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Chapter 7

  The night is low, a few crows seem to be far away and near. Outside the wooden house silent meditation chanting two hours of monk just pushed the door into the house to see the little fox a pair of blue eyes are blinking at the door, obviously waiting for him to return.

  Solemn and sacred from the monk's face faded. Go, replaced by a soft compassion. The monk came over and touched Xie Wei's little head, followed by lying down on the narrow little earthen platform. He circled Xie Wei on his chest to cover, fingers lightly caress Xie Wei's soft back.

  Xie Wei is like a good pet, she warmly touch the monk's arm with her tail from time to time, the monk because she acted doubly nostalgic.

  The monk woke up early every day, daytime to pick water and cut firewood, to take care of Xie Wei, but also to collect wild vegetables in the forest and animals in exchange for wild fruits. His breathing soon evened out, and his stroking of Xie Wei became slower and slower.

  Xie Wei waited patiently, and patted the back of the monk's hand with his tail after the monk had completely stopped stroking. The half-asleep monk was urged by Xie Wei, and stroked Xie Wei two more times, and then fell into a deep sleep, sleeping to death.

  In the darkness, two points of Yingbi ghost fire general flash, is sure that the monk has fallen asleep Xie Wei opened his eyes.

  The cultivation world's gong methods can be basically divided into two paths. One is to open their own meridians and acupuncture points, see themselves as the universe, the meridians and acupuncture points as the stars, in line with the principles of the universe, triggering the body's energy mutation, and then control the energy gushing out from the body, this energy into their own use. The other way also needs to open their own meridians and acupuncture points, but this way is to see themselves as black holes, from the outside world to absorb energy, and then transform the energy into their own use.

  The former of the two paths is considered to be of the highest quality, but because of the difficulty of practicing it, it is nearly lost. The latter path is the path of most gong methods, whether you are the world's first sect Kunlun or the disgraced Mei Zong, its cultivation principles are similar.

  Just the same principle of gong methods are divided into upper and lower grades. Kunlun Wushan such. The famous sects cultivate gong methods to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, the flood of energy, is the top grade. Mei Zong this extracted from living creatures, belong to the lower class.

  Xie Wei these days body can not move feet can not walk, she lay on the earthen platform the only thing she can do is to move the brain. With the memories of two more lives, standing in a modern perspective on the problem, Xie Wei's understanding of cultivation techniques is new. She also suddenly realized that the focus of the dual cultivation method may not be on intercourse itself.

  The reason for this is that the "essence" used by the female cultivators of the Mei Sect to cultivate is not the slimy tadpoles themselves, but the tadpoles together with the release of a... The release of a ...... should belong to the life energy of the thing. This is because essence is not only available to men, but also to female practitioners, demons and even demonic beasts and a host of other creatures. The Mei Zong is a natural dislike of men's female cultivators picking non-men's essence to cultivate. It's just that most female cultivators of the Mei Zong are not quite able to look up to this kind of alien is it.

  According to Xie Wei's memory, there are two situations in which a creature can usually be released at any cost. Release a large amount of life energy. One is when one is trying to fight to the death. The second is when you reach the peak of pleasure by ascending to the realm of bliss.

  It is not necessary to compare which is easier to collect life energy, forcing people to fight to the death or taking them to the realm of bliss. After all, food and men and women, the great desire of man. It is the monk is not exempt from the vulgar. Double cultivation is not necessarily the fastest and most direct way to get life energy, but it must be the easiest way for the other party to agree to let you absorb his life energy.

  Xie Wei, a disabled fox can not run, the monk's essence and then delicious she can only smell the taste of salivation dry eyes. After entering the monk's sea of consciousness Xie Wei realized that he actually did not need to stick to the physical level - our hardware can not start from the software side ah.

  The knowledge of the sea she can move freely, not subject to the shackles of the body. The kung fu can also run normally. So theoretically, if she can satisfy the monk in the sea of consciousness, that is, from the monk's spiritual level, the monk should also be released. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

  The monk's mind was not guarded by the monk, and then she saw him without even looking for him.

  In the absence of consciousness of the owner of the sea of consciousness, a person's sea of consciousness will revert to the most primitive situation. The sleeping monk's sea of consciousness was so blank. There is no landscape, no objects, no living things, not even light, there is only a blank.

  The monk was meditating in the middle of this blankness. Everything around him seemed to have nothing to do with him. He also does not care about anything around him. He is a brilliant ice sculpture, no sense, no feeling, no heart, no emotion.

  The actual fact is that the actual person's consciousness is like this? Xie Wei shivered. The monk's sea of consciousness was too cold, and the unsullied feeling of having withdrawn from humanity made her wonder if she could find the monk's desires in the sea of consciousness.

  Drilling into the meditating monk's body, Xie Wei tried to dive deeper into the monk's sea of consciousness. However, no matter how many times she dived, all Xie Wei saw was the same blankness.

  Once again back to a blank space only the monk in the center of the meditation space, do not know whether they succeeded in diving, just the monk's sea of consciousness there is nothing else, or they failed to dive deeper into the monk's heart, Xie Wei some discouragement.

  This monk's sea of consciousness is really too monotonous, she can not find his inner desires at all. ...... Does he really want for nothing?

  No, it can't be.

  The monk's eyes are awe-inspiring and he is oblivious to everything around him, Xie Wei narrowed his eyes and carefully examined the monk's indifferent face.

  But where there is thought, there must be desire. Want to eat, want to drink water, want to sleep. Want to communicate with other living things, want to see a wider world. Want to get a huge amount of wealth, want to monopolize the world's most beautiful people, want to be the Lord of the world. Want to have no starving people on earth, want to exterminate all evils, want to step through the void and soar in the day ......

  If it is the Buddha, what would the Buddha want?

  Let the world's beings believe in Buddha?

  This moment, perhaps Xie Wei's illusion, she seemed to see the monk meditating eyelids jumped.

  Xie Wei was stunned at the monk and smiled again, a touch of magical charm flashed through her turquoise eyes.

  How did she give forget it? The first time she entered the monk's sea of consciousness, the monk was chanting the scriptures how to say?

  When wishing that all beings understand the Great Way, develop a supreme mind.

  May all sentient beings penetrate deep into the scriptures and become as wise as the sea.

  May all sentient beings unify the masses and be free from all obstacles.

  See, Buddha, too, has a desire.

  The desire to enlighten mortals with Buddha's wisdom, so that mortals can cross the sea of suffering, that is also desire.

  Xie Wei turned around and transformed, and when she opened her eyes again, she became a Buddhist servant holding a pot and stove utensils - a pot carrier.

  Back pot flying sky toes off the ground, dancing in the air. With the flying sky. Clothes a shake, more flying heaven back pot and appear, and instantly arrived, the Buddha shadow vast.

  As the flying sky came, eleven Buddha disciples also arrived with the 500 flowering trees. Buddha disciples each ride, there are glazed mountains, there are five hundred green oxen, there are five hundred peacocks, there are also five hundred golden-winged birds and five hundred white elephants with six teeth. All the Buddha's disciples carried the wind and thunder around them, and everywhere they passed, the fragrance was pungent, and the sound of chanting sutras was bursting.

  The sky is full of gods and Buddhas with their eyes and seals, and the bursts of precious light add glory to each other. Such a magnificent and gorgeous scenery, has been isolated in the sea of consciousness does not say not laugh not move the monk finally had a reaction.

  He slowly opened his eyes.

  The monk who opened his eyes and saw the heavenly gods and Buddhas was a little confused. He was speechless for a moment, and could not say whether he was shocked and confused, or incredulous.

  He just got up, bowed his head and stood palm towards the heavenly gods and Buddhas, and proclaimed Buddha.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  Seeing that his illusion works, Xie Wei held down his heart's ecstasy to maintain his illusion and flew toward the monk with his backpack flying vest. Thanks to watching a lot of special effects movies in the last life, she came up with this illusion of the gods and Buddhas in the sky is quite decent. But her cultivation is really not high, in the sea of consciousness of others using this large-scale illusion she can not last long. Quick battle is her only way out.

  Fly to the monk's front, Xie Wei learned in the temple to see the Bodhisattva statue hanging eyes down overlooking, distantly pointing to the air of the Buddha's bright eleven Buddha disciples, and did not squeal.

  No way, she does not know the Buddha does not study the Buddha, a mouth will have to wear a revealing. She can only use body language to try to tell the monk: this you hurry to go after the first eleven, the eleven there may be your pursuit, can make all beings become wise and compassionate the ultimate Buddhism.

  The monk did not immediately go towards the eleven golden Buddha disciples as Xie Wei had thought. He stood there, quietly gazing at the flying sky in front of him, his gaze clear and wise, with a kind of penetration that made Xie Wei's scalp tingle.

  What's with this monk? Usually are not an empty-headed old mother-like?

  Xie Wei has never seen this expression of the monk, was the monk looked that is a heart drumming sweating body.

  Fortunately, the monk moved, not backward but forward.

  Holding his breath almost did not suffocate himself Xie Wei heart a relief, nose slightly moving lightly exhale turbulent breath.

  The monk, however, stopped in his tracks at this time and stood in front of Xie Wei.

  "You ...... this mendicant, who are you?"

  With a little hoarse, mellow and calm voice usually very soothing Xie Wei's irritation. But the same voice is like thunder in Xie Wei's ears at the moment.

  Just exhaled the breath has not yet finished, people subconsciously sucked back a cold breath. Action is faster than the speed of rotation of the brain, Xie Wei can not think about the feet have been rapidly retreat!

  But this is not somewhere else, is the monk's sea of consciousness. The monk does not need to step out, just reach out to Xie Wei, who has already withdrawn ten feet away in the lightning flash.

  "Why is the monk fleeing?"

  The monk asked good-naturedly, not using much strength to pull Xie Wei. However, Xie Wei not only could not move, the illusion on her body along with the surrounding God and Buddha illusions were disintegrated in an instant.

  Xie Wei reluctantly realized that this is the gap between the Lord of the Sea of Consciousness and the intruder. In other people's sea of consciousness, she is an ant, while the Lord of the sea of consciousness is the only God of the sea of consciousness.

  How ridiculous and insolent it is for a mole to try to manipulate the one God!

  The author has something to say: The description of the Mandaean Gods and Buddhas is based on the video description of @Zhang Boli's How to Read Dunhuang Frescoes - Sumerti Woman Invites Buddha.

  The blogger's "How to Read Dunhuang Frescoes" series and "How to Read Qingming Shanghe Tu" series are very interesting, and Goo Goo can get a lot of posture every time he looks at them! The first thing you need to do is to check it out!