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Chapter 43

  "Master uncle! You've come to save us!"

  Qing Yu regained consciousness a few seconds later than Xie Wei, and as soon as she regained consciousness, she saw Xie Wei and jumped over.

  Xie Wei almost fell to the ground by Qing Yu. The monk was quick to hold her back, avoiding the tragedy of Xie Wei greeting the stone floor with the back of her head.

  After saying "thank you" to the monk with her sight, Xie Wei patted Qing Yu on her body and cursed: "You bastard! Just now dare to aim at the road not alone! That dagger you threw out, what else could you do but to expose yourself! You are brave but not resourceful!"

  Qing Yu was actually not aiming at Dao Buguo, but at Ruo Liu.

  Xie Wei tampered with Qing Yu's memories, and the time when Qing Yu and Ruo Liu were together no longer existed. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Being betrayed by a passerby, Qingyu was sad and angry, but not so sad that he lost his mind.

  The source of the demon was eliminated by Xie Wei, and the demon that had possessed Qingyu naturally disappeared from Qingyu's consciousness. Qing Yu's mind returned, reason and logic also followed the same recovery.

  Qing Yu valued her sisters, and placed her sisters' lives and revenge on both ends of the scale, she would decisively choose her sisters' lives. So she risked her own being killed in public to kill Ruo Liu's behavior is not logical. So Xie Wei changed Qing Yu's memory of who she wanted to kill from Ruo Liu to Dao Buguo, and induced Qing Yu to think that she was trying to kill Dao Buguo in order to create confusion so that the sisters could escape.

  Qing Yu "hey" giggle, awkwardly scratching his head for a while before realizing that in addition to himself and Zhiwei uncle, there is a man, the man is also a bald head! Look at the action of his palm ...... Huh? It is difficult to say that this is a Buddhist vulture? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  "Shifu, Shifu! This, this person is! Could it be!

  Qing Yu trembling eyes moved hooked up his little thumb: "is it this one! Master uncle you can not find a man for many years - ah ......!!!"

  Xie Wei slapped Qing Yu's skull. She moved so much that even the flame on the stone lamp jumped a little. Qing Yu "ouch ah" covered his head from the ground, but also gossip: "Uncle how do you see a bald donkey ...... I mean Buddha cultivation! This master is a Buddhist monk, right? Which sect is the Buddha cultivation ah? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what your name is. Where have you and senior uncle progressed to? You are - yelp!!!"

  Xie Wei's black face raised high slap made Qing Yu hastily cover her mouth, but even after covering her mouth she actually managed to gibber and muffled shout: "Master uncle I was wrong!"

  "Sorry master, my nephew--"

  "Too much talk."

  Xie Wei glanced towards Qing Yu with a threatening look, covering his mouth, Qing Yu immediately nodded his head like a garlic, using rich facial expressions and body movements to indicate that he would not talk much more.

  "Nothing ......"

  The monk also did not expect the normal Qing Yu will be such a lively and can not hold back the words of nature.

  Xie Wei breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, Qing Yu asked the question she actually wanted to know. ...... what she wants to know is not where she and the monk have progressed, she wants to know what the monk's name is.

  She has been blindly called people "bald", "bald brother". Later, she called people "master" at first was also stored in a sarcastic intention. I did not expect her to be sarcastic that person did not notice her malice, which made her feel bad.

  Even so, she could not just ask, as Qing Yu did, "May I ask the master's dharma name?" The reason is that she, the culprit, fell from the sky and smashed the person into amnesia.

  Shoving all the thoughts into her mind, Xie Wei turned toward Qing Yu and said, "Qing Yu, under the current situation, I think you know what I think."

  "Yes, senior uncle."

  Qing Yu put down the hand covering his mouth, his expression became serious.

  Senior Uncle Zhiwei had a heartbreaking past, after which she once refused to interact with any man. The patriarch easily persuaded the senior uncle, who was then ushered in again for the sake of cultivation. However, anyone can see that the Zhiwei master uncle no longer allows anyone to enter her heart.

  Well ...... she has never liked anyone and does not know what it is like to like someone. So she can't imagine how painful it would be to be hurt by the person she loves most, and how difficult it would be to accept someone into her heart again. She was so up in arms, just want to know how deep the relationship between Uncle and this bald monk. I don't want to see that Uncle has more favoritism towards this bald monk. It can be seen that uncle trust this bald far deeper than he thought.

  If uncle has a beloved person, there is an object that can be relied on, she as a nephew of course for uncle happy. Only now is different from the past, Mei Zong has become a target, there is no guarantee that people around will not betray in order to get the reward from the Heavenly Dao Alliance. Even if the bald monk really loves the master uncle, will not betray him, only afraid that his love with the master uncle will also be very bumpy road.

  Of course, the prerequisite is that the master uncle still has a life to walk this love path.

  "Master uncle is planning to save lotus heart Qingtao them, right?"


  Qing Yu spread his hands in his heart. See. She knew that senior uncle was also full of thoughts of saving people. Because she is also the same.

  Which of the sisters of the Mei Clan are not sincere in treating their sisters as blood relatives? Who can stand by and do nothing when a relative is in trouble?

  Oh, yes, who ...... Ruo Liu is it? Except for that bitchy maid.

  "Master uncle, I and Lianxin and others were framed by Ruo Liu before they fell into the hands of the Earth-breaking Sect. In order for me to save my strength to have a chance to escape, Fusang Qing Tao and the girls suffered a lot. Now Ruo Liu is also treated as a remnant of the Mei Sect by the Broken Earth Sect to the Heaven's Way Alliance, that is her own doing. Uncle must not remember the love of the past fellow disciples to save her."

  "As long as you don't want to save Ruo Liu as well, Qing Yu will follow your lead and do whatever you want."

  Qing Yu's eyes were clear and her words were rational. She earnestly lowered her head towards Xie Wei, only the monk saw Xie Wei pursed her lips hard.

  Qing Yu was the person who valued and loved Ruo Liu the most in the world, but now she asked Xie Wei without the slightest personal feelings not to remember any old feelings for Ruo Liu. The monk immediately understood that Xie Wei was playing with Qing Yu's memory, yet he couldn't scold Xie Wei for saying that it was wrong for her to play with other people's emotions and memories in this way.

  --Without the burden of memory, Qingyu was sane and calm. Anger and pain are all taken away from her, and she no longer has to be tormented by emotions that run deep into her bones and drive her crazy. This is a good thing, in every sense of the word.

  But the love and hate that originally belonged to Qing Yu did not disappear completely after being erased by Xie Wei. They were left in Xie Wei's heart.

  Qing Yu's memory was wiped and it was a little bit easier, but Xie Wei had to carry a little bit more weight.

  This is the cycle of cause and effect.

  "...... So that's how it is."

  Xie Wei's long eyelashes faintly trembled twice, and she agreed with Qing Yu seemingly expressionlessly.

  "In that case, then I will temporarily announce on behalf of the head teacher who is not here: Ruo Liu rebels against the sect, and the Mei Sect no longer has Ruo Liu as a person. Whether the woman who calls herself Ruo Liu is dead or alive has nothing to do with the Mei Sect."

  One of the core teachings of the Mei Sect is: if you see your sister suffering, you must spare no effort to seek justice for her. Although the Mei Sect is now in a state of collapse, but Xie Wei and Qing Yu and others are still alive, the Mei Sect is not yet extinct.

  Since the Mei Sect is not extinct, the Mei Sect's doctrine should not be put down. After all, a sect, the collapse of doctrine is the biggest extermination. And if a sect's doctrine cannot be reconciled with its actual behavior, other sects will have a mouthpiece to attack the sect.

  The Mei sect does not want to be annihilated will have to be cleared of injustice, want to be cleared of injustice can not be put on more hats.

  Xie Wei so declared is the same as saying that not saving Ruo Liu is not against the teachings of the Mei sect. In the future, if someone wants to stand on the moral high ground to attack the Mei Zong survivors for not saving their sisters from death, the Mei Zong sisters can use Xie Wei's announcement today as a weapon to fight back.

  So when she heard Xie Wei's announcement, Qing Yu was very happy. She smiled and straightened up, followed by hugging Xie Wei's arm and said, "Many thanks, Uncle!"


  Lu Haijun recognized Zhiwei for the second time. When he saw Zhiwei, who had changed her clothes, climbing down from the false mountain and coming towards the Kunlun square, his heart was pounding in his chest, beating so hard that he felt a little uncomfortable.

  Zhiwei came at a fast pace, almost at a run. She cut through the crowd and insisted on advancing against the flow of people. Her eyes locked on a target made Lu Haijun's back tingle.

  Of course, Lu Haijun knew that Zhiwei was not coming for him. But Lu Haijun didn't care about that. He just imagined what kind of expression Zhiwei would have when she saw him and recognized him later.

  So he forgot the presence of his junior brother Qi Shuofeng and walked towards the direction Zhiwei was running.

  "Senior brother?"

  Chi Shuo Feng saw Lu Haijun, who was nestled to one side and listless, suddenly stood up and walked towards the back, so he couldn't help but be a bit stunned.

  It was also a coincidence that the young master of the Feng family, Feng Lingkong, was walking forward with his linen robe on the ground, and when he stepped on the corner of his robe, he stumbled twice and almost fell down. He stepped on the corner of his robe and stumbled twice and almost fell. When the Feng family members saw this, they quickly stepped forward and Lu Haijun was knocked aside by the Feng family.

  Qi Shuofeng frowned and hurriedly got up as well.

  The moment Qing Yu was pulled away by Xie Wei, Qi Shuofeng was still some distance away from Lu Haijun. And Lu Haijun, he and Xie Wei will be brushing past each other.

  The imagination in Lu Haijun's head of Zhiwei seeing him and recognizing him broke down.


  She did not look at him with the joy of reunion, nor with the hatred that was evoked by the pain of the bones.

  The reason is that she just saw him, but there was no him in her eyes.

  The fact that Lu Haijun looked in her eyes, only a part of the background will move.

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