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Chapter 46

  The place where Lianxin and the others were held was the underground stone prison of the Mei Sect.

  In the Mei Sect, there were very few female cultivators who committed the crime of traitorous sect. The disposal of the Mei Sect for traitorous female cultivators is also mostly expulsion from the sect. This underground stone prison Mei Zong used very little, also because the stone prison everywhere have accumulated a very thick ash, the whole a gray puff of spider nest.

  In order to meet the people from various clans, the disciples of the Heavenly Way Alliance cleaned all parts of the Mei Zong. But the stone prison is not only no one will visit, and only temporarily hold a small number of Mei Zong remnants, this kind of place can not expect the disciples of the Heaven's Way Alliance can go to clean up.

  No one cleaned the underground stone cell, so no one found the secret of the underground stone cell -

  The cell will be located underground is to prevent people from escaping, and therefore most of the underground cell has only one entrance and exit. People who are imprisoned in the underground prison as long as they do not disappear, guard the only entrance and exit of the underground prison is difficult to fly.

  Mei sect disciples, not to mention the ground, even the ability to fly through the sky. The disciples of the Heaven's Way Alliance stuffed Lotus Heart Fusang and others into the stone prison after they just assuredly guard the entrance and exit of the underground stone prison.

  However, the underground stone prison of the Mei Clan is actually equipped with a spell formation. This spell formation is directly connected to a secret room of the Mei Sect's side hall.

  Remember that the practice of the Mei Zong techniques to repair crazy, like to make people into dry corpses in their own boudoir to enjoy the Mei Zong female cultivator? That female cultivator lived in this side hall, that secret room also belongs to her secret room.

  At that time, the Mei Sect was far stronger than now. The underground stone cell also held several cultivators who dared to commit violence against the female cultivator of the Mei Sect.

  The crazy female cultivator of the Mei Sect was not satisfied with just making the male cultivator who came to her door. The man is fucked. She set up to be able to travel between the stone prison and the chamber of the spell formation, will be to the Mei Zong female cultivator violence cultivators one by one back to their own chamber, and then they are made into a collection of goods.

  Xie Wei just read the door account, in fact, that crazy female cultivator set up the spell formation she did not try can still be used. Fortunately, the partial temple has long been abandoned, is isolated outside the main complex of the Mei Zong, and next to the direction of the Crown Mound. Not only is there no one going in or out, but the chaos of the Mei Sect did not affect this ramshackle temple that was leaking all over the place.

  Shaky, no wind can also hear everywhere in the creaking of the side hall stands in the night, very much the latter-day horror theme amusement park of the sense of sight. Monk's back, Xie Wei gulped saliva. At this moment, even Qing Yu the heartless also dodged behind her, but also grabbed the corner of her clothes dare not let go.

  The monk is walking very stable and calm. Even when encountered floating as if ghost fire demon light, he just stand palm on the chest. In front, towards the ghost fire demon light slightly nod, said a sentence: "Excuse me."

  The monk quickly found the crazy woman's secret room under Xie Wei's guidance. This chamber has been emptied, there is no furniture in it, floating in the air is only the smell of dust.

  Xie Wei from the monk's back down, she moved her hand, the nails on her hand began to grow longer. Take the long nails gouge their palms, let their blood drip to the dusty ground. Xie Wei three feet soon lit up a circle of blood-colored light spots, it seems that there really is a spell formation activated.

  "Master ancestor!"

  Fusang was the first one to notice the sudden lighting up of the bloody light formation inside the underground stone prison, and also the first one to see Xie Wei coming out of the spell formation.


  Qing Yu wailed, rushed towards Fusang and lunged, bean-sized tears were flowing down.

  "Qing Yu? Master uncle?"

  Lianxin and Su Tie couldn't believe their eyes.

  "Shh - keep your voice down."

  Xie Wei gave a wink to the sisters. She didn't let the monk enter the spell formation, for one thing, she couldn't explain to Lianxin and the girls in a few words who the monk was and what the monk's relationship with her was, and for another, she really needed someone to keep an eye on the secret room.

  In addition to Ruo Liu, the rest of the women are surrounded by Xie Wei a "master uncle", "master" called, everyone has tears in the corners of the eyes.

  Ruo Liu closed her mouth, her body tense. Although she also wanted to come forward, however, as soon as she moved, Qing Yu stared at her with a deadly stare, as if to say to her: "You still have the face to come here?"

  "I came to take you out. Let's talk about everything when we get out."

  "Wait a minute!"

  Xie Wei said and tried to squeeze out the blood from the wound in her palm that had not yet healed, however, Ruo Liu was able to jump to Xie Wei's feet with one clenched tooth and hugged Xie Wei's legs and feet and said, "Uncle! Can't go out!"

  "What are you going to do to senior uncle ......!!!"

  Qing Yu kicked over, kicking Ruo Liu's cheek instantly swelling up halfway. With tears in her eyes, Ruo Liu covered her face with one hand and propped herself up on the ground with the other. She sobbed pitifully, "I know Qing Yu you will not forgive me, I also know that I betrayed my sisters should be killed damn ...... But Master Uncle! Please you must believe me! I really have no ill will towards you now ......! I said senior uncle can not take us out, it is because the spirit sealing ring on us can make people track where we are!"

  "You, you're lying, you're scaring people-"

  "I'm not!"

  Towards the ugly Qing Yu yelled, Ruo Liu said: "It is because I betrayed my sisters and got involved with Lei Hong that I heard Lei Hong say that the Qingxiao Pavilion has recently invented a magic tool that can sense the surrounding spirit sealing rings ...... All spirit sealing rings, regardless of type and grade, will be displayed on the Qingxiao Pavilion magic tool. The magic weapon of the Court of the hiding! This magic tool is very good, the broken earth door spent a lot of money to buy one. Since the ground-breaking door can have this magic weapon, then the Heavenly Way Alliance--"

  The latter words Ruo Liu need not say Xie Wei can also imagine.

  "No kind of grade ...... this can be troublesome."

  Xie Wei's brow furrowed.

  Listening to Ruo Liu's description, the magic weapon of Chong Xiao Court reminded her of Radar.

  The spirit-sealing rings on Lotus Heart Fushan and others were relatively low grade, and even she could take them off. But the spirit sealing ring used by the Heavenly Dao Alliance was not necessarily so. Besides, it takes time to take down the spirit sealing ring. Here more than a dozen sisters, one by one tossing is not the way.

  Xie Wei thought for a while and quickly asked, "Qingyu, can you unlock the spirit sealing ring on Fusheng and the girls?"

  Qing Yu's face was bitter: "This ...... should be possible, but it will take a lot of time."

  "It doesn't matter if it takes time, it's good if you can take it off. All right, it's time to go out."

  Xie Wei said squeezed out blood from his palm, and the corner of the underground stone prison suddenly lit up with a modest circle of blood formation light.

  "Master, master uncle?"

  Ruo Liu is still dumbfounded, see Qing Yu pick up the small Fusang, Su Tie Lianxin and others to support each other, Xie Wei with them to lift their feet and go, Ruo Liu a jolt, rolling and crawling knee to Xie Wei's feet.

  "Master uncle, master uncle! Don't abandon me! Save me! Please save me! I was wrong, I was really wrong! I know I'm wrong! I won't dare to do it again! I will never betray my sisters again! I will never betray my sisters again! Please save me!"

  Ruo Liu cried and lost her face and tears. But Xie Wei expressionlessly kicked away Ruo Liu's hands that tried to hold her feet. Ruo Liu face a green, regardless of the cheeks of long hair have eaten into the mouth a few strands, kneeling on the ground and began to Xie Wei kowtow.

  "Stay here I will die! Master uncle! Zhiwei senior uncle! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!

  "With the sound of kowtowing, Ruo Liu's forehead was quickly broken. Her blood flowed out, staining the crevices on the ground.

  Qing Yu could not stand it anymore, she coldly laughed and sarcastically said: "Heh ...... you don't want to die? You also know how terrible it is to die? Then when you let the earth-breaking gate's pig dogs capture us, why didn't you think that we would be worse than death?"

  Ruo Liu heard the sound and turned to Qing Yu, kneeling at Qing Yu's feet and kowtowing repeatedly, "Yes! It's my fault! I was wrong! I shouldn't have! I shouldn't have betrayed the clan! Betrayed my sisters!"

  Qing Yu couldn't stand such a reaction from Ruo Liu, so he jumped away from the side: "Uncle! I'll take Fusang out first!"


  Xie Wei maintained the spell formation and told the other Mei Sect disciples to hurry up and follow Qing Yu out.

  "Senior Uncle-"

  Seeing that the number of people left was getting smaller and smaller, Ruo Liu was getting more and more desperate.

  Inside the secret room, all the Mei Sect disciples were shocked to see the monk. Qing Yu smiled cheekily and pointed at everyone the bloody spell formation, and raised his little thumb, before all the Mei Sect disciples breathed a long sigh of relief and stopped staring at the monk nervously.

  The monk had learned from Xie Wei the meaning of the thumb, but did not say anything to correct - it is difficult to trust an "outsider" who met for the first time. If he explained his relationship with Xie Wei, it would only make the female monks become scared again.

  Although the female cultivators were interested in the monk and wanted to know how Xie Wei got involved with a Buddhist monk, they were all scared and tired at the moment, and no one had the heart to gossip.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Zong gradually arrived, the blood-colored light on the spell formation also gradually dimmed down. When Xie Wei walked out of it, Qing Yu was just about to rejoice because of the success of her triumphant escape, when she saw that Xie Wei was actually followed by Ruo Liu at her feet.


  Qing Yu called out with a bang. Not only her, Lianxin and others also glared towards Ruo Liu with eyes that wanted to put Ruo Liu to death by a thousand cuts.

  Several other Mei Sect disciples did not know the details, but they also knew that it was Ruo Liu who had caused Qing Yu's party. The same is not true for Ruo Liu.

  Xie Wei raised her hand to stop Qing Yu from continuing: "Bringing her out is a last resort. If she screams in the dungeon and attracts the guards, we will be exposed immediately."

  Said Xie Wei turned around again and squatted down in front of Ruo Liu.

  She lifted Ruo Liu's chin and looked deeply into Ruo Liu's eyes.

  "Ruo Liu, I am not forgiving you. Do you understand?"

  Shoulders trembling, Ruo Liu heartily nodded: "Understand understand! Master uncle, Ruo Liu understands!"

  "Good if you understand."

  Xie Wei let go of Ruo Liu. She got up and dropped a sentence, "You better not do anything to disappoint me again."

  "Yes ...... yes! Master Uncle!"

  Ruo Liu stumbled and climbed up, a hidden leap of joy flashed through her heart.

  --It was her fault for not knowing people well before, thinking that a man like Lei Hong would keep his word. This time she wouldn't.

  This time she would directly defect to the Dao Buguo, to the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

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