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Chapter 62

  A straw rain and smoke, no rain and wind, no sunshine.

  Under the dense rainstorm, the man wearing a hat and a straw raincoat, leaning on an old wooden hiking stick walking in the mud on the rugged mountain path. Accustomed to double-legged over the mountains, the man's footsteps are very stable, even if the mountain rain like a waterfall, he still walk like flying.

  Yao Jiuniang, who has aged a lot, was wetted by the cool water mist when she opened the door. She cursed at the mouth a few times the thief God is not open, followed by the rain to go to the rabbit hut.

  Yao Jiuniang arrived at the rabbit hut and found that the two sisters Xiufeng and Chunfeng were there.

  --The two sisters were both there. - Chunfeng got married three years ago but never got married, always living at home. Xiu Feng had just died at the beginning of the year, and was scolded by her husband's family as a "star of death" and had two sons withheld from her, so she and her daughter were kicked out together and had no choice but to return to her mother's house.


  When they saw Yao Jiuniang, Xiufeng and Chunfeng each called out. The two backed away so that Yao Jiuniang could see the rabbit pen behind them where the long-haired rabbits were kept.

  As a mother, Yao Jiuniang is not unhappy to have her daughters around. But the thought of two daughters are not able to enjoy the happiness of being a human-wife, mother, Yao Jiuniang and feel the heartache.

  First of all, not to mention at least a dozen years of married life Xiu Feng, Chun Feng she ...... alas. The flower-like girl has been hard to boil herself to the age of eighteen is not willing to Xu family, she could not force her daughter to marry the object she did not like, and not able to let her daughter marry the man she liked.

  ...... Twelve years have passed since then.

  The first day she heard her daughter Chunfeng cursing at Wei Niang in the early morning, she taught her daughter a lesson and grounded her in the house, she felt too embarrassed to see Wei Niang again and avoided the newly married Wei Niang and Da Lang next door for several days.

  The other people in the village did not see Wei Niang for several days, only to see that Dailang came out with a soft and affectionate expression every day to receive work and do work, so they only thought that Dailang was eating the marrow and tormenting Wei Niang night after night, so that Wei Niang could not go out for several days.

  The people are teasing Dailang, but they do not want to disturb the newlyweds.

  The other people just so casually asked, was asked the Dailang is like a dream first awakening, face suddenly changed. The carpentry work he had just done was left in place. He ran towards his house without looking back.

  The sudden madness of Dailang alarmed all the people around, many people followed Dailang's head to his home, most of them because of curiosity, a small number of people are worried that something happened to Wei Niang, Dailang needs a hand.

  Anyway, no matter what the reason was, everyone who followed Dailang to the front of his house soon saw the same scene.

  There was no trace of Wei Niang in the home of Dailang and Wei Niang.

  Wei Niang did not take anything with her, she just disappeared into thin air like a puff of smoke.

  Yao Jiuniang heard the noise next door before she walked out of her house, and it was only at this time that Yao Jiuniang learned that Wei Niang had disappeared.

  Where had Wei Niang gone?

  Why did Wei Niang disappear?

  Why did she go missing for more than ten days?

  Yao Jiuniang has no answer, but--

  Ping dang!

  The bowl in Chunfeng's hand fell to the ground and smashed into a puddle. The little girl trembled, remembering the verbal violence she had inflicted on the pretty sister next door.

  "Go to hell, vixen! Get lost...

  A prophecy, that beauty is very different from all the women in Yao Xi village Wei Niang ...... she really disappeared.

  "Rabbit you two have fed?"

  Yao Jiuniang, who has become increasingly kind-hearted in her old age, asked her daughters.

  She kept her mouth shut about the incident back then and was determined not to mention that she and her youngest daughter Chunfeng had seen Wei Niang early that morning, and Chunfeng also cursed towards Wei Niang for what was there.

  "My sister and I would like to feed, just -"

  Chunfeng laughed lightly and nudged her mouth towards the haystack. Yao Jiuniang then saw Xiu Feng's daughter Xiao Miaorou was sleeping in the hay with her fingers in her mouth, holding a cloth doll in her arms.

  Xiu Feng smiled bitterly and lowered her voice: "Miaorou used to be carried by her father and me to sleep. This single day or I hold Miaorou sleep, double day Miaorou will not want me to hold sleep. Yesterday ...... was a double day."

  See sister sad, Chunfeng go over to hug sister arms. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Yao Jiuniang has a lot of feelings in her heart, pulling her two daughters and going outside.

  "It's still early. Let Miaorou sleep a little longer. The rabbit won't die if it's hungry for an hour or two."

  In this way, the mother and daughter went out of the rabbit hut and prepared to go back to the house.

  The rain got heavier again. The raindrops fell on the brickwork like small chisels, chiseling and digging with a tinkling sound. Yao Jiuniang sighs, suddenly saw the rain curtain seems to have a human figure.

  Is that really a person? Or are you just blind? Yao Jiuniang squinted the corners of her eyes, trying to see more clearly. The youngest daughter beside her drew a long breath, and then ran into the rain without looking back.

  "Dalang ......!!!"

  At this moment, Yao Jiuniang's heart seemed to freeze.

  Twelve years, it has been twelve years. Why can't you let go? Why can't you still let go?

  "Dalang! You've come back! You've finally come back!"

  The teary-eyed young daughter tugged on the man's sleeve, and the man lifted his hat slightly to reveal a bearded face.

  That's right, the person coming is Dailang.

  Dailang's eyebrows are still as gentle as ever, he smiles and nods towards Yao Jiuniang, who then nods at him.


  "Da Lang, do you still plan to leave this time when you come back?"

  After Wei Niang disappeared out of thin air, Dailang whirled around and said he was going to look for Wei Niang, and this departure was months, tens of months, years.

  Dailang said Wei Niang may suddenly come back, not only did not sell the small courtyard, not even home belongings have not taken away.

  But in addition to the main house, there is also a silkworm house and a vegetable garden in the small courtyard next door. Although one of them was a carpenter and the other was a weaver, they had bought a few fields in the village.

  Dailang then gave up the silkworm house, vegetable garden and even farmland to Yao Jiuniang's family, only to ask Yao Jiuniang's family if they saw Wei Niang and left her behind, it would be better to find someone to inform him. It doesn't matter if he can't be notified, he will return to Yao Xi village regularly to see.

  Yao Jiuniang was already ashamed of her heart, so she was asked by Dailang to do so, how could she be willing to go along with Dailang and Wei Niang's family's livelihood? The company is willing to help Da Lang and Wei Niang to take care of the small courtyard, when Da Lang Wei Niang back, everything is still theirs.

  "If I find Wei Niang, we will not leave when we return."

  Yao Jiuniang understood what Dailang meant by his words. She knew she couldn't persuade Dailang, so she stopped persuading him and only urged him to eat: "Hurry up and eat! The food will hurt your stomach if it gets cold."

  "Thank you, Nine-Niangzi."

  Dalang did move his chopsticks as he was told.

  Chunfeng, who came next door with Yao Jiuniang to bring the food, sat down on the seat next to Dalang and looked at him with her face.

  The windy and dusty Dailang had not yet had time to bathe, but Chunfeng was looking at him without blinking. Yao Jiuniang frowned in her heart, pulled up Chunfeng and said goodbye to Dailang.

  "Dailang, we'll go back first. You have a good rest."


  Chun Feng called back, but was fiercely glared at by Yao Jiu Niang, lowered her head and pursed her lips in resignation.

  Dailang was unaware of the official dispute between mother and daughter, and only thought that Chunfeng was still the same little girl who loved sugar cakes and was only a little bit big, smiling: "Is Chunfeng still waiting for the handwritten letter? The handwritten letter is in my back basket, you can go get it yourself."

  Hearing that Dailang had brought her a handwritten letter, Chunfeng, who felt valued, jumped in her heart. She glanced at Dalang with anger and resentment, full of sweetness, and answered, "Eh!" She also showed a winning smile towards Yao Jiuniang.

  Yao Jiuniang's mouth was bitter, and her heart hurt even more.

  Chun Feng really found sugar cakes wrapped in several layers of lotus leaves and oil paper in Dailang's back basket. The woman who came home with the sugar cake did not eat it, and spent the whole night looking at it and smiling. His father saw this and looked at Yao Jiuniang with a worried face, but Yao Jiuniang just shook her head.

  Why can't you let go? Why can't you let go?

  Twelve years later, why is her stupid little daughter still having dreams that she can't wake up from? She thought that as long as she waited, she could wait until Da Lang died to find Wei Niang's heart and take his place beside him?

  The same goes for Oro, did he think that the Wei Niang he spent twelve years unable to find would reappear now?

  What a nonsense.

  The rain kept falling, the heavy dark clouds in the sky did not look like they were going to disperse, even though it was already three o'clock in the morning, the surrounding area was still gloomy.

  Yao Jiuniang held up a paper umbrella, carrying the food box to the next small courtyard.

  The wooden fence outside the courtyard, which was already a bit rotten, had already been repaired, and Dalang's workmanship was as good as ever, so good that it was admirable.

  Yao Jiuniang pushed open the small courtyard fence, walked to the front of the house, and knocked on the wooden door.

  "Da Lang, it's me, Nine-Niangzi."

  "What brings Nine-Niangzi here?"

  The Dailang who came to answer the door had wet hands. Yao Jiuniang saw at a glance the house behind him that he had cleaned.

  For twelve years, Dailang only did two things whenever he came back to the village, one was to see if Wei Niang had returned, and the second was to clean the home where Wei Niang had lived, so that no matter when Wei Niang returned, there was always a place to stay.

  Yao Jiuniang's nose was sore, and her throat was as uncomfortable as a ball of cotton. She forced herself to hold back her emotions and squeezed out a smile: "I don't think Da Lang has eaten yet, so I'll bring you some food."

  "Thank you so much, Ninth Maiden. I haven't returned your food utensils from yesterday, sorry."

  "It's not a problem. We are all neighbors, such a small thing, why do you need to say thank you?"

  Yao Jiuniang said this, but in her mind she was thinking that it would be good if Dalang really felt that she was grateful to him.

  Yao Jiuniang slowly handed the food box to Dalang, who saw that she didn't leave for a long time and responded.

  "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

  Yao Jiuniang, who was indecisive and unsure whether she wanted to open her mouth, finally made up her mind.

  She nodded her head heavily: "...... Yes."

  "Da Lang, have you thought about tying another marriage?"

  Dailang's expression was stunned. But the consternation quickly faded - away, and the rest was only ripples.

  "Nine-niangzi, you also know that I have Wei Niang."

  Wei Niang, Wei Niang, Wei Niang, of course she knows he has Wei Niang, all he can think about is Wei Niang!

  "I know I know ...... but Da Lang, Wei Niang has been away for twelve years."

  "If she was just having a fit, she should have come back long ago. If she wanted you to find her, you wouldn't have been unable to find her for twelve years!"

  Da Lang's eyes were sunken, and something seemed to be rolling around like a dark cloud.

  Yao Jiuniang, however, could not stop her mouth.

  After more than ten years of friendship, she knew very well about Dalang's personality, and she knew that this was her only and last chance to convince Dalang - Dalang would not give her a second chance to say these things.

  "Is my Chunfeng bad? She has loved you for twelve years, twelve whole years! If you have any grievances against her, just say it to her, and I'm sure she'll change! For your sake!"


  Dalang became even more silent.

  Yao Jiuniang's tears intensified, she took a step forward and directly bent her knees: "Please make my Chunfeng whole!"

  Yao Jiuniang's knee did not land. It was Dalang who held her up.

  Tears gushed out, Yao Jiuniang grabbed Dailang's arm with force and said in pain: "She has waited for you for so many years! So many years! The daughters of our Yao Xi village are late to marry, but there is no such thing as an 18-year-old woman who is not yet married! Don't you really see who Chunfeng is guarding her body for?"

  When Dalang didn't answer, Yao Jiuniang yelled out, "Does Wei Niang love you as much as my Chunfeng does? I don't know if you're as faithful as my Chunfeng! I don't know how long you've been with Wei Niang, but my Chunfeng's 12 years are not as long as the days you were with Wei Niang!

  "Da Lang ah--"