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Chapter 56

  Xie Wei's reaction was very slow. One, she was afraid that she heard wrong, two, she was afraid that she made a fool of herself and misunderstood the monk's meaning. So she did not move as much as possible ...... actually just wood carving mud statue frozen in the monk's arms.

  Do not panic, Xie Wei. Do not panic ......

  You are already an adult who has lived three lives. Hearing such words like confession, the first thing you should do is breathe, yes, that's right, open your mouth, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out again -

  Xie Wei forced himself to breathe, this inhalation can be good, her nasal cavity is full of the smell of the monk's body.

  Burning. The hot and vitality surging essence, sweet and sticky yuan yang. The demon cultivator's sense of smell is different from that of ordinary people to distinguish the contents of Xie Wei shame, but at the same time feel hungry. This hunger is very close to the physical hunger, can not endure it will disappear. As long as you do not try to fill the void, hunger can always keep tormenting people.

  The sweet smell lingered around, and an inch further on, you could bury your face in the big, firm, full pectorals.

  Xie Wei, calm down, calm down. You are so dizzy and hallucinating look, as long as the eyes, not human things can see that you have an intention to the master ah.

  This thought, Xie Wei and unconsciously held his breath. She hopes her heartbeat can thus calm down a bit.

  "Master Xie, what exactly do you want the poor monk to do so that you can value your life a little more?"

  The monk's voice was close to her ears, and Xie Wei trembled. She almost wanted to cover her ears with her hands. She raised her hand, not to her ear, but hesitant to grab the monk's sleeve robe.

  This ...... I actually did not not cherish their lives ah!

  It is death sometimes heavier than a mountain, sometimes lighter than a feather, is not it? The good steel is used on the edge of the sword, my life should also be used in my opinion meaningful things on top of well.

  Xie Wei does not know if he said so, will not let the monk she still does not pay attention to their lives, and therefore more angry. So she pursed her lips, did not speak.

  Xie Wei's desire to speak yet look in the monk's eyes, that whole one is capitalized rejection: she refused to cherish her life, but also in rejection of him. She did not want to be interfered with by him.

  Monk chest suffocated, living like being stuffed with a mouth full of bitter real, even just breathe a little, the throat will flow through the bitter tingling taste.

  ...... Is there any way, is there anything that can make Master Xie can hesitate a little more before giving up his life? If Master Xie has something he does not want to let go of, someone he does not want to lose, then -

  The monk's face flashed before his eyes with Qing Yu's few faces.

  Xie Wei had the air of an elder sister when facing Qing Yu and other Mei Sect disciples. Anyone can see the importance Xie Wei attaches to Qing Yu and others. However, this does not help - it is because Qing Yu and others are extremely important to Xie Wei, she will always want to throw her head and blood for Qing Yu and others, for the Mei Zong.

  Qing Yu and others cannot be the reason for Xie Wei to live well.

  So the shadow of Lu Haijun appeared in front of the monk's eyes again.

  "Zhiwei ......!

  The man who called Master Xie by another name looked sincere, he could not remember how his eyebrows looked like, but the man who could make Master Xie look good, I think it would not be too bad.

  The first thing that I want to do is to ask him and Qing Yu to go first, so he will move according to his words. The reason is not for other reasons, only to not be a drag on Master Xie.

  At that time, the rain was pouring down and the thunder was roaring. He and Qing Yu monk along the mountain rocks to disappear, Xie monk and the man said what he could not really hear, only know that the intermittent words seem to talk about the Hegi.

  "Master Xie, what is that Master Lu to you?"

  Xie Wei was taken aback. Her eyes widened and she somewhat vaguely hid her hand that was almost grabbing the monk's sleeve robe behind her back.

  "Shish, shish, what what person?"

  "Didn't Master Xie want to join with Master Lu?"

  Dumbfounded, Xie Wei could think that the monk was listening to the confrontation between her and Lu Haijun that day, but as far as the conclusion was concerned, the monk's words were not wrong.

  "Ah ...... hmm. It also counts."

  Xie Wei has no more feelings for Lu Haijun, but does not avoid talking about the past with Lu Haijun. It's just that she would still feel shy if she had to look the monk in the eye and say her love history word for word. And, she would have a small expectation.

  --Was the master jealous? Is it because he cares for her and is beginning to have a crush on her that he's not happy with Lu Haijun and wants to know what her relationship with him is? Yes! ...... cough, no, she means, what girl does not like to repair the field? Especially when the person they like is jealous of them ......

  What? Wait a minute, wait a minute ...... What was she thinking?

  Who likes who is coming?

  Feeling that she would not like her own conclusion, Xie Wei decided to give up thinking.

  "'Also counted' is?"

  The monk could not see the change in Xie Wei's expression, he took two steps forward and followed Xie Wei's footsteps.

  "...... Why, just a moment of confusion when young blindly serious chant."

  Casually picked a dog-tailed flowers in the hand, Xie Wei looked at the dog-tailed flowers said: "too easy to be serious when you're young, randomly met a bastard can think that this is true love, they can be with that person husband ...... er, I mean husband children hot bed, a lifetime a pair of people. "

  "But that's an unrealistic dream."

  "I only focus on the beautiful side of the dream, but I forget that a dream is a dream. Sooner or later, people have to return from the dream to reality. Reality Well ......"

  Long eyelashes shook, Xie Wei laughed. She smiled with relief, but the monk could feel the depths of this relief hidden a trace of silence.

  "Feelings are not the most important thing in this world. Responsibility, obligation, future, dreams ...... many things will be put in front of feelings. For me, that is the Mei Zong, the sisters of the Mei Zong. For Lu Haijun, that is Kunlun, his Lu family, the long road to immortality cultivation."

  "Even if I can put my feelings in front of everything, I can't get Lu Haijun to put his feelings in the forefront, like I do. I should have thought of that, but thought to myself that I could trust him when he was different from everyone else in the world."

  "I thought I was special, so Lu Haijun chose me. I thought I could choose me, and Lu Haijun was special too. But I was wrong. Both Lu Haijun and I are nothing more than mortals in this world, and we too will vulgarly choose what is most important to us over each other."

  In retrospect, Xie Wei thinks she may not have liked Lu Haijun that much. Just like Lu Haijun actually didn't like her that much either.

  Both she and Lu Haijun liked the self that seemed to be deeply in love with the other.

  She and Lu Haijun like each other as they see each other.

  "So there's no excuse for us not being able to go all the way together, right?"

  She Wei sniffed the dog-tailed flower in her hand, but instead of smelling it, she inhaled the flotsam on the dog-tailed flower and sneezed "haqiu" and "haqiu".

  Just when Xie Wei sneezed so much that tears came out, a hand pulled Xie Wei and took a sleeve to wipe away the tears on her face.

  "Xie Shiyi ...... you want, husband child hot bed?"

  The monk looked at Xie Wei, his eyes straight and unconcealed. Sucking nasal water Xie Wei's eyes and nose are red, she blinked twice, some do not understand what the monk this means.


  But Xie Wei still hesitantly nodded her head.

  The fantasy of a husband and child in a hot bed is too common, and it's not surprising that she has had it, right?

  However, it is only ever.

  This kind of thought is the same as when girls are young they want to wear the most beautiful new dress and become the most beautiful bride. Nowadays, Xie Wei does not feel that her husband and children are equal to a happy life, equal to the story ushering in a happy ending.

  After all, real life never has happy endings.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  The monk pronounced Buddha under his breath. His right hand was inconvenient, but he raised it anyway and made a not-so-standard seal with his left hand.

  When he opened his eyes again, the monk's eyes had become fiery.

  "If the poor monk would like to promise the monk Xie a lifetime and a pair of people, Xie monk is willing to be with the poor monk husband and children hot bed?"

  Xie Wei opened her mouth wide, for a long time before popping out a syllable.

  "...... clam?"

  The monk's fingers gently stroked Xie Wei's chin, he lifted Xie Wei's head to carefully wipe the residual tears at the corners of her eyes and the nasal water flowing out of her nostrils.

  At this moment, the monk felt a surprising inner peace.

  He was like a blind man who had been groping in the dark for a long time and finally found the path he could take, a heart that landed firmly on the ground.

  "Da, master what do you mean ......! Is the master teasing me?!"

  The monk shook his head.

  He was still a little uncertain when he said the words out, but he knew he hadn't made the wrong decision when he saw Xie Wei's red face stammering with anger and rage as she tried to shake off his hand.

  "Poor monk has never teased Master Xie. In the future, I won't tease you either. Master Xie ...... Zhiwei can rest assured."

  "No, no, don't call me 'Zhiwei'!"

  The usual always hidden cunning and distant eyes at this time dense a layer of moisture, blushing Xie Wei looks as pure as water, a glance will be able to look at the bottom.

  "Xie Wei is my real name!"

  Never found Xie Wei so well understood, the monk unconsciously smiled slightly, but was born three minutes to spare.

  "Then, Weier?"


  Xie Wei made a strange sound. She held her arms to show goose bumps from her scalp to her heels expression.

  The monk laughed out loud, and Xie Wei suddenly showed her teeth and grinned.

  "What's the point of screaming so fleshy! As always, just call 'Master Xie'!

  "That won't do."

  A mouth rejected Xie Wei's proposal, the monk towards Xie Wei smiled: "poor monk ...... no, if I am Wei'er's husband, Wei'er for me will no longer be 'Master'."

  "So all said don't call me that!!!"

  The sound of Xie Wei's crumbling wails spread far away.

  The monk took her hand, but she didn't shake it off. Not only that, she also gave the monk a firm grip back.