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Chapter 65

  The sun goes down and the temperature drops dramatically. The mortals in Chuzhou, even wearing warm and thick fur clothes, do not dare to walk in the wild at night, afraid of the day and night of the demonic beasts, and not as hideous as the demonic beasts, but can silently kill the cold.

  There is still a residual sun in the sky, Xie Wei on the road has not seen people. She now changed into a common rough cloth power suit, power suit raw material is perennial ancient pine, also therefore Xie Wei's body vaguely with some pine cypress smell.

  The town was found before dark and Xie Wei entered an inn. The room of the inn is full, Xie Wei had to find a seat in the lobby, asked for a catty of beef and three taels of burnt knives - Chu Zhou is cold, in order to protect the cold, mortals are almost everyone is a wine ho. Looking at the men and women who blew on the can, Xie Wei only felt that there was a sense that everyone in the fighting nation could take vodka as water.

  Long night, Xie Wei has nothing to do, it will hand-tear the beef slowly chewed, and now and then drink two mouthfuls of spicy and strong burning knife.

  The hotel has no cultivators Xie Wei do not know, but in this 60 square meters square lobby sitting are mortals. Xie Wei is to take their own feet to walk over, the mortals will not take her as a cultivator.

  "...... this world is really not peaceful na."

  "No? I heard that a few more immortal cultivation clans were destroyed."

  "More than a few yo! This will be those cultivation of immortal sects in January to destroy several!"

  A few mortals said, one of them may be drunk, tongue is still a little big: "What the heck is that thing of the heap of what came ...... Anyway, that is the clan that produces demon monks and demon nuns died a lot of people! My brother-in-law just came back from Zhangzhou, said that the blood ah from the temple, flowing into the lake next to it, the lake is dyed red!

  Another mortal bristled: "Why, is it not the fault of those demon monks and nuns who resist and refuse to admit their guilt?"

  "That's right. A group of demon monks and nuns have to say they did not mutilate people, but who does not know that they are taking human blood cultivation? When I was a child, my parents used to scare me with this broken mill, saying that misbehaving children would be caught by demonic monks and nuns and sucked into dry bodies!"

  "Hahaha! My family is also my family is also!"

  Broken mill?

  Xie Wei's movement of tearing the beef gave a slight pause.

  Could it be Bomutita? Something happened to Bomutita? ...... No, it is impossible, Pomutita has Buddha mother Durga town sect. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. And Durga, the mother of Buddha is not so good with.

  Probably just which is called "broken devil" practice Buddha sect met with misfortune.


  The door of the inn rattled, an old man carrying a bow and arrow and covered with snow squeezed into the door.

  The old man entered the door and began to pat the snowflakes on his body. Those who knew him stood up and rushed to greet him, "Second Master! This way, this way!"

  The second master's face cleared slightly when he saw his acquaintance. He took off the rabbit skin hat on his head and went over to have a few drinks with his acquaintance, and his face, which had been frozen to a paste-purple color, had blood on it.

  "Second master, why are you so late today? Is it because those immortals in Kunlun who are so high-minded are giving you a hard time?"

  "Not this time."

  The second master wiped his hands on his sleeves, reached out with his claws and pulled a leg off the roast chicken, followed by the greasy chicken leg to his beard-covered mouth.

  After a few bites of chicken leg, the second master swallowed another mouthful of roasted knife, and only then said, "It's that crazy monk!"

  Crazy monk?

  Xie Wei's gentle face appeared before his eyes.

  ...... how they heard the demon monks and nuns to Bomutita thought, heard the word monk in the brain automatically popped up that person's face? The brain is installed in a keyword association mode?

  Resist the urge to slap your own brain, Xie Wei told himself not to subconsciously passerby A B C D E words are linked to the people he knows. This reflex is not right.

  But Xie Wei's ears are like their own spiritual wisdom, even if Xie Wei has tried not to care about the surrounding noise, Xie Wei's ears are still the monk-related content word by word into the heart.

  "The crazy monk went to Kunlun to cause trouble again? How many times has this happened? Second master, do you think that crazy monk is stupid? How can someone be so insolent, he has been injured numerous times, even his face is disfigured and still does not know the lesson, and still wants to see the big man in Kunlun."

  "Back? This is a matter that can be counted with the return? As far as I know, the crazy monk has been out of his mind for eight whole years! I have spoken to him many times, he is not stupid at all! He's just crazy! He insisted that his mother might be in Kunlun, and that he would go to Kunlun to find his mother!"

  Xie Wei tried to control herself, which did not let the bowl of burning knives in her hand spill out.

  ...... won't, no, the crazy monk in this person's mouth definitely won't be Dalang.

  After all, where in the world would there be such a coincidence? The actual fact is that you can find a town and sit here and eat some meat and drink some wine, how can this coincidentally happen to hear the passerby say the thing about the big lang?

  Furthermore, the man called "Second Master" said that the mad monk had been a mad monk for eight years. Even if she had entered the country, she could not have entered for eight years at once, right?

  The "Second Master" must have been someone else.

  "Hahahaha, really is a crazy monk! If you are not crazy, how can you say that you have a wife? How can a monk be married? Besides, how can he be sure that his wife is in Kunlun? Not just anyone can enter Kunlun!"

  Perhaps thinking of something irritating, the second master glared and heaved a "humph!" "The crazy monk said his mother is the old flame of the Kunlun immortal!"

  "Huh? That is not a broken shoe?"

  "He also thinks that his wife is hidden by his old lover!"

  The second master was furious and slapped the unclean chicken leg bone on the table: "I just don't understand! The husband has no wife! Even if he really had a wife before, so what? Even if he did have a wife, so what? Her wife is such a fairy, compared to my little moth! I saw him poor and wanted him to marry my little Moth, who also said she didn't mind his broken face, but he refused! How dare you! I'm so angry! This kind of bastard deserves to be beaten to a pulp by the immortals of Kunlun! He's also brain-damaged..."

  The cold wind rolled by, and the angry Second Master fell off his chair as he was not sitting still. He "Oops!" The people in the lobby were all attracted by his scream, no one noticed that the young brother who was sitting in the corner eating beef and drinking roast knives was gone in a flash.

  Xie Wei feet on a snowflake, the wind. She entered the country and slightly recalled some things from her previous previous life.

  The previous previous life when she was about to break the void would use such a technique. Not only snowflakes, rain, grass leaves and even a thread of flutter she could use as a weapon to imperial. As long as there is wind, she will be able to come and go freely anywhere.

  But this kind of art cannot be comprehended until a certain realm, and cannot be comprehended and cannot be used. Xie Wei can think of this alternative to the imperial weapon technique, I'm afraid because the cultivation level reached the point where you can use this technique.

  The actual fact is that if you've got a lot of people in your life, you'll be able to get a lot more out of your life.

  The wind passed without a trace, Xie Wei instantly traveled a hundred miles. The lofty mountain of Kunlun was already within Xie Wei's visible range.

  "---Do you monks mean that in eight years you have never mentioned the visit of the poor monk to monk Lu Haijun?"

  A little voice came into Xie Wei's ears with the wind, and Xie Wei almost didn't have a myocardial infarction in this instant.

  "Is Master Lu's -name also something that a nameless person like you can hang on to!?"

  "Haha! But a mere Qi refining stage casual cultivator, how dare you presume to think that Senior Uncle Lu can see you!"

  "Who do you think you are? You are also worthy to see my Kunlun high ranking person!?"

  The seven Kunlun disciples cursed under their breath and tightened their encirclement of the man in the middle in a closed circle.

  "You can't learn to behave after a few months of recuperation, and you still can't learn to behave after your good face is ruined.

  The leader of the Kunlun disciples sneered and pulled out his sword with his backhand.

  It was a spirit sword fetus that had not yet become the original sword. Even though it was only a sword tire, when it was sheathed, the spirit sword already emitted a humming sound, so I thought it would be a hair-blowing weapon in the future.

  "Okay, then I'll make you whole today."

  The leader of the Kunlun disciples smiled like a famous sect, his immortal white clothes can not hide the foul malice surging in his body.

  Xie Wei spat. The next time she saw Lu Haijun, she would have to ask if Kunlun was planning to become the largest garbage dump on the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, otherwise how could any kind of cats and dogs human-scum garbage be wanted.

  "Look at the sword--!"

  The leader of the Kunlun disciples took an attack stance, followed by a shout and greeted the monk. The monk stood in place, his right hand palm, not dodging - the Kunlun disciple's sword move, his spiritual sword will instantly split - into four, from four directions directly attack the monk.

  Monk no matter how to flash how to avoid, will certainly be poked into a hedgehog. Instead of staying put, the four swords would only hurt his flesh.

  The sword blades are sharp and are about to tear the monk's flesh. The Buddhist beads wrapped around the monk's right hand were cut by the sword qi, and the rope stringing the Buddhist beads snapped, and the beads fell with a sound.

  Just at the moment when everything seemed to be in slow motion, a little fragrance of pine and cypress mixed with the soft smell of the woman's body appeared behind the monk whose face was covered with sword marks.

  "Bullying the few with the many, leaning on the strong to bully the weak, a good Kunlun ah."

  A woman in a snow robe, white hair and white clothes suddenly appeared like a dream. She used wide sleeves to protect the monk who had broken his face in her arms, and the ice and snow that twisted around her body was like a blade that rolled up and strung towards the Kunlun disciples!

  Misery screams, Kunlun disciples blood splattered on the spot. Seven people not only hands and feet are cut out hundreds of wounds, face is no longer a good piece of flesh.

  "Wei Niang ......?"

  The monk turned back slightly, was looking right at Xie Wei some embarrassed don't look away.

  "Shut your mouth and don't talk. Snowflakes will choke into your throat."

  Xie Wei said to wide sleeves rolled up the monk on the run - she gave Kunlun disciples face hands legs are open big red flowers, do not run waiting for these Kunlun disciples shouted people to attack her?

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