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Chapter 5

  Every day a handful of honey-stained bitter real plus a number of water boiled wild vegetables to eat Xie Wei mouth can grow grass. She fox born hopelessly pick up a wooden bowl of wild vegetables chewing, with green eyes staring at the bald hunter who is carving a piece of wood with a stone dagger in front of him.

  The hunter saw Xie Wei look at him, a coy smile. Reach out to touch her little head, followed by continue to pick up the wood in the hand without distractions to sharpen ah.

  See the hunter does not feel that only feed the wild vegetables to a carnivore what the problem, Xie Wei want to lift the table towards the hunter shout: you are not a fucking hunter it! Then give me meat to eat ah! Whether it's pulling out rabbits or hunting chickens, even if it's picking up snake nests and feeling a few snake eggs, it's okay! Without protein amino acids when will I get better from this injury!

  Of course, she only thought so. This bald brother is her life saver, everyday she eats and drinks plus healing things are people find for her one by one. She got a favor, to force people to hunt meat for her to eat, that is the rice grace and rice hatred do not know good and bad.

  After hastily gnawing on the wild vegetables, Xie Wei paralyzed back with no love.

  Before she was injured, she had been restrained for more than a hundred years. It's not that she's out of the low interest of eating meat, that absorbing the essence of heaven and earth is more noble than tasting all the food on earth. It is a male cultivator can not stand the thought of the "fairy" and feces related. The Mei Zong has always been to befriend the strong as its mission, in order to please the strong to achieve the purpose of dual cultivation with people, but where the cultivation to the realm of the valley, the Mei Zong female cultivators are not one of the valley.

  The time to repudiate a long time, inevitably there are really guilty of craving time. That day Xie Wei will work with the sisters to conceal from the respect of the head teacher sister to go down the mountain, to the town to buy a few dried meat. Back to the dried meat into the size of not much thicker than a pinky finger, the participating sisters have a handful.

  There are foodie sisters who can finish the jerky in one bite, but there are also sisters who do not eat, just smell the taste. There is also that finicky sister twist the jerky into a handful of shredded meat, and eat only a shred every day to coax the mouth, afraid to eat more after the old cravings will not be able to eliminate the grain.

  Heart stabbing pain, shaking his head to shake off the fire and blood in front of his eyes, Xie Wei repeatedly in his heart silently: now do not think about those, thinking is useless. Your only task now is to get well.

  But you are now like this, when will you get well?

  Xie Wei heard his other self ask this against his ear.

  When you get well, the Mei Zong is still alive? You can still find out the clues of the enemy from the relics of the Mei Zong? Even if you find the clues of the enemy, you have what means of revenge? The people are not even afraid of the Mei Zong and the forces backing the Mei Zong, a mere you, do you still want to shake the tree?

  Xie Wei did not say anything.

  Her meridians are broken, damaged, and can be said to be in a mess. Although the acupuncture points are there, but the accumulated cultivation can not be mobilized, power body is also difficult to operate, two hundred years of cultivation is also equal to nothing.

  The unfortunate thing is that her sea of consciousness is intact and clear, even if there is a mind demon crawling out of the sea of consciousness, she can easily distinguish that it is a mind demon, so that the mind demon will be strangled.

  Just like now.

  The interrogation in the ear came to an abrupt end and was replaced by a mournful scream. The heart of Xie Wei, who had killed the heart demon, stopped like water, and there was no fluctuation on the surface.

  The reason why the Mei Zong gong method is third-rate, one reason is that the Mei Zong gong method is not only unable to strengthen the body, but also will make the woman become delicate body soft, so that day and night to bear the pleasure of fish and water. Another reason is that the Mei Zong gong method will be unlimited to broaden the practitioner's sea of consciousness.

  The essence of both enchantment and illusion is to interfere with the actions of the opponent through the sea of consciousness. The strength of the enchantment and illusion cannot exceed the strength of the sea of consciousness, and the width of the sea of consciousness determines the maximum range of influence of the enchantment and illusion.

  To use an analogy, the sea of consciousness is like the interface on the computer, the more interfaces, the computer can be connected to the U disk, the more hard disk. The more advanced the interface, the faster you can access the information on the hard disk device.

  But a wide sea of knowledge is not necessarily a good thing. The sea of consciousness collects the surface consciousness and deep psychology of the practitioner, and even the great power of the God transformation stage cannot fully control their sea of consciousness 100%. Once the oversized sea of consciousness exceeds what the practitioner can bear, the entire sea of consciousness will be out of the owner's control and will backfire on the owner.

  To put it in extreme terms, the Mei Zong gong method is about the same as putting a large psychiatric triggering device in the brains of female practitioners.

  Xie Wei has seen the Mei Zong female cultivators because the sea of consciousness out of control suddenly able to sense the thoughts of all living creatures in a hundred miles around, and then schizophrenic, personality breakdown. I also saw a record in the discipline's non-publicized textbook, saying that the discipline had a female cultivator whose mind and body had been eroded by the demon. This female cultivator's personality changed, initially obsessed with self-harm and suicide, and later changed her hobby to hook every man she met. In bed, and in bed to suck people into dry bodies, placed in the boudoir to enjoy.

  At that time, the head of the Mei Sect wanted to clean up the portal, but the strength is not good several times were killed back. Eventually she begged her lover, asked the lover to help, the demon-possessed female cultivator was secretly beheaded in a secret place.

  The family scandal is not publicized. Mei Zong can put the family scandal light record down to warn the later is already considered a rare honesty. As for who is the name of the female cultivator possessed by the demon, which is the reign of the head of the things that happened, the Mei Zong head of the love head is what is sacred is not possible to stay in the record.

  Xie Wei and other female cultivators of the Mei Zong are aware of the dangers of the Mei Zong gong method still choose to remain in the Mei Zong. The appearance of the heart demon is not an accident for Xie Wei.

  Close your eyes and breathe gently, then open your eyes and find the bald hunter is looking at his side.

  The horrific killing intent suddenly coalesced under Xie Wei's eyes, if not for Xie Wei's inability to mobilize her own cultivation, this instant she would have poured out her cultivation and tried to kill the hunter with a single blow.


  The main man who is hostile to the female lead pretended to save the female lead and thus pried open the female lead's mouth to get confidential information as the female lead's life-saving benefactor is not a romance novel she has not read. The reason she will stay honestly by the hunter's side and let the hunter heal her, and eat all the food the hunter brings without question, is because the hunter is indeed flesh. Body mortal.

  Once a practitioner begins to cultivate, the flesh. The body will change with the cultivation level. The slender and soft as Xie Wei can split the air to pull a word, chasing Xie Wei's Jindan stage sword cultivator because of the body sword intention and body like a rock, ordinary blades can not make any fatal injuries. Cultivation of strong people can deliberately suppress their own cultivation not to let people see their true level, but can not hide their own flesh is refined by the characteristics of the gong method. And most of the cultivators to open up, after the cultivator to open up the body odor rarely.

  Xie Wei every day and honey-colored big pectoral muscles, night after night in the arms of the hunter to sleep, the hunter if the cultivator, she must be the first time to find out. Unless -

  Unless there is a strong person above the orifice stage to separate into avatars, to still be flesh. The body of a mortal body walking.

  The incarnation is far more fragile than the body, and problems with the incarnation will affect the body. So this "unless" in Xie Wei's eyes is basically impossible.

  But, no cultivation of mortals is not able to sense the heart demon.

  When she realized that the hunter had sensed her own demons, Xie Wei immediately thought of the "unless" that she had first ruled out. Her mind flashed through the bald hunter all unlike the hunter's behavior, the whole person's nerves suddenly tense, even the hair on the back to stand up.

  Not to mention that her body is disabled, her cultivation is ruined, even if she succeeded in forming the Dan cultivation jumped to the peak of the Golden Dan can not resist a finger of the strong out of the body. The rash action is obviously not a wise move.

  But the opportunity is not lost, if she wasted the opportunity to make a move, it is likely that even the opportunity to make a move is not cool!

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

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