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Chapter 48

  Qing Tao tied the spirit sealing ring to the neck of the yellow maned lizard. This lizard has an ugly appearance, and because the size of the cat is comparable to the ghost, from time to time can scare the female cultivators of the Mei Zong screaming, can be called the Mei Zong female cultivators one of the most annoying creatures.

  The bird plum, Bi Luo sneak into the Mei clan's dining room, from the corner of the dining room to catch rats with the pottery jar pulled out two rats. The two of them were so scared that they jumped together when they saw the rats. This time the two pulled up the mouse, that is a sharp, visible people are forced out.

  Parents are fishermen's division of Jinzhi was born in a riverside fishing village, she grew up in the water. After her parents were swallowed by the river, she never went into the water again, this time Jinzhi moved away from the stone slab on the waterway, a fierce dive into the water, without any hesitation.

  There was no light in the waterway, so Jinzhi ordered a faint glow with her cultivation, which she learned on the way to the Longling Market, originally for the Longling Market in case of emergency. I didn't think she would be able to make it to the Longling Market, but this just in case was used.

  Jinzhi swam for a while and soon found an entry point that was separated by a net. The net was broken by a kick, and Jinzhi grabbed a handful of water in the current that rushed into the mouth of the water, and caught a stinky fish.

  The stinky fish is a kind of demon beast, not small in size, and very sharp teeth. Because once frightened or like attacking prey will spew out a particularly foul ink-colored liquid, so is called the stink fish. The stinky fish often gnaws the nets in the waterways of the clan, swims into the waterways of the clan, and then pollutes the water of the clan, so it is as abhorrent to the women of the clan as the yellow maned lizard.

  However, Tianlin Mountain is the only spiritual vein in Yanzhou, so even though the women of the Mei Sect hate the yellow maned lizards and the stinky fish, these demonic beasts are still pervasive in the Mei Sect with their instinct to absorb spiritual energy.

  A few months of imprisonment has made Jinzhi very accustomed to the stench. Ignoring the foul-smelling liquid spewed out by the stinky fish, she did not blink to break open the mouth of the stinky fish and stuffed the spirit sealing ring into it.

  At about the same time, Dan Gui, Su Tie, Lianxin and others also hid the spirit sealing rings into the body of the cultivators who came to see the hilarity on Tianlin Mountain ...... Oh no, it was to witness justice and righteousness, in the bag, and in the thick hair of the riding beast.

  Nearly twenty spirit-sealing rings were arranged, and the female cultivators of the Mei Sect began their next plan according to Xie Wei's instructions, and all of them headed towards the secret passage Xie Wei told them.

  "You will conceal the spirit sealing ring on a living creature. Remember, it must be a living thing that can move.

  The best way to hide it is to make sure the ring does not break away from the living thing. ...... The ring of the Earth Breaking Gate is big and heavy, so it is best to hide it on a riding beast. Many of the cultivators who came to the Mei Sect today have rented their riding beasts, so they can't receive them in their nano rings or Qiankun bags. If you look for them, there must be a lot of beasts placed somewhere.

  After you have placed the spirit ring, you will go to the secret passage. The secret passage is very narrow, so you can't enter too many people at once. I know you are afraid, but don't go into the secret passage like dumplings. Otherwise, once the air in the secret passage is not enough, you all have the possibility of being suffocated inside.

  Xie Wei's arrangements for Lianxin and others, but did not mention how he and the monk and Qingyu would escape. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  After all, if the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance use the magic weapon of the Heavenly Sky Pavilion to track the Seal Spirit Ring but find that the Seal Spirit Ring is not on the body of the female cultivator of the Mei Clan, they will immediately give up tracking the Seal Spirit Ring and turn to a carpet search.

  Only if the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance mistakenly believe that tracking the ring can indeed find the remaining members of the Mei Sect, will they continue to waste time on tracking the ring. This also means that someone must go as bait so that the others can escape.

  Xie Wei and Qing Yu this is wordlessly took on this dangerous task.

  The monk carried Qing Yu to the entrance of a secret passage. This was one of the two secret passages that Xie Wei had confirmed could be used after checking with a magic formation.

  Unlike the narrow secret passage to the bottom of the mountain, this secret passage was only usable for the first half. Starting from the middle section, the other nine secret passages connected to this secret passage were all sealed off. It seems that the people of the Heavenly Way Alliance focused on sealing all the secret passages leading to the outside of Tianlin Mountain, thus missing the tenth secret passage that borders the tricky location and does not lead to the bottom of the mountain.

  Into the secret passageway, the monk is going to put Qing Yu down. He didn't want Xie Wei to push him hard from directly behind him, causing him to stagger a few steps forward with Qing Yu on his back.

  "Master Xie!?"

  The monk turned his head back, his wide open eyes reflecting the backlit Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei was holding an object in her hand. It was the spirit sealing ring that she had secretly fetched from Qing Yu when she helped him onto the monk's back.

  "Master Xie!"

  Looking at the stone wall that was about to close, the monk certainly understood what Xie Wei was trying to do. He didn't care about Qing Yu on his back and rushed over to the stone wall.


  The last ray of shimmering light and Xie Wei's calm face were cut off by the stone wall, which closed with a bang in front of the monk's eyes.

  "What are you doing, Master Xie!"

  The monk knew that Xie Wei was still alive and that she could still hear his voice, so he questioned angrily, "Where are you trying to leave the poor monk to go!

  "Master don't ask knowingly."

  Xie Wei's calm voice did come through the stone wall.

  The secret passage needs to be able to detect the outside from the inside, the stone walls are seemingly thick but hollow inside, so that the people inside can hear the sound outside.

  Xie Wei holding that side of the stone wall, like stroking the monk's pectoral muscles. She closed her eyes and slowly said, "Master, you have entered my sea of consciousness, you can't possibly not know what I'm thinking."

  "...... Yes, this time I am going, not only to go to lure away the pursuers for the sisters, but also to kill a few people."

  Forehead on the stone wall, as once in the valley with the prototype fox head intimately rubbing the monk's heart, once, twice.

  It is because he is facing the stone wall and not the monk himself, Xie Wei can be so frank to show his disenchantment.

  "The road is not alone ...... I can't kill, but the ground-breaking door of Lei Hong, I have to kill him tonight."


  The monk even asked sharply, "Master Xie, I know you hate him, but you kill him not because you hate him for hurting your sister, right?"

  He knew that once this conversation was interrupted, Xie Wei would have to leave.

  "I really can't hide from Master--"

  Xie Wei smiled. He knew that the monk was dragging his feet, but he was still willing to answer the monk's questions.

  No way, she just wanted to talk to the monk more ah. This is the last, as a reminder. When you see the monk when you look at the lantern, and recall the conversation with the monk, is not better than watching something that you do not want to remember?

  "I have to let the whole world know that there is a price for framing Mei Zong."

  "People, no one can be convinced with three words. But whoever has a bigger fist, whoever is more desperate, is more terrible. People cannot be convinced by words, but they will be convinced by terror. Although the mole cricket is small, but the bite will make people hurt. Knowing that it hurts, some people may be annoyed and angry to retaliate against the mole, but more people, because they know that the mole can also bite, will not easily provoke even if the other party is just a mole."

  "I'm not strong enough, and I don't have time to get stronger anymore. So I'm going to be this 'terror', to be this biting mole cricket."

  Opening her eyes, Xie Wei took a step up towards the back.

  "Master, you take care of Qing Yu. The stone wall will open in two hours. You take Qing Yu to the Buddha Mother, who will definitely protect you all."

  When the remnants of the Mei Sect escaped from the underground stone prison, the Heavenly Dao Alliance would certainly conduct a carpet search. If no one can be found, it can only be said that the remaining members of the Ming Mei Sect have mixed in with the visitors, and not surprisingly the Heavenly Daoist Alliance will start to verify the identity of all cultivators on Tianlin Mountain next.

  Xie Wei and the monk came up to the mountain as a disciple of Bomutitha. If Pomutita was missing during the count to verify the identity of the monks, the Heavenly Dao Alliance would immediately suspect Pomutita, which was not a good thing for Pomutita. If Bomutita could not explain where its disciples had disappeared to, Bomutita's position would continue to deteriorate.

  Fortunately, Xie Wei covered half of her face when she went up the mountain, and Qingyu was about the same height as her. It is just right to take Qing Yu to top Xie Wei's empty.

  The spirit sealing ring in his hand, Xie Wei rabbit up and down, hidden into the night.


  "Senior brother."

  Lu Haijun, who was standing in front of the window, followed the voice and turned his head back. It was Qi Shuofeng standing at the door.

  Lu Haijun did not close the door of his room, Qi Shuofeng had already knocked on the door frame several times at the door Lu Haijun did not return to his senses. Only then did Qi Shuofeng call out to him.

  "Oh, it's Shuo Feng's brother. Come on in."

  Lu Haijun smiled.

  "What are you looking at? You're so absorbed."

  Qi Shuofeng took a few steps forward and also came to the window where Lu Haijun was standing. He looked in the direction where Lu Haijun was staring just now, and saw that there were some star fires swaying in the night outside the window, and it looked like there was some movement over the main hall of the Mei Sect.

  "Is that--"

  "I don't know what's going on either."

  Lu Haijun smiled amiably and put his hands behind his back, "It's so late, what does senior brother want from me?"

  Qi Shuofeng was stunned by the words and unnaturally scratched his head, "It's not really a big deal ......"

  "Oh? Not a big deal?"

  Lu Haijun smiled, sat himself down at the table, poured himself a cup of tea, then poured Qi Shuo Feng a cup of tea.

  "Sit down and talk."

  Qi Shuofeng had long surpassed Lu Haijun in the path of the sword, and his cultivation level had also overpowered Lu Haijun some time ago. Lu Haijun could not give Qi Shuofeng any advice on cultivation, so it was a long time ago when Qi Shuofeng last came to Lu Haijun for a sword sparring session and to ask questions about cultivation.

  But if it was about the two families, Qi Shuofeng would not have said "it's not a big deal". So Lu Haijun was curious as to what Qi Shuo Feng was looking for.

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