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Chapter 69

  This scene, Xie Wei more or less some emotions.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual website.

  Now it seems that although Xie Wei can not say that he did the right thing, but look at Qing Yu's happy appearance, Xie Wei heart of guilt more or less alleviated some.

  The white face like paper, two cheeks thin Ao Guanglie and Qing Yu look at each other and smile and then turned to Xie Wei.

  "Uncle, I have learned the details from sister Yu about the Mei Zong, please let me also tell you my experience."

  Xie Wei heard the words to curb the frivolity, and looked straightforward.

  The monk sat beside her, with his eyes closed and palms standing, without saying anything, without asking or looking, as if a Buddha statue.

  In terms of the conclusion, the current Ao Guanglie can not help Xie Wei and Qing Yu's help. One of the reasons also has to start from Ao Guanglie injury.

  At that time Ao Guanglie left his father and mother, to the dragon tribe under the jurisdiction of the three rivers and twelve rivers and thirty-six lakes and two hundred and forty-four cave inspection. This kind of inspection belongs to the prince's obligation, one is to let the prince used to deal with official business, the second is to let the prince and the subjects familiar with the future easier to build up the friendship between ruler and subject. Third, the dragon tribe under the jurisdiction of the three rivers, twelve rivers, thirty-six lakes and two hundred and forty-four caves in some places indeed hidden some dragon in the Dragon Palace can not see the problem.

  Knowing that his father and mother intend to test themselves, Ao Guanglie hesitantly led his men to leave the Dragon Palace where he grew up.

  Ao Guanglie has three half-brothers, the three dragons still have a son and not yet adult, still living in the Dragon Palace, like a small tail like stick in Ao Guanglie's side. Ao Guanglie to go on patrol, the little brother insisted on following him to go. Ao Guanglie doted on his little brother, but could not stop his little brother's tears, and finally had to take his little brother on the road with him, as an early father, to understand how business and family matters can be both; also save the future if you marry a concubine with a child, do not know how to weigh business and private matters.

  Ao Guanglie's other two brothers are respectively guarding the three rivers in the largest two rivers. The two rivers are one east and one west, one south and one north. They are in different directions.

  Travel to the southeast of the river, Ao Guanglie not only saw his second brother, but also saw his third brother. The third brother who should guard the northwest river said that he came to find the second brother to borrow the treasure, Ao Guanglie heart although there are doubts, but not so and his brothers against each other. He only warmly told the third brother to go back early, so as not to be absent without leave by the father found and then punished.

  The third brother stiffly responded, followed by the second brother said to receive Ao Guanglie, to hold a banquet. Ao Guanglie was wary, and said that he had just arrived and was acting in secret, so it was better not to make a big fuss.

  Rejected the second brother's invitation, Ao Guanglie was ready to leave that night - the dragon king's lineage and the phoenix king's lineage had the ability to foretell the future, even if this ability in the inheritance continues to weaken, the dragon king's lineage still has a strong intuition.

  Ao Guanglie this is already a premonition of bad.

  What Ao Guanglie did not anticipate was that his little brother, who was like his little tail and left him with no defenses at all, was the blackest of hands.

  His little brother planned to let him bump into his second and third brothers plotting to start a fight in order to instigate his second and third brothers to make up their mind to deal with him. He drugged him and his men when he was preparing to leave for the night in defense of his second and third brothers.

  By the time Ao Guanglie came to his senses again, he had already had his arms and legs cut off. His second and third brothers were even instigated by his younger brother to plant a special compulsion in his body to make the compulsion sect.

  This kind of compulsion will slowly eat the creature's blood from the creature's body, and discharge the acid that can melt the creature's muscles and bones, thus making the creature weak and powerless, as if it had a disease that continues to weaken. Once the parasite enters the brain marrow of the creature, the creature will fall asleep and enter a state of false death.

  Because this compulsion has the ability to mimic, can be attached to the nerves, muscles, bones and even acupuncture points in the creature, it is difficult to detect the abnormalities by external investigation.

  Ao Guanglie's little brother is thoughtful and malicious. He only asked his two brothers to send a small amount of the parasite into Ao Guanglie's nasal cavity, and then lead the parasite to Ao Guanglie's cranium. In this way, Ao Guanglie would die slowly, little by little, in his sleep for decades to come, without leaving a trace of suspicion.

  "I was able to wake up thanks to sister Yu."

  Ao Guanglie smiled and coughed afterwards.

  Qing Yu anxiously gathered his collar for him and said to him, "Don't force yourself, you've just taken out the parasite, your body is still very weak ...... these things by me to tell senior uncle is also the same."

  Ao Guanglie wanted to shake his head, see Qing Yu anxious eyes red then also no longer insist, just leaned back in the chair to rest, let Qing Yu continue the next words.

  Qing Yu saw that the closed-eyed Ao Guanglie still had a dumb cough, and some heartache came out of her eyes. She lowered her voice and said softly: "I promised my uncle that I would find out the truth of the matter, so..."

  Qing Yu had served Ao Guanglie for about two years, and was finally reassured by the people around her to leave her alone with Ao Guanglie. Qing Yu thought that Ao Guanglie is already a plant dragon, invading his sea of consciousness should not be too dangerous, so she invaded Ao Guanglie's sea of consciousness.

  The sea of consciousness is also a part of the cultivator, the physical - physical and spiritual impact will react in the sea of consciousness. Ao Guanglie was eroded by the parasites in the brain marrow, and the sea of consciousness became a horror movie with a bug theme. Qing Yu had to attack the bugs in Ao Guanglie's sea of consciousness in order to protect himself. Ao Guanglie's struggling consciousness was about to give up on resisting the parasites, but he regained his confidence to fight because of Qing Yu's arrival.

  Qing Yu does not know Ao Guanglie's situation, Ao Guanglie as the Lord of the Sea of Consciousness is first to see all that Qing Yu has done for him. Convinced that Qing Yu was not the one who came to harm him, Ao Guanglie's consciousness appeared in the sea of consciousness and asked Qing Yu to help him and help him drive the parasite out of the brain marrow. Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen have been using their own cultivation to help Ao Guanglie to renew his life, Ao Guanglie does not lack cultivation. However, Ao Guanglie by the parasite erosion of the brain marrow has been a long time, cultivation is blocked can not kill the parasite attached to the brain marrow. Only to force the parasite out of the brain marrow, Ao Guanglie will be able to kill it in one fell swoop.

  If the killing of the parasite is successful, as a reward, he promised to complete one thing for Qingyu. Even if that thing requires him to break his bones.

  Qing Yu did not care about the repayment. But if she wants to understand what happened to Ao Guanglie, she must let Ao Guanglie live, at least until she can figure out who killed her, so that the person who framed the Mei Clan will also have a clue.

  If Ao Guanglie can really keep his word and is willing to repay her for doing something for her, then she will ask Ao Guanglie to clear the name of the Mei Clan as a witness.

  But this deal is based on the premise that Ao Guanglie can live anyway, so Qingyu really risked her life to help Ao Guanglie.

  Life and death together, Qingyu and Ao Guanglie established a deep comradeship. The parasite was forced out of Ao Guanglie's brain marrow and then drilled into his internal organs gnawing madly, trying to kill Ao Guanglie first. Ao Guanglie despite the trauma to his organs, hard to cultivation strangled all the parasites. But also as a result, Ao Guanglie organs traumatized quite a lot, until now have not recovered.

  And then later things are more cliché, is nothing more than a comradeship in unknowingly changed the quality. This part of Qingyu shy tight, did not say in detail. However, looking at the appearance of Qingyu and Ao Guanglie, it is not difficult for Xie Wei to make up how they sparked.

  This time, Qingyu helped Ao Guanglie fake his own death to escape only the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen knew. But the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen is not omnipotent. The Dragon Emperor and Dragon Empress could not immediately uproot the dragon sons, side chambers and the power behind the side chambers, so in order to save Ao Guanglie and catch the other dragon sons' evidence of treason, the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Empress pretended that Ao Guanglie had died and held a grand funeral for Ao Guanglie.

  "That is to say, explicitly I am already a dead man."

  Ao Guanglie rested a little, no longer coughing so hard. Just still had a tired look on his face.

  "Even if I come forward to testify and right the name of Mei Zong who is carrying a trumped up charge, the Dragon Clan will not recognize me as Ao Guanglie. I will only be treated as a fraud who is touting the name of the former prince of the Dragon Clan and subsequently killed, right?"

  Ao Guanglie was right. Xie Wei had no words to refute nor did she intend to refute. She asked Qing Yu to take good care of Ao Guanglie, herself and the monk to say goodbye - people little couple stick together, she can not continue to stand there as an obstructive light bulb.

  "...... Master, Xie Shiyi."

  Xie Wei was startled and finally recovered her thoughts. She turned around, only to see the monk standing on the bridge, clad in haze, eyebrows in the backlight can not see clearly.


  "Master Ao and Master Qing Yu's words Master Xie have heard, do you still want to do justice to the Mei Sect now and still plan to avenge the dead Mei Sect disciples?"

  Xie Wei did not hesitate: "Retaliation, why not? So what if it's tough? It's the tough things that someone has to do, right? Otherwise my Mei Sect would not be slandered for nothing, my Mei Sect disciples died for nothing?"

  The monk let out a long sigh, only this sigh of his was more like a kind of relief that he had known this would happen.

  "Then, Master Xie, you must not lose control again. Do you still remember what you told the poor monk about the Mei Zong seniors twenty years ago?"

  "Mei Zong seniors ......?"

  Xie Wei was stunned, followed by the memory of the female cultivator of the Mei Clan who, because of her madness, made a room full of people dry posed in her boudoir to admire.