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Chapter 42

  Qing Yu's line was ended without even touching the boundary gate of Longling Market. They were treated as forbidden. They were imprisoned in an underground stone room, not knowing where they were, what was going on outside, or how many days had passed. The sisters were only dragged out of the stone room when they were desecrated.

  What Qing Yu could piece together from the male cultivators' words was that the earth-breaking door had changed, and the previous head of the door had died at the hands of his wife's brother Lei Hong, who should have been expelled from the earth-breaking door, who had made a comeback and had become the new head of the door with his sister's support.

  Qing Yu likes to exercise, she is not only much taller than the average woman, without a trace of fat body is also strong and sturdy. Among the sisters of the Mei Sect, she is the first physical monster.

  The male cultivators of the Broken Earth Sect prefer the soft and delicate female cultivators, which is a common knowledge in the Mei Sect. Under the knowledge of the people of the Broken Earth Sect, Qing Yu's line could not be negotiated, but the sisters Lianxin and Qingtao reached an invisible consensus without discussion - once a male cultivator wanted to use Qing Yu to vent, Lianxin and Qingtao immediately coquettishly sold their good behavior and hooked the person to their side.

  The people of the Broken Earth Sect all thought that Lotus Heart and Qing Tao were grabbing to serve them. The people of the broken earth door all think that several of the Lotus Heart and Green Peach are grabbing to serve them, in order to serve them. The first thing you need to do is to get out of the dungeon. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  "Look, look, look! This is your good sisters! They can grab anything for their own good, they can do anything!"

  The male cultivators "hahaha" wild laughter in the Qing Yu can not stop crying, she has been tearing the binding her spirit ring, the sealing ring does not move, her wrist and ankle wounds but the more wear and tear.

  Qing Yu such a strong beauty struggle sobbing seems to have stimulated the male practitioners, these male practitioners to take the lotus heart Qing Tao a few people play more happy.

  So I don't know how many days and nights have passed, one day Qing Yu is finally dead heart like peace. The male cultivators dragged Qing Yu and his party out when they saw that Qing Yu's face was ashen, not to mention immobile and dead, and Lianxin and others were also dying. The male cultivators were resentful but could not do anything about it, they had to curse a few bad luck, let people drag them back and lock them up - the Broken Earth Gate has a deal with people, the other side wants the Broken Earth Gate to capture Qing Yu's party alive, and when enough days to hand over Qing Yu's party to them. Lei Hong does not detain the door to break the door to have fun in Qing Yu and his party, but will not allow his men to get Qing Yu and his party killed.

  But this . The night of the ground-breaking door did not stop the orgy.

  If you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll find that you've got a lot of people who are not interested. Go.

  "Just you a broken shoe still think you really deserve to be my little?"

  "Stupid woman."

  Ruo Liu's miserable cry caused Qing Yu's eyelids to jump. But, that was all.

  The few people dragging Qing Yu's party were still in a hurry to get back and get a piece of the pie, and a few people threw Qing Yu and the others into the stone room to close the door.

  In a flash of lightning, Qingyu and the sisters suddenly rose up.

  Fusang is the youngest and weakest, she knew she could not escape, so she fought for her life to wrap around a male cultivator.

  "Sister run!"

  Lianxin Qingtao one injured hand, one injured foot, both are also not willing to be a burden to Qing Yu.

  "Qing Yu run, don't look back!"

  Bird plum, Bi Luo and Su Tie physical strength is not good, clearly even calf stomach and shoulder arm are shaking incessantly, but also all clamped the male cultivators, towards Qing Yu show a smile.

  "Qingyu, live well. It doesn't matter if you're the only one, you must live. Go and find Uncle, go and find the Sect Leader, go and tell the sisters of the Mei Sect to be careful of the Broken Earth Gate."

  Qing Yu flew up like crazy. In order not to let her tears blur her vision, she didn't even dare to cry.

  ...... She had to go back to the Mei Clan, she had to find her senior uncle, she had to find the Sect Leader, she had to tell the sisters of the Mei Clan to beware of the Earth Breaking Gate, she-

  The Mei Clan was destroyed.

  On the second day after she escaped, Qing Yu walked bewildered on the street, she stumbled and fell, only to hear people around her talking about the destruction of the Mei Clan and the reward offered by the Heavenly Dao League for the capture of the remaining members of the Mei Clan.

  Why was the Mei Clan destroyed?

  Why is she still alive?

  Why is she the only one alive?

  Ah ...... right ......

  Because there are people like Ruo Liu who betrayed the Mei Clan.

  No, Ruo Liu is a beast.

  She must have known that the Mei Sect would be overthrown, right, and that's why she had the guts to betray the Mei Sect and let the people of the Broken Earth Sect capture their line.

  ...... Hahaha, her best sisters actually took revenge on her for stealing men, and in order to be small for them, they pretended to be deaf and dumb about the imminent destruction of the clan, concealed but did not report it, and even personally pushed their sisters into earthly purgatory.

  It was her, Qingyu, who did not know people well and thought she was right. She clearly does not understand the woman Ruo Liu, but this woman as a lifelong confidant, half of the soul.

  She was the one who was stupid. She was too stupid.

  ...... She had to kill Ruo Liu to do it.

  Uncle is gone, the master is gone. She had to kill Ruo Liu on behalf of the uncle, on behalf of the master. Kill this ungrateful, ungrateful, ungrateful bitch animal!

  She had to kill Ruo Liu who betrayed the Mei Sect to set an example.

  This is her mission.

  The final mission.

  "...... Lord! ...... Shih-Lord!"

  "Thank you, Shih-Lord!!!"

  Xie Wei, who was wrapped up in Qing Yu's emotions and almost thought of herself as Qing Yu, snapped awake.

  She looked at the monk's worried face for a few seconds before frowning hard: "Master what are you doing here?"

  Xie Wei was still in Qing Yu's sea of consciousness, and the monk was not a cultivator, so in theory he should not be in such a place.

  "After you and that female monk stared at each other the two of you did not move or speak, the poor monk has waited for you two for several breaths. See you two still no response, which touched the monk's shoulder ......"

  The monk said himself also some confusion: "poor monk also do not know why the poor monk here."

  The monk did not lie. His divine sense is not concealed, Xie Wei can read the monk's divine sense when his mind moves.

  Through the monk's divine consciousness, Xie Wei found that the monk felt a difference in his body when he danced the Four Demons Dance in the ivory celluloid vestments of Bomutita. But the monk can not use divine power, can not correctly sense what is wrong with their own body, and put the problem behind them.

  Xie Wei was able to understand what was wrong with the monk.

  To be precise, what the monk has is not a "problem".

  Pomutida's ivory celluloid clothing can absorb the wearer's cultivation into power, Xie Wei can not control this absorption, before taking off the vestment can not escape from this absorption, which is 80% of the cultivation are sucked away.

  The monk himself did not know that he was carrying cultivation, and Xie Wei did not notice before. Now it seems that the monk is not no cultivation, but because of some reason cultivation was sealed up, Pomutita's ivory celluloid clothing forced open this seal, the monk just retrieved part of the cultivation. Flesh. Why does the monk with a mortal body have the ability to sense Xie Wei's mind demon, and just now he was able to send out a Buddhist roar to temporarily restore Qing Yu's mind, all these unanswered questions now have answers.

  The monk was able to enter Qing Yu's sea of consciousness, most likely because he unconsciously used his cultivation to access Xie Wei's sea of consciousness. Xie Wei, the master of the sea of consciousness, entered Qing Yu's sea of consciousness, Xie Wei's sea of consciousness and Qing Yu's sea of consciousness are in a state of superposition, and therefore the monk also entered Qing Yu's sea of consciousness.

  Xie Wei was very guarded and did not want to explain her abilities to the monk. She nodded her head to show that she understood the monk's words, and then said to the monk who did not know how to leave the sea of consciousness voluntarily, "Master, I will send you out."


  When the monk saw that Xie Wei wanted to stay, he stepped forward and tried to stop it: "This monk is too angry and demented, and her heart's love has turned into hatred and evil. If you stay here, it will be difficult for you not to be affected by her demons. Master Xie, you-"

  "I know."

  Xie Wei interrupted the monk indifferently.

  If the monk hadn't woken her up just now, she would have been directly brainwashed by Qing Yu's deep love and hatred into Qing Yu herself, and she knew how dangerous Qing Yu's sea of consciousness was at this moment.

  "But I have to go."

  Xie Wei faintly read, and the monk's divine consciousness was expelled outward by the world of consciousness.

  "This is something that only I can do."

  After Xie Wei's words, the monk in reality had blinked his eyes and regained consciousness.

  Looking again at the motionless Xie Wei and Qing Yu, the monk reached out and tried to touch Xie Wei once more, re-accessing Xie Wei's sea of consciousness for Xie Wei to hurry up and withdraw from Qing Yu's sea of consciousness.

  But at the moment when his fingertips were about to touch Xie Wei's shoulder, the monk remembered Xie Wei's reminder to him: 'Master, it is not wise to let people enter or leave the sea of consciousness at will. If you meet someone who is not right-minded, you will probably go crazy and die.

  He was not a person with an unscrupulous mind, but could he guarantee that his arbitrary actions would not traumatize Master Xie's consciousness? He had already thought about releasing. He had already tried to release his essence to heal Master Xie's wounds, but caused him to be immobilized for a long time.

  Inadvertently intruding into another person's consciousness can barely be said to be unaware of the person is not guilty, if the original intention of invading the other person's consciousness, it is knowingly committed, guilty.

  ...... clearly intended only for the good of Master Xie, why so difficult?

  The monk sighed and sighed while remembering Xie Wei's face when she said she had to go.

  The decision is calm, that is the life and death will be put aside ...... no, is indifferent to how they become the face.

  Xie Shiyi she, perhaps stored the idea of wanting to be destroyed.


  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the memories of Qing Yu from his perspective.

  The God-viewing Xie Wei looked at the 300 percent glorified Ruo Liu in Qing Yu's memory and let out a long breath.

  --The actual pity of a woman in the Mei Zong is not really there. Women who are not mentally strong enough can't stand to be treated like a girl in a kiln. In the case of "innocence", there is no awareness of using one's body to become strong, disdain for selling. The body of the woman for the company, such a woman Mei Zong female cultivators will not welcome it as a sister from the beginning.

  If you are a woman, you will not be able to get a job.

  Qing Yu treats Ruo Liu's good looks in Ruo Liu's eyes is just self-acquaintance. Seeing Qing Yu repeatedly robbed her carefully selected, it is easy to hope to get on. The object of the bed double cultivation, Ruo Liu will be anxious will be angry is also a common sense - who does not hate to pretend to care for their own. Who doesn't hate people who take away their things under the guise of caring for them?

  Qing Yu and Ruo Liu, the two of them have never been on the same path of thinking. The meeting between the two is a fate and a sin.

  So, if Qingyu and Ruo Liu never met, then the fate or sin, everything will cease to exist.

  The first thing you need to do is to remove all the good memories of Ruo Liu from Qingyu's mind.

  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The good behavior of Ruo Liu when her eyelashes were lowered, the playfulness of Ruo Liu when she brought wine to Qing Yu. The love that has accumulated over the decades is like building blocks being pulled out of Qing Yu's mind one by one by Xie Wei.

  The monk looked at the fierce flesh on Qing Yu's face eased down. When Qing Yu complete face completely calm, and even with a smile, Xie Wei also opened his eyes.

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