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Chapter 68

  "Tendo ...... damn Tendo ......! Just how much longer are you going to get in my way-"

  The youth wearing the red robe of Phoenix Plume muttered curses, his eyebrows filled with a violent and cruel killing aura. He gathered under the sleeve robe of the hand is bleeding, but he actually put the pair of hands that have no skin into the water mirror again.

  In the water mirror, Xie Wei is talking to the monk, her eyebrows moving, hearing the happy news in her eyes is a burning light.

  "Master, Master ......"

  The red-robed youth sobbed like a whisper to himself, a pair of tattered hands as if to touch Xie Wei general to the depths of the water mirror.

  The hands without skin again seeping blood, blood stained the water mirror, along with the water mirror Xie Wei is also covered by a layer of demonic red.

  The young man gazed at Xie Wei with fascination, but then twisted his features because Xie Wei's eyes fell on the monk with hidden affection.


  The youth's five fingers became claws and grabbed at the monk's head. Countless cultivators scattered across the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud suddenly stopped moving in unison, frozen expressionlessly like robots receiving instructions.

  A monk saw his companion suddenly frozen, could not help but "hello" a few times. When there was no answer from his companion, he changed his expression and shook his companion.

  The shaken monk did not respond at first, and it took a while for the shaken monk to wake up like a dream. Also at the same time, the water mirror in the red-robed youth's five fingers were suddenly born out of thin air lightning scorched and dried.

  The smell of scorching, red-robed youth fell down, the muscles in his hands turned into black powder rustling down, his hands turned into a pair of dry bones.

  "...... heavenly dao ...... hateful heavenly dao ......!"

  The young man who fell to the ground cursed the Heavenly Way with hatred, shaking his hands, he soon fainted. When he opened his eyes again, he was already like a new person who could not control the ground to show fear.

  "How can ......! I don't want to, I don't want this-"

  "Help me, someone help me, I've ......!"

  Muscles like twisted worms crawling up the withered bones, the youth covered his face with hands that had re-grown muscles, tears spilling out from his fingers.

  "...... Zhiwei, Zhiwei ...... help me ah-"


  "You are saying that you have maintained contact with Qing Yu and the others for these twenty years!

  Hearing the monk say that Qing Yu and others are safe and sound, Xie Wei's eyes widened happily.

  The monk shook his head and revised: "The poor monk only kept in touch with Qing Yu, the other Mei Sect disciples' news were all relayed to the poor monk by Qing Yu. The monk did not see with his own eyes exactly where these Mei Sect disciples were and what they were like."

  This is also normal, Xie Wei nodded his head to express his understanding.

  In addition to the matter of Ruo Liu Qing Yu was too much swayed by feelings, Qing Yu usually do things are still quite meticulous and reliable. The monk and himself are skin-to-skin, but Qing Yu after experiencing the destruction of the Mei Zong most likely will not trust the other half of any Mei Zong disciples, this is the same whether she and the monk have not worshiped and become married.

  ...... No, not only Qing Yu, I'm afraid the only remaining disciples of the Mei Sect are of the same mind, right?

  The "same disciples can not be trusted, outsiders can not be trusted.

  Qing Yu has a reason for not allowing the monk to have contact with the other surviving disciples of the Mei Sect.

  "Then Qing Yu now ......"

  "Last night, the poor monk wanted to talk to monk Xie about the very thing related to monk Qing Yu."

  At the mention of last night, Xie Wei's face heated up a bit more.

  "I have an appointment with Master Qing Yu to meet in Silver City this month. If we don't see each other on the fifth day of next month, then something has happened. There is another matter, Master Xie--"


  "Master Qing Yu will bring the Dragon Prince Ao Guanglie with him this time, so please prepare yourself."

  Ao Guanglie!

  Xie Wei was stunned.

  According to the monk, during the twenty years of Xie Wei's entry, Qing Yu had pretended to be a casual cultivator to apply for a job as a maid of the Ao clan. After mixing with the main family of the Ao surname, it took seven to eight years to gain the trust of the Ao Chief Steward, who recommended her to the Dragon Emperor and Empress, and was appointed as Ao Guanglie's maid of honor by the Dragon Emperor and Empress.

  Said Ao Guanglie's maid, in fact, Qing Yu's job is more to monitor Ao Guanglie. After all, Ao Guanglie can not send his own maid.

  This generation of dragon emperor and dragon queen between only Ao Guanglie this one child. Ao Guanglie is both the eldest son and the crown prince.

  If Ao Guanglie died, the crown prince needs to be selected from the other dragon sons. But the other sons of the dragon are side rooms, not to mention the dragon queen clan will not be satisfied with such an arrangement, the crown prince title vacant itself will break the balance of power, all kinds of water under the surface of the open struggle will also become increasingly hot. Dragon tribe will not be peaceful.

  Considering the stability and future of the dragon family, the dragon emperor and dragon queen are not willing to let the eldest son, or the crown prince Ao Guanglie die. The couple regularly personally to their own cultivation for their son Ao Guanglie renewal, is since the fight was made - human swine has been unconscious Ao Guanglie even if a plant dragon cultivation is also only up not down. Prince status has never been deprived.

  It can be imagined that other dragon sons for the dragon emperor dragon queen such disposal is not satisfied, all dragon sons on the surface of the father's kindness and filial piety, in fact, all want to dragon queen for the dragon emperor to give birth to a new little prince before the first to get rid of Ao Guanglie, so that the crown prince's seat vacant.

  In order to ensure that Ao Guanglie not be killed, the dragon emperor dragon queen to Ao Guanglie found a double in the dragon palace, sent a small number of trusted subordinates, guards to escort the real Ao Guanglie went to the Palace.

  Because of this play Li substitution, the original Ao Guanglie side of the servant - waiting for the subordinates all can not leave the Dragon Palace, Qing Yu this opportunity to take care of Ao Guanglie close.

  The dragon emperor and dragon queen have the intention to breed a new little prince, but the two old dragons who are parents do not want to easily give up the prince who has been cultivated for hundreds of years. In addition, the dragon family birth is difficult, the dragon queen even pregnant also need hundreds of years to give birth to children. Ao Guanglie although the loss of arms and legs, but also unconscious. But for the cultivator, and still born with a golden pellet of the dragon race this is not a big deal. As long as Ao Guanglie woke up, his arms and legs sooner or later can be reborn.

  The Dragon Emperor and Dragon Queen asked Qing Yu to pay close attention to Ao Guanglie's performance, and to report to them even if he only reacted a little. So it was that Qing Yu spent almost every inch of time with Ao Guanglie for more than a decade.

  "Ahem ...... sorry to let senior uncle see me in this wretched state ......"

  In a residential house in Silver City, Ao Guanglie, who was pushed out by Qing Yu in a wheelchair, was not only sober, but also had all his limbs. But his face is very bad, a look of dying breath sunset, quite a sex turn Lin sister's sick beauty temperament.

  By Ao Guanglie called "Uncle" Xie Wei momentary speech.

  On the road she heard the monk said Ao Guanglie and Qing Yu Lang has love and concubine interest, perhaps will be together in the near future. But what about this Ao Guanglie? The first thing he called her uncle? ...... Then if Qing Yu calls her mother, does he Ao Guanglie have to follow suit and call her mother too?

  "Nothing ......"

  Xie Wei looked at Qing Yu.

  After Qing Yu pushed Ao Guanglie out of the inner room, she jumped and went back inside to get a cloak to put on Ao Guanglie, and then sweetly sat next to Ao Guanglie.

  Ao Guanglie shook her hand, she also smiled and shook it back, the two also looked at each other with a smile, the strong affection as if no one else.