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Chapter 55

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the monk.

  The heart in the chest was shocked and jumped up eight feet high. Xie Wei throat swallowed, like the heart popped out and swallowed back.

  "...... Master said a few days ago that he had something to say to me, I wonder what it was?"

  A few days ago Xie Wei three people were busy running away, really is not a situation that can slowly talk. The monk is also aware of this, which just opened a head to close the mouth. Xie Wei would like to ask, but the monk shook his head not to answer, just want her to focus on running away.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. However, even if the Heavenly Dao Alliance is powerful, it can't be like a dictator. The dictator said that he would take over Duyi County.

  The four major cultivation. The private boats still traveled between Duyi County and other states and counties during the crime conference. The monk, Qing Yu and Xie Wei were hidden in a cargo boat, which was able to get out of Yanzhou - the sale of demonic beasts and animals and human livestock is a common occurrence in the 13 states of Xiangyun. Yanzhou is not enough spiritual energy, demonic beasts and demonic beasts are few and relatively weak, so they can not be sold at a good price. Relatively speaking, the mortals settled in Yanzhou are not oppressed by the cultivation sects, rarely threatened by demonic beasts and demonic beasts, and there are many mortals in Yanzhou under some prosperity. And outside of Yanzhou there are many mortals without immortal cultivation qualifications also eager to settle in Yanzhou.

  Mortals have thus become the largest number of exports from Yanzhou, the most diverse, quality is also the most excellent "goods".

  The flying boats that Xie Wei, Qingyu and the monk hid in were the boats used to transport this "cargo" of mortals. This kind of flying boat often has two layers. The upper layer is registered, openly "goods", the lower layer is a very large number of smuggled "goods".

  When Mei Zong was still around, because of Mei Zong's control, no one dared to blatantly arrest and sell people. The "goods" transported out by the flying boat were basically all sold voluntarily or by their families. Since most of the female "goods" are bought, released or robbed by the female cultivators of the Mei Sect, female "goods" are very rare.

  Now that the Mei Zong barrier is gone, the flying boat is full of female "goods". These female infants, girls, girls and even young women are abducted, some are stolen, some are kidnapped, some are sold by relatives, but only missing the voluntary. After the flying boat docked in Yinzhou, Xie Wei will take the lead to sink the flying boat, released a flying boat of women.

  But also because of this, Xie Wei three people can not stay in Yinzhou in peace, only to continue to escape.

  Along the way Xie Wei has long wanted to separate from Qingyu. It's not that she thinks Qing Yu is a light bulb, dislike Qing Yu. Just on the matter of escape, spread out the target is not easy to be caught in a net. For the sake of Qingyu's safety, Xie Wei knew that letting Qingyu and herself escape separately was the best option.

  However, Xie Wei, who was worried about the suspicion that she had crossed the bridge, was really hard to talk to Qingyu.

  Qing Yu himself said to Xie Wei and the monk to split up the action let Xie Wei feel a little ashamed, but also relieved.

  That's it ......

  At first with the monk two alone, Xie Wei which where all feel awkward.

  God knows that two months ago she was planning to take people's yuan yang, and every day she pretended to be a silly dog glued to people's full and firm flesh. The body above. Now one more look at people her face is going to be hot.

  "...... is not much important words."

  The monk did not shave his head for a few days, his head has grown a dense layer of green stubble. His right hand was injured, was Xie Wei took medicine and cloth paste into a plaster cast look, so also unable to stand palm.

  Not wearing robes, not wearing Buddhist beads, the monk can clearly prove that he is a monk's external objects have clearly no, the monk as a whole, but still reveals a completely different temperament from the street farmer.

  Xie Wei walked behind the monk, looking at the monk's back some dumbfounded.

  Tongzhou has four seasons like spring, the weather is warm. At this time the two walked on the wilderness road, surrounded by verdant green waves everywhere. When the wind blows, the wild flowers sway in the green waves formed by the wild grasses. The monk's hand hanging at his side occasionally brushed the wild flowers. Xie Wei's heart tip is the same as the petals of the wild flowers in the wind faintly trembling.

  "Master Xie?"

  The monk turned back from the sunlight, the whole person seems to have dissolved into the light, somewhat vaporous.

  Xie Wei squinted her eyes.

  Looking at her expression of not knowing where she had wandered off to, the monk sighed and stepped out of the dazzling light, taking his relatively lightly injured left hand to hold Xie Wei, and then bring Xie Wei into the warm light and breeze.

  "Master Xie, do you know that the poor monk is very angry?"

  "Ah, ah ......?"

  Suddenly hearing the monk say he was angry, Xie Wei was dumbfounded.

  Seeing her wide eyes full of question marks, the monk knew that he had deliberately put on a cold attitude all these days in vain - Xie Wei was not even half notice that he was not in the right mood. It seems that she is not pretending to be confused, but she is really this slow.

  "That day, why did Master Xie trap the poor monk and Master Qingyu in the secret passage?"

  "I was--"

  "Master Xie did not want to involve Master Qingyu and the poor monk in danger, which the poor monk still understood. But has Master Xie ever considered the thoughts of the poor monk, and has Master Xie ever asked the poor monk about his intentions?"

  Xie Wei tried to argue, she wanted to tell the monk she didn't mean to disrespect his thoughts: "I-"

  "Does Master Xie think that putting the poor monk and Master Qingyu into the secret passage and sending yourself to your death is the best choice you can make?"


  "Master Xie did not feel that you were at fault, so why do you need to say 'sorry' to the poor monk in a false sense?"

  Xie Wei, who was interrupted repeatedly, was simply dumbfounded.

  Is this the horror of a person who is usually not angry when he gets angry? In the past, when she was together with the monk, she would always slander him from time to time for being like a mother. At this moment she felt that when angry, she would just get angry and point at her nose and scold her mother is a little more amiable.

  --The monk's brow was furrowed and his facial lines were tightened. Although his face still maintains the calmness of a good as water, the fire emanating from his body has roasted Xie Wei's body.

  The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the monk's hand and let it go.

  "I'm sorry ...... really sorry ......"

  Xie Wei's bowed head did not make the monk stop his mouth - in fact the monk was shocked that he could have so much to complain about.

  The clear as a mirror side of being a monk told him, "There is no greater good than to know your mistakes and be able to correct them. Since Master Xie has already understood that he was wrong, there is no point in dwelling on it."

  His mouth didn't stop talking at all, it was still opening and closing like he didn't know how to work.

  "...... Is Master Xie not afraid of pain or death? Or not afraid of both? Xie monk is to think that one ran to die can die like a hero? Have you ever thought if you had died on Tianlin Mountain that day, what kind of feelings would the poor monk and Qing Yu monk come out of the secret passage and learn about your death? Do you think that if you died, the poor monk and Master Qingyu and your fellow disciples would never be caught up, found and killed?"

  "Or does Master Xie want to die and close his eyes, not caring about the flood behind him?"

  The monk himself could barely hear his own voice as he shouted in anger. The monk's heart is only for the monk, for Qing Yu and for the remaining sisters of the Mei Sect, which decided to be the biggest bait, the accidental escape from death Xie Wei.

  "--where can I willingly go to do a suicide attack ah! I'm so afraid of pain and death!"

  After being scolded for this, it didn't take Xie Wei much time to go from confused to angry.

  "But who will do it if I don't!"

  "Of the remaining sisters in the Mei Clan, I am the oldest and have the highest cultivation level. If I don't stand in the way, can I still push out the group of children who in my opinion are my sisters to die for me?!"

  "I obviously want to let the master, let Qing Yu, let the remaining sisters live before rushing out to play the insolent clown, why should I only take the risk and escape from a disaster and still have to be said by the master as irresponsible suicide attempt!

  Xie Wei, who seemed to be getting more and more agitated, stopped in her tracks and flung away the monk's hand.

  "There is no justice in this!"

  "Besides, Master, what kind of person are you to me! Who are you to say that about me? My life is my own thing, how I want to use this life is my own thing, right? What do you want me to do by talking about me like that?"

  Xie Wei's mouth was like a series of pearls, but her heart was unexpectedly calm.

  She was a little angry, and the words that came out of her mouth were basically sincere. After all, she is out of the mouth after the mouth to say the wrong thing only to find that she can push the boat, so as to create an atmosphere with the monk a disagreement to break with the monk to separate.

  --The difference between her in Tongzhou and her on Tianlin Mountain is not much.

  Xie Wei will not because they got a moment of safety will be foolishly happy to feel so with the monk two people go on together good.

  Together with her is ultimately dangerous. In case, no, even if there is only a one in 100,000 chance that the monk will be implicated in her loss of life, she will have to make the one in 100,000 chance to zero.

  "Enough since the master can't see me, then I'll say goodbye to the mountains and far away each cherish -"

  "Poor monk just want you to live well!!!"

  A thunderous voice exploded in front of Xie Wei's eyes, Xie Wei had never heard such a loud voice from a monk before. She was so dazed that she didn't even understand how her hand was in the monk's hand again.

  "Why do you take your life so lightly ......!?"

  Being grabbed by the hand and pulled forward with a huge force, Xie Wei fell towards the monk's chest.

  A hand cupped Xie Wei's face that crashed into his arms, the monk asked her with an expression that was almost ready to cry: "Just how much further do you have to disregard your own life and death ......!!!"

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