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Chapter 44

  A mouth is full of lies, Feng Lingkong but not a half of the feeling of guilt.

  The first thing you need to do is to make a choice, and you can only go one way to black. Zhiwei chose Jihe. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. And he Feng Lingkong ......

  "You believe what you say!!!"

  After Feng Lingkong ordered someone to present the magic weapon from the Bai family, the elder from the Bai family got up with a pale face and shouted angrily: "A magic weapon is no proof!"

  "Is that so?"

  Feng Lingkong lifted her tear-stained face and waved her sleeve again.

  A coffin was carried up by a few strong men in mourning, and once the lid was opened, everyone saw Feng Changming's corpse in it.

  "Then can my father's corpse be used as evidence!

  Feng Lingkong shook his thin teenage body and revealed an extremely resentful look towards the Bai family elders.


  The white family elder released his divine sense with an angry face, but his mouth was open and his face was blue after his divine sense explored the coffin.

  The fatal injury on Feng Changming's body was indeed caused by the Bai family's magic weapon, there is no doubt about that. The corpse lying in the coffin is indeed Feng Changming himself, this cannot be faked.

  Even if the Feng family and the Bai family have a great grudge, the Feng family is a fight to the death at the risk of self-inflicted injuries to kill a thousand enemies, the Feng family is not so much to get the head of the family dead, and then framed on the Bai family.

  To put it bluntly, if the one lying in the coffin today is Feng Lingkong and not Feng Changming, the Bai family has the courage to say that the Feng family is planted and framed, at the expense of a Feng family heir to drag the Bai family into the water. The Feng Lingkong is also Ji He. Huan's son, Feng Lingkong died Feng family not only can clear relations with the Mei Zong, but also take the opportunity to combat the white family, can be said to be two birds with one stone, a good cold-blooded poisonous plan.

  However, at this moment lying in the coffin is Feng Changming himself.

  In terms of frame-up, the price paid by the Feng family is too great. Feng Lingkong is just a young son, or a little child who has not even built a foundation yet. Feng family business falls on his shoulders he simply can not shoulder. In addition, he is also flowing with the Mei Sect Patriarch Ji He. Huan's blood, I think the Feng family does not support him to inherit the family business will only be more not less.

  The Feng family has to risk falling apart by killing Feng Changming to frame the Bai family? Even if the Feng family elders want to Feng Lingkong the youngest son as a puppet, kill Feng Changming on the top, Feng family if it is falling apart, the elders can not benefit.


  The white family elders, who were staring at Feng Lingkong with deadly eyes, were panicked.

  Indeed ...... because the white family always can not swallow the Feng family this hard bone, the white family children do have reckless fools proposed to capture the thief first. The Feng family is difficult to swallow, after killing Feng Changming is not a sinking ship.

  It is hard to ...... not really reckless white family children to kill Feng Changming, thought that as long as Feng Changming died the white family will be able to easily take over the power of the Feng family?

  This kind of imagination makes the white family elders swallowed spittle, he such a state of affairs in the eyes of the surrounding cultivators is tantamount to not fighting to confess.

  "So it's really the White Family's doing ......"

  "White family is also too much, how can send people to kill the head of the family for a small profit?"

  "A gentleman loves money and has a way of taking it, the Bai family is also profit-oriented, but also can not act in such a way!"

  The gossip around us made the Bai family elders subconsciously argue, "No! This is not my family's doing!" But who would believe his words now?

  The Bai family was surrounded by the cultivators.

  Feng Lingkong's face was angry and hateful, but his heart was calm.

  He had already thought that today Zhiwei would definitely come to Tianlin Mountain to save the remaining members of the Mei Sect. He also thought that Dao Buguo and the Heavenly Way Alliance were waiting for the remaining members of the Mei Sect to throw themselves into the net. So he intervened after Dao Buguo ordered people to bring up the remaining members of the Mei Sect.

  Once she blends into the crowd, he will not be able to find Zhiwei. In that case, he did not need to find Zhiwei. As long as you can slightly cover Zhiwei.

  The cultivator who took advantage of the confusion to pull away a female cultivator must be Zhiwei, right?

  ...... he have slightly, help Zhiwei?

  "Hoo, hoo and ......"

  After Zhiwei left that day, he held the magic weapon Zhiwei left behind and froze in tears.

  Feng Changming, who he thought had been killed by Zhiwei, instead squirmed and crawled towards him from the pool of blood.

  Probably calling out "my son" towards Feng Lingkong, the tongueless Feng Changming kept making "hoo-hoo" grunting sounds. The strong fishy smell wafted in the air, Feng Changming crawled while vomiting out of his mouth some tongue that had been stirred into pieces, the blood in his mouth dripped down and fell all over the floor.

  Feng Lingkong dully followed the sound in the direction of Feng Changming. The man reflected in his eyes did not look like his father, but like an evil ghost that haunts the living even after death.

  And he had actually taken the evil ghost as a role model before this day.

  "Hoh, Jiu-huo-"

  (My son, save me -)

  The evil ghost's hand grabbed towards Feng Lingkong. Feng Lingkong, however, stumbled backwards before the hand actually touched him.

  "Hoh and ......?"

  The evil ghost's eyes started to become ghastly. The look he gave Feng Lingkong was more of a hateful, bitter hate in addition to astonishment.

  Feng Lingkong was all too familiar with this look from Feng Changming.

  Every time he performed poorly, Feng Changming would look at him with this look. But even if he performed far beyond expectations, Feng Changming would not praise him a single word. He would only take all his efforts and endurance for granted.

  Since childhood, the only person who would praise him was Zhiwei. Only Zhiwei would hold his face and wipe his cheeks. Only Zhiwei would smile at him and say to him.

  "You are doing very well."

  "You've worked hard enough."

  "I can see how hard you are working."

  "You don't have to push yourself in front of me."

  "The only mission of a child is to grow up healthy and safe."

  "You are still a child, you still have a lot of time, just take your time."

  Zhiwei, Zhiwei, Zhiwei-

  Zhiwei was the only softness in his world.

  Zhiwei chose Jihe. Huan, chose the Mei Zong. Then he Feng Lingkong ......

  Then he Feng Lingkong chose Zhiwei.

  "Um, uh ......?"

  (Ling, er ......?)

  Feng Changming's eyes were wide open, he looked like he couldn't understand what was happening. Feng Lingkong watched as Feng Changming's pupils slowly spread out, his hands moistened.

  --Bai family's magic weapon was in Feng Lingkong's hand, and the tip of that dagger-shaped magic weapon went through Feng Changming's heart. Feng Changming's blood dripped down the hilt of the knife into Feng Lingkong's hand, sticky.

  Feng Lingkong was no longer crying.

  His hands, which were trembling, had stopped trembling at some point.

  "Father, since you are the head of the Feng family, then you should understand, right? What can be done to give the Feng family the greatest benefit ......"

  "...... what to do to get the most out of me."

  After really making the irrevocable decision, Feng Lingkong felt an unprecedented peace. This calmness made him feel incomparably comfortable.

  "Yes, father. Only your death can solve all problems."

  Feng Lingkong even laughed, smiling heartily.

  "If you die, I can protect Zhiwei and also protect the Feng family in the process. Don't worry, the Feng family will definitely thrive and unite in my hands than when it was in yours."

  "Uh, uh ......"

  Feng Changming's throat made a "swooshing" sound, and he was panting like a broken bellows.

  "Thank you, Father."

  The White Family's magic weapon went much deeper, followed by a twist in Feng Lingkong's hand.

  "You are ready to rest."

  "Cough ah ......!!!"

  Feng Changming spurted blood from his mouth and his person shriveled up in the opposite direction of Feng Lingkong pulling out the dagger.

  Feng Lingkong stood in front of his father's corpse covered in blood and let out a general sigh of emotion.

  "Zhiwei ......"

  Compliment me again.

  I cleared the way for you, I will protect you, so praise me again.

  Compliment me again-

  Feng Lingkong's spirit flew to a place far, far away. There he was there, there she was. There too, there was only she and he.

  ...... How good would it be if there were only him and her in the world forever?

  "...... Master ......"


  Xie Wei held onto the stone wall and tried to stand up when she realized that her two legs were as soft as boiled noodles.

  It's no wonder. After modifying Qing Yu's memories and getting rid of the mind demon that possessed Qing Yu, her cultivation level was less than even 10%.

  "I'm the one who caused trouble for senior uncle."

  The source of the memory being modified into the appearance of the mind demon was the inability to rescue fellow disciples Qing Yu felt left and right and fished out a packet of Qi Condensation San from her body.

  Condensed Qi San can restore cultivation, but the amount of recovery is very limited, which is a better than nothing effect.

  Xie Wei did not have time to meditate and adjust, and directly poured the Qi condensation into the mouth and swallowed. The gas condensation scatter bitter her facial muscles twitch, the whole person want to roll on the ground a few times, but also thanks to this, Xie Wei feel their minds a little clearer.

  "...... Anyway, let's go out first, I'm worried about the others."

  Feng Lingkong's crossover does not know how long it can drag Dao Buguang. If Dao Buguang had already started to question the captured Mei Zong disciples, the Mei Zong disciples would most likely be executed on the spot after being convicted.

  That said, if things really come to that point, Xie Wei will not be able to return.

  But if things hadn't come to that, and the Mei Zong disciples could be locked up for another night, Xie Wei could think of a way to rescue them - so many cultivators had come to Tianlin Mountain today. These cultivators are going to be in chaos, the Heavenly Dao Alliance is really unable to clean up the situation for a while. Take advantage of the chaos to escape out of Tianlin Mountain is possible.

  The monk squatted down in front of Xie Wei.

  "Shiyi, come on the back of the poor monk."

  "Uh ......"

  A love of coaxing Qing Yu is next to, Xie Wei a time to wipe the face.

  "Doesn't the monk still have to rescue his fellow disciples? If you have not changed your mind, take a break and recover for a moment longer."

  The monk had a good point, and Xie Wei, who felt she was being lectured by her guardian, had no words to refute, so she had to amble onto the monk's back.


  Xie Wei felt she heard Qing Yu's thieving laugh, turned back to look at Qing Yu but saw Qing Yu standing beside her in a serious manner, as if he would notice her gaze.

  "Senior uncle, what did you think of?"

  "...... nothing."

  "So, ah, but I thought of it!"

  Qing Yu gave a thumbs up.

  "Later on the master uncle on and bald ...... on and the master sweet talk a little love to say a little love on! I take advantage of the two of you to attract attention around when to touch him a ten or eight recovery medicine over!"

  Xie Wei glared at Qingyu, Qingyu is not looking at the atmosphere and put up the other side of the thumb: "Master uncle does not object if things are so settled! Okay, let's go!"

  The destruction of the sect is ahead, the few still alive fellow disciples also have the possibility of being killed at any time. The monk simply suspected that Qing Yu's heart was so big because Xie Wei had done something.

  Qing Yu jumped in front, behind Xie Wei ambled on the monk's back, came to his ear and gently bite his ear.

  "Qing Yu used to be this way. I didn't ...... ah!!!"

  Xie Wei almost did not get lifted to the ground by the monk.

  Not right master ...... even if you do not believe my words are not so straightforward to throw me to the ground, right?

  Xie Wei complained in her heart, she was in a hurry when she double. Legs a clip, now she is with only hold the trunk of the koala will hang on the monk's back.

  She is a koala legs are still soft, people can not stop sliding down is.

  "Master uncle?"

  Qing Yu, who heard Xie Wei's cry, turned his head, only to see the monk's arms turned upside down and repositioned Xie Wei on his back. And Xie Wei on his back also a positive face towards Qing Yu waved his hand: "Nothing. Hurry up and go."


  So Qingyu turned back again and began to bounce forward.

  Xie Wei was on the monk's back and had a good laugh.

  This is really an unexpected discovery, so the monk's ears is his weak point. She was just talking softly towards his ear holes he had such a big reaction ...... look, this fool even ear tips and earlobes are red through.

  A wicked smile to the monk's ear, Xie Wei exhaled like an orchid: "Master's ears are so sensitive. Sensitive ......"


  The monk's shoulders along with his arms trembled. He frowned and looked back, only to see Xie Wei covering her mouth "huffing and puffing" straight laugh.

  The arm holding Xie Wei was two points harder, as if to compensate for the near fall to the ground just now, to hold her steady.

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