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Chapter 71

  When the world's two masters fight, the wave of Qi lifted the sky, the impact of the surrounding spirit jade turbulent, but also let the foot of the mountain peak tremble endlessly.

  The top of Kunlun, the Holy Spirit Peak, countless onlookers across the spiritual jade can not withstand the old monster and the true man of the Wushan fighting waves and pressure. Some people's chests like a heavy hammer, blue face. Some people's calves trembling can not stand straight, can only lie on the ground. Some people were directly shaken by the wave of Qi and vomited, and were quickly helped down from the Holy Spirit Peak by fellow disciples.

  Wushan old monster Shi line grin reveals a mouthful of yellow teeth, he blocked a sword to the spiritual rhinoceros censer, followed by the sacrifice of a hundred poison cup to the Shang Qing true man cover.

  Shang Qing Zhenren Nangong Toi is not fooled, he was forced to fight with Wushan old monster many times, each time by Wushan old monster entangled to prolong the battle. The real killing move is the Wushan old monster and the hundred poison cup at the same time, only as big as an ant another magic weapon.

  One hand behind his back, Shang Qing Zhenren feet lightly, flying backwards. To be honest, he did not want to be responsible for the maintenance of the Spiritual Bi of the master and nephews in such pain. Unfortunately, he has the intention to withdraw his strength, but the old monster of Wushan has no such intention. The lid of the Hundred Poison Cup opened, and a hundred-legged centipede comparable to the Jiang Qiu flew out of it, spraying a thick miasma containing acid and poison towards the Shangqing true man.

  White long beard in the air slightly fluttering, on the corner of the Qing Zhenren glimpse with all the cultivation to maintain the spiritual jade, so as not to let him and the old monster of Wushan fighting spell to the unrelated people of the nephew's eyes even tears are used out. A sigh of relief in the heart.

  "Sword, out."

  With the Shangqing true man and finger for the sword, Haotian sword buzzed out of the sheath. At once the field isolated by the spirit jade turned into an endless starry sky, the cold sword whistling past, in the blink of an eye will be a hundred-legged centipede from everything into two.

  The old monster of Wushan showed his joy, and the true man of Shangqing narrowed his eyes slightly.

  It turns out that the hundred-legged centipede is not just a blindfold used to attract attention, the hundred-legged centipede itself is a super huge poison sac. The sword qi around Shang Qing Zhenren can protect his body, isolate the hundred-legged centipede ejected thick acid poison. However, once these concentrated acid poison touches the air, it will quickly evaporate.

  Shangqing true man can not not breathe, the hundred-legged centipede this poisonous capsule exploded, the spirit of the jade will be stained by the gas everywhere. Shangqing true man either suffocate themselves, or can only breathe highly toxic acidic gas, for the thick acidic poison tired.

  Wushan old monster is a crazy person who will test his own medicine, he has long been invulnerable to all poisons. The longer this battle is delayed, the more unfavorable it will be for the Shangqing True Man. Not to mention the fact that the old witch mountain monster has also sacrificed his magic weapon, the "worm ant".

  The ants are extremely small and can crawl and produce wings to fly. If you are nibbled by an ant, it is like being injected with an overwhelming cold poison, even if you are a Supreme Spirit, you will have to suffer some pain, or at least have difficulty moving for a few seconds. And the old monster of Wushan Mountain did a special treatment, except for its master, other cultivators can hardly sense its presence. This time, the Supreme Spirit has to deal with the hundred-legged centipede, and also be distracted by the poison, want to protect against the ants, it is really impossible.

  "Sword, rise."

  The yellow-green body-liquid spewed out by the hundred-legged centipede was about to turn into a thick miasma. The Supreme Spiritual Master's hand clenched a knot, and the Haotian sword split into two, from two into four, four into sixteen. In an instant, the spirit jade is surrounded by the shadow of the Haotian sword.

  "Sword, break!"

  With a low shout from Shangqing Zhenren, the sword shadow turned into a starburst, which was as high as far away and everywhere.

  The hundred-legged centipede's body-liquid was evaporated by countless starbursts before it turned into gas. In one breath, the Supreme Spirit was able to wipe out the hundred-legged centipede to the point where not even a drop of body-liquid remained.

  The old monster's eyelids jumped wildly and he was furious. He urged his cultivation and immediately attacked Shang Qing Zhenren in the smoke and dust.

  The sword energy was colder than ice, and the sharpness was unstoppable. The Haotian Sword returned to Shangqing Zhenren's hand, and with his sword in his backhand, Shangqing Zhenren cleaved the sword through the tiny ants that were smaller than the shell of a pinky finger. The attacking ants instantly turned into two ice crystals that fell to the ground and disappeared.

  The saber is not a living thing, but a magic treasure. The old monster of Wushan Mountain is precisely the one who calculated the sword technique of Shang Qing Zhenren to make the sword ants like this.

  At this moment, when he found that the sword qi had frozen the ants, the old monster "Yawn! He let out a fire bee, a magic treasure containing fire poison. The fire bees and the ants were invisible to the youngsters outside the field, most of whom were still absorbed in the sword that destroyed the 100-legged centipede.

  For the first time, Xie Wei saw the big brothers fighting at close range, and she couldn't take her eyes off the scene, so she didn't miss the moment when the old man from Wushan Mountain released the fire bees and the fire ants.

  The real Shangqing man's clothes flying, like the immortal in the sky, looking at many girls cultivation eyes full of fascination. It is said that the reason he grew such a long white beard is to block off unnecessary peach blossom luck, after all, as cultivators improve, will be free from old age, sickness and death, the five declines of heavenly beings. Shangqing true man looks senile simply because he chose to top such an aging appearance.

  Just like the Wushan old monster, if he wanted to, he could have cured himself of his ugly and monstrous appearance.

  Xie Wei doesn't care about the true faces of Shangqing and Wushan, these two seniors' fights have inspired her a lot, and Xie Wei can't wait for them to fight more.

  Unfortunately, the surrounding spirit jade is already full of holes, it looks like it will not be able to hold on.

  Shangqing true man also noticed this. So he left the ground and flew up, the Haotian sword in his hand lit up the sword aura.

  A sword of clear extinction.

  The sword wielded by Shang Qing Zhen Ren completely shattered all of the ants and fire bees in the spirit jade and caused the cracked spirit jade to shatter directly.

  The participants of Kunlun announced loudly that the demonstration was over. Outside the spirit jade has been the wave, the pressure to vomit the pressure vomited the juniors but a moment to straighten up.

  With Xie Wei to find the old monsters of Wushan Wushan female cultivator is quite calm. It can be seen that her cultivation has at least to out of the body.

  "Here, they are done fighting. If you want to see the master, go and see him yourself. I still have something to do, so I'll go back to Wushan Mountain first."

  "Many thanks, senior."

  Xie Wei arched her hand and watched the Wushan female cultivator leave, the female cultivator only looked at Xie Wei one more time before nodding her head and leaving with her imperial weapon.

  Once again, there is a sense of Wushan is a bunch of research maniacs. Xie Wei said to himself that this group of research demons put research as important as anything else. If the old monsters of Wushan Mountain did not have this "enemy", I am afraid that they are only doing research and do not listen to things outside the window.

  --Wu Mountain monks are busy with their own research, as long as the research is not interrupted by - interference, the old monster of Wushan is driving the mountain to collide with the tip of the human mountain Wushan monks will not have a problem.

  Xie Wei arrived at Wushan Mountain was Wushan Mountain gate wide open, no one patrolled the matter to shock. She traveled all the way to the old monster of Wushan's cave are unblocked, but also did not see the old monster of Wushan.

  Soon she saw a Kunlun disciple sitting quietly in front of the cave door of other Wushan cultivators, she invaded the other side of the sea of consciousness, and only then learned the nature of Wushan: Wushan you can enter at will, whoever you want to find, what you like. But you have to disturb the Wushan monks doing experiments and research ......

  Wushan monks to ensure that you become research material, experimental specimens.

  Want to find someone in the Wushan, then only hard to wait. The end to see when the other side hit the big luck just happen to come out of the cave.

  Kunlun disciples will come to Wushan is to find Wushan ten Jie to talk about Wushan old monster, so that Wushan old monster do not storm all day long, at every turn, open the mountain to hit Kunlun's spiritual peak.

  It could be Xie Wei's luck, or it could be Kunlun disciples' bad luck. Xie Wei stunned the Kunlun disciples after a Wushan female correction well out of the cave, the mouth also chattered about the lack of a few flavors of material.

  The material that this woman is missing happens to be the spiritual plants and herbs that Xie Wei brought with her, so Xie Wei opened her mouth to talk to this woman.

  The Wushan woman was not interested in Xie Wei's origins, and learned that Xie Wei had some of the materials she needed, and heard that Xie Wei was looking for the Wushan old monster, so she readily took Xie Wei to Kunlun, and in exchange Xie Wei not only gave her the materials she needed, but also gave her pills that could replace other materials.

  As for whether the other party uses these pills, this is not a problem that Xie Wei worries about. She was able to successfully meet the old monster of Wushan Mountain and her goal was half accomplished.

  The old monster of Wushan, who was injured by the Supreme Spirit, glared at Xie Wei, who came to the door, grinning. He had been drugged by Xie Wei before he woke up, and the pungent, cold breath of the drug instantly brought tears to his eyes, like being splashed with a bucket of cold water.

  "Who are you? You!?"

  "Senior, I am Mei Clan Zhiwei. My Mei Clan Patriarch Ji He - Huan once gifted you with a primer, I wonder if you still remember?"

  The old monster of Wushan blinked his eyes. He could not even remember the name of the Mei Sect when he received the primer offered by Ji He - Huan, but he did not want to later this eighteen stream sect and made a mess of hurting the Dragon Prince, and was used as a pawn to consolidate power by that Dao Buguo, the whole gimmick of what inquisition conference ......

  Later, the venerable Cihang also defied the Grand Venerable Bodhi, out of the Golden Glazed Tower, leaked the heavenly dao, triggered the heavenly calamity. Also let the world's cultivators know that the Mei Zong or will have a heavenly fox out of the world.

  Mei Zong is no longer some nameless small door, and this girl in front of -

  Is she the heavenly fox that Venerable Cihang said? If she is, then it seems that she is the only one who does not know that the name of the Heavenly Fox has spread throughout the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud.

  The old monster of Wushan grunted and said he couldn't recall any Jihe-Huan. Unaware that she is being tested Xie Wei willow eyebrows lightly frowned, the voice suddenly cold down three points.

  "Seniors really noble people forget things. ...... just, since senior can't remember the lead, that makes you furious Feng Changming you should always remember, right?"

  The old monster of Wushan's eyes slithered around: "What if I don't remember?"

  Xie Wei smiled charmingly, and the sea of consciousness instantly unfolded.

  "I will help you remember."

  If we were to say what Xie Wei's greatest gain from entering the country for twenty years was, it would not be the increase in cultivation. Rather, Xie Wei had found a way to use her abilities.

  The old monster of Wushan had a blur before his eyes, and he was sure of it in this moment.

  The girl in front of him was the heavenly fox that might descend into the world.