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Chapter 61

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Xie Wei stiffened for a moment, only a moment. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

  "Not sleepy?"

  Xie Wei asked with a smile.

  "Not sleepy."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

  The red candle swayed, and the bronze mirror reflected their faces together. For the first time, Xie Wei closed her eyes when she kissed honestly, only using her lips to feel the warmth of Dailang's lips.

  It's probably because of the wine, Dairang's body temperature is very high. His honey-colored face was slightly flushed, and his palm was damp and hot.

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

  The red silk flower ball fell on the ground, and neither of them went to pick it up. Dailang's eyes were misty, with some hazy wetness. He removed his rough clothes, revealing his strong pectoral muscles, and sweat made his muscles shine. The rough fingers of his lightly caress Xie Wei's face, just like caressing the most cherished treasure, so that Xie Wei can not stop shivering.

  She Wei opened her eyes and suddenly burst into tears. Recently she always can not control her tear glands, a few days ago with Yao Jiuniang down the mountain is also like this.

  "Wei Niang?"

  Da Lang thought it was the barbs on his hand rubbing Xie Wei's cheeks that hurt, and quickly stopped his hand.

  He and Xie Shiyi ...... he and Wei Niang together more days to find Wei Niang is like a piece of tender tofu, and soft, and fragile. He is only a little force to hold Wei Niang's wrist, Wei Niang's wrist will leave a circle of red marks. He is only with Wei Niang together with a few days of driving, Wei Niang will be able to two feet are blood blisters.

  But this is such a tofu-like body, boarded in the head is an incomparable tough soul. Xie Wei do things with a kind of desperate ruthlessness, Yao Xi village girls can not be less in front of him said Wei Niang and tiger and pugilistic, ordinary men can not subdue her.

  Then he can subdue her?

  Even if you can't, it doesn't matter.

  Wei Niang is Wei Niang, why should we forcibly "subdue" Wei Niang, let her become another person?

  He does not like to see Wei Niang's tears. When Wei Niang shed tears, he felt a tangle in his chest.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Who expected Xie Wei to pull him back.

  Xie Wei grunted and sniffled and crawled into Dailang's arms by herself. She pulled up Dailang's arm and let Dailang put his arm around himself, following her own hug around Dailang's neck.

  "What's the point of looking for a towel at a time like this!"

  Xie Wei hung with a face of tears, but said the words are cut and dry.

  "Seeing me cry, you should kiss me ...... kiss away my tears is ah!"

  Da Lang guffawed. He tightened the hand that was placed on her waist by Xie Wei, and honestly did as Xie Wei said, kissing the corners of her eyes.

  "Then going forward, I'll do all that."


  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

  This is still early morning, only the sky is turning a little fish-belly white color. As soon as Xie Wei opened the door of the house, he saw the little Chunfeng standing outside the fence of the small courtyard with swollen eyes crying.

  "Chunfeng ......?"

  Xie Wei has never raised a child, and is not good at coaxing children. When it comes to comforting little Chunfeng, all she could think about for a moment was giving little Chunfeng her favorite things to eat.

  "Want to come in and eat gao gao? There are still a lot of sugar cakes left over from yesterday, I'll go and warm them up for you?"

  "Who wants your sugar cakes! You fox spirit!"

  Xiao Chunfeng kicked the fence, and her roar soon attracted Yao Jiuniang, who lived next to her.

  Yao Jiuniang was busy preparing breakfast for the whole family when she got up in the morning, and she didn't notice that her own girl had run into Xie Wei's house. Only when she heard Chunfeng's voice did she realize that Chunfeng was not in her little nest. Yao Jiuniang saw Chunfeng outside the campus and Xie Wei standing on the steps at once, as she ran out of the house in three steps.

  The first day of the wedding, Xie Wei wore a thick dress that Yao Jiuniang had never seen before, which was somewhat similar to men's clothing, with pants instead of a long skirt underneath. Yao Jiuniang had never seen Xie Wei dressed like this, but it is normal for a new woman to wear new clothes, and it is more convenient to wear pants to go down to the ground and up the mountain. Besides, at this moment because of Chunfeng, Yao Jiuniang couldn't care less what Xie Wei was wearing.

  "Chunfeng! What are you talking about, you child!

  Yao Jiuniang had never taught Chunfeng to speak ill of people, and when she heard Chunfeng call Xie Wei a fox spirit, she was both confused and angry, and rushed over to pick up Chunfeng and drag her to her house.

  "I'm sorry, Wei Niang, it's my fault for being lax in discipline -"

  "I hate you! I hate you!!!"

  Little Chunfeng struggled in Yao Jiuniang's arms, punching and kicking, and the shrill screams belonging to a child were piercingly loud.

  "Stinking vixen! Dead vixen! You bad vixen!"

  With the poor vocabulary of a child, these were the most unpleasant words that little Chunfeng could curse. Yao Jiuniang tried to cover Xiao Chunfeng's mouth several times, but Xiao Chunfeng dodged it.

  "Go to hell, fox spirit! You disappear-"


  Yao Jiuniang's face was blue, and Xiao Chunfeng, who had never been beaten before, was slapped crooked in the face by her. Cries choked in her throat, followed two seconds later by an outburst of louder sobs.

  "I'll ask you later who taught you those words! Now come home with me first!"

  The irritated Yao Jiuniang dragged her daughter, turned around and apologized to Xie Wei, the crying little Chunfeng was dragged back to her house by her mother.

  The morning wind was still a bit chilly. Xie Wei picked up the steps, walked out of the house, went to the door of the courtyard, and pushed open the fence that had been broken by a wooden strip kicked by Xiao Chunfeng. She wasn't really upset.

  What Xiaochunfeng said is basically true. She is indeed a vixen, or a bad vixen.

  -- She had too many chances to spare Dailang, but in the end, she got Dailang's yuan yang in her hands.

  Although in order not to bad people cultivation, that last step she did not do down, just in another way to let Dailang relief. But the yuan yang has been lost this result does not change anything for Dailang.

  Dailang, or monk, whether or not he chooses to return to his monk identity in the future, have little to do with her.

  She was leaving.

  She had intended to go from the beginning.

  While the monk was being a dalang, she sold a lot of cloth to Yao Jiuniang behind his back. After Yao Jiuniang took her to the embroidery workshop under the mountain, she sold a lot of cloth to the embroidery workshop again. She was very easy to weave cloth with her cultivation, and her cultivation was growing day by day after she had served the bellows milk of Kunlun and grown a second tail.

  The more empty her cultivation was, the more her cultivation was restored and the more her total cultivation was increased.

  Xie Wei secretly weave cloth into the ring given by Durga not to mention, but also to avoid the eyes and ears to take out the Namotita vestments in the ring, using the golden bell above to consume their own cultivation. She is now cultivating up to progress quickly, the golden pellet also from the pearl so big a grain into a fist so big.

  Selling cloth for money Xie Wei all bought into the herbs. Yao Xi village people are physically fit, and the pharmacies in Yao Xi town below the mountain are less patronized. These are all cheap Xie Wei. Whether it is quality herbs or cheap expired herbs, what Xie Wei wants in the pharmacy, the pharmacy owner is also happy to clean up the inventory, this is a win-win situation.

  Ask Xie Wei if she has ever thought about just returning to the fields as a mortal and settling down to a quiet life ...... with Dalang.

  She even seriously considered having a few children with Dalang, raising a few chickens and feeding a few cows.

  But Xie Wei also knows better than anyone else that her delusions of grandeur will always be delusions.

  The "dalang" is fake, the monk is real. The monk wanted to be married to her for a lifetime not because he loved her, liked her, and was pleased with her.

  This is just an attempt by a Buddhist to give up his life to save others, no different from feeding an eagle with his flesh.

  She understood that the Buddha was sincere about her, and that his words and actions were sincere and not an act. So she knew that if she stayed as "Wei Niang", "Da Lang" would really be "Da Lang" for the rest of his life.

  The Buddha was kind to her.

  The Buddha also has pity on her, pity on her family's ruin, pity on her blood feud.

  Just the same, the Buddha also pity those who died because of her revenge and will be killed by her.

  It is true that the Buddha did not want her to hit the stone with an egg, wanted to save her life, and wanted to take her away from the three poisons of greed, anger, and dementia.

  But it is also true that the Buddha does not want her to kill living beings and does not want her to continue to trample on life.

  The Buddha's hand was very warm, and the temperature coming from his palm ironed her heart to the point of beating uncomfortably.

  But at that moment, Xie Wei realized that she had already made her choice - when Dalang gave her the warmth, the thought that rushed through her mind was not that she wanted to be immersed in this soft and gentle ironing forever; but that her dead sisters would never have the chance to find someone who could bring them this feeling.

  All the hesitation, hesitation and reluctance is not because she is caught between two choices and can't make up her mind. On the contrary, because she had already made up her mind, what Dalang gave her was what made her feel painful.

  She chose to be Xie Wei, and chose to treat the monk as a monk, not because she disliked that Dailang did not treat her truly enough. Just because "Xie Wei" as a person, an independent individual, can not do a person happily living in the sun, the destruction of the Mei Zong as if it did not exist.

  Close your eyes not to see those bloody and tragic, filthy darkness to have a quiet time, where can be counted as any real quiet time?

  The Buddha chose to feed her with his body.

  She chose to be born as a female cultivator of the Mei Sect and die as a female ghost of the Mei Sect.

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  I will probably stay in Lijiang for 2 or 3 months.

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