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Chapter 57

  "It's really worthy of Wei Niang, this cloth is really well woven!"

  The village woman, who was about thirty years old, took the cloth handed to her by Xie Wei and carefully looked over the fabric and rubbed it from time to time, while praising it.

  "There is absolutely no better weaver than Wei Niang in this ten miles and eight villages. Look at this cloth neatly ...... cloth surface is flat and smooth, and soft to the touch. The most remarkable thing is that you have woven such a cloth in only ten days. I wish I could have let my two untalented children. I really want my two unworthy daughters to learn your craft too!"

  "Ninth Maiden is joking. Who doesn't know that Xiu Feng is the best embroiderer? Embroidery is much harder than weaving, I'm just a little faster, but I'm not as skilled as sister Xiufeng."

  Xie Wei was a good-looking woman, and her smile was always a spring breeze. She is modest, and her words are very flattering to Jiu Niangzi and her daughters. The nine niangzi and Xie Wei family talk, it is inevitable that Xie Wei said the eyebrows open smile, see the teeth do not see the eyes.

  "The actual fact is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on your own. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get the job done. My family Xiufeng is not as good as you say! She's just a child who doesn't know any better! I'm worried that she won't be able to get along with people in the town before she gets married."

  The thought of capricious daughters nine niangzi stomach pain, she covered the stomach sac, can not help but launch a complaint.

  "We have a different custom in Yao Xi Village than in the outside world, where the head of the family is not male or female, so girls are raised to be strong and strong like boys. But where outside is not a man in charge of the family? I'm afraid Xiu Feng she married out and suffered a loss still can not figure out ah. You say this child is also really ...... good village man do not want, but want to marry the town that small tailor."

  "Nine maidens also said Xiu Feng sister is a decision, I believe that ah, Xiu Feng sister not only has a decision, but also has vision. She will not marry the village man, but must marry the little tailor, must know that the little tailor is better than the village man. Don't worry too much about it. Besides, with you here, who would dare to bully sister Xiufeng?"

  "Wei Niang, you're such a mouthful!"

  The nine niangzi was coaxed to laugh, casually joked a sentence: "I am afraid that the sweetness of your family's eldest son can not taste enough Oh!"

  Being so boldly teased, Xie Wei immediately reddened her delicate face: "What is the Ninth Niangzi saying?"

  The Ninth Maiden looked at her like a little girl and teased her, "You've been living together for some days, why is Wei Niang still so shy?"

  Xie Wei's face burned: "I, I and Da Lang have not yet ......"

  This time it was the Ninth Maiden's eyes that widened: "You've been living together for half a month! How can you not have it yet? How can you not have it yet? Is it because your eldest is not handy and that's why he's slow? I don't know if he has a problem with that? That's not good! Wei Niang, Da Lang is indeed good looking and good natured, but he can't do that either ......!"

  "No, it's not!"

  Xie Wei's forehead was covered with a layer of fine sweat, and she stammered: "Da Lang and I are going to wait until we are officially married ......"

  The nine niangzi suddenly showed an understanding expression and nodded: "So it is like this. The first thing you need to do is to get married before you can act. I forgot for a moment that you and Da Lang came from outside."

  The first thing you need to do is to get married. Yao Xi Village is not like the outside world, girls don't talk about first come first served. They all go up to the man they like when they see him and want to be with him."

  "You don't know, Da Lang such a good body, that handsome appearance, the village girls have long been red-eyed. Even my Chunfeng that yellow-haired girl are following those who do not look at the blind nonsense, said to marry your family's eldest son. Marriage can not be this life in this life, do not marry. My family and I talked a lot to persuade that stupid girl Chunfeng, saying that the eldest is too old, and she does not match. As a result, I don't know where the stupid girl heard something, and learned that I was coming to see you today, so she shamelessly pestered me to bring her here, so as to personally ask you if your eldest son has any brothers ......"

  Nine niangzi said while observing the change in Xie Wei's expression, see Xie Wei eight parties do not move steady as an old dog did not want to get angry meaning, then put down his heart.

  "Ugh! Chun Feng this stupid girl also do not think, she is so skinless and shameless, and how I have the courage to bring her here!"

  Xie Wei was so amused by Nine-Niangzi that she laughed out loud.

  Naturally, she would not be angry because Little Chunfeng of Niangzi's family wanted to marry Dailang.

  Who is Dailang, you ask? Dailang is the monk. The monk's current pseudonym is "Shi Da".

  Xie Wei admitted that the name Shi Da is really not very good. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The monk is a person with amnesia, can not remember his name, and she usually just call the monk master. When it came time to make up a fake name for the monk, Xie Wei would only turn the word "master" upside down. So "Shi Da" also appeared out of nowhere.

  Nine maiden's little Chunfeng this year, the virtual age of six years old, is a tied with the sky pigtails, running up with a small whirlwind of lively girl. The little girl is so little big, even the milk teeth have not yet been replaced. Now missing teeth and half teeth, and excess energy all day long can go outside to rub a layer of mud back, really can not see the beauty of the ugly.

  Xiao Chunfeng married monk this thing Xie Wei did not take to heart - the child saw the street in the hands of others and red and large sugar gourd, the child has never seen such a good sugar gourd, will want this string of particularly good sugar gourd is not also human nature?

  "Wei Niang hurry up and get ready for the marriage with Da Lang. The first thing you need to do is to get ready for the wedding.

  Nine Niangzi took silver money out of the basket and paid it to Xie Wei, and then took out a few eggs and handed them to Xie Wei: "Let your eldest son eat more and get well, so that he can hold Wei Niang in his arms as soon as possible!"

  Without waiting for Xie Wei's reaction, the nine-niece already put Xie Wei's woven cloth into her own basket, and took a step ahead herself, greeting: "Wei Niang! Da Lang! Jiu Niang is waiting for you two to have wedding wine!"

  The nine maidens flirted with funny and shame, Xie Wei looked back, really see the monk ...... no, now is Dailang. She really saw Dalang carrying a bamboo basket towards himself.

  "Nine niangzi voice is really big."

  Da Lang smiled and took out a square paddle from his sleeve to wipe the sweat on Xie Wei's forehead.

  "People are doing this to help us."

  The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the situation.

  "Help us?"

  Seeing that Dailang was confused, Xie Wei didn't explain. She stood in place with a smile on her face and let Da Lang wipe his own sweat. When Dailang was satisfied, the two of them held hands again and walked towards the small courtyard where they were living today.

  This is Yao Xi Village, a remote village in Tongzhou. Yao Xi Village is on a hill and below it is Yao Xi Town. Yao Xi Village and Yao Xi Town 90% of the population are surnamed Yao, the nine maidens just now is Yao Jiuniang.

  Yao Xi village, many women, and most of the women's character is straightforward and strong. Here do not talk about what the man is the main female, are good at what they do.

  The two outsiders, Xie Wei and Dalang, came to the village, and although the people in the village kept their distance from them, they did not reject them in a blatant manner.

  The village people found out that Xie Wei had a good hand in weaving, and Da Lang was very diligent and talented in carpentry, so they gradually got acquainted with Xie Wei and Da Lang. After Xie Wei got acquainted with the village people, she began to ask them to lead the way into the mountains to collect medicine, saying that Dailang had injured his hand and that she wanted to treat Dailang's injury.

  In the thirteen states of Xiangyun, shaving the head is a kind of punishment, and branding face with a strong humiliating nature. Therefore, except for monks, only those who have committed crimes will be bald.

  When Dalang first arrived at Yao Xi Village, his hair was too short and he had obviously shaved his head. The villagers were quite scandalized by him, so Xie Wei took out his monk's robe and informed the villagers of Yao Xi village that Dailang used to be a monk.

  "Da Lang the monk is for Wei Niang moved mortal heart this only returned to the monk."

  The village is so rumored, usually the people can also see Dailang occasionally make monk behavior, to "poor monk" to call themselves.

  So the village people of Yao Xi Village are convinced that Xie Wei and Dailang, a pair of lovebirds, would come to Yao Xi Village to live in seclusion in such a secluded place because Wei Niang and Dailang were eloping. If someone came to ask if there was a young man or woman in the village recently, the people of Yao Xi Village would shake their heads collectively.

  "Da Lang, take your medicine..."

  The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. Now that she has the chance to get back at him, she can't help but play with the "Da Lang eating medicine" stunt.


  The first thing you need to do is to take the bowl that Xie Wei handed you, Dailang's face is a warm smile: "Wei Niang has worked hard."

  "No hard work, no hard work~"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Dailang didn't notice, he tilted his head and drank the thick black medicinal juice in one go. Then...

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