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Chapter 41

  "Cough, cough ...... vomit-"

  The Qing Yu on the ground coughing and vomiting, vomiting out a large pool of black blood. Her eyes gradually regained their clarity, and she seemed to wake up like a dream.

  "Zhiwei, uncle?"

  "It's me, Qingyu!"

  Xie Wei didn't even think about pulling her arm out of the monk's hand, and knelt down towards Qing Yu. She tried to pick up Qing Yu who was on the ground.

  The monk looked at Xie Wei, who had withdrawn her arm from her palm without a moment's hesitation and was now only concerned about Qing Yu, and was a bit dumbfounded for a moment - what was this feeling?

  He seemed to have touched something in a flash ...... that he had never experienced before.

  This feeling is strange, unfamiliar, and overwhelming to him. He was confused, bewildered by his reaction, and at the same time ...... had a little panic.

  Xie Wei did not know the reaction of the monk behind her, she supported Qing Yu, her eyes full of worry: "Are you okay?"

  "I'm fine, I'm fine, Master Uncle ......"

  Despite these words, the blood under Qingyu's eyes flushed again. She had a splitting headache and held her head, and people were grimacing, a beautiful face alive with negative feelings such as annoyance and resentment.

  "I ...... kill, no, Ruo Liu ......"

  Qing Yu's eyes clouded once again. Thinking of the record of the predecessor of the Mei Zong whose character changed drastically due to madness and was eventually put to death, Xie Wei's heart sank,no longer hesitated.

  The moment Qing Yu grabbed her again with his fingers, she held his shoulders so that Qing Yu looked at himself. And in the moment when they look at each other divine sense out, forcibly entered the sea of consciousness of Qing Yu.

  Qing Yu's sea of consciousness is a chaotic inversion of heaven and earth, which is mixed with Qing Yu's roar and wail. Those sounds are like a self-aware cold wind always whistling in one's ears, drilling into one's ears, hitting one's eardrums and penetrating one's eardrums to continue to penetrate one's head, until one's brain marrow is churned.

  Xie Wei is very uncomfortable, she turned into the original form has been speeding, finally in the sticky darkness of the vortex at the bottom to see a figure.

  The figure was none other than Qing Yu, who sat dumbfounded in the mud, muttering "Ruo Liu, Ruo Liu ...... why, why ......", letting the darkness around her sweep her up and swallow her up. The darkness around her swallowed her up.

  The flesh pad on the foot was almost sucked in by the sticky darkness, Xie Wei accelerated and leaped towards Qing Yu. She passed through Qing Yu's body and entered the deeper part of Qing Yu's sea of consciousness.

  "This is the new state!"

  After entering Hai Jing County on the land boundary of Xinzhou, Qing Yu's eyes glowed only to go straight to the secret realm of Long Ling Ruins. The sisters were all angry and amused to see her like this.

  The Mei clan does not have its own flying boat, the sisters arrived in the new state by the flying boat of the Bai family. The space on the flying boat is limited, and the Mei clan is not rich enough to arrange a single room for each sister, the eight people in the group were all crammed into a compartment for six hours. It was easy to get off the flying boat, but Qingyu didn't even think about arranging a rest for the sisters, so it was clear that she only had Longling Market on her mind.

  The reason why Longling Ruins is named "Longling Ruins" is because legend has it that a dragon is buried here. However, since the Dragon Tomb Ruins is a mysterious realm that does not belong to any power and is open to all sects equally, you can imagine that not only are there very few natural treasures here, but also unusually dangerous - valuable mysterious realms are almost always held by the major powers, the Dragon Tomb Ruins used to belong to the Dragon Clan. Because the remaining value of the few left and gradually miasma, which was "generous" by the dragon clan is too much trouble to handle thrown out, was treated as a public realm.

  Recently, there are rumors that the reason for the miasma in the Dragon Tomb Ruins over the past few hundred years is because the bones of the 10,000-year-old dragon that fell here decayed, releasing a toxic miasma. Any cultivator, whether it is skin, flesh or hair and nails, as long as it is used well can be used as a spiritual material, not to mention that the dragon race was born with a golden elixir, the skeleton of the 10,000-year-old dragon is at least a medium-grade quality spiritual material.

  Many cultivators want to go to the Dragon Tomb Market to try their luck and see if they can dig up dragon skeletons or something. The Mei clan is not that ambitious, just want to dig some rotten soil back - the Dragon Tomb Ruins poisonous miasma has hallucinogenic effects, which is only an obstacle for the cultivators of other clans, but very useful for the Mei clan. If you can use the rotten soil of Longling Market to refine incense that aggravates hallucinations or even medicine that can be used in tea, the female cultivators of the Mei Clan will have an additional weapon. Double practice may also be easier.

  Qing Yu thinks she is on a huge mission, so of course she can't wait to complete it and return to the clan to bring good news to her sisters. The sisters knew she was well-intentioned and did not want to criticize her. But entering the Longling Market without being prepared is indeed courageous and unprepared.

  Ruo Liu has always had a good relationship with Qing Yu. The two of them often get along is even the brain is muscle Qing Yu run in the front, gentle and meticulous Ruo Liu in the back to act as Qing Yu's brake. This time Qing Yu did not say anything and was ready to drive, Ruo Liu naturally did not look and grabbed Qing Yu, dragged Qing Yu back and poked his finger hard at Qing Yu's head: "Qing Yu you should look at the situation of the sisters before running! Not everyone is as strong as you are, huddled up for six hours and still full of energy!"

  Qing Yu was so fierce by Ruo Liu that she turned around and saw the sisters' sarcastic faces.

  --Who doesn't want to make a contribution to the sect? Before entering the sect, they were either displaced or worse than dead, or even died in nine lives. After making up one's mind to enter the clan, seeing hundreds of sisters with similar past experiences, and living under the wings with them, who would not want to guard the only roof in the world that can shelter from the wind and rain?

  But, monks are also people, people have limits, there are times when the heart is powerless. The sisters are not afraid of the Longling Market is dangerous this is hesitant to go forward, it is really everyone is very tired.

  "This ...... is indeed my ill thought out! Sisters forgive me!"

  Suppressing the swelling enthusiasm and anxiety in his heart, Qing Yu bowed his head towards his sisters and apologized. When the sisters saw that Qing Yu was not angry, they also laughed with relief. The group laughed and joked, and soon found an inn in Haijing County to stay, ready to rest for the night before continuing towards Longling Market.

  Qing Yu was so excited that she couldn't sleep. She went out through the window, but saw Ruo Liu already standing at the bottom waiting for her.

  "I knew it."

  Ruo Liu's words seemed angry and resentful, with a delicate sweetness that belonged to women only. Her eyes were like a sea of stars under the moonlight, with a mesmerizing shimmer.

  Qing Yu was like a moth that fluttered into the fire, struggling without a struggle and jumped at the sea of stars.

  Ruo Liu lifted the wine jar in his hand and squeezed his eyes at her: "Come and have a drink? Drink and you'll sleep."

  Qing Yu smiled brightly, grinning to reveal a mouthful of white teeth: "Good! Drink!"

  Ruo Liu was right, Qing Yu drank this cup, and really drifted off to sleep. She fell asleep breathing in the faint sweet fragrance of Ruo Liu's body, and slept with the utmost peace of mind.

  It was also extremely stupid.

  Qing Yu was awakened by someone kicking her.

  She coughed, her dull brain unable to comprehend what had happened to her. She tried to move, but she immediately realized that her hands and feet were bound. So she tried to rip the restraints off her hands and feet again, but she was kicked in the stomach, and her internal organs shifted and caused a strong pain and nausea.

  "Ohhh! Really alive! Seeing that she didn't react at all, I thought she was dead."

  A man let out a pleasant laugh.

  "That's what they said! You don't believe me!"

  A woman poked the man's chest and laughed: "If you want me not to kill them, of course I'll do it!"

  Qing Yu almost thought he was hearing things: "If ...... Liu ......?"

  However the woman who was snuggled in the man's arms, with the face that Qing Yu was most familiar with showed the expression that was most unfamiliar to Qing Yu.

  "Don't call me by that name again!"

  Ruo Liu said and kicked at Qing Yu's face, and Qing Yu's mouth immediately split open and iron fishy spilled out of his mouth.

  The embroidered shoes stained with Qing Yu's blood slowly retracted, and Ruo Liu seemed to be relieved for a few moments. She looked at Qing Yu from above, as if it was not a fellow disciple, not a sister, not even a person there.

  It was just a beast that had been beaten and still didn't understand why it had been beaten.

  "What? Are you not understanding why I hit you?"

  Ruo Liu sneered repeatedly and simply let go of the man and turned to squat. Body, yanked Qing Yu's hair and lifted Qing Yu's head up.

  "Then I'll make you understand."


  A slap struck Qing Yu's ears with a buzzing sound.


  The second and third slaps made Qing Yu dizzy and even his eyes were a little blurry.

  "Let you steal my man! Let you steal my man! It's just a female porcupine! How dare you steal my man! Who are you to steal my man one after another!"

  Tears slipped from Qing Yu's eyes, but Qing Yu could not feel the pain.

  In a trance, Qingyu remembered that she saw Ruo Liu being pestered by a male cultivator and thus stood up for him.

  She had always thought that Ruo Liu really did not like being pestered by male cultivators, and was not happy to double cultivate with them.

  After all, Ruo Liu is just like her. The name. She was that slender, that delicate. The majority of male cultivators are always rude and crude to female cultivators of the Mei Sect. Ruo Liu herself has said that double cultivation is painful, disgusting and uncomfortable.

  She will not be able to drag the male cultivator who pestered Ruo Liu into the room for double practice, just do not want Ruo Liu pain and fear.


  What a loud sound. This is the sound of Ruo Liu dragging Qing Yu's hair and knocking Qing Yu's head on the ground.

  Qing Yu watched his blood gush out of his nose and gradually crawl through the cracks in the floor tiles.

  At this moment even the man who had just put his arm around Ruo Liu could not stand Ruo Liu a bit.

  "Aiya ...... this is really. It is true that the most poisonous woman's heart na, only women will be so hard on women."

  The lightly panting Ruo Liu heard these words, her body stiffened for a moment. But she immediately let go and stood up daintily and bonelessly to the man's arms.

  "Nasty! I am not a poisonous woman! The master of the sect is really talking too much!"

  "Oh, what does it matter if it's a poisonous woman?"

  The man, Lei Hong a grab on the waist of Ruo Liu: "Laozi like poisonous women!"

  "Heh heh ......"


  The delicate female voice tangled with the coarse, raspy male voice, piercing into Qing Yu's eardrums. Qing Yu's consciousness faded away.

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