to make as much as he wants. It was the same tripod with the Green Deer Tripod that could not completely block the sword formation of the Haotian Sword, and he had to sacrifice four more tripods one after another to stop the sword power of the Haotian Sword itself, and the Shangqing True Man did not even break the tripod of his Spiritual Rhinoceros Tripod when he fought against him. It can be seen that Shang Qing Zhenren still did not do his best before, he left a hand.

  "Really fuck you! How are you going to compensate for my baby!?"

  The Shangqing True Man who was scolded for no reason was really aggrieved.

  He was aware that someone had expanded the sea of consciousness and swallowed the divine consciousness of the old man of Wushan, and he was worried that the old man of Wushan had met with misfortune in Kunlun. I do not want the old monster did not thank him for saving his life, but instead, he was full of air to him is open-mouthed curses.

  It seems that he was wrong, the old monster was not swallowed up by someone's consciousness, but he took the initiative to let someone swallow up his consciousness.

  "Dead madman you said that you are the best in the world at forging weapons, your forged magic weapon is not inferior to my Haotian sword? How come now you blame me for breaking your treasure?"

  The real person of Shangqing feet into Xie Wei's sea of consciousness, Xie Wei sea of consciousness in the ban on the real person of Shangqing is like thin paper, not to mention the unbearable, even the form of non-existent.

  The Lord of the Sea of Consciousness Xie Wei fox are silly, behind the cold sweat more than - the big brothers to really want to kill her, only to blow a mouth of immortal gas she was physically transcendent.

  "Good you pretentious, broken my magic weapon not to say, but also questioned my craft of casting ......!!!"

  Shangqing true man ignored the wailing old monster of Wushan, he glanced at Xie Wei, slender eyes slightly narrowed: "You are ...... Mei Zong disciple?"

  Forced to hold down the panic in his heart, Xie Wei arched his hand and said, "Mei Zong Zhi Wei meet senior."

  Shangqing true man looked at Xie Wei, and then looked at the old monster of Wushan. Wushan old monster nodded at him, he then gazed deeply at Xie Wei again.

  "...... So, it's you. I didn't think that Azi's disciple had such a chance."

  What do you mean by "it was you"?

  And who is "Azi"? The apprentice's children and grandchildren ...... Is that "Azi" a senior of the Mei Sect?

  Xie Wei is confused.

  Confused at the same time she could not stop looking towards the Shang Qing Zhenren - the people involved in the massacre of the female cultivators of the Mei Sect were Lu Haijun's senior brother, and another senior brother of that senior brother. So is it the will of Kunlun as a whole to have the Mei Sect destroyed? If so, was Shang Qing Zhenren involved? If not, the Shang Qing Zhenren ...... or other Kunlun superiors know that there are Kunlun have disciples to commit the sins of slaughtering female cultivators of the Mei Zong?

  Since the Shangqing true man came, Xie Wei's eyes never drifted towards the old monster of Wushan. This made the old monster of Wushan furious. He flew up to kick Shang Qing Zhenren, but he did not want Shang Qing Zhenren to move aside slightly without losing a trace of his majesty, avoiding his flying kick. This makes him look more and more childish and stupid.

  Wushan old monster forehead veins, simply directly to the immortal aura on the Qing true man squeezed aside: "Come on, you do not speak of the pretentious go away! He is here to find me! What's it to do with you!"

  Then the old monster of Wushan sat down in front of Xie Wei and asked her, "What do you want from me, you little girl who is not afraid of death?"

  The word "looking for me" was accented.


  The monk came to say goodbye to Qing Yu.

  "Master, what do you mean? It's such a big snowstorm outside, you're going--"

  Qing Yu was so anxious that she put down the bowl in which she had just fed Ao Guanglie half of the medicine and stood up, rushing to the door and opening her arms.

  "No! I can't let you go, Master! You are the master uncle's ......"

  Hearing the monk say he was going to leave Silver City in this blizzard, Qing Yu subconsciously almost blurted out the word "husband". But then he remembered that his own uncle twenty years ago and the monk marriage is to get the monk's yuan yang, yuan yang a hand uncle ran away a shadow, the monk and uncle simply can not be said to be a couple.

  "...... No matter what you are Uncle Shifu, in short, you are irreplaceable to Uncle Shifu! How can I stand by and watch you go out to die!?"

  Qing Yu's gaze was firm, and his tone was even more non-negotiable.

  However the monk came to say goodbye to her not to know her opinion. He would come over just to let Qing Yu hand Xie Wei a letter.

  The letter contains a wisp of the monk's divine thought, and it needs to be opened by Xie Wei herself. Of course, Qing Yu and Ao Guanglie's cultivation realm are much more noble than the monk, the two of them if you want to force open the monk to Xie Wei's letter that is not impossible.

  Only with their personalities, the monk believed that the two of them would only protect the letter from being opened by someone other than Xie Wei.

  "Amitabha Buddha, Master Qing Yu, you should understand that you can't stop the poor monk."

  "Ha ah? Master don't look down on people-"

  "No, the poor monk is not looking down on the monk, the poor monk is just ......"

  The monk looked towards Ao Guanglie, and at this moment, the wheelchair Ao Guanglie actually disappeared. Qing Yu was stunned, followed by a limp collapse. Ao Guanglie, whose face was pale, coughed lightly and held Qing Yu's feeble body.

  It was Ao Guanglie who made the emotionally charged Qing Yu temporarily faint.

  "...... know that Master Ao will not let you use your cultivation again."

  "Cough cough ...... Master when did you find out?"

  Ao Guanglie's voice was weak and his tone was strong.

  The monk's eyebrows were clear, and he was not surprised by Ao Guanglie's reaction: "When I saw Master Ao."

  Ao Guanglie raised his eyebrows, "Oh?"

  Hearing that Ao Guanglie was asking him to explain, the monk stood palm up and said, "Amitabha Buddha, compared to a year ago, Master Qing Yu's cultivation has fallen by more than a small realm. Master Ao has the cultivation of the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen to protect his body, so he should not be this weak. Even if the two masters are not feeling well and their cultivation is not good due to fleeing, they should not still be so haggard after resting for these few days."

  "Then the most reasonable reason that the poor monk can think of is only one."

  "The dragon clan has difficulty in having children because the unformed dragon children will continue to absorb the cultivation of their parents until they condense the golden elixir and get life."

  "Shihan Qing Yu is already pregnant with a dragon child, right? Master Ao will leave from the Palace to protect Master Qingyu and the dragon child. If this is not the case, it would be safer for Master Ao to stay at the Palace, and the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen can continue to come to the Palace regularly to share some cultivation with Master. When the master is hibernating until his gong body becomes mature, the dragon emperor and dragon queen have the time to get rid of the side chamber and the dragon sons without shaking the dragon family's foundation, they can eliminate the traitors in one fell swoop."

  Ao Guanglie lips hooked up, frowning. The smile on his face carried a wisp of mockery, and the deep wariness of being seen through.

  "Sister Yu has always said that the master is mute. Today, in my opinion, it is sister Yu who has misjudged the master. Master is clearly a wise monk."

  "There is no need for Master Ao to bring thorns in his words. The poor monk has no interest in the rise and fall of the dragon race, and what happens to Master Ao in the future has nothing to do with the poor monk. The poor monk only has one word for you: don't make Master Qing Yu feel bad. After all, I know that Master Wei is protective of his shortcomings, and if he learns that his nephew is suffering, he will come to his door to collect his debt."

  Said the monk towards Ao Guanglie a slight bow, from Ao Guanglie side brushed the shoulder: "poor monk first farewell."

  Once the wooden door is opened, the wind and snow will swiftly and furiously pour in. The wind and snow behind Ao Guanglie was so strong that he had to hug Qing Yu tightly to protect her in his arms. Waiting for the door to close again, Ao Guanglie first to see if there is anything wrong with Qing Yu in his arms, to see that all is well with Qing Yu, Ao Guanglie then breathed a sigh of relief, ignoring the snow on his back into drops of water, carrying Qing Yu back to the inner room.

  Putting Qing Yu on the bed, Ao Guanglie sat on the bed and lovingly touched Qing Yu's cheek, and smoothed her hair to the back of her ear.

  Thinking of the reminder left by the monk, Ao Guanglie slightly lost his smile.

  Yu Mei may have seen the beautiful jade as a stone and the eccentric monk as a mute. But Yu Mei is really right about one thing.

  This eccentric monk really only has her uncle in mind.

  --The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.


  The old monster of Wushan who knew Xie Wei's intention stared at Xie Wei with the eyes of a monster. Xie Wei was glared at by him with hair on his back.

  "...... Is senior unwilling to help me transform my magic weapon?"

  Xie Wei said and wanted to put away the ivory celluloid clothing that Buddha Mother Durga gave her. Wushan old monster is a step ahead of her, directly grabbed the ivory celluloid clothing past the group to let go.

  "Where did I say I wouldn't!"

  Wushan old monster spit, looks angry: "I just feel a little bit on never seen you so stupid girl piece!"

  Xie Wei: "......?"

  How did she offend this old-timer? The old-timer opened his mouth and called her stupid.

  As if hearing Xie Wei's unexplained heart, the old monster of Wushan Mountain rolled his white eyes and sounded like a flooding bell: "You are a mud Bodhisattva who can't protect yourself knowing that Bomutita has become the public enemy of the world and still want to wade into this muddy water, if you are not stupid who is stupid!

  "If it were me, I would have run far away! Eat well and drink well for the rest of my life and forget about it! You are not strong! You're not strong! You don't even have a weapon to use and you want to be a hero! How much do you think you have?"