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Chapter 52

  Octagonal wheel. The disk seal is like a lotus flower petal piece from the gray monk's feet bloom, a round of light flame in the gray monk's back in a radial unfolding. Buddha's light in the dense black clouds opened a path of light, whether rain or thunder can not touch that path of light. Occasionally there is not long-eyed lightning towards the light path, immediately by the light path bounced away.

  The monk's hands combined with the ten seals, the surrounding body of the Buddha Qi turbulent. Although he did not give people the intention of the horse, its surging Buddha Qi still pressed the people under the head of breathing are difficult to some.

  Road not lonely narrowed fine eyes, mouth loud greetings: "The person is not the Buddha's Sumeru Mountain, Cihang venerable?"

  Then the gray-clothed monk slowly opened his eyes, the middle of the eyebrows of that point of the Buddha seal followed a bright.

  "It is the poor monk."

  Cixihang gently landed on the ground, feet under the octagonal wheel. The disc seal and the light behind the flame at the same time turned into particles of light and disappeared. And that one enveloped his body all over the light dao also quickly expanded, like a lid propped up on the summit of Tian Lin Mountain.

  "Gentlemen, I haven't seen you for a long time, Cixihang has come uninvited to disturb you, I hope you will forgive me."

  Cixihang walked with his sleeves hanging down and his gait was calm. He did not speak in a subservient manner, neither did he take advantage of his seniority to be rude to others, nor did he feel inferior because he was a monk.

  "Your Excellency has spoken too highly, it is an honor for us to have you here." Dao Buguo's face showed confusion: "It is this 'no invitation' ...... Please ask your Holiness why you say this? My heavenly dao alliance sent out invitations, Sumeru mountain should also be handed over the post."

  "Is that so? The poor monk and fellow disciples have never heard of a post from the Heaven's Way Alliance sent to Mount Sumeru."

  Cihang looked serious, he frowned slightly, as if he was thinking why the post of the Heavenly Way Alliance was not delivered to Mount Sumeru.

  "This is... just. The fact that Mount Sumeru did not receive the post must be the negligence of my disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance. Dao Buguo will definitely give an explanation to Your Holiness later." Dao Buguo said towards Cixihang arched his hand: "Please forgive me today."

  Cixihang's right hand stood on the palm, only a nod to show understanding, followed by no more time wasted, directly said: "Poor monk here is an important matter to tell, please Lord Dao and Shangqing true master and poor monk to go up. The poor monk does not have much time, the reason for this forgive the poor monk can not tell now."

  "This ......"

  Dao Buguo and Shangqing true man glanced at each other. The two did not make more calculations, quickly nodded successively and followed the footsteps of Cihang.

  The light cover covering the top of Tianlin Mountain is slowly shrinking and weakening with the naked eye. In contrast to this is the light cover does not cover the darkness, the rain more. Previously or white thunder has converged into an endless stream of green dragon leaping around the light cover, from time to time to the light cover out of the head and tail.

  "The real person, the dao alliance master, truth be told, the poor monk came here to reveal the heavenly dao to the two of you."


  Cixihang's words made Shangqing true master startled, and Dao Buguo was also astonished and dismayed.

  Cixihang in the front tilted his head slightly. As soon as he said this, the light cover on the summit of the Heavenly Advent Mountain was a bite off a piece of the Penning Thunder Green Jiao.

  The rhythm of the Sanskrit chant that enveloped Cixiang's surroundings was more than a beat faster, and Cixiang's twisting of the Buddhist beads was also more forceful.

  The light cover that was bitten off by the thunderbolt blue jiao shrunk by a circle, but it seems to have become more rigid. Coiled on its thunder blue jiao, not to mention to bite it a second time, directly a touch of light cover release. Release of bright light will be exploded into several segments.

  Under the light cover, even though there is no wind or rain on Tianlin Mountain, the smell of wind and rain is still coming from around.

  Cihang eyebrows firm, the look is more determined, he plucked the Buddha beads, solemn voice: "real person, please be a witness for the poor monk and Dao alliance master."

  Shangqing Zhenren stroked his beard with one hand and put one hand behind his back.

  Witness? What witness?

  A Buddhist giant like Venerable Cihang, there are people who believe in him in terms of his character and behavior, so what is the need for him to ask himself to bear witness for him? This is also the case with the Dao Buguo. The world's most famous leader of the righteous path, whoever he says is righteous is righteous, whoever he says is evil is evil, where is the need for others to bear witness?

  The true man of Shangqing thought so, but his confusion was answered in the next second.

  "Lord Dao, please withdraw the bounty list issued by the Heavenly Dao Alliance for the Mei Clan and the Mei Clan's female cultivators."

  Looking at Cihang, Dao Bugu did not answer "no" immediately. His dark eyes were deep and he pondered for a moment, "...... Dao Buguo can I ask your Holiness a question: 'Why'?"

  Although the light cover on Tianlin Mountain is strong, but that broken into several sections of the thunder blue jiao from the broken part of the re-born five, six heads to. At once a running thunder blue auger into into several running thunder blue auger.

  "Because Mei Zong should be innocent."

  "Should?" Dao Buguo slightly narrowed his eyes: "This is not a good answer that can convince people."

  Like he thought Dao Buguo had a point, Cihang nodded: "Then the poor monk put it this way."

  "The Heavenly Fox may descend into the world, because the Heavenly Fox is a disciple of the Mei Clan. With what she saw, she decided that the Mei Clan was framed, and with what she heard, her sisters all died in vain of innocence. Every existing Mei Clan disciple is the key to maintaining the last shred of sanity of the Heavenly Fox. If any more Mei Clan disciples die, the Heavenly Fox--"


  Cixi's words were drowned out by the sound of running thunder.

  The six thundering green jiao reunited as one, and a seventh head emerged from the six jiao heads. A size comparable to the size of the Tianlin Mountain so big lightning blue jiao roar towards the top of the Tianlin Mountain rammed, its tail a sweeping, smashed on the belly of the Tianlin Mountain, the whole Tianlin Mountain mountain shake, like at any time will be cracked open.

  The casual cultivators who came to see the fun at Tianlin Mountain had been sitting together bragging and joking, but now they scattered in a flurry. Hundreds of riding beasts in the fence were frightened, either breaking free from their saddles or stepping out of the fence, and began to run wildly to the bottom of Tianlin Mountain.

  The monk behind Durga was shaken by the sky and the earth and could not even stand up. In front of the window, Durga just stood against the wind, staring in awe at the smaller and fainter light on the summit of Tianlin Mountain - she could feel the Buddha power of His Holiness Cixihang from that light. She knew that Cihang was coming.

  However, Venerable Cihang should not have appeared on Tianlin Mountain. The loss of his golden body caused him to suffer serious injuries, he should be in the Golden Glazed Pagoda to heal at this time by the order of the Great Venerable Bodhi.

  Cihang venerable this out of the Golden Glazed Tower, only afraid of disobedience to the great venerable Bodhi.

  Seven heads of thunder auger open head angry eyes, dragon beard shaking. Cichang's back on a long, angry whistle.

  Against the lightning, Cixihang finished the last word to the Supreme Spirit and Dao Buguo. Also at this moment, the seven-headed thunder jiao a tail slapped the light cover that enveloped the summit of Tianlin Mountain, and swooped down, rushing to Cixihang open a bloody mouth.

  "Reality, Dao ally, poor monk leaked the heavenly dao and has triggered the heavenly calamity. After you two tell the rest of you the heavenly dao that the poor monk has informed to you two, the heavenly calamity will still intensify. Until then, the poor monk will take the responsibility to lead the heavenly tribulation away from the Heavenly Advent Mountain. I would also like to ask you and Lord Dao to choose the person who will tell the Heavenly Dao, and to take care of the aftermath of today's incident. When the heavenly calamity passes, the poor monk will personally thank the two of you..."

  "Instead of revealing the heavenly dao, has your Holiness not thought of directly killing the female cultivator of the Mei Sect!

  Dao Buguo asked, taking a step forward.

  The Heavenly Fox may have descended into the world because of the destruction of the Mei Sect. Then what if the remnants of the Mei Clan were wiped out before the Heavenly Fox descended?

  Cixihang, whose sleeves were swept up by the wind and rain, looked back and actually stretched out his arms when the seven-headed thunder jiao opened its mouth to swallow him, and grabbed the two sharp teeth in the mouth of the seven-headed thunder jiao with both hands.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  Cihang pronounced the Buddha and did not answer Dao Buguo's question. He staggered his hands and actually grabbed the sharp teeth of the seven-headed thunder jiao directly and tore them to both sides.

  Ow ow ow ow ow--

  The seven-headed thunder scorpion hissed angrily, and the long tail swung around. The mountains around Tianlin Mountain were swept by the long tail, and suddenly four or five hills were razed to the ground. It is Cixihang behind the Dao Buguo and the Shangqing Zhenren were seven-headed thunder auger roar of fury shaken back a few steps, feet on the ground leaving deep dents.

  Naihang Cixi is like a steel needle stuck in the mouth of the seven-headed thunder jiao. His lips were closed and closed, and the Sanskrit sound around him was loud. Sanskrit sound canceled out most of the seven-headed thunder jiao roar, the rest of the sound in the ears of Cixihang but a little mosquito chirping.

  As the meridians on Cixihang's arm bulge, the seven-headed thunder jiao's bloody mouth is about to be torn from it. Seeing the situation is not good, the seven-headed thunder auger giant tail accumulation almost to be a hundred and eighty degrees smashed into the sky Linshan.

  "Evil beast you dare!"

  Cihang shouted, the brow of the Buddha seal glittering, feet under the eight-horned wheel . The disk seal instantly lit up! The seven-headed thunder auger without entity was torn apart by him!

  Into two halves of the seven-headed thunder auger writhing and twisting, the next six heads rushed to bite Cixihang head down! Cixihang did not panic, is actually holding two halves of the seven-headed thunder auger smashed into the ground.

  Boom boom boom!

  Another loud sound. Heavenly Advent Mountain and even the surroundings of Heavenly Advent Mountain were shaken. Countless cultivators screamed, and even the distant mortals in Duyi County shouted, "The earth dragon has turned over!" And they rolled and crawled to find a place to hide.

  Watching Cixihang leap down from Tianlin Mountain and turn into an ink dot. He the ink dot and then carried the seven heads of lightning jiao into two halves and left. Shangqing true man is really amazed at Cixihang this "lead away" means of heavenly calamity.

  Cixihang hand two things and beat and drop, beaten without the power to fight back. However, the seven thunder jiao after all is not a living thing, and how to be beaten without the power to fight back will not faint. Although Cichang cultivation is deep, but not bottomless pit, the corner of his mouth soon spilled a trace of blood. This blood was spit out by him.

  --The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the fire before it starts to burn.

  He is the venerable Cixihang, who killed to stop killing, and killed to cross.

  The reason why he sent his incarnation down the mountain to find the demon cultivator who has not yet descended into the human world as a celestial fox, naturally, in order to cross that demon cultivator, so that the demon cultivator will not be transformed into a celestial fox.

  However, if the demon cultivator must be transformed into a celestial fox, he will make the incarnation kill the demon cultivator, so as not to let the celestial fox come into the world.

  But the arrival of Hataran Night made Cihang realize his mistake. He realized that he had been so shallow -

  It was because he had taken killing that demon cultivator as the ultimate solution to the problem that he had overlooked the turmoil in the Mei Sect.

  If he had detected the demonic hand lurking in the darkness towards the Mei Clan and avoided the destruction of the Mei Clan, there was no way that the demonic cultivator would have turned into a heavenly fox.

  The most tortuous path in the world is a shortcut.

  He didn't even want to think about it and rightfully chose the easiest shortcut, which led to today's events.

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