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Chapter 59

  The sun was setting, Yao Xi Village was bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, looking inexplicably bleak.

  The first thing you need to do is to look outside the village entrance, Yao Jiuniang's little Chunfeng sitting on the stone next to her, pouting and kicking her little feet, "A mother has never been so late back, she used to be late and would rush home to burn dinner."

  The first thing you need to do is to get back to your home. Do you want to go to the poor ...... want to go to my house to eat? My family has prepared a meal -"

  I want to say that as long as Chunfeng to go to their own home, immediately eat dinner Dailang suddenly remembered that the pot with hot water to warm the dinner should have been cooled. So he changed his mind: "...... slightly warmed up and ready to eat."

  The precocious Chunfeng took a look at Dailang, she shook her head and jumped down from the stone: "No need. I want to eat, directly back to their own home is. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get back.

  The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are getting into.

  Thank you master ...... Wei Niang more than once to get rid of him, leaving him.

  He did not say so, but his heart was clear.

  The first time Wei Niang tried to get rid of him was at the bottom of Tian Lin Mountain. The first time she tried to get rid of him was at Tianlin Mountain. At that time, he understood that she did not want to get him involved.

  The second time was at the inn in Duyi County.

  Wei Niang gave him a pack of spirit stones and disappeared. Later she returned to the inn, but look at her look, she did not think he would wait for her at the inn.

  The third time was in the Mei Zong.

  He knew that Wei Niang did not want Qing Yu to be involved in the war of life and death, so he helped her to knock out Qing Yu. Who would have thought that he was not included in Wei Niang's plan. This time, she is even in his face, even lies are stingy to his disappearance.

  It was he who forced himself to catch up with Wei Niang, and he and Wei Niang have today.

  But in the end, the days in Yao Xi village is really Wei Niang want to live the days?

  ...... If Wei Niang still has the intention to separate from him? This time, he can still catch up with Wei Niang?

  It is like a blind man walking on a cliff in the darkness of the night, can not see okay, see it will not be able to stabilize the body into the abyss. The things that always do not think about once you think deeply will make people feel terrible.

  In the past, Wei Niang was at his side, he saw Wei Niang full of thoughts will only hurry to become a qualified husband. Now Wei Niang is not in, those he usually can not think, or do not want to think of things will be clearly placed in front of his eyes.

  Today ...... after Eu Niang no longer come back, he should go to find Wei Niang?

  Or should he fulfill her heart that does not want to stay by his side?

  "...... I don't want my Aniang to be abducted by Wei Niang."

  The little spring Feng's voice is thin, with some sharpness between the words that only adults can have.

  The sunset's afterglow stung his eyes, Da Lang opened his mouth and finally showed a smile towards little Chun Feng in a gentle and kind manner.

  "How can Chunfeng have such strange thoughts? If Wei Niang doesn't go back to this Yao Xi village with your Aniang, where else can she go?"

  A monk does not speak in vain.

  Now he is not a monk.

  With a false smile, Dalang said, "Don't worry, Wei Niang won't abduct your mother."

  Little Chunfeng, who was imitating the adults' speech, did not know what she was insinuating by what she had just said, and she could not take it, so she just grunted and said, "That's the best."

  The sun was setting, and the last bit of daylight was about to sink below the horizon when Yao Jiuniang returned.

  She was driving a wobbly ox cart, but there was no sign of Xie Wei in the cart.

  Dailang, who saw the shadow of the cart, just took two steps forward and found that Yao Jiuniang's cart did not have Xie Wei.

  At this moment, his heart gave birth to a kind of "really" sigh. However, what caught him off guard was that he found himself with an overriding emotion of "really" in his heart.

  --Wei Niang has only been gone for half a day! Even if Wei Niang invaded Yao Jiuniang's consciousness as soon as she left Yao Xi Village and changed Yao Jiuniang's memory, she took another path to disappear, she would not have gone far in half a day!

  Wei Niang can not fly, and physical strength is far less than their own. As long as you follow the trail left by Wei Niang now to find the past, I think they do not sleep, at most a day's work to catch up with her.

  Yao Jiuniang, who was driving the bullock cart, smiled as soon as she saw Dailang and Chunfeng at the entrance of the village. She held the reins with one hand and opened one hand to call at Chunfeng and Dailang: "Chunfeng - Dailang -"

  Who would have thought that Dailang ran ahead and did not stop in front of Yao Jiuniang's bullock cart, but brushed against Yao Jiuniang's bullock cart.

  "Dalang? Where are you going?"

  Yao Jiuniang was happy and intended to tease Dailang a few times, saying him: "I did not see Wei Niang then rushed up to ask me where Wei Niang had gone ...... you are so anxious? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

  I don't want Dailang to even look at her, directly behind her running away.

  "Dalang ......!"

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Although Chunfeng was placed in the home of her parents-in-law, she did not have to worry about anything, but most of the day did not see her daughter, Yao Jiuniang naturally still worried about whether her daughter had bumped into.

  The only thing in Yao Jiuniang's eyes now is Chunfeng at the entrance of the village, and when she saw that she couldn't call Dailang who was running away, she didn't call him either.

  "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The usual calm and steady a man ah. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  "Aniang, what are you muttering about?"

  Yao Jiuniang picked up little Chunfeng and turned around, then took out a piece of snack wrapped in a cloth towel from her arms.

  "Aniang is just asking Chunfeng if she wants to sweeten her mouth with a cake?"


  To a child, the "husband", which cannot be eaten or drunk, is not as important as a pastry that can sweeten the mouth. Little Chunfeng's eyes lit up and she hugged the treats, immediately leaving Dalang behind.

  Not far from Yao Xi Village is a woodland. The sun is like blood, staining the forest and making it look like a shadow. The mountain road is squeezed between two forests, more rugged and thin.

  Dailang ran, looking around through the waning sun as he ran. He carefully distinguished the ruts and prepared to look for footprints around them.

  "Dalang ......?"

  Xie Wei's voice caused Dailang a momentary daze - he thought he was hallucinating.

  "What are you doing here, Da Lang?"

  Xie Wei, who was carrying a basket, came forward. She wrinkled her pretty eyebrows, and reached out to touch Dailang's forehead when she saw him standing frozen in place.

  "What's wrong? Sick? Evil? Eh..."

  The next moment, Xie Wei was a bear hug by Dailang held into the arms.

  "It's broken and shattered! The lasagna in the basket is going to be crushed for you!"

  Xie Wei wailed in protest, so the hands pressed on her thin waist loosened. Xie Wei just watched as her basket was taken from her hands, and then she was pushed down onto her big pectoral muscles.

  She struggled to get her head out of Dailang's bosom and tilted her head in confusion, "Dailang, what's wrong with you?"

  A "pfft" laugh came from behind Dailang's back. It turned out to be Yao Jiuniang who came.

  "What else could be wrong with Dailang? It's just that he misses Wei Niang. I'm afraid that Wei Niang is a fairy in the sky, down the mountain to find their own feather clothes will fly to the sky and not come back."

  Yao Jiuniang just fed Xiao Chunfeng snacks and saw her husband coming to the village entrance. She handed over the cart to her husband and asked him to take little Chunfeng home first, and she came to look for Dalang and Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei smiled and danced, and stretched out her right index finger to nod at the tip of Dalang's nose: "Dalang, is what Jiu Niang's sister said true?"

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I didn't want Dalang to slowly raise his head and look deeply into Xie Wei's eyes.


  He replied with only one word, one syllable.

  This syllable immediately disappeared into the air, leaving no trace.

  Xie Wei's long eyelashes twitched and she quickly smiled again.

  "...... It turns out that Dalang pleases me this much at heart."

  The sky is already completely dark. The "rustling" sound of the leaves, Dailang could not see the expression on Xie Wei's face.

  The young couple's affection was smothered by Yao Jiuniang walking in front and laughing: "This morning I thought it was Wei Niang who could not leave Da Lang, but I did not think it was Da Lang who could not leave Wei Niang ah ~ ~"

  "Sister Jiuniang loves to make fun of people!"

  She laughed and scolded with Yao Jiuniang, "If you keep teasing me like this, I'll get angry!"

  "Yoo-hoo-hoo! Now you're shy! I don't know which one of them asked if Da Lang was happy with her!"

  "Jiuniang sister ......!"

  Xie Wei seems to be annoyed and angry, chasing after Yao Jiuniang to hit. She moved, but her hand was imprisoned in the palm.

  It turned out that it was Dalang who didn't let go.

  Xie Wei looked at Dalang, then looked at his own hand that Dalang was holding tightly, and did not go after Yao Jiuniang.

  She scratched her face and explained in a soft voice: "...... aren't we going to get married? But make your own furniture, it will take a long time to do. Besides, it takes a hundred days to break your bones, your hand still needs to recuperate. So I thought, how about furniture with the bought forget."

  "Yao Jiuniang's cattle car is full of furniture, I sat on her old ox can not carry. I let Yao Jiuniang drive in the front and I followed the cart to the back."

  Dalang could not see Xie Wei's face, but he could feel Xie Wei's hand was hot. The heat reminded him of Xie Wei's expression whenever she blushed, and also made his still-raised heart relaxed little by little.

  "On the contrary, Dalang, you did not find many furniture in Yao Jiuniang's cattle car?"

  "I couldn't care less if I didn't see you."


  Xie Wei's hand seemed to get a little hotter again.

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