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Chapter 49


  Qi Shuofeng sat in front of Lu Haijun as instructed. He sat in a formal posture, his entire back was straightened to death. The hand on the thigh. The hand on his lap was first squeezed into a fist, then slightly loosened, and then squeezed into a fist again. This is repeated several times, Qi Shuofeng finally made up his mind to speak: "Brother, the master said you should not please the female cultivator of the Mei Clan, you are wrong to please the female cultivator of the Mei Clan. But I don't think so."

  Lu Haijun's eyelids jumped: "...... Oh?"

  Chi Shuo Feng hung his head, as if recalling something like that, began to restlessly rub his long, bony fingers.

  "I've seen a female cultivator of the Mei Sect ......"

  "I think she, is not that bad person."

  Although that female cultivator stabbed him in the heart with a single knife, causing him to have a vague pain in his heart every time he thought of her,hollister.

  But that knife, she does not blame her.

  The rabbit will bite when it is anxious, not to mention that he was trying to kill her. The first thing you need to do is to use your tears to trick your sympathy and give him another slash, just to protect yourself.

  "Everyone despises the Mei Zong, saying that they are demons who squeeze the essence out of people. But I actually met them and realized they were just trying hard to live, desperately trying to survive."

  Unfortunately, he did not know the hardships of the female cultivators of the Mei Sect before he met them with his own eyes, instead he believed whatever others said. The dragon prince is not imprisoned by the Mei Zong, but the Mei Zong imprisoned the dragon prince is convinced. By going to the hanging nursery of the incitement of Qu senior brother, the Mei Zong female cultivators to kill, and finally forced people to jump off the cliff to kill themselves.

  "Mei Zong did not imprison Ao Guanglie, Mei Zong is innocent."

  Lu Haijun heard the pupils shrink.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. He has excellent qualifications, and is a straightforward and dead-eyed willing to study the nature. The elders, such as the master and uncles, were very fond of Qi Shuofeng, and therefore the master and uncles would often send Qi Shuofeng spiritual materials that would be beneficial to his cultivation, and from time to time they would personally instruct him on sword techniques or cultivation.

  The attention Qi Shuofeng received was unprecedented, both from his seniors and from his peers. This means that it is simply impossible for Qi Shuofeng to leave Kunlun while avoiding the eyes and ears of others.

  An idle cultivator would not have the opportunity to step into the gates of Kunlun, let alone a female cultivator of the Mei Sect. So when and where exactly did Qi Shuo Feng meet the female cultivator of the Mei Sect?

  Lu Haijun could only think of one answer.

  Qi Shuo Feng was on the pretext of handling the sect's mission. The name went to the Mei Clan.

  But Qi Shuo Feng could not have thought of this method to avoid the eyes and ears by himself.

  This person is honest and loyal, but he's a stereotypical fool, and he doesn't think for himself.

  Besides, why did Qi Shuofeng go to the Mei Zong? He is a fool who fully believes that the Mei Zong is evil, even if he runs to the Mei Zong will only fight with people to abandon evil and promote good, and not allow people to double practice, right?

  Wait, what if Qi Shuofeng, who wanted to convert the female cultivators of the Mei Sect, really went to mess up the sect?

  Lu Haijun almost drew a cold breath.

  "Shuo Feng, how did you know that the Mei Clan did not imprison Dragon Prince Ao Guanglie and that the Mei Clan was innocent?"

  "Could it be that you-"

  Lu Haijun, who had connected all the dots into a line and gotten an answer, had his facial nerves slightly twitched. The smile on his face couldn't hang.

  "Saw it with your own eyes?"

  Qi Shuofeng did not answer. Only his shoulders and untraceable jumped a little.

  This was his default.

  Expletives came to Lu Haijun's lips, and he wanted to scold the stupid Qu Huan, but held back.

  Qi Shuofeng was simple and straightforward, and had always tolerated injustice. But he knew that Mei Zong was innocent, yet he did not poke this matter out. ...... He came to himself today because he couldn't hold it in anymore and knew that the matter of Mei Zong's innocence couldn't be told outside, so he used himself as a vent.

  "Qi Shuofeng, how many female cultivators of the Mei Zong did you kill?"


  Qi Shuofeng's body shook, subconsciously blurted out, "I did not ......!"

  Meeting Lu Haijun's sharp gaze, he screwed his head over and whispered, "I didn't kill her. ...... My first target was her. She escaped all the way and jumped off the cliff by herself."

  "Are you trying to say that she killed herself, so you didn't kill her?"

  Lu Haijun revealed a mocking smile, "What's the difference between forcing someone to die and killing them with your own hands?"

  Being punctured, Qi Shuofeng's face showed embarrassment. The atmosphere froze for a moment.

  The fact that he could approach Qi Shuo Feng, who used to have only cultivation on his mind, could incite Qi Shuo Feng to leave Kunlun avoiding the eyes and ears, could skillfully manipulate Qi Shuo Feng and make Qi Shuo Feng willing to kill people he had no grudge against, could shut Qi Shuo Feng up afterwards and put the truth that Mei Zong was innocent and was framed. The truth is hidden in the belly ...... such a person, Lu Haijun can only think of one.

  Kunlun Gate is divided into Jade Void, Yaochi, Lang Yuan, Zengcheng, hanging nursery five veins. Lu Haijun and Qi Shuofeng's master Xuanqing true man belongs to the Lang Yuan lineage. The Lang Yuan lineage focuses on the way out and the way in. The way out is to break away from mortal thinking and cultivate the power that mortals cannot obtain. To enter the Way is to influence the world with wisdom and power that no mortal can possess.

  However, the Origin Heavenly Father and the Shangqing True Man, who is regarded as the future successor of the Origin Heavenly Father, both come from the Jade Void lineage, so at present in Kunlun, the Jade Void lineage, which is obsessed with cultivation and self-improvement, is the most noble and powerful.

  In Kunlun, most of the disciples follow their masters into the lineage, the masters will also pick up the talent they think is suitable to do their own lineage disciple training, so as to grow their own lineage of power. But in the end, the five veins is still a door. In order for Kunlun to continue to thrive, the door allows the five veins to poach each other.

  Before Qi Shuo Feng started, Lu Haijun also had another genius senior brother. It is the genius brother than the unbearable, Lu Haijun this is self-exile, take the sect task as a mouth, but actually down the mountain debauchery, but also ran to the Mei Zong.

  The genius of Lu Haijun's disciple is precisely Qu Huan. Qu Huan is a genius in cultivation, and his potential in swordplay is also extraordinary. Its progress is directly a hundred times, a thousand times faster than the brothers. It is Qu Huan this person's character is a bit problematic, Xuan Qing true man often for Qu Huan bullying weakness, no measure of attack with the door can be injured and headache.

  Qu Huan in a sect mission left twenty-eight fellow disciples ignored, eventually his twenty-eight fellow disciples died in the secret realm, only Qu Huan one from the secret realm intact. At the inquisition afterwards, the First Heavenly Father asked Qu Huan why he did not warn his fellow disciples when he had already detected the danger, and why he did not save anyone when he had the ability to help them. Qu Huan only replied with one sentence.

  "The world does not need incompetent people, the weak should be eliminated by themselves."

  Qu Huan's answer disappointed Xuan Qing Zhenren to the core. Beginning Heavenly Father also told True Master Xuanqing to make a decision at the earliest possible time: either he should decide that Qu Huan was not worthy of being a disciple of Kunlun and expel Qu Huan from Kunlun. Either he should strengthen the discipline of Qu Huan and correct Qu Huan's thoughts completely.

  Qu Huan is a person who can't listen to what he says, and he can only be provoked to violence and paranoia in his nature. The true Xuanqing people really can't do anything about Qu Huan, but if they want to give up such a good seedling with potential, the true Xuanqing people can't let go.

  At the time of the dilemma, someone from the Hanging Nursery line came to take Qu Huan away. Qu Huan said he was willing to transfer to the Hanging Nursery, so he followed the Hanging Nursery people.

  The hanging nursery is the dark side of Kunlun, and the things that Kunlun cannot interfere with on the surface and should not interfere with are all handled by the hanging nursery. The hanging nursery lineage has always done extreme unscrupulous, but also all day long mysterious. The other four veins do not look up to the hanging nursery lineage.

  Qu Huan himself is willing to switch to the hanging nursery, Xuan Qing Zhenren can not stop, and no position to stop.

  After that Lu Haijun has not heard of Qu Huan, only know that the genius seems to have broken through the Jindan realm, reached the YuanYing realm. As for what Qu Huan was doing in addition to cultivation, Lu Haijun had no idea.

  "...... is Qu Huan?"

  Qi Shuo Feng face changed Lu Haijun knew he was right.

  "It really is Qu Huan ah."

  "Qu Huan is your senior brother, you do not have friendship, but you will remember the friendship of the same discipline to deal with him. He is a cultivation genius and a ghostly genius with a sword, so I think just showing a piece of it in front of you is enough to make you worship. Did he even nudge you a few times? And then you think he is kind to you? The person you worship is kind to you ...... He told you to kill, and you did as he said. Right?"

  "Then Qi Shuofeng, what do you want to do by coming to say this to me today? Is it to comfort me, or do you want to alleviate your guilt by talking to me about this?"

  Zhi Wei had never been a tough female cultivator, yet she had the heart of an old mother hen. With Lu Haijun's knowledge of Zhiwei, he could be sure that Zhiwei would definitely protect her sisters regardless of the cost. The first reaction he had when he heard about the destruction of the Mei Sect was that Zhiwei would definitely die.

  This time he just imagined the female cultivator of the Mei Sect that Qi Shuo Feng was chasing as Zhi Wei, and when he thought of Zhi Wei being forced by Qi Shuo Feng to jump off the cliff, his blood rushed up. If not for the fact that he was no match for Qi Shuo Feng in a serious fight, I'm afraid he would have drawn his sword at Qi Shuo Feng by now.

  "Brother, I--"

  Qi Shuo Feng wanted to defend himself, but his mouth grew long and he realized he had nothing to defend. None of Lu Haijun's inferences were wrong.

  "Senior Brother Lu! Something big is wrong!"

  Just when the atmosphere was at a standstill, a senior disciple barged into Lu Haijun's room, and when he saw Qi Shuofeng, the junior disciple hurriedly added, "Senior brother Qi is also here!"

  "What's so bad?"

  Lu Haijun was angry, and his tone had lost its usual warmth. When he asked this question, the junior brother was immediately frightened, and he could only shrink his neck and answer in a low voice: "The people from the Broken Earth Sect are crazy! Run to attack us! The main hall side is also a bit unsettled, the master said it is the Dao Bugu senior was attacked ......"

  "Broken Earth Gate ...... attacked Kunlun disciples, but also attacked Dao Buguo senior?"

  Recalling the flattering face of Lei Hong in the daytime, Lu Haijun and Qi Shuofeng are incredulous.

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