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Chapter 64

  "What is this ...... what is this ......?"

  The head of the ice cutter puffed out a large mouthful of white air at the lake, and the huge piece of ice in front of him that never chiseled away made his heart tremble. He ordered the women of his family to boil a few pots of hot water over, and together with his men to these hot water bucket after bucket to pour on the giant ice.

  The surface of the giant ice with white smoke issued a "hissing" sound, the ice surface soon became smooth as a mirror. However, as the surface of the ice became more and more transparent, no matter how much hot water was poured on it, the ice no longer melted.

  "Boss, do you see this like a woman?"

  A young ice cutter gulped, asked.

  "You say so ...... indeed."

  Around the nose frozen red ice chisel people busy nodding, someone even lewdly climb to the top of the giant ice, squinting eyes trying to see more clearly.

  There is indeed a woman in the giant ice, she is quietly wrapped in transparent ice crystals, as if lying peacefully in a crystal coffin.

  "So beautiful ......"

  I do not know who first issued a sigh of admiration. Followed by more ice chiselers can not help but touch the surface of the giant ice, like this will be able to touch the woman in the ice crystal.

  Snowflakes from the sky have fluttered down, no one noticed a lot of snowflakes like with a mysterious force was sucked to that piece of ice. Until the ice cutter lying on the head of the giant ice was blown by a cold wind, sneezed.


  Sucking his nose, the young ice cutter finally came back to his senses, he was about to turn his head to the others and say "we may have found a treasure, I do not know how much such a beautiful woman ice sculpture can be sold", then suddenly a shock.

  "Big hair? What's wrong with you?"

  Someone saw the young ice cutter shivering, pointing to the ice below, shaking like a bowl of water, could not help but open up and ask.

  "...... opened ......"


  "Inside that woman opened her eyes!!!"

  Big hair screamed, rolling and crawling down the giant ice. And at this time, the surrounding snowflakes have completely gathered over, around this line of ice chiselers roaming the sky.

  The head of the ice cutter in the end is eaten more salt than these young people have eaten rice, immediately respectfully in front of the giant ice kneeled down, head on the ground kowtowing: "Fairy spare my life! Fairy spare my life! We are ignorant, disturbing the fairy training! Please forgive me and spare our lives ......!!!"

  The other ice chiselers now also understood, and hurriedly kneeled down, all mouth is begging for mercy.

  Flying snowflakes more and more, ice chiselers a line of mouth will be snowflakes paste on the nose and mouth. Everyone is scared unclear, thought the ice in the female repair really is not willing to forgive them, to their lives as compensation.

  My life is over!

  The head of the ice cutter thought desperately, he was bent by the wind and snow, lying on the ground can not move.


  A crack appeared in the ice, followed by cracks bigger and bigger, like a growing tree branch spread to the whole ice.


  Someone broke through the ice, and it was an enchanting woman.

  The woman's white hair is extremely long, the body is not wearing a wisp. Countless snowflakes flocked to her, turning into a cloud-like snow robe when she raised her hand, draped onto her body. When the woman landed, she was already dressed in a long palace dress, and her hands and feet were all delicate.

  "Ah ......"

  The woman puffed out white air, then this ice and snow fairy rubbed her cheeks and made a sound that was completely at odds with her appearance and image:.

  "Crap - where is this?"

  Looking at the almost endless ice surface, Xie Wei was dumbfounded.

  She ran away after she got Dailang's Yuan Yang, and this run led her to Chuzhou.

  Chuzhou is the opposite of Tongzhou, Chuzhou is covered by snow and ice all year round, the land is vast but many places are in a state of permafrost without any grass. Because the climate and environment is very harsh, and the spirit veins are widely distributed and abundant spiritual energy, Chuzhou is surrounded by magical beasts and demonic beasts, very unsuitable for mortals to live.

  But Chuzhou is a good place for cultivation. Adequate spiritual energy can nourish the meridians and flesh-body of cultivators, the harsh environment makes mortals have to rely on cultivators and live. The large number of magical and demonic beasts constantly breeding also allows the clan not to worry about the lack of clan missions can be issued. The magic beast is full of spiritual material, and the demon beast can additionally get demon pellets in addition to skin and bones to make spiritual material. Chuzhou can be said to be a cultivation paradise.

  To say what is wrong with Chuzhou, it is probably the world's number one sect Kunlun's mountain gate is located here.

  Kunlun a sect on the center of one of the largest spiritual veins in Chu State, other Chu State sects can only pick up the Kunlun leak. Some times bad luck, met with arrogant and domineering Kunlun disciples, the leak will be robbed. But even so, the small clan was robbed of the leak did not dare to protest, afraid to annoy the Kunlun disciples, annoyed the clan elders standing behind these Kunlun disciples, cultivation - family.

  For other clans, such a life should be very depressing, right? Can greatly enhance the cultivation of spiritual veins near the eyes but can not touch, easy to hunt the demon beast magic beast is afraid to be taken away. Kunlun this huge thing is like a dark cloud, always pressed on top of other sects, let people feel dark.

  But this is not a matter for Xie Wei.

  Relying on the "editing" ability of the editor's memory, she entered the Chu state smoothly, and found a deserted mountain in the Chu state to start cultivating.

  In the Chu state, it is not near the size of the spiritual veins only absorbing heaven and earth spiritual energy is enough to cultivators to improve their cultivation. Xie Wei in Yanzhou so barren place can cultivate to fusion stage, in Chuzhou she is completely like a fish in water.

  Not to mention, she also got Dailang's Yuan Yang.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

  It was painful and exciting, and painful at the same time.

  Xie Wei's brain became a muddle, she could only concentrate her consciousness as much as possible, not to let her divine sense lax.

  This concentration, Xie Wei entered the "entry" realm. In the "entry", the cultivator almost completely isolated from the five senses, all the mind and divine thoughts are used to run the cultivation of each person's gongfu. The concept of time and space will also be diluted.

  Xie Wei is still the first "entry", this half of the experience she only save the "become stronger" a thought, all other left behind.

  The jindan became bigger and bigger, from fist to watermelon, from watermelon to washbasin, followed by bath tub, and finally as big as an artificial lotus pond.

  But Xie Wei condensed out of the golden pellet although large, but there is no fetal movement in it. This is not possible to impact the YuanYing stage realm. So Xie Wei began to condense his own jindan again, compressing his jindan as small as possible.

  As if the mother of pearl, Xie Wei condensed the jindan small and continue to paste upward cultivation. Cultivation layer upon layer tightly wrapped and entwined, and then Xie Wei continued to condense. So on and on, Xie Wei also do not feel tired. The abundant spiritual energy in Chuzhou makes her feel inexhaustible, and she is content with the status quo, constantly condensing her own jindan.

  Xie Wei's memory before she "entered" the country was still stuck in a stone cave with black lights and not a single ray of light. Now when she opened her eyes and came to a white lake, her whole body was in a daze.

  She should be in the mountains, how did she run into the lake? And this clothes ......

  Why, after two hundred years in Mei Zong, even wearing clothes has become a habit. Obviously, she has been recovering the memories of her previous life and her previous life since she prefers a lean and valiant dress, the result is that she has just regained consciousness, hazy, but directly absorbed the surrounding aura, condensing a snow-white palace dress for herself. This can be really ......

  The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company. It may be the reason for her cultivation level to improve it, dressed like this she does not feel cold. I wonder if her current cultivation level has reached the middle of the Golden Dan.

  The "entry" is so focused that it is not even clear how much cultivation she has increased Xie Wei just in the ice chisel people stunned gaze to run the gong method.

  After a week of Kung Fu, Xie Wei suddenly stopped.

  "Not it ......"

  Xie Wei's face twitched straight, she was half unaware that her fairy image had shattered into slag.

  The current Xie Wei was already in the late YuanYing realm.

  --The center of that golden pellet, which she only cared about condensing and had been condensed for an unknown number of times, already had another heartbeat. That was none other than Xie Wei's firstborn baby. When Xie Wei's firstborn grew up, she was able to divide her divine sense into two parts, one to be injected into the firstborn and the other to be kept within her own sea of consciousness, and she would be able to hit the great realm of out-of-body.

  This is not the only thing that amazes Xie Wei.

  She grew a third tail.

  The tails of fox demon cultivators are not that good, there are many fox demon cultivators who only grow a tail in a few hundred years. Xie Wei wasn't sure how many years had passed since she started cultivating, but as far as she was concerned, she felt like she had only been cultivating for one night.

  "Is this also the effect of Yuan Yang ......?"

  Fingers on her lips, Xie Wei couldn't help but murmur softly in a low voice.

  Thinking of Yuan Yang she thought of Dalang, and thinking of Dalang she thought of Dalang's fingers touching her. His fingertips were coarse and warm, and touching anywhere on the body would make people tremble. But his movements were gentle and soft, like treating the world's most fragile treasures. She was so sluggishly abused by him only to feel uncomfortable, for a painful, she simply counter-attack ......

  Ah, my stomach is hungry.

  The sudden hunger made Xie Wei show a painful expression pressed his stomach.

  The line of ice chiselers around her finally entered her eyes.

  So hungry, so hungry, so hungry.

  Hunger makes Xie Wei's throat can't help but roll. The more she looked at these unattractive ice chiselers, the more she thought they looked like crawfish, spicy hot and stinky tofu ......

  Are you crazy Xie Wei! Xie Wei what are you thinking?! Where would a cultivator who refuses to eat need to eat! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  The brain cleared, Xie Wei hurriedly retracted the eyes that fell on those ice chiselers. The hunger that was constantly tormenting her was forcibly suppressed by her.

  ...... It seems that this is the after-effects of her rush to raise her cultivation level and pull up her realm.

  Xie Wei laughed at herself and flew away from the frozen lake.

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