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Chapter 67

  Silence lasted for a few seconds between the two, and Xie Wei finally felt embarrassed as she had hoped. She laughed dryly and said, "Uh ...... I was going to say that you are injured, do you need a bandage? And your monk's robe is wet from the snow, you'd better change into a dry clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold ......"

  "Thank you for your concern for the poor monk."

  The monk bowed his head towards Xie Wei and said thanks. Xie Wei hurriedly waved his hand: "should should should ......"


  It was really too awkward.

  It is clear that the two people who once became husband and wife, now talking to each other is comparable to meeting a blind date for the first time. Although you can't say it's a false promise, but there is really a deep gulf between the two.

  ...... wait? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

  The next moment she had taken out several bundles of pine wood from the ring to give the monk to weave the monk's clothes.

  --The monk had no expression, just nodded his head again to Xie Wei's words and then began to take off his monk's robe. His monk's robe was stained with blood in several places, in addition to his arms and legs, his right shoulder was also stained with a blood splatter.

  After Xie Wei arrived, she did not let Kunlun's sword cultivator touch the monk again, so she only said the monk was some superficial injuries. When she wove the monk's robe turned around and wanted to hand it to the monk, only to find that the monk's right hand would not move at all.

  In fact, Xie Wei did not arrive in time. As early as she arrived at the foot of the Kunlun Mountain to the monk before the conflict with the Kunlun disciples, his right shoulder at that time to the Kunlun disciples wounded.

  The monk's shoulder wound naturally worsened when he was held from behind by Xie Wei and rolled by Xie Wei to escape the journey, yet he never squealed. Xie Wei was only concerned with checking whether there were pursuers behind him, there were no ambushers around, and did not notice the wound on the monk's shoulder. The wound on the monk's shoulder was frozen by the wind and snow, and the smell of blood did not disperse for a while.

  Calmly take off the monk's robe with the left hand, as if not feel any pain monk movements are a little clumsy.

  The first thing you need to do is to take off your robe.

  "Master, let me help you."

  The monk's side, to help the right hand can not move the monk off the monk's clothes. Xie Wei checked the wound on the monk's right shoulder, and only then did he realize how badly the monk had been injured.

  The Kunlun disciple who wounded the monk was very vicious. His sword was injected into the cultivation, the sword blade is incomparably sharp, directly through the monk's shoulder. This sword wound is very small, but the blade is wrapped with sword qi, sword qi in the wound rampage, the monk's shoulder is equivalent to being put into a meat grinder bone crusher, no wonder his right arm is unable to move.

  Xie Wei really want to curse.

  She wanted to scold both the Kunlun disciples and the monk who was injured but did not say a word. But what she wanted to curse most was herself.

  She failed to arrive in time and let someone hurt the monk is just one of them.

  Disappearing at the drop of a hat, making the monk search for her for twenty years in agony, even running to Kunlun to desire to see Lu Haijun, and suffering so much as a result, this was what she could not forgive herself for the most.

  "...... It hurts, doesn't it?"

  Xie Wei to the right index finger as a needle, the fingertip over the small hole in the monk's right shoulder, to cultivate the traction still in the monk's right shoulder in the sword Qi rampage.

  The monk did not even move his eyebrows, he said as if casually talking about the weather: "Nothing, poor monk is used to it."

  Xie Wei's heart was sore again.

  She was extremely careful to crush the repulsive sword qi, and used her cultivation as a needle and thread to carefully sew up the monk's broken muscles and bones.

  The monk's bare upper body allowed Xie Wei to move. He could see the apology in Xie Wei's eyes.

  But how is it enough just to apologize?

  As soon as he thought that, the blood flowed out of the wound on his shoulder that had not yet been fully sewn up.

  Xie Wei's face was faintly blue. One hand was not enough for her, so she could only rub up against the monk's shoulder with both hands. She stitched him up with one hand and stopped the bleeding with the other.

  However, the monk's shoulder was stabbed right through, with bloody holes in the front and back.

  Xie Wei is not a medical practitioner, and has never been a healer, her two hands are really left and right, people are also unconsciously closer and closer, only to get closer to the wound, so as to facilitate the treatment of the monk.

  Xie Wei's body still has a cold breath. The monk looked at the set of a head of sweat Xie Wei efforts to deal with his own wounds, the eyes of a little not disguised gentle to.

  --Vi Niang does not understand what twenty years means. After all, for cultivators who can easily have thousands of years of life, twenty years is really just a snap of the fingers.

  But for him, these twenty years were as long as a lifetime.

  He has traveled a long way and thought about too many things. He went from not understanding why Wei Niang had to abandon him to finally understanding what Wei Niang really wanted from him.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. All dual-cultivation sects can use yuan yang and true yin to significantly improve their own cultivation realm.

  The fact that Wei Niang is a disciple of the Mei Sect, she is not going to stop until she gets her revenge. So what Wei Niang wants from him is already self-explanatory, right?

  What she wants is not only his essence, but also his yang.

  So after he gave her yuan yang, she disappeared from his sight. Even a word was stingy to leave him.

  He wishfully thought that he could trap Wei Niang if he offered his life, but never thought that Wei Niang had decided to abandon him from the beginning.

  If there is anything else he can be thankful for, then perhaps it is that Wei Niang is a good person, right?

  Because she is a good person, so she saw that his arm will not move will certainly check his injuries, she found that he was injured quite seriously will certainly personally heal his wounds.

  Then what he has to do next ......

  "Master Xie,"

  Xie Wei was hearing the monk's voice coming from overhead before she realized just how close the two were leaning.

  Those honey-colored pectoral muscles were wide open right in front of her without a trace of concealment. Her body was already pressed against the monk's tight abs.

  "Right, I'm sorry!"

  Xie Wei wanted to back up as soon as she was shocked, but she couldn't let go at this moment. At this time the stitching is not yet finished, her hand left the monk's body she sent into the monk's body cultivation also to follow the break, then she just sewed all for nothing.

  The monk did not move, but frowned slightly. It seems that he is really painful.

  "No matter. Rather, the poor monk has disturbed the monk. But monk,"

  The monk fell backwards, and with a lift of his left hand, Xie Wei was brought across to sit on him. Xie Wei was shocked, the hand stitching movement almost broke, the monk looked at Xie Wei's eyes but there is no male and female love.

  "The posture of the square master is a bit awkward, now this should make it more convenient for the master to cast."

  The words ...... are good, is this posture -

  Xie Wei brain a bunch of cars whizzing by, directly out of the car accident.

  The night of the wedding, Xie Wei is on top of that. This moment with the same angle looking down on the monk, Xie Wei inevitably recalled that time.

  At that time, the dalang was very sex - sensual, but also very ...... cute.

  Abstinence and do not know lust - desire of the man was blinded by lust - desire, he was confused, confused, eyes with suppressed guilt, the body but difficult to control.

  She felt then that Oro was so ...... nice and fragrant.

  So fragrant so fragrant ...... in front of the person, so fragrant oh ...... she was so hungry, so hungry so hungry -

  Just to the monk finished sewing the wound of this moment, Xie Wei slightly spare energy to think about other things, she thought of this is like being pressed on some kind of switch, she began to feel strong, like a hand out of the stomach to search around for food hunger.

  The black eyes faded to gold and the pupils that spread out suddenly contracted into a line of vertical pupils. Hungry to the point of trembling Xie Wei to the monk could not stop gulping, she had a very bad feeling.

  "Da, Lang ...... quickly, escape--"

  Xie Wei was unbearable, the hunger that was almost eroding away her consciousness made her suspect that her sanity would be cut off in the next second.

  To be honest, she doesn't even quite understand what's coming out of her mouth right now.

  The monk was a little surprised, but he quickly gathered his expression.

  "Amitabha Buddha, saving a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda. Thank you, monk, the poor monk is not going to escape."


  What the hell are you saying? Why don't you hurry up and run-

  Xie Wei was so angry and annoyed that she wanted to open her mouth and bite the monk who didn't listen to people, to show him how stupid his so-called compassion was.

  In Xie Wei thought she was just "thinking" to bite the monk this time, Xie Wei was shocked to find that she had actually bitten on.

  She bit on the monk's large pectoral muscles, the honey-colored pectoral muscles with a few old scars immediately by her bite out of a circle with blood teeth marks to.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  Her tears fell on the monk's chest, a few drops also fell on the monk's cheeks. Xie Wei could not control herself, her mouth quickly nibbled on the monk's lips - flap, nibbled to a mouthful of blood.

  The monk's mouth gave Xie Wei a long flow of blood, but he with divine compassion, said to Xie Wei: "Xie Shiyi, do not rush, you take your time. The poor monk is not going to run."

  At this moment, Xie Wei really thought she would turn into the cultivation world Hannibal, directly eating the monk into her belly, she cried with a real feeling.

  The next day, Xie Wei grabbed the monk's robe underneath her to cover her chest when she got up the monk was using one hand to change into Xie Wei's newly woven monk's robe last night.

  "Good morning, Master Xie."

  The monk who spoke was still wearing the same unearthly Bodhisattva face. If not for the fact that Xie Wei could feel sufficient essence in her body, she would have thought that everything yesterday was a dream.

  "Good morning, good morning ......"

  Xie Wei, who thought she would see a "dalang" instead of a "monk", saw the monk tidying himself up with one hand, smoothing out the last creases in his gray monk's robe with his hands.

  "Master Xie can recover more than anything else. So how about the poor monk continue the conversation from yesterday?"

  What do you mean by "mud is not stained, the middle passage is straight and not trailing" ah?

  Xie Wei seems to have the strength to scold the monk in his heart in a secret way.

  In fact, the monk this thoughtless and desireless, as if not for anything stained by the Buddha model really made her heart jump, and even some panic.

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