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Chapter 47

  She is the child without a name.

  Her mother, who also had no name and only bore two surnames and was called Takayanagi, often said to herself: "Sooner or later, the water will be spilled, so what is the use of having a name?

  Yes, what is the use of having a name? In the future, when she married, she would still be called a certain Gao, just like her mother who had no name.

  But even so, she still wants a name.

  After all, even the next-door neighbor's Big Yellow, a dog has the name "Big Yellow".

  She understood that a mother without a name could not give herself a name, so she told her father about her idea.

  Snap! It was a very loud slap on her cheek. The next thing that swept her away was a storm of punches and kicks.

  Her mother, who had been lamenting all day, stopped in front of her. The thin, short woman is usually afraid of being beaten, father's voice is a big she hid away. The woman who was most afraid of being beaten held her tightly at such a time, even if her head was broken and blood was flowing all over the floor, she would not let go of her.

  When her brother was born, she was smart and had learned her lesson. She feels she has realized the truth of the world: women are unreliable. Even if they are good to you, even if they want to shelter you, they are also incompetent and vulnerable.

  Want not to be beaten and not starved to live on, only to men bow down, to the strong fawn.

  When she was brought back to the Mei Sect by the beautiful fairy-like female cultivator, she thought that she would have nothing to fear as long as she became a fairy. After living in the clan for a month, she was disappointed to find that these fairy-like women were just as useless.

  To mortals, they are fairies. But there are many men who are more powerful than them. In front of those men, they are no different from their own mother, Gao Liushi.

  Since they all have to bow down, since they all have to submit, since they all have to flatter ...... then why should they resist? She certainly has to use the smartest way to live smarter than anyone else.

  "Chongxiao Pavilion's magic weapon is powerful, the only plan for today is for all people to scatter and abscond."

  Once the words came out, Xie Wei first coldly said to Ruo Liu: "You have betrayed your fellow disciples, I do not feel comfortable with you staying by anyone's side, so you can escape on your own, wherever you want to. Whether you can escape from heaven or not depends on how hard your life is."

  Ruo Liu shocked, immediately pursed his lips and lowered his head, towards Xie Wei a deep bow: "...... many thanks to master uncle spare life!"

  "All right, you leave quickly."

  Xie Wei did not eat this set of Ruo Liu, she casually waved her hand, followed by the start of arrangements for others.

  Ruo Liu pretended to flee, but actually escaped some distance and quietly turned back. She lurked in the darkness of the night, hiding behind a corner not far away, the whole person concentrated on holding his breath, all the strength of his mind on eavesdropping.

  "Qing Yu carry Fusang, Lianxin you and Su Tie with me. Green peach, bird plum, Bi Luo, the three of you go to the west. Jinzhi, Dan Gui, you go to the south--"

  Ruo Liu's ears are already good, using cultivation is even more Xie Wei's plan to listen to every word. As soon as Xie Wei's arrangement was over, Ruo Liu was busy leaving. She lightly headed for the main hall of the Mei Sect.

  The main hall of the Mei Clan was the most complete existing building of the Mei Clan and the only building worthy of Dao Buguo's status. If Ruo Liu wanted to find Dao Buguo and tell on him, it would be natural to go to the main hall.

  Her plan was to avoid the guards and wait until she reached the door of Dao Buguo's room before knocking gently. When Dao Buguo or Dao Buguo's attendants come to open the door, she will softly wooing on two, followed by saying that she has come to a great enlightenment, no longer willing to work with the Mei Sect this evil sect, only want to change the evil to the right, please Dao Buguo and the Heavenly Way Alliance to give themselves a chance.

  And he is willing to former Mei Zong disciple identity to personally testify that the Mei Zong indeed evil, and the scourge of a party, but also colluded with others to hurt the Dragon Prince - a district Mei Zong where the ability to cripple the Dragon Prince born with a golden pellet? Want to frame a simple Mei Zong and what is the need to get crippled Dragon Prince? Then inferred in turn, the destruction of the Mei Zong is likely to be a product of the incidental. The dragon prince is the main target.

  The dragon prince is not an isolated individual, in the dragon political. The center of power he must have his own forces. Just crippling the Dragon Prince is not enough to split this force. Then inevitably engage in this series of behind-the-scenes and backstabbing. For example: falsely accused the Dragon Prince's crippled is the result of someone, a family and Mei Zong conspiracy. This can also explain how the district Mei Zong can deal with the Dragon.

  Useful people will not be easily discarded, Ruo Liu is quite happy to be this useful person, she is willing to be a human witness to prove that the Mei Zong did conspire with someone to frame the Dragon prince.

  And the lives of Zhiwei, Qingyu ...... all the remaining sinners of the Mei Clan are her first act of surrender to show her sincerity.

  The cheek that was swollen by Qing Yu's kick is still on fire. Hot swelling pain, Ruo Liu is slightly narrowed eyes, eyes with a trace of painful enjoyment. She believed that her plan was heavenly. The plan was seamless.

  "Who is coming!?"

  "Welp ......!!!"

  When she reached the outside of the main hall, Ruo Liu received a blow from a magic weapon on the back of her head before she could touch the courtyard wall. She was almost fainted from the blow, but still held on to cover the wound on the back of her head and shivered: "I, I came to surrender ...... I ...... I am willing to surrender... ...I can, can tell the Tao, the Tao Alliance Master ...... Mei, the whereabouts of the remnants of the Mei Sect ...... I, I want to see the Tao Alliance Master ...... "

  "Oh? Then you to tell us where the other remaining villains of the Mei Sect are?"

  "No, no ...... I want to see the Dao alliance master, before I say ......"

  Ruo Liu is already about to stand.

  "I see that you clearly do not know!"

  The disciple of the Heavenly Dao Alliance who was harnessing the magic weapon, Ma Ding, was cross-eyed and angry, and looked like he was going to drive the magic weapon towards Ruo Liu again to smash down viciously.

  In order to save her life, Ruo Liu had no choice but to confess what she had overheard just now, she finished, panting and in tears, "I, I've said it all, now can I see the Daoist Alliance Master ......?"

  "How can we possibly let you see the Taoist Alliance Master, huh?"

  "Eh ......?"

  Ruo Liu dumbfoundedly blinked his eyes.

  "What if you, the remnant of the Mei Sect, are here to assassinate the Dao Alliance Master? The Daoist Alliance Master's cultivation is profound, it is impossible to be injured by such a contraption like you, but disturbing the Daoist Alliance Master's meditation, can you afford this responsibility?"

  Ma Ding looked at Ruo Liu with a look of idiocy, and then said to the two low-ranking disciples behind him, "Arrest her! Wait until dawn and then hand her over to the Daoist Alliance Master to be personally sentenced!"

  "Ha ...... ha ha ......"

  Ruo Liu laughed miserably, her voice coarse and unpleasant. She didn't understand how her plan could be ruined by a little person who was not known. This made her indignant and more wretched. She tried to say something else, but was gagged by a spell.

  Ruo Liu began to struggle and resist, she was like crazy, she just wanted to strangle the obstructive Ma Ding in front of her and then rush into the main hall to meet Dao Buguo.

  "This remnant of the Mei Sect really has bad intentions! Eat my kun fire circle!"

  The fire light lit up on the side of the main hall of the Mei Sect. Qing Yu inhaled lightly and turned back to look at Xie Wei with mixed feelings.

  "Senior uncle, is that Ruo Liu?"

  "Most likely."

  Taking off the spirit-sealing rings on the hands and feet of Birdberry and Bi Luo, Xie Wei wiped his sweat.

  Qing Yu hesitated, not knowing whether to ask Xie Wei what had happened just now - after Ruo Liu was taken out of the underground stone prison by Xie Wei, Xie Wei had lifted her chin to look into her eyes.

  The eyes into the depths of Ruo Liu suddenly did not move, then Ruo Liu as if possessed by a ghost began to gibber some strange words, a moment to call mother, a moment to say they do not have a name want a name, and finally has been muttering such as women can not rely on, to fawn on the strong or something.

  If Liu mumbled strange words at the same time people are also unconscious action. She ran up her cultivation and injected it into the spirit-sealing ring hanging on Su Tie and the others and began to destroy the spirit-sealing ring.

  Under Xie Wei's command, Qing Yu also destroyed several spirit sealing rings. Lianxin and Su Tie took the spirit-sealing rings and ate the recovery medicine Xie Wei gave them and hurriedly meditated under the monk's protection.

  Ruo Liu's cultivation level is not high, the late stage of foundation building she quickly used up 90% of her cultivation. And after using up her cultivation, she walked away in the direction of the main hall of the Mei Sect like a puppet pulling a string. When she left, she also took several spirit sealing rings with her.

  The spirit sealing rings on Birdberry and Bi Luo were the last two spirit sealing rings to be removed. Now, all the female cultivators of the Mei Sect present were free from the confinement of the Spirit Sealing Ring.

  "Senior Uncle, you brought Ruo Liu out of the underground stone prison to make her a target to attract attention from the beginning?"

  Xie Wei's eyelashes fluttered a little.

  "...... I told you, I didn't forgive her."

  Under the moonlight, Xie Wei's face was covered with cold frost, Qing Yu and the others' throats rolled, a layer of goose bumps froze on their backs from the coldness - these words of Senior Uncle Zhiwei were like telling them: this, this is what happens when you betray the Mei Sect and betray your sisters.

  For a while, all the female cultivators of the Mei Sect were silent.

  The monk only wanted to sigh.

  ...... If he hadn't entered Master Xie's sea of consciousness several times, I'm afraid he would have been the same as these female cultivators, only to think that Master Xie was cold-bloodedly and ruthlessly killing one to make an example of the others.

  But he knew that Master Xie had given the woman named Ruo Liu a chance.

  Didn't she say to Ruo Liu? "You'd better not do anything to let me down again.

  And the choice Ruo Liu made in the illusionary realm of consciousness must be the end of her now. What she endured was only the bitter fruit she sowed with her own hands.

  Amitabha Buddha.

  Why does Master Xie have to let herself become an evil person in the eyes of others?

  "Master Xie--"

  Xie Wei did not pay attention to the monk, she just looked at the crowd of female cultivators of the Mei Sect.

  "Lianxin, do you still remember what I just said?"

  "Senior uncle, Lianxin remembers!"

  "That's good. You guys set off."

  "Yes, Senior Uncle!"

  Lian Xin wanted to kneel and kowtow, but she heard Xie Wei say, "Kowtowing is not my Mei Sect's etiquette."

  So then Lian Xin smiled faintly and blessed herself instead.

  "Master uncle, once I leave, I don't know when I will see you again. Master uncle's great kindness, lotus heart will never forget!"

  Said Lianxin picked up a spirit sealing ring and held it in his hand.

  "Shifu, Fushan will miss you! Sister Qing Yu too!"

  Fusang "hehehe" smiled, also took a spirit sealing ring.

  Qing Yu's eyes were red and she cursed, "I've said hundreds of times, you should call me senior uncle, not sister!" But he took the spirit sealing ring from Fushan's hand.

  "Senior uncle, senior sister, the green hills do not change the green water, Su Tie is saying goodbye."

  "Master ancestor, although Dan Gui is weak, but will never forget the revenge of the extermination of the family! After going down the mountain Dan Gui will certainly carefully collect information to find out who actually harmed my clan!"

  One by one, the sealing spirit ring diminished, and finally only Xie Wei, Qing Yu and the monk remained in place.

  "Then, Senior Uncle Zhiwei, let's go too!"

  Qing Yu said with a smile: "Ruo Liu the target should be useless by now, next it's our turn to be the target! We have to try our best to buy time so that Fusang and the girls can escape far away!"

  Xie Wei hooked her lips and laughed lightly: "It's rare that you understand things like this, so I can worry less about two points."

  "Hey! You're scolding me for not knowing what to do in the past! I can understand this time!"

  Qing Yu beamed, her lips pouting so much that she could hang an oil pot. The monk walked behind Xie Wei and Qing Yu, looking at Qing Yu hugging Xie Wei's arm and swaying around, as if a pair of good sisters, the younger sister is pampering her sister.

  The monk could not help but laugh.

  The mind is clear to understand that this short moment is just the calm before the storm, what is about to hit will be blood and fire. However, at this moment, the monk still felt that the night was boundlessly quiet.

  "Master Qing Yu, poor monk, I am offended."


  Qing Yu could not react, has been knocked out by the monk.

  Xie Wei held Qing Yu's softening body, and in three strokes, she helped Qing Yu onto the monk's back, so that the monk carried her on his back.

  Qing Yu did not have a lot of hardened flesh. The monk was able to take advantage of her momentary inability to knock her out. But in the end, Qingyu is a fusion stage cultivation, just the back of the neck received a blow from the monk she can not faint for long.

  Next, it's a race against time.

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