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Chapter 45

  Xie Wei and the monk and Qing Yu out of the secret passage, the three soon found that Dao Buguo did not successfully ask the Mei Zong.

  The two families have cooperated with each other, and the Feng family has offered to ask Dao Buguo to arbitrate with the Tiandao Alliance, which is not a problem. However, Dao Buguo only arrived in Yanzhou yesterday, the Feng Bai two things he knows in less detail, and this time also involved the Feng Changming was killed.

  Dao Buguo would like to first the Mei Zong remaining sins are convicted and then go slowly to the two Feng Bai disputes, but Feng Lingkong this child seems to be unable to read the eyes, kneeling in front of Dao Buguo to Dao Buguo to do for the Feng family.

  The white family refused to admit that the head of the Feng family was killed by the white family, and it is impossible to admit - this is in front of the world clan! If the Bai family admits that Feng Changming was killed by the Bai family, needless to say, the Bai family will certainly be infamous for years to come. And the same four major cultivation. The single family and the Cai family obviously will not give up the good opportunity to exclude dissenters and strengthen their own, the White family will immediately replace the Feng family to become the target of all.

  The two families are sticking to their own words, no one will and can not back down.

  Seeing that the two families have the aura that they will not take a step back until a result is reached today, Dao Buguo and the Heavenly Dao Alliance could not step in and say: "Can't your two families wait for the shit first? Let me first sit down the Mei Zong's crime before."

  Thus, with the confrontation of the Feng and Bai families, things came to a standstill. Dao Bugu could only let the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance take Lianxin and the others back to the dungeon of the Mei Clan, while he himself listened to what the two Feng and Bai families had to say, and waited for the Bai family elders to invite the Bai family head to come over.

  It was a coincidence that the White family master happened to be in the vicinity of Xinzhou. From Xinzhou to Yanzhou, people can arrive on the same day quickly. The Bai family elder used the heavenly-ranked sound transmission jade jade, and relayed the Feng family's accusation to the Bai family master to know. The White family master has promised to go to the Tianlin Mountain as soon as possible.

  The fight between the Feng and Bai families could be far more exciting than the conviction of the remaining villains of the Mei Sect. There are many disciples from all sects who came to Tianlin Mountain to see the action, and the casual cultivators who wanted to see the action and see the world, but also wanted to find an opportunity to see if they could earn some spiritual stones.

  Now the gossip is right in front of you, the disciples of the sects are stoned with melon seeds watching the drama like watching the two Feng and Bai families fighting with each other.

  Some of the casual practitioners saw the situation and quickly pulled out their own refined low-level talismans, intermediate pills and some spiritual plants and fruits to make snacks to sell around.

  Qing Yu said to do, really touched the size of a dozen bottles of elixir back.

  See the monk want to say again, all the pills to Xie Wei Qing Yu spread his hands and laughed: "I was bought by the master back to the Mei Zong before the people specially trained small pickpockets, small pickpockets in a hundred people can out of the division only so one or two. The little pickpocket with bad skills will be cut off the hand and thrown out to beg, I do not want to be cut off the hand on the practice of this hand!

  Qing Yu smiled and laughed, not a trace of sorrow. But Xie Wei, who had taken four or five bottles of the same kind of elixir and was ready to meditate a little to promote the power of the medicine, knitted her brows.

  "Qing Yu you met someone you hate?"

  Qing Yu choked, his big eyes opened round and round: "What are you talking about, senior uncle?"

  "You just meet the nasty things, nasty people will be particularly talkative, like no words to find words." Also particularly prone to self-exposure privacy.

  The latter sentence Xie Wei did not say.

  "Touch the drug thing you do not hate it? That can only be met with a nasty person. Say, this person needs us to avoid?"

  Xie Wei did not want to meet an old acquaintance and have her and Qing Yu's identity as the remnants of the Mei Sect exposed.

  Qing Yu opened her mouth, but remembering Lu Haijun's pretentious face, she pursed her lips again.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. He deliberately distracted the attention of the brothers around him and rolled a bottle of Kunlun's unique elixir to Qing Yu's feet.

  Qing Yu really wanted to kick this bottle of elixir back to Lu Haijun.

  --She didn't understand how Lu Haijun could put on such a hypocritical and hypocritical face nowadays, to be sympathetic in front of her.

  It was Lu Haijun who took the initiative to pursue Uncle Zhiwei in the first place.

  What kind of sect is Kunlun? What clan is the Mei Clan? One is like clouds in the sky, one is like mud and water on the ground.

  The clouds in the sky can not be touched by ordinary people, the mud and water on the ground is splashed on people's feet and become a stain.

  Uncle never to any man is light, suddenly by a Kunlun disciple that straightforward and passionate pursuit, suddenly became a scared fried cat. He came close to scratch him, he praised her she will yell at him. Lu Haijun is not annoyed, as usual, everything good are sent to the master uncle, what nasty poems have dared to tie on a flower branch to the master uncle.

  The master uncle at first disliked him disliked tightly, but later is a day is not seen as three years. Two people also from a small fight into a mutual companionship.

  I remember when a few of them grabbed Uncle Zhiwei, and had to listen to Uncle Zhiwei say that she and Lu Haijun sea vows. Uncle was red with a monkey's butt. Like the face, said nervously: "He ...... he let me and he try. I said you men are all the same, like new and old, if I promise you, you will not like me ......"

  "Then, Uncle, what did Brother Lu say! What did he say ah!?"

  "He said, others are others, he is him ...... If I do not try, how do I know if he is the same as other men?"

  "So master uncle you save promised him!?"

  "No ......! I just, just think he has a point too. He is him, others are others. I can't assume that because other men are unfaithful and bad, he is also like that ......"

  "Then that means you still promised Brother Lu, Senior Uncle!"

  The red-faced Master Uncle Zhiwei took her hand and covered her face. She silently, slowly, nodded at them.

  "Sure enough!!! Congratulations senior uncle!"

  "Yes congratulations senior uncle congratulations senior uncle!!!"

  "After the patriarch, senior uncle Zhiwei has also found a daoist couple to grow old with!"

  Qing Yu still remembered that she and her sisters were laughing and screaming at the same time, and when they went back to relay the news to the other sisters, they were even more excited.

  If people could go back in time, Qing Yu would like to reward herself with a few big slaps on the ear.

  Lu Haijun's master, Xuan Qing Zhenren, has accepted a new disciple, who is said to have a deep connection with Lu Haijun. He was worried that his master had taken on a new disciple to warn him, so that he could stop hanging out with the women of the Mei Zong, so he packed his bag and took his servants with him. The company is ready to return to Kunlun with its servants.

  Lu Haijun vowed to go back to the master Xuanqing true man to report his feelings, to seek the understanding of the master, to come to marry Zhiwei uncle. Later ......

  There was no more later.

  The first time I saw it, I was worried about it. And is afraid of Xuanqing true man opposed to their own and Lu Haijun's marriage, and is worried that because of their own Lu Haijun was disgusted by Xuanqing true man, was Xuanqing true man punishment.

  Zhiwei uncle haggard visible to the naked eye, can not hear the internal news of Kunlun Mei Zong sisters are also dry anxious for Zhiwei uncle.

  Five years passed in this way, five years in a row.

  When the Jade Fairy and the disciples of Kunlun's Hao Qing Zhenren held a marriage ceremony, a female member of the Mei Clan happened to pass by and was invited into the Fairy House as a casual practitioner to eat the wedding wine. The woman saw Lu Haijun with a female companion at the ceremony, and then heard that Lu Haijun had made a marriage contract with Jade Fairy's sister. In a few days, Kunlun and Flying Flower Immortal House will tie the knot again.

  After five years of worrying about food, suddenly hearing that the person she loves is not only fine but also has a marriage contract with someone else is a kind of feeling, Qing Yu does not know, and does not dare to think.

  She only knows that after that for a long time Zhiwei senior uncle shut himself in his room to meditate. The patriarch personally sent her snacks made from spiritual plants and fruits, but she could barely eat a couple of bites and would soon be so uncomfortable that she would vomit.

  It is true that a cultivator can not eat and sleep, but the inability to eat, meditate and sleep are two different things.

  Eat and sleep, these are the two most basic enjoyments that can be obtained unconditionally at birth. How difficult must it be for Uncle Shifu to feel that these two most basic enjoyments of being human are painful?

  "Master uncle ...... I didn't think of hiding anything. I just, just, alas ......"

  Qing Yu put the bottle he got from Lu Haijun into Xie Wei's hands.

  -- Qing Yu was just about to kick back the bottle that Lu Haijun had given him, when Lu Haijun's divine sense was forcing a sentence into her divine sense.

  "This is Bell Stone Milk."

  Bell Stone Milk, a senior heavenly grade precious spiritual medicine. Not only can it quickly restore a cultivator's cultivation, it can also increase the upper limit of a cultivator's cultivation. Because it was only produced in Kunlun, a small bottle was worth tens of thousands of high grade spirit stones. Wealthy like the four major cultivation. The family does not want to buy it can be bought, only to ask for relations, slowly wait to see if there are Kunlun disciples willing to take the initiative to give.

  Xie Wei's confusion was solved as soon as she opened the cork of the vial.

  Qing Yu is no longer capable of touching the medicine of Kunlun disciples, and unusual Kunlun disciples will not bring the bellows milk in a place where it can be touched by vermin.

  "Master uncle ......"

  Qing Yu was afraid of both Xie Wei's sadness and Xie Wei's anger. Who thought Xie Wei just nodded and said, "No loss."

  The monk could not read Xie Wei and Qing Yu's eyebrow official, but his intuition told him that the bottle in Xie Wei's hand contained what he did not know, her past.

  "Qingyu, you also take some medicine to serve."

  "No, I have to protect Master Uncle-"

  "Amitabha Buddha, leave the Dharma protection to the poor monk."

  Xie Wei followed the monk's voice and looked towards the monk.

  She found herself unexpectedly calm about the fact that Lu Haijun, a negative man, was nearby and showed good intentions towards herself.

  Is it because of the memories of two more lifetimes, so the memories of Lu Haijun are as distant as in the previous one? Or is it that the recent changes experienced too much, they have become numb, and began to feel that being scum a scum is not a big deal?

  Or maybe...

  Xie Wei smiled towards the monk.

  "Then I'll be grateful to you, Master."

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