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Chapter 50

  "Thank you monk-!!!"

  The stone wall isolated the monk's hissing. Sensing Xie Wei's departure, the monk trapped on the other side of the stone wall clenched his palm into a fist and smashed his fist towards the stone wall.

  The skin and muscles that had not been hardened in the moment of smashing into the stone wall, the flesh opened, blood flowed. With mortal flesh trying to destroy the stone wall, the monk swung each fist are extremely heavy and extremely rigid.

  The dust is dancing around, and the stones are crumbling. The vibration and sound of the fainting Qing Yu frowned "uh-huh" a few times, she slowly regained consciousness, awake.

  "What, sound ...... ah!"

  A few small stones hit Qing Yu's legs and feet, although it did not hurt, but enough to make Qing Yu awake.

  Dazed and panicked, Qing Yu finally remembered that he was talking to his uncle and was attacked from behind. Considering the situation around her, the only person who could attack her was the monk.

  Qing Yu opened her mouth to scold the monk for daring to attack her, but she immediately realized that she and the monk were trapped in the secret passage, and that her Uncle Zhiwei was not there.

  There was no light in the secret passage, but with the cold breeze coming through the stone cracks, a whiff of blood was sent to the tip of Qing Yu's nose.

  Touching the stone wall and standing up, Qingyu pointed a glow out of his fingertips.

  In the dark light, Qingyu saw the figure of the monk, and also saw the traces of blood dripping from the stone wall.


  Qingyu sucked in a cold breath.

  The monk is simply crazy. In order to get out, his two fists kept falling on the stone wall. He was a flesh. Body mortal as if he could not feel the pain, the wound on his hand was already deep to the bone.

  "You are crazy! What are you doing!"

  "The poor monk is not crazy. The poor monk is just going out to find Master Xie."

  The monk's tone was very calm. But his calm and composed tone in Qing Yu's ears only made Qing Yu feel far more frightening than rage and madness.

  "I know you are worried about uncle, but you are not the way to do it ......! The stone wall of the secret passage is under the ban, you just smashed your two hands out of the ban will not open! Not to mention how thick this stone wall you know? You are not a physical cultivator, how can you hammer through the stone wall that is thicker than my arm ......!"

  Only the first half of Qing Yu's words entered the monk's ears. He stopped abruptly and asked Qingyu, "Forbidden? Since Master Qing Yu knows that there is a prohibition here, does Master Qing Yu know how to open the prohibition?"

  Qing Yu's words to teach the monk were choked in her throat before she could finish. She really wanted to get angry and growl and ask the monk, "Are you listening to me!?" But thinking about Xie Wei, thinking that the monk would be so anxious to go out to find Xie Wei because he was worried about Xie Wei, the monk was so sincere to Xie Wei, Qing Yu that mouth of gas held in the chest cavity and dissipated on its own.

  "...... certainly can only rely on cultivation."

  Flattening her mouth, Qingyu wanted to tell the monk who had little cultivation to go away. She can try instead of the monk to see if she can unlock the ban - the cultivation of the master uncle is higher than her, but at this time, there is only a dead horse for a living horse, right?

  "Cultivation ......"

  The monk pondered for a moment, followed by his concentration and quiet, once again swung his fist.

  "So all said you that did not ......!"


  Debris splashed out wildly, and Qing Yu's irritated reminder became speechless.

  "...... with ......?"

  Staring at the stone wall that was chiseled out a fist print by the fist, Qing Yu was dumbfounded.

  This, this Buddha cultivator is not no cultivation? Then how did he ......?


  Xie Wei is not bad luck. After shutting the monk and Qing Yu into the secret passage, she sneaked alone to the pavilion near the pavilion that was arranged for the invited cultivators to stay temporarily.

  Seeing a single male cultivator come out of the pavilion, Xie Wei tidied up her hair and dress. Pretending to be inadvertent, she collided with the male cultivator at the corner.

  "Oops ......!"

  The male cultivator in the night only heard a delicate cry, followed by the sight of Xie Wei who was knocked to the ground by himself.

  The delicate and slender woman's gaze contains resentment, fiercely glared at the male cultivator, as if to blame the male cultivator so careless, actually knocked her to the ground, causing her to be in a mess in front of people. She has a soft and beautiful appearance, and her expression has a natural softness of three points. When she glared at him, the male cultivator did not feel that he had done something wrong, but he felt lucky that he could bump into a beautiful woman with bright eyes while walking.

  "This immortal friend, are you all right?"

  The male cultivator put on a smiling face and reached out to Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei "hum", looked up and down the male cultivator a few eyes, seems to be measuring the male cultivator is not worthy to help himself up. So the male cultivator more engine to explore the body over, handing hands to Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei seems finally satisfied, she slowly raised her hand, handed his hand to the male repair. But the moment Xie Wei's eyes met the male cultivator's eyes, she coldly invaded the male cultivator's sea of consciousness.

  The man thought he was really touching the beautiful catkin, and couldn't help but smile more sincerely. Xie Wei is to follow his memory to find information, soon according to his memory to find out the broken earth door tonight resting place.

  Xie Wei flew away. Only the male cultivator, who seemed to have entered a sleepwalking state and was laughing dementedly, was left in the spot.

  In the male cultivator's memory, he picked up the delicate female cultivator and asked her which sect she was from, and sent her back to the sect's temporary resting place. This short section of the road female cultivator and he chatted, it seems that he today this collision may be able to hit a love affair to. That's right ...... his fellow clan members do not believe him, either saying he is blowing smoke, or that he is dreaming.

  Because, surprisingly, he could not recall at all the female cultivator said she was which clan. And what did they talk about on this journey.

  -- Xie Wei didn't have much time or cultivation to spend on this male cultivator who happened to fall alone. The memories she made up for him were not as refined.

  But the people of the Broken Earth Gate were different, they deserved a little more care when Xie Wei fabricated memories.

  As the saying goes, people gather in groups and things are divided by groups. The people who support Lei Hong's ascension to the top of the earth-breaking door are not really not greedy for money and good. The wolves are ambitious. When Xie Wei caught the first single door to invade the sea of consciousness, he lamented that this person is really six relatives, in order to raise money to enter the door to break the earth, do not hesitate to become a bandit. In order to get a say in the bandit gang, and directly with the bandit gang to slaughter the village where his family is.

  Xie Wei slightly edited the memory of this broken door, using him to call out a fellow door, followed by Xie Wei and invaded the memory of this second broken door, found that this person is also a ruthless character. This person has three older brothers, the brothers are married to live outside the head. He did not want to take care of his parents, who were old and weak, first trapped them at home and starved them, and then when they were too weak to speak, they carried them to bed and cried to the neighbors and brothers that they were sick and needed money for medical treatment. When enough money was squeezed, the man also let his parents go to hell. And he a "big filial son" with the money into the broken door.

  See the memory of the third door of the broken earth, Xie Wei is already the waves do not rise. Lei Hong this person is a real eye for money. He concealed the former owner of the Broken Earth Gate, his brother-in-law, to open the back door to people. As long as you can afford the money, pay the spirit stone, regardless of whether you are a big thief or a vermin he is happy to take under the door.

  The fact that he had humiliated and injured the female cultivator of the Mei Sect was just a guide. The fire. The trigger. The previous owner of the Broken Earth Sect has long been dissatisfied with Lei Hong's self-assertion, making the Broken Earth Sect notorious and unethical. The former doorkeeper of the Broken Earth Sect is looking at his wife and his wife's family's power on the face to temporarily hold back. He was ready to get enough evidence to convince his wife, who had been conniving at his brother since childhood, and his wife's family, who doted on their son, to abandon Lei Hong, the son, before completely removing Lei Hong, the nail.

  As a result of the Mei Zong matter out, the former earth-breaking door master had to act in advance. The wife of the former Earth-breaking Sect master did not believe her husband and felt that he had a love interest in the Mei Zong and wanted to harm her brother for the sake of the love interest, and maybe he wanted to harm her after harming her brother. So she poisoned the former master of the Earth Breaking Sect and killed her husband.

  After the death of her husband, the wife of the former master quickly helped her brother to the throne. The people who disobeyed Lei Hong were all eradicated by Lei Hong, and the broken earth door was reduced to a gathering place for demons and monsters. There are three conscience and two benevolence of the door of the broken earth door is beaten as the former door of the door of the broken earth master of a faction, was branded as a traitor to the door.

  Xie Wei swallowed two more bottles of medicine into it.

  The people Lei Hong brought were all his inner circle, and they were all in the same boat with him. This is convenient for her to act.

  The people who are not well intentioned and do not have good intentions are prone to hate and kill those who are better than themselves. This group of wolves and tigers of the Earth Breaking Sect are all small in cultivation and big in ambition.

  This one is not accustomed to the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance, feel that the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance are all overbearing and only use their noses as eyes to see him. That hate Kunlun disciples are not only each is the pride of the sky, but also married on the flying flower fairy House beauty. Thanks to the unreasonable and twisted to the extreme hatred of these people, Xie Wei edited their memories edited very smoothly.

  Lei Hong himself Xie Wei is serious about giving him a particularly bitter and hateful script.

  Lei Hong is not to the road is not alone on a face of ten lick dog like? However, his fervent loyalty is ultimately the wrong payment. Dao Buguo not only pulled away from him, but also humiliated him with words, only not directly said "Heavenly Way Alliance you can not afford", so he was humiliated and shamed in front of the world clan.

  Hot face on the cold butt. The stock, Lei Hong heart has resentment and anger, but not to lose their wits. Road not alone to look down on him, he took it as a sleeper.

  Lei Hong so like to sleep on the payroll, Xie Wei in Lei Hong's sea of consciousness let him sleep on the payroll for three hundred years, tasted three hundred years of bile. Lei Hong had done things to others, Xie Wei one by one all changed into the Dao Buguo to Lei Hong did things.

  So Lei Hong witnessed his wife and son for people blasphemy and insult, witnessed his own father was taken off his head as a ball kick, but also in order to survive had to be their own usually precious daughter hands, as a plaything to people. The last is because the other side of the mouth skin touched the next mouth skin, said to see a fresh, he castrated him.

  How much evil Lei Hong did in the past, these evils will return how much in Lei Hong's body. Lei Hong's mind gradually began to lose consciousness, he was left with only one thought in his head: Fuck. Fuck. The patience! Fuck... Fuck. Fuck.

  Dao Buguo wasn't surprised that Lei Hong would ask to see him.

  People like Lei Hong are just like hyenas. Both greedy and shameless, a pair of small eyes are always shiny and shiny light. He is like a tick, want to completely clear with him, it is not an easy thing.

  The Dao Buguo does not want to pay attention to people like Lei Hong, but Lei Hong did catch the remaining villains of the Mei Zong, he will definitely bite the credit and ask for benefits from the Heavenly Way Alliance. The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

  Thinking like this, Dao Buguo answered Lei Hong's request for an audience.

  "Sect Master Lei."

  Dao Buguo's face was covered with a generous and atmospheric smile.

  Who would have thought that once Lei Hong saw Dao Buguo, he shouted, "Come and take your life, son of a bitch! Then he launched the Earth Breaking Gate move.

  The Heavenly Way Alliance was in chaos, and Kunlun was also in trouble.

  The disciples of Supreme Master Qing were as keen as he was to practice swordplay, so almost everyone was at the top of Kunlun's swordplay.

  The disciples of Xuanqing are not unwilling to discuss swordplay with the disciples of Shangqing, but usually in Kunlun due to the five vein barrier, the disciples of Xuanqing are difficult to talk to the disciples of Shangqing.

  Today in the Mei Zong ruins, the disciples unlike the usual in the door with the teachers and elders to look at the detention, there are also the door chores to do. The group had nothing to do, and I don't know who started it, but they had a sword fight under the moon, sparring with each other to feed each other's moves, while also reviewing their own shortcomings and helping each other think about what could be improved.

  The Earth-breaking clan came very suddenly. They stared at the Kunlun disciples with dead fish eyes, their eyes both envious and resentful. The younger Kunlun disciples were made to shiver in their hearts, while the older ones or those with higher cultivation levels were made to explode with discomfort.

  "We're not monkeys, what's there to see!"

  A disciple of Kunlun glared at the Earth-breaking disciple, he raised his hand to push away the Earth-breaking disciple who was blocking his way, but as soon as he touched the shoulder of the Earth-breaking disciple, the other side of the Earth-breaking disciple used ten percent of his cultivation and came at him.

  The youngest sister of Kunlun let out a scream. The melee kicked off since then.

  Xie Wei, who had already finished swallowing all the reply pills, took out the bottle of Bell's milk.

  To be honest, she could no longer recall what Lu Haijun looked like. This might be because she was too disgusted with that memory, so she erased Lu Haijun's face from her memory. It could also be because after failing to break through the realm, she suddenly had two more memories of her past life, which contained too much information and gave her a vivid impression like yesterday. Memories about Lu Haijun were also squeezed into the corners of her brain, like the remnants of fragments left over from the last previous life.

  The noise on both sides of the Heavenly Dao Alliance and Kunlun did not last long. This was something that Xie Wei expected.

  --Rayhorn was able to walk under Dao Buguo for thirty moves, which was already Dao Buguo being lenient because of confusion.

  Kunlun side well ...... broken earth door door people although more. But Kunlun side, but where a Golden Dan stage brother, the scene will immediately fall on one side. Well, look at it. Wait, that person is--

  The blue nativity sword arced light in the night. It was graceful, biting, and a little childish sword light in its simplicity and rigidity.

  Xie Wei will never be able to this is almost engraved into the depths of her mind sword light.

  After all, she had been in the destruction of the Mei Sect that night. The night, was this sword light chased cut a whole night.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  Xie Wei laughed. I don't know if I was angry and laughed, or lost my smile over such a chance.

  It turned out that was Kunlun's man.

  The one behind him was ...... Lu Haijun?

  The man who almost killed her was also known to Lu Haijun?

  What did Lu Haijun call him? Shuo Feng master brother? ...... Ha, that Texas Chainsaw Massacre-like YuanYing also called this man senior brother.

  That means that the one who slaughtered hundreds and thousands of her sisters in the Mei Sect is from Kunlun?

  Xie Wei poured the Zhong Shi milk into his mouth and drank it all.